• trini

    Loving the white color!! I’m probably getting the black version though!! So clean!! Perfect design!!

  • Nathan

    still doesn’t look like an HTC I am kind of disappointed if that’s the new iphone killer.

  • Richard

    hey you guys are you sure this is the google phone its not that amazing well i looked up something from a company call nvidia and they are working on a cell phone with they highest resolution ever on a mobile phone this phone would be an instant iphone killer the iphone looks like an amateur compared to this phone so anyway this phone would seem like something the google phone should look like especially with they android platform. it would be revolutionary. look it up at its called the “Tegra 600 Series” its amazing. well anyways bye

  • burnout00

    that phone is really really ugly. i love tmo. i love htc. i love google. i hate that phone it is ugly.