Dear T-Mobile: You’ve Come A Long Way, Don’t Sue Over A Color

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As a long time fan of T-Mobile, I’ve supported T-Mobile through thick and thin, acquisition rumors, AT&T buyout attempts and quarter after quarter of disappointing financials. Still, I love the little Magenta carrier that could but another lawsuit over the “Magenta” color just seems both unnecessary and ridiculous.

T-Mobile is building up good will right now thanks in part to their first positive financial quarter and CEO John Legere’s bravado. There’s little question that whatever Legere is doing is working as the company is firing on all cylinders and Simple Choice appears to be a hit.

That’s what makes this whole Aio Wireless lawsuit a little hard to swallow, it just seems unnecessary and dare I say…evil. A commenter on this Verge article put the two shades side by side and it seems pretty clear they are not going to be mistaken. T-Mobile can’t go around suing everyone who might have a pinkish logo…and attacking AT&T like this just seems like kicking at the shins and then running away.


Left-Aio Right-T-Mobile

You’re better than this T-Mobile, let your Simple Choice plans walk the walk and speak volumes about the company. /End rant.



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  • Spanky

    Speaking of MetroPCS….the letters PCS in their logo are orange, just like one of the two colors prominently featured throughout AT&T’s advertising and website. As MetroPCS’s owner, T-Mobile should take notice.

  • Jeff

    T mobile needs the money to keep building there network that’s why there doing this!

  • yeah right

    Its funny, the first time I saw aio, I wondered which carrier owned it or aligned with it, I instantly thought T-Mobile, went in the store out of curiosity and realized it was at&t.

    It’s simple at&t wanted to align aio with T-Mobile to create the illusion of cheaper prices which T-Mobile is known for. Not that this lawsuit should ever happen, but I can understand why they would be upset, these sorts of things can trick the average consumer. At&t should have gone with a lighter or darker blue.

  • rob

    I agree with T-Mo’s actions, sorry, but I know the average consumer would get confused. I work with people like this everyday, confusion and illusion are key in the tech world. (Samsung & Apple?) Yes, it’s childish just like the whole Engadget ordeal but this is a little more justified then that. As long as it doesn’t go too public or hurt their improving image, “we good”.

  • MarkAzali

    This is a huge waste of time/resources. Think Redbox and Netflix. They’re doing just fine.