A message to our TmoNews Readers


As many of you have recently learned, David Beren, TmoNews’ founder and its sole leader since April 2008, has moved on to pursue other career opportunities. As with any surprise departure in a public-facing position, there are bound to be many rumors, questions and theories surrounding the recent events. To be as transparent as possible while respecting the privacy of everyone involved, I’m reaching out to all of you to provide some clarification and information, along with what you can expect from TmoNews in a post-David era. David has been part of our PhoneDog family since February 2009, and we truly wish him the very best. We know that whatever is in store for David and his family, success and happiness will follow them.

  1. David’s departure was a surprise. This should be evident by the lack of preparation we have shown by not publicly announcing David’s departure in a timely manner.
  2. While the specifics of the departure are complicated and of a mostly private nature for both David and the company, David was not forced out as Managing Editor of TmoNews.
  3. It’s safe to say that sometimes things change in life and in the phases of a company, tough choices are made by everyone involved. Life throws us lemons, and it’s up to all of us to make lemonade.
  4. David and I and the entire PhoneDog team have had an excellent working and personal relationship for many years. I am truly saddened by these recent developments and I know David is as well. David is part of our family and the father of TmoNews. The website has been his baby since the very first post, and he has grown it substantially in the 5,000+ posts since that date.
  5. TmoNews.com will move on without David – we are not closing down the site. While some things will clearly be a little different, we will strive to deliver the same type of T-Mobile related news and content you’ve come to expect from the leading publication of all things T-Mobile.
  6. Early next week we will be announcing the new leader of TmoNews, and it is one we fully hope David himself will support.
  7. We promise to do everything within our capabilities to provide you with the content and interaction you’ve come to expect from TmoNews. We hope you stick around.

A special thank you to David for his dedication, passion, and leadership. David’s goodbye post.

Tom Klein
Founder/President of PhoneDog Media

  • Paul

    Shit happens, but we, the readers, shoudn’t throw rocks because something changed. We aren’t privy to details, or even the inner workings of the company.
    I’m sorry to see him go, I enjoyed his writing, and I hope the best for him. Hell, this is a DAMN FINE resume piece. I also hope that the site stays true to form and rolls out the same quality it has under David’s time. I appreciate the information shared, even if it doesn’t answer a lot of what we wanted to know.
    I’ll certainly give the new writer a chance, and I hope they can fill David’s shoes.
    To the rest of the readers, calm down. ranting, cussing, and what not won’t change things. Act like adults and be supportive of David as he starts a new chapter in his life.

    • Dakota

      I think people can read between the lines from David’s post. Its pretty clear cut. For t hose that want to follow him, he will be at 9to5Google.com. Yes, he has a good resume and no doubt could find a job easily. Heck, he’d be good at Tmobile’s PR department. People are reacting because Phone Dog has bought other blogs and ruined them with bad writers and low quality. But as others have said, David sold the blog to them years ago and this was the inevitable outcome of that. Anyone knows that. Who knows what the contract said? There probably was some kind of non disclosure agreement with his exit. Otherwise, he would have told readers where he was going. When people leave amicably , thats what happens. The employee is allowed to say that, and the former employer usually states that. Phone Dog just has left a rotten taste in a lot of people’s mouths. They did the same thing to AndroidAndMe. I think people also knew that Tmobile was David’s primary focus and he had developed good contacts over the years. Reading this blog provided people with more accurate Tmobile info than they could get from the company itself and their incompetent reps

  • Trevnerdio

    The writing style just won’t be the same :(

    • William Forrester

      The writing style? Are you for real? You must not read a lot in real life. Don’t get me wrong, but there wasn’t anything unique or special about David’s “style”. He was no Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Maya Angelou. He was a pretty good source of info and he had some good sources but there was nothing special about his “style” lol. Be real. Geez…

      I will mis David, dude was a wonderful resource. I hope the new folks can at least mimic his insight to all things T-Mobile.

      • Trevnerdio

        A blog writer isn’t supposed to be any of those. What I mean is the others can’t possibly mimic his passion.

  • LABayman

    Don’t believe everything you read in this blog post. It’s just an obvious attempt to make phonedog look good. Did you read David’s goodbye letter? That letter showed how much he loved what he did and how much he cared about tmonews – the site he founded. I don’t think he would leave unless something happened that made him leave. I believe you did
    something that caused his departure or made his situation unacceptable–
    something that forced him out so yes you forced him out. I don’t believe it was a surprise to you. David won’t say and he is obviously trying not to make a bad situation worse.
    My guess is Tom is trying to spin this in his favor and make David look bad. Shame on you and phonedog.

    • AndroidProfit

      Says the person WITH NO EVIDENCE to back up his statements.

      • jonathan3579

        What proof do you have to suggest otherwise? None? Okay, then sit down and shut up.

        • AndroidProfit

          Do I seriously need to tell you how this works? He is the one making the claims the burden is on him not on me.

        • jonathan3579

          Actually, you’re the one making claims that David took a check and ran.

        • AndroidProfit

          why so sensitive?

        • AndroidProfit

          Can I stand and shut up? is there a pina colada option for this?

      • Dakota

        Tom, stop posting

  • AndroidProfit

    The plot thickens!

  • AndroidProfit

    LOLOLOL! YA BOO HOO HOO poor poor David! As soon as he saw a big check he quickly sold the site to phone dog.

    • Sam the Man

      Didn’t you read the messages here and on David’s goodbye post? Site was sold some time ago – it didn’t just happen – and David has been running it ever since.
      Your pathetic attempt at humor fails.

  • Jose Medina

    I don’t know the details but you can find David here: http://9to5google.com/2013/11/01/why-the-lack-of-flare-for-googles-nexus-5-launch/

  • Dakota

    TO TMOBILE READERS, DAVID IS NOW WORKING AT 9TO5GOOGLE.COM. (Im sure since Phone Dog says he wasn’t pushed out, they didn’t prevent him from telling his loyal readers that in his post. Hmmm. Must have just slipped his mind that he was starting a new job in 48 hours. Im sure he had no desire to alert his loyal readers about where they could find him in the future. At least now and then, he may have Tmobile scoops. And it will be hilarious when he scoops Tmo News)

    • Viper Matrix Wireless

      No it wasn’t planned. He knew them and they offered him a job because of what happened here.

      • Kyle

        What happened here?

        • Manny

          Yes, what did happen here?

  • TechnoRealz

    I am leaving TMONEWS. Never heard of the 9TO5 networks but are willing to give them a try.
    Anything google is always worth a read :)


    I say good riddance, why did he take a Google related job? That turd was and is the biggest Apple pp sucker, good move Phonedog, Tmonews will be better than ever I’m sure, especially with all the awesome moves T-Mobile has been pulling.

    • Bklynman

      Tell me did your parents had any children that lived?


        If you’re going to try to insult someone you don’t know, at least come with proper grammar/English

        • Art Faucett

          It’s Tough to spell when you haven’t reached a grade that hasn’t had it as a subject.

    • PhantomWraith

      I agree, I had stopped coming here due to everytime I did it was about the iphone and not about T-Mobile.

  • Randall Lind

    Seems to me all these sites are related

  • OnlineRefugee

    What made DAVID’S website unique was visiting in here to get scoops and “inside information” on T-Mobile, that is, rather than the same ol’ boshtommyrock a zillion other sites talk about, e.g., “iPhone Comes in Five Colors.”

    It is kinda what they say about the stock market. If you are getting your next day’s buy from watching the evening news, you are like every other schmuck who thinks he is a savvy investor getting a buy order in when the Market opens the next day.

    TMoNews always had a grassroots, homemade feel to it, while discussing events and information that had worldwide and national significance.

    If TMoNews runs articles titled “First Look At The T-Mobile iPhone 5c” rather than “Photo leaked of T-Mobile iPhone Pricing, Proves iPhone Coming To T-Mobile ” I suspect TMoNews will be relegated to the Internet dust bin of has-beens.

  • terryjohnson16

    This site won’t be the same since David isn’t here. The new writers need to cut the junk and stop acting like the ratings won’t drop cause David left

  • Echo

    Since everything is about money, I bet that narcissistic CEO paid phonepuppy to fire David after the “end of Classic” article, or maybe just threatened a lawsuit which is more his pink style.

    It’s very unlikely that David was getting paid more than what he generated for this site, as businesses usually don’t shoot themselves on the foot by accident. They think about it first to see if it’s worth the pain and they they do it.

    So, to throw the site under the bus like this must mean that phonepuppy had a pretty big bone hanging in front of them. I hope they have a heart attack trying to catch it.