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Samsung Vibrant Meta-Review Extravaganza

So we’re less than 18 hours from the launch of  perhaps the most discussed phone in the history of TmoNews and yet there are those of you still on the fence. In that case, we’re going to do one of our familiar (if you’ve been here before) meta-reviews to help you determine if this is the right phone for you Since T-Mobile keeps “losing” our address with demo phones, we’re going to share the thoughts … [read full article]

T-Mobile Looking For Early Testers For Cliq XT Update, Sadly Not Android 2.1

Let’s just get this right out of the way and say that this update is a bug fix, improved stability update and NOT the much-anticipated Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Cliq XT. T-Mobile is looking for just 1000 people to beta test this update and you just might get selected if you subscribe to this thread from the Official T-Mobile forums. We don’t know if anything else will get snuck into this … [read full article]

Motorola Charm To Go Free On Family Plans?

Update: We’ve just received word that from July 31st- Sept 7 the Samsung Gravity 3, Gravity T and Smile along with the Motorola Charm will be free on the family plan promo, as the poster shows. According to this image obtained by Engadget, the Motorola Charm, which should be arriving sometime in the next 45 days or so, will be going for free on qualifying family plans and with a 2-year contract. Of course, … [read full article]

CNET Tests Carrier Data Speeds In NYC, T-Mobile Kills The Competition

Well well what do we have here? Senior Editor Bonnie Cha over at decided to pit all 4 of the major carriers against one another, solely comparing data speeds. The tests, which took place in the most populous city in the United States, the one and only New York City, revealed some interesting results. In almost all of the tested areas in NYC, Magenta came out on top with the fastest 3G speeds. These … [read full article]

T-Mobile To Launch HSPA+ In 19 More Cities On July 21st

T-Mobile is set to launch HSPA+ in 19 more cities this coming July 21st, making for a grand total of 44 cities with HSPA+ service. T-Mobile has promised 100 major metropolitan areas by the end of the year and with the year halfway over, they are just about halfway there. We know many of you await news on your city, so rest assured as soon as we get another round of launch info, … [read full article]

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Thinks A Merger With T-Mobile Makes Sense, In Other News, The Sky Is Blue

Well I suppose this is hardly going to come as any surprise that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has said that a merger with T-Mobile makes sense. Shock and surprise right? I think with the recent “article” (if one can call it that) of T-Mobile’s demise next years we can all admit that the carrier needs to do something. Competing against Verizon and AT&T for any carrier especially T-Mobile and Sprint is becoming increasingly … [read full article]

Samsung Vibrant Gets Reviewed

While the launch is only three days away, the awesome folks over at Wirefly have came through once again with the first full review of the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. Hopefully this review can help those of you decide that aren’t quite sure if the Vibrant is the Android phone for you. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Motorola Charm Release Delayed?

Rumor alert: This one’s firmly in the rumor category until we can get a little more confirmation, but we’ve heard whispers that the Motorola Charm has been delayed until August. What we’re hearing is that an issue with battery life has caused a delay in release until August 25th. With this we’re also hearing that Motorola will be providing extended batteries with the sale of the Charm. That’s pretty much all that we have … [read full article]

Samsung Vibrant Qualifies Only As First Phone For The Buy One Get One Free Sale

Ok, so… just one more article on the Samsung Vibrant tonight, this time answering quite a bit of your comments from previous posts regarding the buy one get one status. As you can see above, the Samsung Vibrant will be available for the first handset in the current buy one get one sale starting July 15th. There isn’t much more to this, however this should quite nicely put to rest any debate on … [read full article]

Blackberry 6 Says Hello On A New Video

Blackberry still holds a special place in my metaphorical “heart” for the joys I have experienced over the years using their devices. While they still remain the smart phone leader in the US, the future of that tenure is up in the air as Android continues its meteoric rise and iPhone 4 sells out just about everywhere. While we doubt the folks in Waterloo are sitting on their laurels, it does seem as though they haven’t been … [read full article]

(Updated) Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile Promo Video

Update: One more video for you, courtesy of, the official T-Mobile Facebook page. The Samsung Vibrant news train rolls on this time with a promotional video specifically for the T-Mobile Vibrant. Showing off both the phone and its bountiful features it’s just enough to hold you over for just a few more days until the phone drops. While some of you are still hearing the Vibrant is still planned for a July 21st … [read full article]