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HTC “Vision” Coming To T-Mobile?

This little rumor is making the tech blog rounds today as yet another of unreleased HTC product names has made the inter-webs early thanks to the folks at Engadget. The HTC “Vision” being one of the codenames has three letters we always love seeing next to the name of an unreleased HTC phone, “Tmo.” Of course and we emphasize this fully that this could be a reference to any T-Mobile unit, not just the USA … [read full article]

Want More TmoNews?

If the above picture isn’t a throwback to the origins of TmoNews than I don’t know what is. Thanks to you, our readers we have grown from a small fan site to the premiere T-Mobile online news source. Its been a fantastic journey and one we hope to experience for a long long time but in the meantime, if you aren’t getting enough of TmoNews from the blog homepage we’ve got some other ways for … [read full article]

No Froyo for G1

Warning: if you are looking for good news, you should probably find a different post. It’s official, the G1 is basically dead, killed by Google themselves.  The first Android phone’s fate was decided during the fireside chat at Google IO today.  The Android team straight out said that the G1 will not see 2.2.  So, to all of those G1 users out there, you have two options.  Consider upgrading to the the[read full article]

HTC Says Your Soon To Be Purchased myTouch Slide Will Get Froyo

For those of you not following the Android train there have been some happenings in the Google world these past 24 hours over at Google IO. Of the many Google announcements, Froyo aka Android 2.2 aka the next iteration of the Android platform will be released in the coming weeks.  As expected in the Android world, there was instant uproar as to which devices would receive the update, which might and which certainly won’t. … [read full article]

MyTouch Slide Video Review Hits The Inter-Webs

While we imagine this is just the first in a series of video “reviews” we will be posting in the coming days, this video which is courtesy of gives almost 13 minutes of MyTouch Slide goodness. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a room where I can’t use any sound right now so if this video is not in English I wouldn’t be the wiser but I imagine some of you will spend the next 13 … [read full article]

MyTouch 3G Slide Coming June 2nd

Mark your calendars, because June 2nd is the day.  The latest Android phone on T-mobile’s network is launching on June 2nd in T-Mobile stores with complete availability on June 16th.  The MyTouch 3G Slide will be available in black, white or red (not new) and will set you back $179.99 after $50.00 mail-in rebate with a two year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan (SHOCKER!).  That isn’t what we heard it … [read full article]

T-Mobile Announces HSPA+ WebConnect Availability in New York City

T-Mobile formally announced the availability of the webConnect Rocket in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. Providing HSPA+ speeds the webConnect Rocket is the first T-Mobile device to offer theoretical speeds of 21+ Mbps. Costing $50 after rebates the webConnect Rocket is an expensive way to get into the HSPA+ game especially with the specialized T-Mobile data plans currently offered. Phonescoop T-Mobile

Motorola Cliq Running Android 2.1 Spotted In Wild?

For the moment we’re chalking up this screenshot of a Motorola Cliq running Android 2.1 is as rare as the White Unicorn. This image, courtesy of those fine folks at AndroidCommunity is about as stumped as we are and as they say “have information to give you about this.” Of course the model number is MB200 aka the Motorola Cliq and the phone is clearly running on T-Mobile US but that’s about all we … [read full article]

Blackberry 9700 White Edition and Blackberry 8520 Fuchsia Red Announced

T-Mobile has officially announced two summer additions to the Blackberry line, the Blackberry 9700 in White and Blackberry 8520 in Fuchsia Red. Strictly speaking, these are two devices we’ve known about for some time but it’s always worth reminding the Blackberry faithful that they have two new color choices with which to choose. Nothing says I love my phone like something that can match your clothes. The Blackberry 8520 is brilliant Fuchsia Red … [read full article]

Nokia E73 Coming To Magenta On June 16th

Way back in February we got wind of a Nokia device heading to the big Magenta. Nokia whose presence has been sorely lacking in the T-Mobile lineup is about to jump back in a big way. T-Mobile is billing the Nokia E73 as a phone for “professionals who are looking to balance all aspects of their busy lives and want to try devices to help optimize their productivity.” While this phone likely won’t see … [read full article]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Update Now Available

Well it is another day in the T-Mobile world and that means another day of updates. Yesterday the HTC HD2 faithful got their hands on a much-desired upgrade and today, BlackBerry Bold 9700 users are receiving their day in the limelight. OS version with a list of fixes is now available from the official T-Mobile BB Upgrade site and you should be heading there right now. Why are you still here? … [read full article]