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Sidekick Data Outage

If you happen to be handling a Sidekick right now, you may have noticed a lack of data service.  The nationwide outage reportedly started late last night or very early this morning and has been recognized by T-Mobile.  In the meantime, relax and T-Mobile will have it fixed “shortly.”  If this is really hurting you, you may want to give customer care a call and try out that award winning customer service.  On a related side … [read full article]

What Should T-Mobile Do?

Seeming as you have found your way here, to TmoNews (selfless promotion), you probably care a little about what we have to say.  While David has presented his opinions in articles before, this here is my turn to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this case).  If you are willing to give me a listen (read) (and then express your own (rebuttal) opinions in the comments) then head past the break to read the … [read full article]

Donot Doubt Us

You may remember yesterday I posted a video showing of the new Android build 1.6 (now with techno), and how I some of you thought I made an error and pointed out that Donut was coming out that night.  Well, you were right, it was a mistake, but I was not mistaken.  Seeing as our sources later told us that Android 1.6 was going to be pushed to a select set of G1 … [read full article]

Donut Previewed, Enjoyed

For all of you Android users, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the cool stylings of Android build 1.6 (Donut).  Not much is done with the presentation of Android, but it runs smooth now.  It seems that Android might be capable of becoming all that jazz (I am done, I swear).  While we have seen some breakdowns of the Donut update before, you can now watch a lengthy preview of it on an … [read full article]

Cellphones Radiate, um…Radiation

So this isn’t really groundbreaking news, but cellphones ooze radiation every single second after you press that power button.  Now, however, there is a nifty little website (created by the Environmental Working Group) that ranks over 1,000 phones by radiation level.  So, head on over if you are worried about your daily consumption of radiation.  Spoiler Alert, the MyTouch 3G is up there as one of the worst phones, but the … [read full article]

Open Comment Weekend

You have seen it before, but now we have a little change.  Instead of the standard Open Comment Friday tradition, we are going to try opening the comments section for the weekend instead.  This is your time to discuss what ever comes to mind (hopefully it is T-Mobile related); T-Mobile has left a bunch to be chatted about in the comments.  Maybe you can talk about the latest Android news, T-Mobiles ever expanding 3G … [read full article]

T-Mobile Seeking Additional Spectrum

According to the Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile asked that an additional spectrum, currently reserved for public safety channels, be freed up for commercial carriers.  AT&T, on the other hand, wants to keep the spectrum open for public safety organizations but supports that the spectrum be reserved for LTE (and hey, T-Mobile is up for that).  The spectrum in question, if you care, is the 700 D Block band, and it certainly lines up … [read full article]

T-Mobile to Offer Second USB Modem?

While T-Mobile continues to roll out 3G, they keep adding devices that are 3G capable (hey, I’m not complaining).  While most of these upcoming devices are phones, it’s nice to see some peripherals being added to the mix.  This particular gadget is the Huawei webConnect Jet, or UMG 1691; and while it isn’t the Huawei that we are all hoping for, it does serve its purpose.  This … [read full article]