Samsung, T-Mobile Set To Launch At Least Four More Devices This Year?


Sometimes a bit of digging around can prove worth while, especially in the case of poking around Samsung’s uaprof code as I came up with at least four different Samsung devices headed to T-Mobile in the future. How do I know it’s four you ask? Technically, it’s five that I found but the fifth listing is the Galaxy S 4 and so obviously that doesn’t count.

A quick trip down memory lane to remind you that Samsung devices typically follow a specific naming scheme for carriers. In T-Mobile’s case, it’s generally SGH-Txx9 with the “9″ being the giveaway it’s headed for T-Mobile. Now it seems that for reasons I suspect has to do in part with simply running out of model numbers, Samsung has adopted “Mxx9″ as the T-Mobile naming convention. Which brings us back up to speed and the purpose of this article.

So what have I found? How about the SGH-M609, M709, M809, M909 and the M919 (Galaxy S 4). That tells me at least four Samsung devices are on their way to T-Mobile…now we need to find the what and when. Perhaps (emphasis on perhaps) these are even devices that will work on a joint MetroPCS/T-Mobile but that’s just hypothesizing with no real reason to believe that other than my speculation. Something to remember, generally speaking the higher the number, the “better” the device.

No matter what these turn out to be, at the very least we know they exist in some form and I hope we see them sooner than later. Who likes waiting for new devices these days? Not I.


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