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Garmin A50 Revealed, Still Supposed To Come To Magenta

Let me just be honest here, I want to be excited about this, I was hoping to be excited about this but I’m not. The last Garmin phone to enter the US market met less than favorable reviews. Check that, the reviews were downright nasty. We’ve been waiting for some more info on this phone since its FCC debut back in early January. That being said, while the phone itself looks … [read full article]

MyTouch LE Fender Sells, 17,250 Worth


Well as it turns out, the MyTouch Fender is fairly popular, to the tune of 17,250 units sold since its release three weeks ago. While it’s a special edition, translation “limited edition” T-Mobile has decided that a second round of orders for the device is necessary and come April, they’ll be stocked and ready. In fact T-Mobile is planning on using some nifty database work to see that stores that have individuals waiting for the … [read full article]

T-Mobile Launches Voice Plus Beta


You know about that potential G1 update we told you about on Monday? Well its time now. T-Mobile needs your help!  T-Mobile has now launched the software trial program for G1 owners called “Voice Plus Beta”. All the details after the jump! This program is on a first come first serve basis, so get it while you can! T-Mobile UPDATE: T-Mobile claims that it doesn’t have a firm date for when the beta program … [read full article]

T-Mobile Announces Partnership With Swype

What almost assuredly amounts to no coincidence gives way to T-Mobile and Swype  announcnig a partnership. This comes on the very same day the first Swype capable phones launches, the MyTouch 1.2. As expected, the release states that the HTC HD2 will also see integration with the Swype platform along with a number of touchscreen devices down the road, aka “future” devices. “T-Mobile has always been on the forefront of introducing … [read full article]

MyTouch 1.2 Pricing Confirmation

Okay so we’re literally hours away from the myTouch 1.2 (myTouch 3G w/3.5mm jack) availability on T-Mobile’s site, although you could head down to your local T-Mobile retail store and pick it up right now. Above you will see the pricing of the myTouch 1.2. As stated previously, the handset is set to launch today, February 10th, and will be available for $149.99 with a 2 year contract or $249.99 with a 1 year … [read full article]

T-Mobile Removes EMP Migration Fee

Update: Apparently “eligible” means out of contract, so those still in contract obviously can’t migrate until finished. That makes sense. Loyal customers, T-Mobile hasn’t forgotten about thee. Starting February 15th “eligible” customers will be able to migrate to an Even More Plus plan without being charged that lovely $35 fee that was enacted last October. Nothing much else to see here, other than the fact that T-Mobile knows loyal customers deserve something and that … [read full article]

Wherefore Art Thou UMA?

It is not unusual for me to receive emails that ask questions regarding T-Mobile services and often I cannot answer them. As we are an unofficial site, we are not privy to corporate decisions regarding the future of various services, I imagine most of our sources, and ninjas are not either. In this specific instance, I am talking about UMA and its future with T-Mobile. A T-Mobile customer wrote in and explained his desire to purchase … [read full article]

TmoNews 24 Hour Recap


There has been quite a bit happening in the Magenta world these past few days and its hard to keep up with all the news. So, for the sake of our readers we’ve compiled a single article with all the recent days goodness. Still can’t decide between the Nexus One and HTC HD2? Fear not, for our pals over at PhoneDog have created a video pitting both SnapDragon powered handsets against each other. May the best phone win. As … [read full article]

Minor MyTouch 3G Update Cometh

While updates are always welcome, unfortunately this is not the update that MyTouch 3G owners have been patiently waiting for. Android 1.6 update DMD64 OTA goes out tonight and merely “improves MyTouch user’s call performance.” No additional features are available here so it’s fairly minor but hey, improving call quality never hurts right? For the record, those picking up the MyTouch 1.2 later today will already have this update preinstalled so no need to wait … [read full article]

T-Mobile Talks HSPA+ With GigaOM

The folks over at GigaOM are lucky enough to to sit down with the T-Mobile powers that be and discuss current happenings and the HSPA+ network. First things first, that HSPA+ upgrade we’re all eagerly awaiting, will be hitting the East and West coasts before making its way inland. The obvious questions of who is first and when were met with non-answers but eluded to “major cities from Washington, D.C. to Boston” along with “major … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s HD2 Packing Entertainment At Its Best

Our Magenta and HTC aren’t quite finished with their surprises and  yet another “goodie” has been found for the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2. Just yesterday, we discussed that the U.S HTC HD2 would support multitouch, and now there is word on the interwebs that Magenta’s HTD HD2 will be the perfect entertainment handset. Thanks to a leaked T-Mobile HTC HD2 ROM, there are new findings regarding said entertainment features on this gorgeous handset. First, but not least … [read full article]