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Phonedog Unboxes The Motorola Cliq XT

Oh, yes, it’s that time.  It’s getting close to the eventual release of a device that bloggers everywhere let loose in their unboxing videos.  Sadly, our own video is MIA, as we believe Motorola might have lost our address.  Not to worry though, our good friend Noah from Phonedog has pieced together a lengthy (almost 17 minutes) of pure Cliq XT joy for you to feast on.  Running through the specs and, of course, giving you … [read full article]

T-Mobile HD2 Receives Unboxing Treatment

The last time we saw the HTC HD2 getting unboxed was all the way back in October 2009 with some magical trance music.  Now, the guys over at BGR have scored some unboxing snapshots of the highly anticipated handset with T-Mobile branding and all. Whether it’s releasing the 23rd or the 24th remains a mystery.   Hit the jump for additional unboxing snapshots courtesy of BGR.   Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments! … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s Cliq XT Sales Pamphlet In The Wild

When Motorola rolled out the Cliq back in October, a sales pamphlet was one of the first things to show up in the wild after the announcement.  Motorola has released yet another sales guide allowing T-Mobile employees an opportunity sell the Cliq XT in 60 seconds.  While that’s a pretty tall order for any salesperson, Motorola is breaking down the highlights of the Cliq XT’s features and giving you all the reasons to buy.  Of … [read full article]

The HD2 Release Date Game Continues, Coming March 23rd?

At this point, the round robin release date game for the HTC HD2 is getting a little tired and we should preface this post by saying we can’t confirm this info.  We were confident of a March 24th release date after the leaked retail slide. After that, a leaked Blockbuster Video press release also stating March 24th, further verified the leaked slide info.  Then, of course, we had a little birdie whispering in our … [read full article]

Invites For Press Only T-Mobile HD2 Event Pop Up

We’re guessing our invite somehow got lost in the mail, perhaps a misspelled email address, but the folks at Engadget received an invite to the above-pictured launch event.  We’re talking about an invite only HTC HD2 launch party in NYC on the 16th of March.  T-Mobile is continuing their emphasis on the HTC HD2 being a multimedia powerhouse, even using “a larger than life entertainment powerhouse” as a tagline.  Yes, we’re all sticking with the … [read full article]

Dell Mini 10 Comparison Chart, Full Spec List Leaks Out

There is nothing really earthshattering here but T-Mobile has put together a handy comparison chart for the future sale of the Dell Mini 10 netbook.  The chart is likely designed to give sales reps an easy way to differentiate between the products and sell them to the customer.  The Mini 10 is for those looking to pick up a device with pre-existing 3G service. The buying decision here depends on whether or not you already own … [read full article]

webConnect Rocket Gets Another Trial Run

Michael Oryl, the top dog over at, got his hands on a webConnect Rocket over the past month and took it for a spin on T-Mobile’s Philadelphia HSPA+ network.  As expected, he came away pretty impressed with the range of test speeds.  In optimal conditions, it peaked at speeds well above current offerings.  Using the webConnect Rocket in an area of a “reported good, but far from perfect signal”, he hit download … [read full article]

T-Mobile HTC HD2 “Coming Soon”

Well, folks, you’ve already seen some blurry snapshots (Courtesy of Mr. Blurrcam), and then some HD quality snapshots, and now T-Mobile has officially listed the HTC HD2 on their website as “Coming Soon”.  We’re still expecting a March 24th release with a $199.99 new 2 year contract price tag and a $449.99 retail price.  How many of you are going to camp outside a T-Mobile store the night before?  Leave your thoughts in the comments! … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Poses For The Camera

Looking for a cheap feature-first phone with a full browsing experience at your fingertips?  Then the Nokia Nuron is for you!  If the previous pics Mr. Blurrycam provided weren’t enough to sway you toward this handset, perhaps some of these HD quality snapshots can change your mind.  Another one of our ninjas also provided us with a comparison chart which clearly shows the Nuron killing the competition.  Hit the jump for some more high-res snapshots … [read full article]

Mr. Blurrycam Surprises Again With The CLIQ XT

Hot on the heels of the HTC HD2 in the wild pics comes another round of images from Mr. Blurrycam.  This time we received some images, a little video and a whole lot of in-the-wild goodness.  The Cliq XT is the next iteration of MotoBlur from those good folks at Motorola.  The first Cliq has definitely been a love it or hate device with MotoBlur definitely geared to a socially-networked audience.  For the average Android … [read full article]