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FCC Reveals GSM HTC Touch Pro


On July 25th, the FCC passed the HTC Raphael, also known as the HTC Touch Pro. We can tell very little about the phone from the limited information released by the FCC (HTC requested much of it be kept confidential) however we can see that the Touch Pro will have Quad-Band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and WiFi. Simply put, this means that the (850/950/1800/1900 MHz) which the Raphael will support can work on both T-mobile’s, or AT&T’s networks. Sporting Wifi, the HTC Touch Pro could be the newest Smartphone to be added to T-mobile’s Hotspot@Home lineup.  Our Question: Why would AT&T release a smartphone with no 3G, and overall worse specs then the HTC Tilt? That, and only that (No rumors as of yet) make us think that the HTC Touch Pro is on its way to T-mobile USA. Stay tuned for more information


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