Android 4.4.2 for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 now available to download

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.26.23

About five days ago, we received information that Samsung had released the source code for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3’s KitKat update. Normally that means within a day or so the update should be available to the public. After much waiting, and anticipating, the day has arrived.

Several readers have contacted us, delighted that the update is finally here. Android 4.4.2 for the Galaxy Note 3 has been released. If you do have a Samsung Note 3, you should be notified that it’s available. If not, head on in to settings and check for updates manually.

With Samsung’s heavy skinning on top of Android, there might not be that much new to notice when it comes to user interface. However, performance on the LG G2 is noticeably improved. If you do notice any major differences, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Full screenshot below. Thanks, Fidel and Phil.

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  • Dats

    S4 kit kat anyone?

  • Mykael Cover

    Got mine, finally.

  • mike

    Since I updated to KitKat at the bar I go to after work previously I was getting edge if I were lucky now I get regular 4G and in the LTE area’s I get full bars majority of the time now.

  • Irfan

    after update to kitkat i notice that battery dies 20% quicker then before on jellybeans

    • mike

      I running a deodexed version of KitKat on my Note 3 and the battery is much better then stock .

      • Irfan

        yeah i found the problem was in new Skype notification which was draining buttery, but did u note the speaker sound is not that loud any more ?

  • Zombiexm

    Tmobile is not blocking tap and pay.
    The drivers for the NFC chip are not in the framework for HCE and it has to be updated to support the chipsets.

  • New-Brik Mcq

    I’ve noticed a bit of a drain on the battery, but I’ll give that time to see if that will improve, also I did notice my pics on my SD card were acting a bit flaky as far as moving and sorting out my files on my SD. This new version better not disappoint. I’m also curious about Kit Kat supposedly having all these emojis available!

  • New-Brik Mcq

    Update:I did notice that my “power saving” button was NOT clicked on after update, just turned it back on, will check back in to see if this will resolve the quick battery loss. Power saving does work when, ON!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Maybe it’s me, but I’ve noticed a few force closes with some apps (files) as well as GPS issues. It seems the GPS has a harder time locking onto a signal. Also the copying and the moving of so files is a pain. Hopefully Samsung will fix these issues.

  • jefski2003

    Is anybody having problems with wifi speed? I bought N3 1st day it came out.went through 3 of them in 2 weeks. I returned it and went back to N2. 2 weeks ago I bought N3 again and updated to kitkat, same problem.i even went the distance and replaced all my hardware ie: modem and router.same issue.even my lte is N2 was getting 27mb dl.N3 is getting 11 at best.same area and what not. Tmobile is giving me a N2 again that I asked for.i love the new specs on N3 but if I cant use the internet or apps I might as well have a flip pjone

  • Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    Really. …500mb upgrade!! Ugh

  • Krystal Jones

    I absolutely hate this update. Ever since this update my phone shuts off by it self. 99.9% of my apps don’t work. My battery takes 10 times longer to charge and then also dies 10 times faster. Also the wifi speed suck. I can’t use the blue tooth anymore and I am ALWAYS dropping calls. I loved my Note 3 before this update, now…. I don’t even want my phone anymore. So in my opinion this is the worst update EVER.

    • Angry user – Samsung S4 ..

      Gaalxy S4, updated 3 days ago to newly released 4.4.2 (kit Kat) , the issues that I am facing … Droping calls( dialing or receiving)……. also GPS takes forever to accurately show in map….
      Wifi – showing less signal… ( to be verified in few more days)
      battery is fine, but takes longer to charge.

      Anyone find a solution yet…..
      this is so anoying!!!
      KIT KAT 4.4.2 ,

  • mjsmith64 sucksDick

    Maybe the Note 2 will be soon.