T-Mobile Execs Talk Apple Products, JUMP! And Future Plans On Investor Call


T-Mobile is no doubt riding a high today with some of the best quarterly numbers the company has seen in years and they aren’t shying away from what the future might hold. In an interview with CNBC, T-Mobile CEO John Legere didn’t hold back from poking the competition and emphasizing that Uncarrier “Phase 3″ is “right around the corner.”

“Stay tuned for Un-carrier 3.0,” Legere said. “The fun is just beginning.”

In fact, Legere highlighted that AT&T is in what he called “fight back mode” at the moment. Legere emphasized that T-Mobile is taking 2 AT&T customers for every 1 T-Mobile customer AT&T is getting back. Legere might have been a little bold in stating that AT&T customers are “completely unsatisfied” with AT&T as the company grabbed its first ever top place in a JD Power award in customer service last month. Still, T-Mobile’s aggressive moves have helped it grab customers from other carriers and led to the best quarter the carrier has had in recent memory.

In an interview with All Things D, Legere talked about how the iPhone was helping T-Mobile, but remained focus on the company’s moves that helped it in the second quarter.

“The postpaid phone net adds for T-Mobile exceeded those of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon (added) together,” Legere said. “To me that’s one of the strongest statements you can make about a quarter.”

Furthermore, T-Mobile CMO told the site that the company has signed up 700,000 customers to the company’s JUMP! program.

“We are rapidly on the march to one million,” Sievert said.

Legere attributes around 21% of the carrier’s smartphone sales last quarter to the iPhone, which means right around 900,000 iPhone sales. As for company’s other high-profile launch: the Galaxy S 4 attributed for 600,000 in sales but again, Legere won’t attribute the company’s success in recent months to any one device.

Legere did say that he looks forward to more business with Apple, including carrying products along the iPhone, perhaps referring to the iPad in the future.

“I think there’s a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying,” Legere said. “We will expand what we offer from them.”

It seems worth noting that today’s quarterly numbers and the overall attitude of the company’s execs on the investor call show that while T-Mobile might be the smallest of the nationwide carriers, it no longer qualifies as “small.” With 44 million customers, a lot of spectrum being turned into a formidable LTE network and the anticipation over “Uncarrier Phase 3,” T-Mobile is no longer the little carrier that could. The notion that both AT&T and Verizon introduced upgrade plans very similar to T-Mobile’s JUMP! program in short order offers evidence that T-Mobile is no longer being ignored. Now, it’s ignore T-Mobile and face the social media and interview wrath of their unleashed CEO, John Legere.

Investor call highlights:

  • 4G LTE rollout and modernization
  • 157 million 4G LTE POPs in 116 metro areas
  • 200 million POPs prior to the end of 2013
  • 73 of Top 100 markets
  • Blazing fast 4G LTE performance Solid 4G HSPA+ network
  • 228 million POPs on AWS spectrum
  • 180 million POPs on 1900 MHz spectrum Improving spectrum position
  • US Cellular spectrum acquisition expected to bolster spectrum position in key markets
  • On track for 20+20 MHz 4G LTE in 90% of Top 25 markets in 2014+
  • Un-carrier 1.0 & 2.0 – significant improvement in customer momentum – 685k branded postpaid phone net adds – leading the industry in Q2 – 688k branded postpaid net adds – 77% YoY increase in postpaid gross adds – 1.58% churn – all-time low
  • Rapidly expanding 4G LTE footprint – 4G LTE roll out proceeding ahead of schedule – On path to 20+20 MHz 4G LTE in 90% of Top 25 markets
  • MetroPCS integration proceeding ahead of plan
  • Doubling MetroPCS markets – first 15 markets in 10 years, next 15 markets in 10 weeks
  • Strong cash position with $2.4 billion ending cash
  • Stay tuned for Un-carrier 3.0

CNBC, All Things D, T-Mobile Investor Page

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  • IceGreenT

    Living in New York, paying $30 a month for 5GB of LTE coverage everywhere I go in the city, for once in my life I seriously cannot bitch about this.

    • JointhePredacons

      5GB can go real quick though. I paid the extra $20 a month for unlimited.

      • Nick

        Theres a $50 unlimited everything plan?!?! I want it.

        • Dink

          Better than that…a group of four friends would each pay $25 per line…then if you want unlimited lte data it would be an extra $20 per line. So for $45 per line, you get unlimited everything.

          Get five friends together and pay $3 less per line.

        • Nick

          oh ok. I thought you were talking about an individual plan

      • IceGreenT

        I usually use about 3-4 GB a month.

        • JointhePredacons

          Well thats cool, i found myself burning through that pretty quickly. Now i have my phone automatically switch to WiFi when i get within range of my router, so no worries there. I really just like the freedom of not worrying that im about to hit the throttling mark they have if your on a specific number of GBs. Then nothing goes through, Facebook, etc, or takes forever, and forget about streaming TV shows and movies from the web.

  • http://www.justingrady.com/ Lars O’Hanlain

    With TMO (seemingly) doing so well. Could be possible that Deutche Telekom decides to really recommit to the US market and truly compete? I understand that Telekom is no longer the sole owner. What would be really cool, if the numbers work, is for Telekom and/or TMUS buy one of the struggling Canadian carriers such as Mobilicity and really compete in North America overall. Obviously there’s more work to do to compete, such as network buildout, but nevertheless like the direction TMUS is going. Lastly, it seems Dish won’t be buying TMUS, thankfully.

  • thirty5thrifters

    I just hope they can expand their 3g out to more rural areas. Once I go into cities my service is amazing though. I’m curious to see what the third uncarrier move is going to be.

    • LE119

      It seems like they’re still patching up their 2G areas. I live in rural NorCal (Pop. 6000) and T-mobile was testing out refarmed 3G last week on my iPhone 4. It went away after a day, but once again got 3G yesterday and getting avg 5mbps down, 1 mb up. I thought it would never come! T-mobile is on a roll!

      • Roger Sales

        This is actually the best news someone could’ve told me. Did you have AWS 3G in your area or is 3G new all around?

        • LE119

          We’ve been stuck with EDGE/GPRS since T-mobile has had service here! Two bigger cities to the north (Chico) and south (Yuba City) have had HSPA+ for a while now, respectively. It was a huge surprise when I saw 3G on my iPhone 4 for the first time in town! I don’t have a native T-mobile phone to test out, but it may be that the HSPA+ from those cities have expanded and I may actually be able to get faster speeds.

        • art

          That sounds awesome, I ahted driving to School in Chico from So cal, on that way there my phone would lose signal half the time

        • sahib102 .

          what city is that you are talking about because I’m in Orland ( 20 min west of Chico) and I have been seeing 3g pop up on my 810 at night and then goes away and I’m always thinking that it cant be that I’m getting signal from Chico because its to far . it would be nice to know they are working on highway 32 or better yet I-5 :D

        • LE119

          I’m down Hwy 99 in Gridley. MetroPCS has their LTE in our area so maybe it has to do with the T-mobile/MetroPCS merger? Still…I’m so ecstatic that T-mobile is expanding coverage! Plus, I think T-Mo’s refarmed 3G is faster than AT&T’s “4G”

        • sahib102 .

          It would make sense that they would use that metro spectrum in our area to upgrade from 2g to 3g but either way its gets me excited that Gridley is getting refarmed and who knows maybe the cities on i-5 get upgraded to 3g because from Orland south all you get is edge or g and you don’t get 3g or lte till you get to Sacramento or if you go north you don’t get 3g till you get to red bluff or if you go east 20 minutes from Orland you don’t get 3g till Orland but I’m rambling lol but now I know they are making process in northern California :)

  • sushimane

    Tmobile alll dayyyy!!! Hoping the it keeps up

  • ceegii63


    wait… what are dolls doing in the stage???

  • Aurizen

    This is great! I guess Un-carrier 3.0 is the 20+20 and maybe the MIMO, we heard about. lets hope so! more signal more service! I do hope they someday refarm their 2g and get rid of it and upgrade to HSPA+ and get more spectrum in 2014

    • bob90210

      If you look at Phase 1 (no contracts on post paid plans) and Phase 2 (jump program for early upgrades) you will see that the changes are business model changes, not technical changes. There’s every reason to believe Phase 3 will be another business model change.

      When T-Mobile implemented no contracts John Legere said that allowed T-Mobile to do things that other carriers can’t do. Turns out he was right. JUMP is something Verizon and AT&T can’t copy well since they don’t have the flexibility to change prices for phones. T-Mobile can sell phones with no downpayment and higher monthly payments but with a subsidy model the service plan price will need to increase in order lower the initial payment for the phone.

      Phase 3 will likely build on no contracts or early upgrades since Legere said that it will be something that others can’t match.

      • Aurizen

        This makes perfect sense, Tmobile is going Phenomenal things. well they still do plan on making bringing out 20+20 soon and the MIMO, so thats all a nice add on.

    • fsured

      There was an article awhile back that by 2015 T-Mobile wants to be decommissioning the 2G signal and use the spectrum to expand the 4G foot print in these areas. That will take time obviously and all we can do is wait for official announcements on it. It is frustrating to be in the dark on this but that process may be more challenging than we think.

      • KingCobra

        No there wasn’t. People keep talking about this article but it doesn’t exist. T-Mobile has yet to commit to or state anything about upgrading its 2G footprint to 3G. You’re confusing it with the 1900mhz refarm which was pretty much just repurposing 1700/2100 AWS HSPA+ to 1900mhz HSPA+ in the same areas that already have 3G/4G now in order to make room for LTE on the AWS bands. The cost of upgrading the entire 2G footprint to 3G/4G with the frequency that T-Mobile uses would be staggering. They just can’t afford to. Unless they win some sub-1000mhz spectrum, it will likely remain that way. As of now (at least officially), the 2G areas will remain 1900mhz EDGE

        • fsured

          So I just went back and looked through about 130ish pages of tmonews.com history to find the answer. From what I’ve found it was back in January 20, 2011, that Tmobile was making the choice to no longer sell phones that only supported the 2g network. This over time would lead to less dependance on the 2g and begin to lessen the load of users on the network. As this would happen they would then begin to refarm the network to support HSPA+ which we have seen them do now. By T-Mobiles estimates, they wanted to have this process completed in 2013 and have a wonderful coverage map slide of what could have been an almost complete coverage of the country in HSPA+. I’d post a link but not sure if that is possible in the comments sections. But Google “T-Mobile January 2011 investors meeting” and it will bring you to the page on tmonews that is covering it.

          Then comes the whole At&t mess which essentially crippled expansion plans and painted the company as doomed. Big who-rah that it didn’t go through and T-Mobile gained a nice chunk of spectrum etc.. This leads the company into the Challenger plans for modernization of the network in 2012. During this time they were discussing how far to take HSPA+ or develop LTE. The company decided to go with keeping the HSPA+ network predominantly in the 1900mhz range and use the 1700 for LTE. By keeping both technologies, they got the Erickson and Siemens to design hardware and antennas to install on the towers that worked with both technologies. The hardware uses Release 10 for LTE technology and all it requires is software changes and boom we have LTE-Advanced (At&t and Verizon have LTE hardware using Release 8, they have to replace the hardware to get Advanced). This is how T-Mobile is exploding their LTE coverage so fast. They have essentially been building the network during the Challenger upgrades and work done in 2011. The hardware was installed along with the back haul to handle the load for fast speeds.

          During the press releases to make the plans announced, it was mentioned that they would keep supporting some of the 2g signal since it was bringing in revenue with international travelers. And with this you are correct that they are keeping 2g around. I got the the 2015 date from a great write up on December 12, 2012 by Conan Kudo (I give you props for writing that). The author responded in the comments section that they suspect the process bringing down 2g was pushed back to 2014/2015 because of the At&t take over bid.

          Eventually the reaming rural 2g areas will get upgraded as originally planned. It’s a matter of when and as you pointed out, the company has not released this information as the focus is turning around the company to growth and revenue right now. That was 2hrs of reading old articles, which was rather neat to see the entire process of where they were to now and the range of excitement for the various phone releases, but goodnight everyone!

  • youngmantiburon

    Keep on truckin T-Mobile, I would like to see the blue death star come down in the mobile department, cant say much for big red they dont even remember how they got started Prime Co. along with spit I ment sprint sorry. I see the light after making the Jump to T-Mobile

  • JB

    This is great T-Mobile! I hope they keep it up.. Though there’s one thing I wonder: of the 700,000 JUMP! customers he’s bragging about, how many of those were customers that already had insurance on their device that signed up vs. new enrolls?

  • just me

    Argh, what is uncarrier 3.0??? I’m so curious… I hope it has something to do with coverage. My coverage is fine, but I’m so sick of reading the comments here whining about it day after day…

    • fsured

      Then skip the comment at the mention of coverage. Don’t like it then don’t read it. For many customers there are coverage issues that need addressing.

      • Dakota

        People forget that their individual experience – good or bad – is theirs alone 1 person

      • just me

        I think you’re missing the spirit of my post. I want uncarrier 3.0 to be about coverage because I know coverage is a sore point for some people.

  • auser72

    Great news Tmobile. You are making me Happy I stuck around.

  • idroid

    Finally T-Mobile have a CEO with balls. Says what he thinks without being politically correct. It’s only a matter of time before they hit top charts.

  • Truthful customer

    Umm T-mobile’s Jump goal is 90%… but yet they’re not calling it a required feature. I have friends that work for T-mobile and they are getting written up for not hitting their goal. They should make it required for smartphones or don’t make the goal ridiculously high. From talking to reps at tmobile, there is an extreme amount of pressure with goals and they are hating working there. With upset sales reps will come upset customers because we’re going to walk into high stress sales environment with pushy reps trying to keep their jobs.

    btw the sales goal is 90% for jump, 75% for data of which 50% has a be truly unlimited. Sounds pretty shady to me. Call it what it is… Call it required features and make customers add it instead of firing reps for not hitting these “un-required” metrics.

    I have Att and tried to switch to Tmobile. The rep said he wouldn’t sell me a S4 without truly unlimited and JUMP and he said i had to buy accessories. I told him i want 2.5gb with no accessories and he straight up told me that he wasnt going to sell me the phone because his accessories per kit was going to take a hit. So i went to sprint where they had lte in my area and got unlimited everything with insurance for 90 bucks where at tmobile I would’ve paid 95 for unlimited talk text 2.5 gb of web jump plus 25 for my gs4… with unlimited it would’ve ran me 105?!?!… Tmobile is not the value leader anymore. And them pulling off shady “non required/ required” features is pure B.S. They should just come out and say it and man up.

    • Dakota

      They want to compete on price. Most value customers dont want or need a new phone every 6 months and dont want to pay extra. 90 percent doesn’t sound practical. Pushy commissioned sakes people is a quick way to drive people away

      • Blahblahbla

        And appealing to the cheapest customer subset (notice I used cheap instead of value seeking) is a quick way to race to the bottom. Tmo is positioning itself as a value carrier, which it is doing well. If you want cheap with no sales people, those options are abundant. Just remember, you get what you pay for…

    • blahblahbla

      Dude, I understand everyone has a right to complain about their experience, but you’re definitely trolling when you make three post about the same exact thing. We get it, you don’t like T-Mobile because you were placed in a sales situation. Move on.

    • Kyle

      Worked for vzw and now tmobile and if your friend thinks hitting key points of interests is hard then honestly he should apply for cricket. Any good corporation that doesn’t hold their employees to a standard isn’t structured very well.

      Additionally why the hell would you want 500 MB on a high end smartphone like a gs4 or iphone 5? Oh your being cheap, then just say so. With tmobile you walk out owing a balance on a phone and your quite daft if you don’t at least consider insurance and for only 2 more dollars you can upgrade twice a year! Which by the way, once tmobile launched, att and vzw both made similar programs, so people do want it. When it comes to accessories I can understand the online line that customers give but doing a buy 2 get 1 can virtually make each accessories 15-20 a piece which is more reasonable.

      To the price being over 100 and that being wrong but you are fully set up with tmobile with no overage and unlimited data with jump. If your one to stick with your phone then just get insurance for 2 dollars less and pay your phone off to see that high 25 dollar installment come off putting you around 80 for truly unlimited and if your phone breaks you only pay a deductible.

      I’m sorry your rep felt the pressure to go big or nothing but if he actually could create a need and have a correct conversation then it would at least drive the idea behind the features home. Sales is all about creating the want/need for the customer that’s why before I left vzw the model was “ask a bunch of questions, so when you recommend a hotspot you can tell them, “based off what you told me..””

      Again tmobile is not trying to continue to be the budget carrier if your about price then buy a device and go on prepaid or go to straight talk.

      • dale

        Oh and put more down on your device and make that monthly cheaper

    • ChitChatCat

      I can’t imagine ever having that in depth of a conversation about one of my friend’s job requirements. Fired for not hitting metrics much?

  • Danny Lewis

    I hope Uncarrier 3.0 involves improved coverage. I wish they at least improve coverage on Interstate and major US highway corridors. The quicker they can get rid of Edge, the better. I knew this, however, when I joined T-mo… especially living in Kentucky. However, I was shocked when Lexington was among their announced LTE cities!

    • more coverage please

      I hope so too. Nashville needs twice as many towers as currently have.

    • IceGreenT

      I don’t see how improved coverage being part of un-carrier. In fact, doesn’t that sound more like “more carrier”, practically?

      • samsavoy

        are you serious

  • gdwhite85

    Whu!!!!! Nicely done, T-Mob, I’m proud of you!!! Been a customer now for 12 years (VStream), Love Me Some T-Mobile!!!! Keep up the good work and you will be No# 2 before you know it. Sprint is non-factor.

  • Justin Black

    “I think there’s a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying,”
    Like what? Apple only makes a couple of mobile products (cellular enabled).

  • Truthful customer

    Tmobile’s jump goal is 90% yet they’re not calling it a required feature. Their data feature goal is 75% of which 50% has to be truly unlimited. Their accessories goal is $30 per kit. I have friends that work for Tmobile and they tell me working there sucks now because there is super amount of pressure on them to meet their quotas. High pressure means crappy sales experiences because reps are trying to keep their jobs rather than getting us in the correct plan. I tried to switch from att to tmobile and the rep i was dealing with told me I couldn’t buy the gs4 without truly unlimited jump and accessories. I didn’t want that package I wanted 2.5 gb and I wanted to buy my accessories online. So i walked out of the deal and went to sprint where I got unlimited everything with insurance for 90 bucks a month. With tmobile i would’ve been paying 95 monthly with the gs4 2.5 gb and jump and if i wanted unlimited data i would’ve been at 105 for an individual line. And on top of that Tmobile doesn’t have lte in my area and sprint does. I don’t think Tmobile is that value leader any more. They are telling customers nothing is required because they don’t have any contracts yet they are secretly telling their reps that basically certain things are technically “required”. I think they are trying to boost their numbers to sell the company. They are pulling off some bush league tactics and it’s not fair to customer who want a non contract deal. That pushy salesman bothered me. After talking to my friend who works at a Tmobile, I understood why he was doing it… because tmobile requires them to.

    • Chris

      It’s funny how you wanted to switch to T-mobile and yet you ended up in a sprint store. if you really wanted to switch to T-mobile, you would’ve gone to a different T-mobile store. Getting the GS4 requires data – but it doesn’t have to be the truly unlim one. And also, JUMP is not required, they are required to promote it, but not force it down your throat. So as accessories. I got my gf a GS4 and I have Xperia Z. All I have to do is say “no, I don’t want JUMP and also I don’t want any accessories.” and the rep went ahead with it.

      • Truthful customer

        umm data shouldnt be required, they promote a $50 plan with 500 mb of data, but if you try to get it with a smart phone they wont let you. and that experience ruined my taste for tmobile that’s why i ended up at sprint lol. and according to an employee the goal is 75% for data and 90% for jump, that rep is one that’s probably going to be written up for not hitting numbers lol.

        • Jason

          Nobody is written up for not hitting numbers, especially first month in effect like JUMP. The person you keep referencing as someone you know who works for T-Mobile must be a pretty poor rep. And I don’t know what rep would turn down a sale of a brand new line plus a GS4 just cause the customer doesn’t want anything higher than 500mb. I’ll take that sale and make up my quota elsewhere. You unfortunately got stuck with a bad friend/salesperson.

        • dan

          People are now being “pipped” as the company calls it for not hitting these metrics. It’s a Performance Improvement Plan to make sure everyone is complying with their vision and goals and to provide ways to ensure everyone is achieving them otherwise you will be written up. Trust me, I hear the manager conference calls and this is serious.

        • truthful customer

          thats what my friend told me. Performance improvement plan which basically is a reiteration of his goals lol… he said there is no actual plan to improve his numbers… the PIP makes you hit your numbers for 3 months and if you dont then you get written up and have to hit your numbers for 6 months, if not you’re fired lmao. Look it’s a FOR PROFIT business and I understand that. I’m just annoyed that the company is talking out of it’s ass and mouth at the same time. If you say nothing is required because there is no contract then don’t “force” reps to add shit customers don’t want. I felt like that rep was forcing me to get a plan I didn’t want.

          And the person I know that works for Tmobile is a top market rep and he’s annoyed at the bullshit. I’m not a customer but I am a fan of T-mobile’s idea of what a carrier should be. The one thing I would change to make 30,000 workers lives easier would be to make certain features required if you’re getting smartphones. For example if you get a smartphone you have to get jump and data. If not then don’t penalize your workers for being moral and not forcing customers into features they don’t want. When I was at att I knew I had to add certain features but I was able to add the lowest data feature when I wanted to. Sprint didn’t force me into the unlimited plan, the rep offered the 1gb or the unlimited and left it to my choosing.

          So in closing… rather require it OR don’t require it but don’t penalize employees for not adding it. You can’t say something is not required yet if employees don’t add it 75% / 90% of the time they get written up . Sorry that doesn’t float a common sense boat

    • lilcapricorn

      I work for Tmobile and while they do expect a lot they never tell “secretly tell” us to do anything

      • Truthful customer

        well the person I know tells me the store goals. When youre telling someone 90% is the goal you’re basically telling them it’s required. I didn’t say you guys hold a secret Illuminati meeting where they tell you to screw over customers lmao. But when I hear 90% is a goal that tells me that jump should be on every phone. I’m guessing errors and/or basic phones is the reason for the 10% give. and 75% data??? That’s 3 out of every 4 phones. Those are really high goals for “non contracted/non required” plans. And if you dont hit your goals you’ll be written up and eventually fired after 3-6 months. So that’s basically telling you as a salesperson that they are required. Then you are gonna start forcing customers into those plans if you want to keep your job… see how that works. So my point is they should just make these things required if you’re getting a smartphone and not be so sneaky about it. And the rep was using something called a right fit guide, he was telling me and then circling what “I NEEDED” lmao… i took the paper from him and circled what i needed and he told me i couldnt have it, so i walked away. I told him that should be called a force fit guide lol.

    • Ron

      I went to Tmobile two weeks ago, one day before they drop the down payment on the installment plan and the price of gs4 by $30. The salesman tried hard to push me to buy jump and unlimited data with all sort of unreasonable explanations. He did not bother to tell me that the gs4 price is going down the next day and that Jump will be significantly better due to the $0 down payment. I heard about that plan on the radio as I left the store with a new gs4. I came back the next day to return the phone and re-purchase it under the new plan. They refused and insisted on collecting $50 restocking fee even though I never opened the box or even removed the sealing label.
      It took me another trip to the store on Monday and threatening the manager that I would move all my 3 lines of my family plan to AT&T before they agree to give me $30 credit on my account.
      Tmobile customer support is the worst in the industry. They don’t care about the customers and they don’t understand that making customers unhappy is bad business.
      I’ll never enter into any long term contract with Tmobile (or any other carrier). If AT&T were really smart they would have introduce no-contract plans like Tmobile simple plan and compete on customer service.

      • Truthful customer

        Yea T-mobile really messed up with me. I base it off of what my friend says and off of my experience. Grant it, it was only one experience but the first one should be the best. They finally had a positive customer quarter for the first time in 5 years but shoot it seems to me they talk out of their ass and mouth at the same time. No contract and not required should mean that. i shouldn’t have to add anything if i dont want to. They should honor a deal the day after like in your situation. Att always did for me and I want to see if sprint will do the same, that i haven’t experienced yet.

      • Dakota

        Tmobile customer service has sucked for long time. Rep told me to leave if I weren’t happy so I did. Email Legere directly & it’ll likely get taken care if

        • fsured

          I had major issues with HSPA+ when it was first released. Not once was I ever told to leave even when tech support said they could not solve the issue and I asked to cancel if they could not fix it. The response I’ve gotten is along the lines that they understand the frustration and I have to decide what is best for me. I think you are BS’ing with that statement. I have never worked in a call center but a statement like that would seem like grounds for a write up or something. Telling a customer to go to another company is bad business.

        • Frank

          No BS, the told me this 1 day after I signed up with Tmo. I live in a mini dead zone; so, I wanted a signal booster so that I could amplify the minimal signal that existed and actually use my phone in my house (sprint had given me one previously). When they refused because I live in a townhouse, they told me to just leave Tmo if I was not happy.

          Obviously, I stayed after buying a booster online for $60.

        • fsured

          If you actually live in a dead zone then they should have let you out of the contract without an ETF. Your same situation happened with my brother in Omaha. His house had no coverage but down the street at the supermarket there was. He called up T-Mobile since there is no actual store there, they looked up his address, saw no coverage, and then let him out of the contract with no problems.

      • 21stNow

        AT&T Next is a no-contract plan. Of course, it’s without the benefit of a lower monthly price, though. Be careful what you ask for…

    • dan

      I can vouch that everything youre saying is true. As an employee for T-Mobile there is a tremendous push on the retail end for data, Jump, and accessories. It’s bad because even when a customer comes in with their own device, which is a major marketing tool for us, that sale is counted against us if insurance/Jump or data isn’t added but with customers own equipment there is no option to add insurance/Jump. A device must be purchased new to be eligible for insurance/Jump but our take rate for this metric doesn’t overlook own equipment and is still counted as an activation without it.

      So let’s say you sale 10 post paid lines, 5 own equip and 5 you sold Jump on. Even though you were 100% on the 5 opportunities on brand new devices, the companies tracking system lists you at 50% but your goal is 90%. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

      The new push for all these ridiculous metrics and unfair tracking systems really makes you almost not want to “right fit” these customers as the company supposedly wants you to do. It’s a catch 22, right fit them but sell what we tell you to sell. Well which is it? Sell the customer exactly what the need whether it be 500mb of data and no insurance on their basic flip phone or be written up for not hitting your quotas.

      Complete bs!

    • Peter

      Try working for ATT not only you will have a goal for data php, accessories overall features but you have to sell wireline products as well. Same with Verizon and their goals per customer are double of the ones we have at
      T-Mobile. Stop complaining and do your job or go work somewhere else.

      • truthful customer

        Verizon and ATT have a greater customer flow, better advertisement, and better perception with customers. In a few years if T-mobile establishes themselves then they too can ask for 90% goals. But T-mobile shouldn’t ask what Verizon and ATT are asking for when those companies have been on this level for almost 10 years and T-mobile just decided to try and compete. That’s like saying Phil Jackson expected B.J Armstrong to perform like Michael Jordan a few years after armstrong was drafted… How ridiculous does that sound. T-mobile just started being this aggressive within the year, Verizon and ATT have been the top companies for a decade.

  • Chris Fisher

    I am having trouble finding people one way or the other saying if JUMP is a good idea. I would love to have the new technology twice a year but I want to actually be saving money as well. I am awful at selling phones for what others get them for. I’m too much of a pushover. I recently purchased a new Galaxy S4 during the $0 event. I’m currently in JUMP but I have time to cancel if I’d like before the 14 days. Can anyone here tell me if they are utilizing the plan and how they feel about it so far? Any examples of how I may save money if, for example, I go to a Note 3 in 6 months and then the S5 in another 6?

    • Chris

      You really only take advantage of it if you trade in your phone (because that clears the EIP for it pretty much). If you’re like me who only upgrades once a year and keeps the old phones, then JUMP is not for you. You’re better off paying the rest of the EIP on the old phone and going in store and starting a new one.

    • JB

      What Chris said below, but to add to that, if you already carry PHP insurance on your device (like I do) it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enroll in JUMP! as you’re saving a couple bucks a month. I’m just using mine as PHP, then when I’m ready to “JUMP!” I’ll do so.

      If I’m far enough along, where jumping isn’t worth it, andI can just pay off the rest of my device straight up then I’ll just do that instead.

      I hope I made sense. Lol

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Haven’t seen a CEO like this since Steve Jobs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003386080045 John doe

      This guy is refreshing, I like his non-PC attitude. Jobs was a little more reserved and was known to be a real douche to everyone.

    • Oliver Jackson

      Jobs was a douchebag .John Legere is more like Mark Cuban

  • taron19119

    okay I have a question how far away is t-mobile USA from Sprint in terms of customers

    • KingCobra

      I believe Sprint is at around 53 million. T-Mobile catching them is a possibility at this rate. They had a pretty significant net loss of customers in Q2.

      • taron19119

        yeah but how many customers do T Mobile has now

        • KingCobra

          44 million

        • wrong

          Wrong, after the recent growth T-Mobile has a subscriber base of 34 million.

        • philyew

          Plus the customers from MetroPCS, as they are now one company with two divisions. That will round up to 44 million.

        • taron19119

          So tmobile can be come number 3 by the end of 2014

    • Willie D

      In ACTUAL customers, Sprint has roughly 42 million Sprint owned customers, the rest are through a variety of MVNOs but Sprint claims them too.

  • CRT24

    Of course we have goals to attach various products…..you need some kind of accountability otherwise performance will suffer, that is true of any company in existence. If sales people are not trying to upsell whether it be jump, additional data, or accessories then they are not doing their job! Having said that, it still needs to be approached from a standpoint of what is right for the customer. …good salespeople will uncover needs and tailor their sales pitch to those needs and not just slam the customer with un- needed features. For most on here that say jump is not a good deal, I would say to you it depends. For a customer that is getting a GS4 on zero down who will be deferring $600 and is planning on getting insurance anyway, then jump is really only costing you $2/mo…I would call that a pretty good deal as you would be guaranteed a $500 payoff of your existing eip should you wish to upgrade in 6 months. For a customer getting a baisc phone that costs under $100 then then even insurance would probably not be a smart investment, much less jump. And as far as up selling to higher data plans that again is the salesperson’s job to determine if the customer needs to do so through discovering how they use Internet as well as showing them what the experience is like should they get throttled. The customer may actually need more than the 500mb of data that they probably want just because it comes with the $50 plan that they saw advertised, or after seeing what the data speed is like once they get throttled they may decide to pay a little extra just so they don’t have to deal with it. Bottom line is customers are adults and it is ultimately their choice to decide what they want to purchase based on the options presented. Not saying that unscrupulous sales people don’t try to sell customers stuff they dont need but those of you that expect salespeople not to sell are living in a fantasy world.

  • dan

    As an employee for T-Mobile there is a tremendous push on the retail end for data, Jump, and accessories. It’s bad because even when a customer comes in with their own device, which is a major marketing tool for us, that sale is counted against us if insurance/Jump or data isn’t added but with customers own equipment there is no option to add insurance/Jump. A device must be purchased new to be eligible for insurance/Jump but our take rate for this metric doesn’t overlook own equipment and is still counted as an activation without it.

    So let’s say you sale 10 post paid lines, 5 own equip and 5 you sold Jump on. Even though you were 100% on the 5 opportunities on brand new devices, the companies tracking system lists you at 50% but your goal is 90%. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

    The new push for all these ridiculous metrics and unfair tracking systems really makes you almost not want to “right fit” these customers as the company supposedly wants you to do. It’s a catch 22, right fit them but sell what we tell you to sell. Well which is it? Sell the customer exactly what the need whether it be 500mb of data and no insurance on their basic flip phone or be written up for not hitting your quotas.

    Complete bs!

    • yoyo

      Dude, you’re an idiot if you are ringing out the phone without the dummy IMEI. If you put it with the dummy IMEI it DOESNT affect your numbers.

      • dan

        I’ve been employed with the company for 5 years and trust me when I tell you entering all 0′s as the IMEI has no effect at all. This activation still counts against you even though it’s own equipment and the only thing sold is the $10 sim starter kit. I have access to all RETAIL REPORTING and have communicated directly with our php tracking team and confirmed this is true. Get you facts straight.

      • dan

        Just because CAM bypasses the php/jump screen after entering all 0′s for the IMEI doesn’t mean this activation isn’t counted. I have tracked all my own equipment sales and they still count against you.

    • CRT24

      That used to be the way we were measured on php but jump is figured based on eip transactions….if the customer doesn’t purchase a phone with installmenrs then you are not supposed to add jump. Not saying 90% isn’t an aggressive goal but it appears you dont understand how this will be measured…people bringing their own device will not count against you. Oh and by the way customers who bring their own device can still use more than 500mb of data so therebis still an opportunity to sell more data to these customers. Having said that our reporting of the metrics that we are held accountable for is a joke and is hardly accurate so I feel you there.

      • dan

        I totally understand how Jump is tracked, it’s definitely EIP only for acquisition. Get this though, say you do an upgrade and the customers has the old $4.79 insurance only and you upsell them to Jump for $10. This transaction does not count towards our take rate. Yes we get paid for it, but it only counts towards our 90% if they have never before had insurance, upselling does not count.

        • CRT24

          Yes you will because jump is a separate product than any of the old php products….youwill have added jump with an eip ttransaction so it will absolutely count….or it should count as long as reporting is accurate.

        • dan

          Based on July’s tracking it wasn’t calculating Jump correctly since it started mid month. For August this has yet to be determined but hopefully it’s more accurate from here forward.

        • CRT24

          Right since jump was only available for half the month the numbers will be skewed for july. But your example that if you did 10 acts and 5 of them were byod and that would cause your jump to be at 50% is inaccurate as it would be 100% if you added to the 5 phones sold on eip. Sounds like you are looking for excuses why you cant perform to expectations. …my advice would be to sell the product to people that need it and just do the best you can instead if looking for reasons why you cant reach 90%. Of course that goal is a reach, but it is what it is and if you are the best of your peers even if its not 90%, what can they say?

        • tmoman

          Hahaha, as longa s reporting is accurate!?!?! Tmo employee for 5 yrs and I have yet to see an accurate report

    • D Nice

      I feel your anguish but! Unfortunately thats what sales will involve (ridiculous quotas)I have never worked in sales however I have buddies that has worked for Wells Fargo, Verizon, Us Foods, Rooms to go, Office Depot etc… they tell me the same thing that the focus IS NOT ON THE BELOVED CUSTOMER but increasing revenue. For some it got so bad and unreasonable a couple of them took a pay cut and they are working in another industry.

  • ClausWillSeeYouNow

    I am so, so proud. Keep it up T-Mo. That’s my uncarrier!

    • sushimane

      Dude u gotta realize they are the 4th largest carrier not 1-3 so u cant expect so much from them but they making their way

  • TmoSamsungMan

    Tmobile SUCKS!!! They need to improve there COVERAGE!!!! Especially in RURAL AREAS!!!

    • samsavoy

      Well just the suburbs would be nice

    • Herb

      Farmers are the target market for high tech companies, right?

      • TmoSamsungMan

        You obviously don’t know me or have ever read my posts huh? If you have, you would of known that my previous statement was completely sarcastic.

        • Herb

          Mine, too :)

  • HiyaBuddy

    Seeing as I just left Verizon for T-Mobile *gasp* I can only complain about LTE indoors. But hey their hspa+ puts Verizon LTE to shame. Full bars and the only carrier that works inside my house. No service problems and a shiny new galaxy s 4. I can’t wait to see “phase 3″.

    • D Nice

      Welcome I left VZW one month ago as of this past Monday. So far TMO has been lovely

  • yoyo

    AT&T and Verizon are putting out there version of EIP because they see the money in it- This is about money not being scared of Tmobile.

  • Stew

    I’m trying to think of what else T-mobile could do at their phase 3, that they haven’t done already, that would get A TON of people to switch. They usually announce a bunch of stuff at once, so they’ll probably: 1. Launch a few devices like droid tablets, the iPad, & the new iPhone, 2. Announce LTE for 200 million POPs, 3. Declare that T-Mobile is now the fastest carrier in America according to some study, and highlight a. how all of the formerly mpcs lte spectrum has been merged with the current T-Mobile lte spectrum, b. 10×10 bandwidth LTE in 90% of the top 25 markets, and c. LTE-Advanced software tech is going live where the spectrum isn’t contiguous.

    • Stew

      That still, in my mind, doesn’t match what John Legere was describing in his rhetoric about ‘waiting for the other carriers to get comfortable and then springing something on them’ and ‘making believers out of anybody that wasn’t before’. So, recapping everything they’ve already done to try to figure out what else they could do: 1. Offer unlimited data. 2. Separated service and device costs, lowering monthly service and selling devices on EIP. 3. Selling the iPhone (and before that, introducing BYOD on iPhones & other devices). 4. Exceeded goal of covering 100 million people with LTE by midyear. 5. Introducing JUMP, where you can trade in your device 2 times a year, eliminate further payments on your previous phone, and get insurance for your current phone for basically the same price as just buying insurance. … … … … So, with all that in mind, the general consensus I’ve read from comment sections is that current T-Mobile customers (both new & old) are happy, most at&t/Verizon customers will never switch because T-Mobile doesn’t have good rural/indoor data coverage, but likely switchers would be stuck with an ETF and (potentially) a device that doesn’t work on T-Mobile, so they’ll wait until their contact is over. I’m thinking whatever John Legere has up his sleeve involves getting people to switch NOW, as opposed to waiting out their existing contract. My guess is offering some sort of deal to discount the price of a new T-Mobile phone if you trade in your old phone and/or bring in your contact termination with the ETF on it.

  • nycplayboy78

    So is T-Mobile working on better building penetration and mass transit PoPs tunnels? That would be great for me….

    • Herb

      Yes, they’re working around the clock to service the personal needs of nycplayboy78. Didn’t you see the leaked documents?

      • nycplayboy78

        Oh man Herb thanks…Like Tony the Tiger says….YOU’RE GREAT :p