Newest JD Power Results Show T-Mobile Still Has Customer Service Needs

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For all T-Mobile’s recent bravado, there’s still one avenue the company needs to seriously overhaul: customer service. Unfortunately, a new JD Power study finds T-Mobile in last place once again as Volume 2 of the 2013 Wireless Customer Care Full-Service performance study is released.

T-Mobile’s fourth place finish isn’t all that shocking anymore, but what is shocking is that AT&T passed Verizon for the first place spot. In other words, hell hath frozen over. This is AT&T’s first first-place win with an overall score of 795. Some good news for T-Mobile on the MetroPCS front as they took first place in highest in overall wireless customer care satisfaction among non-contract carriers for the second consecutive period.

JD Powers wireless customer care satisfaction study offers a “detailed report card on how well wireless carriers provide customer service via three main contact channels: telephone, walk-in retail stores and online….the studies measure satisfaction with each contact method and analyzes processing issues, such as the efficiency of problem resolution and the duration of hold times.”

When will T-Mobile turn around their customer service department? I wonder how T-Mobile CEO John Legere feels about this study, and I’m sure we’ll see a response from him on Twitter at some point.

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  • tmochik

    Being a former ATT customer, I dont know how ATT is #1?? I left AT b/c of their poor customer service…it was god awful when they were cingular and got progressively WORSE! In TMo’s defense, the poor ratings is probably due to all the merger mess. I’ve been w/TMo for over 10 yrs and Ive never had an issue w/their customer service. My onbly gripe is the network coverage. I can hardly ever get signals when Im inside a store or at the mall. I hope w/the new leadership this stuff will get fixed in time.

  • Irfan

    So true. ..att&t customer service is the best in mobile field …no doubt about it .. t mobile customer service need a good team and leader ..