Which legacy T-Mo device or range would you bring back?

original sidekick T-mobile

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I have a keen interest in older devices. I’m not sure exactly why. It could be that they were more interesting back in the days pre-iPhone. When devices weren’t just super slim rectangles with massive displays, manufacturers were creative with hardware design. Phones flipped, swivelled and twisted and came in all shapes and sizes. Circles, triangles, diamonds, you name it, there was probably a device in that shape.

I turned that interest in to a retro review series on PhoneDog’s YouTube channel, which meant buying a handful of old phones that I think are interesting. This latest group of devices included the original Sidekick. It was the only one on eBay, so I couldn’t pass it up. And that got me thinking about you, TmoNews readers.

There was a day when every carrier had its own iconic exclusive device. Sidekick, as a device (or range of devices) was one of those devices synonymous with the Magenta carrier. You saw them on TV (normally in the hands of some teen sensation), but still, it was a widely reconognizable product, and it was different.

The original model came with a monochromatic display and the unique flip-out screen, which presumably gave the device its name. It sort of kicked out to the side, and rotated 180-degrees revealing an awesome QWERTY keyboard underneath. Each button press produced its own entertaining tone, and the scroll-wheel used to control everything flashed up all kinds of bright colors.

Since the original, it saw many variations, and with each one it seemed further away from the what the Sidekick should be. But still, it was a great range, and you knew what to expect when a brand new model came out. You knew you’d get a slide-out display and a keyboard in a fashionably-designed handset. And it’s a range I’d love to see return. Just to have something cool and different on the market. Even if it meant running Android like the last version did, before the series died its seemingly inevitable death. If not that, then an entirely modern version of the Motorola RAZR.

What do you guys think? If you could bring any device, or series of devices back, which would it be?

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  • Startswithaj

    I’d like a Windows Phone 8.1 Sidekick, please. WP7 devices were the last ones to have a physical keyboard and I miss them! Although I’d be tempted if a high end Android based sidekick came out. So long as it wasn’t released by Samsung.

  • portaltonowhere

    definitely the sidekick

  • Daniel Anonuevo

    A Flag-ship spec’d sidekick! that was the best!

  • DCLV

    HTC G1

  • Michael


  • JBrowne1012

    A proper android sidekick not made by Motorola or Samsung

  • Jammas

    Motorola A630

  • justme002

    Hope Mr. Legere read comments here. Please make us happy!

  • sidekick lte

    They should make a sidekick for adults that has a 4k screen and 4glte so its futureproof

  • sidekick

    Sidekick is the best phone by tmobile!!!

  • JosephLagalla

    HTC G line!

  • Bklynman

    How about this,bring back one size sim cards,either full size,mimi,nano,or miro,enough already with the different size cards. We get the idea,phones makers,u don’t want us(customers)to use phones that are 3 years or older. most of the readers of this blog have back up phones,will you please pick which size sim card you want to use already? Stop with the nonsense already? Thank you.I would love to keep my Amaze as a back u phone,can’t do it,take full size card.Note 3,miro.

  • http://twitter.com/ZamoraO OZ

    I always remember my T-Mobile SDA. Kinda miss it.

  • mingkee

    HTC HD2
    You can install Android or WP7

    • John Masters

      HD2 was by far the best phone I ever had. Perfect size, perfect design, and great specs for it’s time. I’d love to a modern version of it. Put it in the same metal case, same screen size, just do a quad core processor, the latest Android (I’d even settle for it as a Windows phone), and LTE bands…I’d be all over that.

      I had mine running Android, and used it for years. Finally gave it to a nephew, who then ran it for a couple of years until it got stolen…so for all I know, ti’s still out there running.

  • Felipe Bigio

    I’d say sidekick that’d be cool with 4.9in 1080p screen a touchpad-like keyboard and lte band 12 running on latest android os or next version of blackberry storm or rzr 3 choices and I’d bring a ton new customer to the carrier

  • D Velasquez

    not T-Mobile but if O2 manage to bring back the O2 cocoon with an updated design but same concept that will be amazing

    • Bklynman

      Just google it,that some phone. I am keep my eye on that company,see if they bring out any other phones.

  • Tory

    Definitely miss the Sidekick line more than anything. I would gladly trade in my new iPhone if they would bring back the swivel screen instead of slider like Samsung tried to redo, and definitely keep android or windows as the operating system.. I miss physical keyboards.

    • ZxyLady

      This is my exact sentiment, if Samsung wouldn’t have tried to change SO MUCH, and kept with the original sidekick line aesthetics, it would have been a real contender in today’s world. What always made Sidekick unique was is special twist open mechanism.

  • davidwal

    I wish there was a updated Dash. It would be cool to have a Dash 3 made by HTC. It could be a Q10 competitor that would run android. The only thing close HTC made was the status and it did not do so well.

  • Custemmade

    Does anyone remember the Motorola Acompli 009? it was announced in 2001, I was still in high-school then but 2-way pagers were huge. It was like the v.100 but but the adult version, it had of the functionality of the Moto Time-port two way crossed with a fully functional phone. The Ir beaming was great especially if you created your own ringtones with the composer on the device. That function was really big in the music industry for producers who wanted to exchange tracks. I wish they would actually update it and re-release it as a vintage model.

    • custemmade


  • http://twitter.com/tabascotx Mike Roberson

    A real SIdekick for sure. Best Keyboard ever.

  • priap1sm

    Anything advanced enough to run the newest apps with a slide-out keyboard. The only keyboard offerings are ancient POSes.

  • Sims Koger

    I miss my HTC wing and the MDA!

  • Rachel

    Definitely the HTC version of the MyTouch 4G Slide! It’s shame it was discontinued so quickly, only to be replaced with the inferior (in my opinion) Huawei version. Especially since it had the most impressive camera for its time.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    I would love an HTC G1 with Kit Kat.

  • RRB

    I am using my favorite phone, a Moto Krazr K1 in Cobalt blue. I think it’s the most beautiful and easy-to-use cellphone ever invented. Mine is an unlocked UK model, with classy gray instead of silver trim. When I need data, I pick up the Tmo iPhone 5.

  • Gutes

    Always liked the MyTouch brand when T-Mobile actually cared about it. The MyTouch Slide 4G was a top notch kit…. unfortunately they immediately took the MyTouch brand down market and now they are afterthoughts.

    I got a garminfone instead, and I always kind of regretted it. The garminfone was a tank and an awesome GPS, but it had fairly low specs and got really laggy after about a year. The high end specs of the MyTouch would have held up for the whole term of the contract.

  • morbid

    Nokia N900.

    (yes, I’m aware of the neo900 project)

  • Jesse James

    nokia 82xx i believe it was. small, removable face plates, and easily turned into the maxtrix phone

  • adham nadi


    • Mike Mac

      its funny because that phone is still relevant…they put freakin EVERYTHING on it even android 4.4! they really built that thing for the long haul

      • J Cav the Great

        I still have mine in drawer but screen is out. In fact, when I got my HD2, Android just became super popular.. I knew I could not get an Android.. So I started glashin Android Froyo on my HD2….yes this phone I will always keep.

    • J Cav the Great

      The HD2 got me started with the whole Flashing and Romming community.. #UnlockedBootloader

  • I_am_siroL

    My first smartphone was the T-Mobile Dash by HTC from 2006….bomb ass phone

  • Realest Ever

    I really miss the G-Series by HTC. I absolutely love my previous G1 & G2. They were unique and reliable

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Agreed. I loved my G2.

      • Jeremy C

        I only replaced my G2 a few months ago with the HTC One M8. My wife refuses to give up her G2 (hardware keyboard fanatic), and now my oldest boy has my old G2. Easily one of the best phones made.

  • Marc Klein

    If I remember correctly, my very first T-Mobile phone was the G1.

    • J Cav the Great


  • Angie Vaughan

    The Motorola A630.. I loved that phone with the QWERTY keyboard and the way the camera was set up. Plus it fell out a 17th story window, was my son’s toy phone and still works after all these years. I wish I had a SIM card that would work in the thing.

  • Neo

    Nokia 8110 the phone from the Matrix

    • J Cav the Great

      When I bought Enter the Matrix for Xbox, I saw the ad in the booklet for that phone I was like I must have it…lol but that was when I was 13.lol

  • J Cav the Great

    I loved my HD2, and I had the sidekick 2009( the one with swappable backs)..With the technology now, I would bring the sidekick out again, the sidekick 4G was a bad attempt at making the sidekick relevant. I would make it slim as possible, stock android, HD screen. Premium materials..I would buy..

    Instead of a flip screen, I would use a slide screen to make it slimmer… Aww man i now I want a side kick LX tony hawk

  • J Cav the Great

    I too tend to use buy retro phones and use them..as long as they take the same simcard size, if not, I use an adapter. Sidekick LXs still work, Danger services do not work, you only get 3G speeds, and picture messages take forever to send….

  • SHON

    Sidekick, with new bigger touchscreen and bigger battery. Miss Sidekick 3, D. Wade edition

    • ZxyLady

      I still have my D Wade Edition sidekick, just can’t seem to part with it, it was my first “smartphone”, and it still works. Gosh I want this phone to be remade in Android!

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    I loved my T-Mobile (HTC) G2, and I’d love a G3, not the LG. Give me a keyboard back.

    I also loved and miss my Shadow 1. It was a damn fun phone.

  • Guest

    I’m with the Keyboard Jockeys, I WISH a hardware manufacturer would take the chance of releasing a high end device in two flavors; the same exact specs, one with a physical keyboard and one without.

    Damn I miss my N97…

  • vlv723

    I’d bring the Sidekick back. Felt like a little laptop to me and was the popular kid back in college when I had it. Wish they had a newer version of it after the “4G” version. I buy that in a heartbeat.

  • Jay Gatsby

    HTC actually kept the G- series going up until HTC G23/One X if you go on google and start from G1 to G23 youll see all the models HTC released.

  • David Metzger

    Mytouch 3G baby! Not that I would bring it back, but I will always remember it for being my first Android phone. Also, the first time I rooted and flashed a custom rom. Lol. I think Cyanogenmod was the first rom. I was so nervous to root! Haha… Great times.

  • ZxyLady

    I want the sidekick, I was just talking to my hubby about it the other day. But if I could bring it back, I would put Android on it, though. I think if TMo made this simular to the Sidekick LX, with the SWIVEL screen, and make it High Def, did I forget to mention the swivel screen? I would jump from my Note 3 soon to be Note 4 in a heart beat!

  • Chris

    G1/G2 HTC/T-Mobile line. If they came out with a G3 with the flip out keyboard and metal battery door and all that, I’d ditch my LG G3 in a heartbeat to get it.

  • Isom

    Motorola v60g

  • Darrell

    I’d pick up the sidekick if they used the old danger OS (with upgrades) and had the swivel screen. I’d like to see the MDA make a come back, I think HTC made that one. Man I’d go back to T-Mobile if they came back with the Sidekick