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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Update Now Available

Well it is another day in the T-Mobile world and that means another day of updates. Yesterday the HTC HD2 faithful got their hands on a much-desired upgrade and today, BlackBerry Bold 9700 users are receiving their day in the limelight. OS version with a list of fixes is now available from the official T-Mobile BB Upgrade site and you should be heading there right now. Why are you still … [read full article]

T-Mobile Passing On Pearl 3G?

We’re chalking this up as a pretty thin but plausible rumor as the boys over at are claiming T-Mobile will pass on the upcoming Blackberry Pearl 3G. Why would T-Mobile pass on a device it originally helped make so damn popular and in so many colors? Why another Blackberry of course, possibly a 3G version of the 85xx series or perhaps the 93xx. For the moment this is all speculation, rumor and “grapevine” … [read full article]

Grading The First Quarter Results For The Big 4

Look, the bottom line is we know T-Mobile’s first quarter numbers that dropped earlier this week could have been better. They could have been ALOT better. As Verizon and AT&T pull away from the pack and as Sprint struggles the time is ripe for T-Mobile to make big moves, at least enough with which they can hurdle themselves back into the contest for third place. Sprint is ahead by 14 million customers but struggling … [read full article]

T-Mobile Formally Announces New Prepaid Calling Plans

T-Mobile has formally announced the introduction of their new Prepaid offerings with a focus on “setting the benchmark for the best value for its customers.” Comparatively speaking, against the big 4 carriers and not including their own little MVNO’s these offerings are very competitive and may indeed be the best Prepaid offering available from a major carrier. Thankfully, we’ve had wind of these plans for some time and now that they are formally … [read full article]

BlackBerry 9700 Update Coming May 18th

Update: According to the official T-Mobile forums, this update will actually launch May 19th…not the 18th and certainly not the 11th. We swear, its launching tomorrow, honest injun! For many of you the Blackberry 9700 has been a terrific device following the excellent tradition RIM has set forth. For some of you, the 3G-dropped call issue has plagued you from the very beginning but fear not, T-Mobile is working with RIM to … [read full article]

Project Emerald Details Emerge, Possible Sidekick Successor Running Android?

Earlier this week we provided our viewers with exclusive details on the upcoming “Project Emerald“. Although there was much speculation suggesting that Project Emerald was the Samsung Galaxy S, our sources tell us that HTC is in fact the manufacturer. Our source is also claiming that the device is to be called the “Sidekick Twist,” though nothing has been finalized; so as usual, that is subject to change. Additionally, we hear … [read full article]

Stop The Presses, Google To Stop Selling Nexus One Online

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised to hear that Google has announced the end of the Nexus One online sales. Instead, they’ll be adopting a global method of selling devices in-stores with partner carriers. The website will shift to promoting the “…variety of Android phones available globally.” Google isn’t too proud to admit that some strategies work and others don’t and that while they are pleased with the adoption of … [read full article]