LG G2 dropped to $499, some upgrade customers seeing it at $403?

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This might just be one of the bargains of the century so far for T-Mobile users. If you head on over to the LG G2 product page, you’ll spot the price has dropped from $600 to $499.20. On EIP, that’s $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $20.80. So, that’s a high-end “phablet” for the same price as a “regular” smartphone.

But that’s not all, one of our readers has been keeping a keen eye on the G2, waiting in hope that the price drops before upgrading. When he spotted that the handset had been discounted by $100, he started the upgrade process, and was surprised to see that upon arriving at the page of available handsets, the G2 had been discounted even further. It looks like – for certain customers – there’s a web-only discount of $96. That takes the cost down to just $403, or 24 monthly payments of $16.80. I must repeat: This seems like it’s only for upgrading customers, and it’s web-only. Don’t go asking for this in stores.

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If you’re due an upgrade, and want to check it out, let us know if the same price shows up for you.

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