Dear T-Mobile: You’ve Come A Long Way, Don’t Sue Over A Color

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As a long time fan of T-Mobile, I’ve supported T-Mobile through thick and thin, acquisition rumors, AT&T buyout attempts and quarter after quarter of disappointing financials. Still, I love the little Magenta carrier that could but another lawsuit over the “Magenta” color just seems both unnecessary and ridiculous.

T-Mobile is building up good will right now thanks in part to their first positive financial quarter and CEO John Legere’s bravado. There’s little question that whatever Legere is doing is working as the company is firing on all cylinders and Simple Choice appears to be a hit.

That’s what makes this whole Aio Wireless lawsuit a little hard to swallow, it just seems unnecessary and dare I say…evil. A commenter on this Verge article put the two shades side by side and it seems pretty clear they are not going to be mistaken. T-Mobile can’t go around suing everyone who might have a pinkish logo…and attacking AT&T like this just seems like kicking at the shins and then running away.


Left-Aio Right-T-Mobile

You’re better than this T-Mobile, let your Simple Choice plans walk the walk and speak volumes about the company. /End rant.



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  • Spanky

    Speaking of MetroPCS….the letters PCS in their logo are orange, just like one of the two colors prominently featured throughout AT&T’s advertising and website. As MetroPCS’s owner, T-Mobile should take notice.

  • Jeff

    T mobile needs the money to keep building there network that’s why there doing this!

  • yeah right

    Its funny, the first time I saw aio, I wondered which carrier owned it or aligned with it, I instantly thought T-Mobile, went in the store out of curiosity and realized it was at&t.

    It’s simple at&t wanted to align aio with T-Mobile to create the illusion of cheaper prices which T-Mobile is known for. Not that this lawsuit should ever happen, but I can understand why they would be upset, these sorts of things can trick the average consumer. At&t should have gone with a lighter or darker blue.

  • rob

    I agree with T-Mo’s actions, sorry, but I know the average consumer would get confused. I work with people like this everyday, confusion and illusion are key in the tech world. (Samsung & Apple?) Yes, it’s childish just like the whole Engadget ordeal but this is a little more justified then that. As long as it doesn’t go too public or hurt their improving image, “we good”.

  • MarkAzali

    This is a huge waste of time/resources. Think Redbox and Netflix. They’re doing just fine.

  • Chilehead

    Who cares how they got the cash? They got it and gave me (and many others) LTE. I also have no desire to switch back to AT&T anything since they have caused me grief personally and professionally. Legere is shaking up the industry and I applaud him. Oh and the lawsuit is from T-Mo’s parent company Deutsche Telekom not T-Mo and Legere.

  • TmoSamsungMan

    No they just wanna give abusive carriers a taste of there own medicine.

  • xp84

    Yeah, and metro is owned by TM now so what’s the problem? They’re combining that network and said a month ago that project was ahead of schedule.

    att customer who hates them and is switching to TM this month :)

  • MMA Prints

    Someone is clueless as to how this all works. This lawsuit isn’t bringing T-Mobile instant buckets of cash. Since you seem to believe that the company is broke and suing to somehow get more money, your argument falls flat.

  • josephsinger

    You seem to forget that both Verizon and AT&T (as other entities) got the big valuable cellular licenses in the early 80′s and every other competitor was relegated to PCS. PCS (Sprint PCS and VoiceStream) didn’t start up until the mid-nineties. Verizon and AT&T’s forbears had big advantages over companies that came after them. T-Mobile is *never* going to be as big or as spread out with coverage as AT&T or Verizon. It’s not going to happen. Ever.

  • kalel33

    The Metro PCS towers won’t do much for them with coverage, because Metro’s coverage map doesn’t extend into areas where T-mobile didn’t already have service.

  • Spanky

    Wow…Legere really has no shame, does he?

  • David

    Hi Jody Smith and GinaDee…nice that you have the same IP address. *Where is that banhammer?* Coincidence that you always seem to respond to the same post.

  • maxsilver

    That’s not true everywhere.

    There are a lot of areas where MetroPCS has nearly double or triple the amount of LTE coverage than T-Mobile has 3G. (California and Michigan are two big examples)

  • kalel33

    Again, the coverage is the same. T-mobile just hasn’t updated the towers in those areas with LTE. It only expanded LTE coverage, not cellular coverage.

  • maxsilver

    Again, the coverage is **not** the same.

    MetroPCS has LTE service in many cities where T-Mobile does not exist, areas where T-Mobile has no 3G, no EDGE, and no GRPS, no service of any kind.

    In Michigan, as an example, T-Mobile has no service (not even EDGE/GRPS) in Muskegon, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Mt Pleasant, and Midland. MetroPCS offers full LTE in each of those cities.

  • eanfoso

    burn!! nice one david!!!! good catch!