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G1 Advertising Begins!

Some of our eagle eyed forum posters spotted this commercial on both the “E” network as well as Vh1 and hopefully it is the first in a long line successful marketing for the G1.  This is the first “word” we have gotten of a televised commercial, so hopefully magenta is stepping up and letting the masses know their flagship phone is in the house!

It's alive!!!

So while you G1 fans tinker and play and download Apps, take heed that today also marks the official launch of the Android marketplace. Not a whole lot here we didn’t already know, take notice however, the app selection is pretty minimal right now. All applications will be free throughout the remainder of the year and as Gizmodo points out, the big guns ie premier developers will hold … [read full article]

Software update for the G1 tomorrow?

Wow, not a day after the launch T-mobile and Google are prepping an OTA update for bug fixes and “working out the kinks.” I’m not sure if I am impressed by the rapid application of this OTA update or disappointed that one is ready not 24 hours after launch. What does this update do? This update will include enhancements (I don’t know what is termed an “enhancement” and one bug fix that … [read full article]

T-mobile launches the G1!

I think this goes without explanation but today happens to be the 22nd of October! So you know what means, Halloween is only 9 days away, 70 days are left in the year and 14 days remain till the election. I know I know, enough of the rambling, today T-mobile launches their flagship device, the G1. Haven’t heard of it yet? Stop reading and go here, here, [read full article]

San Francisco customers are some kind of lucky today!

Attention attention San Francisco residents who have not pre-ordered the G1, we have news for you! Sadly the news is only good if you live in that in the San Fran area as T-mobile has chosen the San Francisco store at 3rd and Market St to start selling G1′s a day early. You read that right, at 6pm local time (6pm PDT) you will be able able to purchase the G1 and … [read full article]

Blackberry Curve FINALLY receives 4.5 software update!

Well for all your Blackberry Curve fans who have been eagerly awaiting this release and haven’t taken the leap into the wilderness that is the many unofficial releases floating around this comes as great news. Starting today you can download the 4.5 maintenance release from One of the few complaints that has befallen Blackberry especially of late has been the lack of HTML email integration. For a device that … [read full article]

Memphis and Tampa 3G launch updates…

Real quick post here, just a follow up to Friday’s 3G press announcement from T-mobile regarding Memphis and Tampa 3G launches. Memphis congratulations you already should be experiencing faster speeds and better voice quality as you have awoken with 3G. So great news for those of you who pre-ordered your G1 out of Memphis, you can rest assured that you will be able enjoy the entire array of phone features with high speed and not … [read full article]

We want your G1 pics!!

So for some of you today is the day, the boys in brown have made your day and in celebration of the G1 launch we want to see your G1 pics. Whether or not its unboxing, firing it up or placing it in your already existing G1 shrine, we want to see them. So once you no longer have to look out the window for UPS, grab your digital camera … [read full article]

Going early on the 22nd? Expect to choose from one of these!

So you didn’t pre-order, maybe you weren’t sure if you liked the look of the phone. Maybe you weren’t sure that you were ready to sell your soul to google. By now most of you have changed your minds and judging yet again by the flurry of comments you are waiting with baited breath. So If you plan on being one of the first to head to a T-mobile store Wednesday, expect … [read full article]

G4tv reviews the G1!

Just more video and hands on…overall a pretty positive review yet they do encounter some of the same problems with GPS that other reviews seemed to encounter. Every time I read that I just get bummed out. I hope that’s a problem fixed via a software update which comes soon after launch. For those of you still checking your UPS tracking by the minute, this is just another hands on preview to keep you staring … [read full article]