• trini

    Typing should not be as difficult as people are saying on this one!! Like the sidekick it should be a breeze!! And at least you have the option of using the touch pad or using the physical keypad!! Great design!

  • Matthew

    It looks like it would be uncomfortable and uneven.

  • JM

    I still on plan on getting this phone. I’m just not really convinced of the design, and it doesn’t seem to be very ergonomic…so I’m really hoping that the features outweigh the overall design aesthetic.

  • Yea its not bad looking, they could of thrown some more money into R&D during the design phase, but the GUI is what makes this and other phones running android a winner.

    good times ahead.

  • T1 Connect

    no instructions onscreen for pics menu gotta be a prototype

  • Willie

    Man, what are you all talking about go to and look at the htc pro and then come back and tell me what you think the key board is wrong the phone is wrong the slide is even wrong and above all the color is wrong. DO YOUR HOME WORK

  • DC

    Willie is right, the HTC Touch Pro is a much better finished phone, but keep in mind that the “Dream” is not finished yet and as far as my preference goes, I am interested in seeing and experiencing an open source phone.