T-Mobile LTE Sightings Continue With Chicago, Miami, Tampa And Salt Lake City

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Good Monday morning TmoNews readers and especially to those residents of Chicago, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and the Salt Lake City areas as a new group of LTE sightings are coming in fast. No official announcement for any of these markets has been discovered as of this writing, but that’s not stopping plenty of T-Mobile customers from spotting the 4G LTE icon on their smartphone displays and hitting up that speed-test app for results. With T-Mobile’s goal for 100 million POPs covered before summer’s end still only limited to seven official markets, I still expect some sort of announcement in the near future.

Now for the public service reminder that I’ve offered in these LTE sighting posts: “I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live. For the moment, we’re just happy things are progressing and that more markets appear on the horizon.”

Are you seeing LTE on your smartphone today?

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta,
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

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  • Shahzad Malik

    Have LTE here in Addison IL with one bar.. I am few blocks from the LTE tower and have no idea why this is such a low signal. It is okay everywhere else. Even in my backyard I get one bar.. Called T mobile and they told me everything was okay on their end… Not sure what to do here…

  • 60639

    The 60639 is here with LTE in chicago. 4 download 2 upload. Now when you go indoors anywhere in Chicago NO LTE YOUR ON EDGE. In work gym home Walmart target mall restaurants n more your on edge these are the zip codes 60639 the worst T-Mobile services your on Edge 90 % of the time 60641 the same 60647 60707 60004 60618. T-mobile needs to improve in Chicago.

    • Shahzad Malik

      See my post below…. I have the same issue. When your outside the LTE is awesome if your within in mile of the tower.. Outside of that or if in a house or store..GOOD LUCK

    • steve gates

      They are still doing some testing and its not fully 100% live yet..just be patient.

      • Shahzad Malik

        How do you know this?

  • Shahzad Malik

    I was getting one bar of LTE in Addison IL, and my download was at 9mbps with 7upload…i flipped over to 4g and realized my 4g speeds have gotten twice as fast as they used to be!! Check your settings, until signal issues are fixed it might be better to switch over to 4g and save batteryi.

  • htc one baby

    Lakeland,fl testing lte for T-Mobile! That is between Tampa and Orlando if you weren’t aware. Same as allot of others one bar of lte then back to full hspa+ 42 4g. I did manage to get 4 bars for about 5 min and down load on HTC one was 22 and 9 up. Not bad

  • Horacio

    Any updates on Chicago. I’m researching carriers since my contract is up next week. It’s either TMobile or Sprint. I mostly just want the unlimited data plan (what I have with Verizon now).

    • http://epicfansite.com/ Moonbaseone EpicFansite

      My best advice is to test both of them where you need them with a data plan activated. I know people who tested service with a cheap flip phone, got full bars most places, signed up and had slow, terrible data even though they had full bars when testing. Also be sure to test throughly at home. In went with tmo. I like it so far. And love the new plans.

    • JJCommonSense

      I used to have Sprint and switched to TMO a couple of years ago because the speeds were faster. I have friends who now have Sprint and their service is a joke. I can just about expect the call to drop when I call my one friend and he’s been through like 3 or 4 of those HTC EVO LTE’s. Tmobile definitely has a ways to go and they can drop a call or two as well (heck none of the companies are perfect) but Sprint is definitely pushing me in a direction AWAY from them. (And yes this all pertains to the Chicago market)

  • Christopher

    NOT here in Atlanta yet. And I’m right in the downtown/ Midtown area.

  • MrYes

    LTE for most part of the day in South Pasadena FL. Very quick. Hope to see more coverage around the Tampa Bay area.

  • http://epicfansite.com/ Moonbaseone EpicFansite

    60805 zip code. Tested the service inside the Walmart at 95th and Western Ave in Evergreen Park, and had a constant 1 – 2 bars of LTE all throughout the store. I was expecting it to drop to 4G, but it didn’t. I was getting speeds of from 2.5 to 7.5 Mbps or so.

    My main concern was being able to use the data indoors, and at this store at least, I could no problem.

    Outside I was getting 3 – full bars of LTE and speeds of 15 – 18 Mbps.

  • ShermCraig

    10023 – Upper West Side of NYC – Central Park had LTE! 23,920kbps down, 10,365 up!

  • khalidalomary

    i have been getting lte in most places in Nashville,TN around 22 down and 7 up

  • Ralph Tobias

    60077 skokie, IL 26.08down 11.28 up. the LTE coverage is still spotty(from north suburbs to downtown), but if you get full bars, expect really fast speeds!

    • Shahzad Malik

      I only get one bar in my house and around my house… I’m like 4 blocks from the tower. WTF… Here in Addison IL

  • yermama

    Just went live in Rochester, NY at midnight 6/27

  • $44927327

    Popped up in Hudson, FL today – it was already available in some of the more populous areas of Hudson along US 19 and SR 52, but it finally reached all the way out to the boonies where I am.

    • $44927327

      I think they were teasing. It was only there for a few hours and I haven’t seen it since…