HTC One S Owners Complain About Terrible Battery Life After Jelly Bean Update

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Poor HTC One S owners, after waiting what seemed like an eternity for HTC and T-Mobile to release the Jelly Bean update, they are met with battery issues. A thread has popped up on T-Mobile’s official support forums complaining that battery life is draining much quicker after the update and the problem seems to be centered on the GPS function. According to the support thread, even when turned off, the smartphone’s GPS functionality is still draining battery. There could be more issues at play here and the problem may not be limited to the GPS function, but one thing is certain…the introduction of the Jelly Bean update for HTC One S owners hasn’t been nearly as awesome as they would have hoped.

Are you noticing battery life troubles after the Jelly Bean update?

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  • wilde_ride

    Yes terrible battery problems. I can’t get through half a day with my battery now. Before I could usually get through the day unless I was using it a lot. This certainly bites after waiting so long for the promised upgrade.


    The HTC One S battery life from my experience was never good to begin with.

  • rebirth

    Pretty much every android phone I have ever tried has a battery issue. The mytouch 4g went though 3 batteries that kept expanding and getting hot. Phone could not last an entire day. The rest before that were pretty much the same in terms of not lasting a day. My HD2 with windows last quite some time no matter how many movies I watch or games I play. Once i put android 4 on it it dies a lot quicker.(although it does last a little longer than the stock versions of android) I was just thinking about getting the one since Tmobile no longer carries the 8x. Reading this though I’m not so sure. There is no other phone I like right now.

  • IPlayIngress

    Decent battery life with ICS. Horrible battery life after update.

    I get 10% battery drain per hour of no use. Once I start using it it’s just horrible!!

    • Jay Chowder

      try this

      i have the one s and after the update i had the same problem. I flipped through my apps and thought that it might have been google now that was draining my battery. you open google now-settings-privacy and accounts- manage location history-location settings- uncheck”enable location sharing and on the safe side i also unchecked enable location history. after this, ip services never turned on and my battery is way better than what it was with ics. I can last 3-4 days with at least 6 hours of heavy use. Google now still updates by itself and i encountered no problems after this.

      and i heard u can try disabling wifi calling

  • Mark

    I’ve definitely noticed the reduced battery life after the update; I’m trying the “disable Wifi Calling” trick now. I don’t really want to disable Google Now since along with Project Butter (which I think is VERY nice) it’s probably the high point of the upgrade. I do wish HTC had gone with at least 4.1.2, though, even if they weren’t in a position to fully test and release 4.2.x (or maybe they tried 4.2 and it was even less performant on the 1S hardware than 4.1.1 is).

    • Jay Chowder

      google now does not get disabled when you turn off locations settings.

  • tomarone

    I have Juice Defender, my post ICS update is fine. Battery is at 94 after 2 hours. I am on the network traveling 4G, and on wifi now at work. All location services including compass, google location, location for google search. No Facebook, no Google Now. (or +?) Will see after a few hours at work. I use both data and air fm radio, that drains it fast but from 100% with the radio playing, it’d last maybe 2 hours. The neat thing is when it’s down to 20%, it seems to take forever go to 1.
    After 3 more hours my battery is on 87. I took a call. That’s 13% in 5 hours. Not bad to me.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Just like any other update, on just any other device. you will usually see some type of battery issues or may even see a little of performance issues, like slow down of the phone when you update to a new operating system. It comes with the territory. We should all be used to this, from home computers to smartphones. New OS’s have more options and features that consume more power and resources. That being said, HTC has a history of not really dong the best job wen it comes to optimizing software updates. They end up releasing software updates that do just this, mess with the phone in a really bad way, and then HTC will (maybe) release a patch that will fix this in the next few months. I have a GS3 and can tell that after the upgrade to JB, I have seen a change on battery life. It is not a really horrible one, but it was there. The phone will still last me all day, just not as much power left on it as before. I left HTC because of this same reason. Hopefully they don’t keep you guys waiting too long before they fix this.

  • Deacon

    there’s definitely something to it .. i haven’t had drastic changes but i’ve definitely noticed there IS in fact a change.

  • deunits

    Completley horrible battery now. Update is nice with how fast/smooth the phone runs but without the battery it is usless

  • AC

    Battery life is worse, and now it’s missing alot of the good things the previous version had, shortcut button to call, contacts shortcuts on homescreen, now all my contacts with custom ringtone when they call the phone rings, even if it’s on silent or vibrate.. SUPER ANOYING…. and I can’t take the custom ringtone off from the contacts….
    I learned my lesson.. NEVER UPDATE the phone… they fix ONE issue, and GIVE YOU 10 extra issues now… why update? This freaks me out

  • tomarone

    my battery went down 13% in 5 hours, I took a call, switched from 4G to Wifi, checked messages a few times. Is this a problem?

  • Nimrud

    To all the people complaining about the battery life, try turning on the power saver.

  • joshuag

    I get worse drain with the new battery saver than without!

  • asdzaan

    Horrific battery life. 3 to 4 hours on a full charge and no usage, just sitting on my desk!

    • Joseph Bekin

      exactly the same as mine!

      • techdudette

        try this: turn off Wifi Calling

  • baxter444

    and this is why i rooted my phone the day after i got it last year – there are no less than 5 custom JB ROMs to choose from on xdadevelopers – and a very good JB w/HTC Sense. My battery life is usually somewhere between good and excellent (lasting between 10 and 26 hours).

  • Herb

    My roommate has this problem with his. Very frustrating.

  • tomarone

    It’s been 9 1/2 hours on 4G, a call, onto wifi, travelling through tunnels. It’s down to 80%.
    oops 79%. What APPS are you running that consume battery? My location GPS is on.
    This must be a screen problem. My screen goes right off, I turn it off immediately.

  • techdudette

    background data is running high on this update due to GOOGLE NOW. Update your GOOGLE NOW version from the PLAY store;

  • Singleweird

    my battery life is fine…

  • extacy1375

    My battery life has dropped big time! I have noticed since the update that you cannot disable some built in apps. On older version I was able to disable stocks, notes, and many of the tmobile bloatware. Now I am unable to and there constantly running in the background. In fact theres a lot more apps running in background now!

  • JBLife

    My Google Maps crashes all of the time now (almost unusable, distracting while driving). And my battery life has definitely been shortened.

  • OZ

    I have compiled a few steps to reduce battery power consumption. I have posted it on my blog:

  • techdudette
  • Estefano Buelvas

    The only thing that worked for me was going into google search settings>google location settings>toggle off (let google apps access your location). After jb update, battery went from leaving work at 10-14% left of juice now after toggling off google apps access loc. I leave work at about 70%, same use nothing diff. Battery saver apps dont work nothing else worked for me. Seems like there is a legit bug dealing with gps/location service.Which does suck because whole point of update was to use Google Now which is now rendered useless due to battery drain issue. Waiting for rumored Nexus 4 LTE to jump ship. Thanks HTC but no thanks, you can keep your ONE. – hope this helps

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      not an HTC issue. This is happening on my GN2 as well. I did a web search and this google maps location auto detection theme is the major culprit. Most people turn it off, but as you have said, likely will render Google Now useless.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    HTCs always have crappy battery life. Such a shame really because they make nice, premium phones. The reason why I ditched them for a Galaxy S III.

  • Ckay

    Downloaded the jellybean update two days ago and there is a disastrous and considerable change in my battery life. Battery drains even when my phone is sitting idly. Before i was a able to listen to music, surf the web, check and send emails and Id have to charge my phone at the end of the day when I got back. I disabled my wifi calling and some apps, but even then, my battery is draining in about 6 hours. WHATS UP WITH THAT???

  • StephNYC

    The same thing happened to me. I updated my HTC One S to 4.1.1 and the next day after taking the phone off the charge at 7:30 in the morning, the battery had reduced by 50% before noon, even though it was staying idle and not being used. Checking my battery history in the settings, I noticed GPS was continually draining my battery, despite it being switched off in the settings.
    However, I managed to find two solutions that have worked greatly, while I continue to wait for T-Mobile to fix this attrocious bug…

    1. Use the ‘Power Saver On’ option located in the top pull-down menu. Make sure GPS and WI-FI calling is disabled. You can leave on Google’s Location Service for your apps.
    2. Download an App from the Play Store called “Battery Dr Saver”. This app manages to truly turn your GPS off, which seemed to be the major cause in the battery draining. This app is also a task killer, so I am going in to kill all apps every few hours. I downloaded the app this morning. I left the house with 99% battery at 8:30 am and now it is 3pm and my battery is 80% full !! When I go into battery history now, GPS is not even on the list, so it seems to be truly disabled.
    Please circulate this to see if it can help my fellow HTC One S brothers and sisters out there, which I hope it will. And let’s keep our fingers crossed that TMobile can come up with a fix very soon.. :)

  • John Gluth

    The first day after the update, my phone was dead in 6 hours on light use. Before the update, my phone would last 12 hours at least on moderate to heavy use. It’s gotten a bit better since I played with some of the settings but my phone still doesn’t last all day anymore.

  • Paul L

    My phone charged used to last a good few days, but since the Jelly Bean update – more like half-baked bean – my battery lasts about a day. It’s irritating in the extreme.

  • dtam

    so I haven’t updated yet…would the consensus be to wait until there is a fix?

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    i researched this topic and realized this is a JB issue, not a HTC issue. I also get battery drain in airplane mode on my GN2. Do a websearch on “Google Maps location search battery drain” or something to that effect, you’ll see tons of stuff written about turning the settings off.

  • Papo

    Yeah same here battery is dead in a matter of a few hours. BOOOOO Tmobile … itll take another year to fix this

  • jordanman

    My HTC one s battery last for like 3 hours if I listen to music with out using it probably 4

  • penguin

    Unlike my other HTC phones from the past, the One S has an absolutely amazing battery life…or rather had. I installed the Jelly Bean update five days ago and now my battery is completely down the drain. I went from charging once a day (sometimes 1.5 days) and now I have to have a charger with me all the time because after 5 hours I am at 50%. The battery drains even on stand-by. I miss ICS :(

  • gabe

    My battery is fine and I installed the update a month ago

  • Chia-wen

    Yes, I got the same battery issue. I check the battery usage. The GPS remains on even if I turn off GPS and close all applications.
    T-Mobile and HTC MUST fix this bug ASAP.

  • Punch

    My battery life took a serious nose dive after Jelly Bean, wish I had not updated.

  • sonyxperiat1

    I had this issue with my sony xperia t phone. Battery was not lasting half the day. I read up on it and the solution was a factory reset. Since i did that the battery life has been back to normal if not better.

  • 16309

    Looks like a patch is out!

  • bilgy_no1

    Battery is terrible with navigation after the update. But there are more issues: when using gps and navigation, the phone gets extremely hot. Also, the gps is sometimes inaccurate. The app itself renders the charts slowly and sometimes it’ running behind the actual position of the car. Finally, after the JB update the voice search doesn’t work anymore in the Car app to enter a destination.

    Does anyone know if a fix is on the way?