This “List” Says T-Mobile Is The Third Most-Hated Company In America

Congrats 24/7 Wall St, you’ve managed to completely twist  the definition of “hated” into something that fails to do anything other than make me laugh. I had no idea that “hated” consisted of companies with poorly performing financials or drops in customer service scores. Unhappy customers? Sure, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Does every company have customers that despise them? Absolutely. Just ask Xfinity, often voted the worst company in an America by a far more qualified source, The Consumerist. 

Listing T-Mobile as the third most hated company in America because of subscriber losses seems like a half assed attempt at finding valid reasoning for your decision. Customers weren’t leaving because they “hate” T-Mobile, they left for far more valid reasons — coverage, devices, economics and more. To even say a majority of them, and here I’m thinking about 50.1% of them “hate” the company and that’s why they left would have me believe you can read minds. Also, can I have the winning lottery numbers?

RIM? Nokia? I was unaware these companies brought about such fits of rage that we should just shut their doors and give the money back to shareholders. This list is a joke, and there are vastly different companies that belong on this list, like unnamed Banks or Insurance companies that belong as “worst company in America” staples. Better yet? How is AIG not on this list?

You want a list of the worst companies in America that doesn’t sound like a five-minute research job? Try this Consumerist “March Madness” type battle which saw Electronic Arts duke it out against Bank of America for the title of “Worst Company in America.”

Look, we know I’m a staunch T-Mobile supporter, but even I can find their faults and identify them when I do. Still, I’ve never stopped to think that T-Mobile belongs on a list of the 10 most “hated” companies in America. How can AT&T NOT be on this lis as T-Mobile takes the number 3 spot? What a joke. Remember, this is the same website that said T-Mobile would disappear in 2011.

Last year, plans were in the works for AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) to buy the U.S. branch of this struggling wireless carrier from its parent company, Deutsche Telekom. In December, AT&T cancelled those plans after the Justice Department sued to block the acquisition, saying the deal would “substantially lessen competition” in the industry. It appears that Deutsche Telekom is is now stuck with what is increasingly becoming the black sheep of the big four U.S. carriers. T-Mobile’s 4G network in the U.S. lags the other three carriers, and customer satisfaction is tied with AT&T mobility as the worst among wireless carriers, according to the ACSI. T-Mobile also rated as one of the worst in customer service according to MSN/Zogby’s annual poll. T-Mobile plans to improve its position through a marriage with smaller wireless company MetroPCS. It also plans to finally offer its customers the iconic iPhone. The fact of the matter is that these changes may be too little, too late. The company had an extraordinary net loss of 1,558,000 subscribers in the first three quarters of last year, out of the roughly 33 million it had at the end of 2011. During the same time, AT&T and Verizon Wireless continued to gain customers.

24/7 Wall St.

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  • Bajamin

    The good news is that it seems like everyone in the comments of the original article are smart enough to understand the list is a joke. Re-title should be “America’s companies that don’t make as much money as some others”

  • Winski

    Third…that’s about right…. Behind AIG and Exxon.

  • Roscoe

    I’ve been with T-mobile since June and I’ve had No problems at all, I’ve read that people don’t like T-mobile.

  • obewaun

    I worked for dishnetworked and I felt I was selling my soul to the devil on every call.

  • tech916

    My top Hated Company or Organization is The NRA

  • uop129

    i have the 5gb 100 minute prepaid plan for $30, what happens after i go over the 100 minutes, does it automatically renew the whole plan for the next mont or is there a Per minute Charge?

  • Joe Parker

    What a completely rubbish article written by a complete noob

  • erin

    I think the reason t-mobile is ranked so bad is due to the huge amount of outsourcers.

    • Truth

      T-mobile disrupts customer services on purpose if you use a lot of data. Your phone will run on 2g if you go over 16 gb. The funny thing is that they are busy taking customers money for unlimited 4g and data services they do have to give. Ripoff! Your phone will run on 2g most of the month. No need to call in and complain. It will not be fixed because it is purposely done.

  • DC

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 10 yrs and they keep getting worst by the yr. I’m happy that some of you have great experiences. I used to have those with T-Mobile. Not anymore. From shitty customer service on the phone and at the stores to drop in signals everywhere I go (and I travel a lot) for close to a yr and they don’t seem to care no matter how many times I complain to them. And I’m not the only one with drop signal cus I did my research. T-Mobile needs to step their game up or they’re going to keep loosing loyal customers like myself, my wife and three of my uncles (all of them with T-Mobile since it was VoiceStream), to name a few. It’s not just about shiny new toys. Customer service and the service provided is imporntant and T-Mobile seems to be caring less about it. T-Mobile has the lowest prices, but at a price that me and many are paying. Not to say that the other companies don’t have their issues. I can name a few bs about each and everyone of the others. My contract with T-Mobile is up next week and, sadly, I think i’ll move on to another carrier cus I’ve had enough.

    Just wanted to express my 2 cents on the issue. Have a great day y’all!

  • TMosucks

    I hate tmobile. Their coverage sucks I’m currently on 1G/2G while all the other major carriers have 4G and the minor ones have 3G. Switching as soon as my contract is up in the summer, thank god.

  • Drew

    Can’t agree more with the claim…..actually the “fact” that T-Mobile is hated. I hate them! I was a customer since before T-Mobile was T-Mobile! It was 14 years ago and the company was then called VoiceStream. I am a business owner and have been self employed all my life …. hands down, the worst experience regarding product / service quality ever! T-Mobile didn’t invest in top technologies year after year and they are well on their way to paying the ultimate price. If you are in any business and you can’t find a way….any way to make happy and keep your most dedicated, loyal customers that make up the backbone of your company?….you not only get what you are asking for, you get what you deserve! Ba Bye T-Mobile!

  • Bob

    T-Mobile sucks and they are crooks.

  • Michael

    Tmobile is by far the worst. Ive been through so many of their shitty phones. Im at 2g barely when i had verizon with the straight talk team at walmart it worked 10 times better and as did at&t…i regret going back to this plan so much. I wish TMobile would be bought out or some shit


    Tmobile suck I fucking hate it I want to got to the fucking store and stuff there asses with their fucking hotspot internet. I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE TO USE MY PHONE BECAUSE IT DOSENT HAVE SIGNAL ON THE FUCKING HOUSE….. WHEN I HAD METRO I COULD CALL ON THE FKNG BATHROOM

  • Mike Crews

    When i told them i was leaving and what was the last billing date i made sure i left on that date only to find out they stalled my number being ported out 1 day to bill me a additional month “THEY ARE CROOKS” and their service and customer support sucks i left because they always had my bill wrong every month i would have to call in and sit for hrs on the phone to correct it after the third time it was enough I left and still got screwed. NEED A ATTORNEY FOR CLASS ACTION.

  • Steven

    T Mobile stops me in the mall, to join there service, so I fill out the papers, then send me a papers that I have bad credit and they wont give the service. They are a German company who hates Americans, stay away from this company. My FICO sore is 850. Stay away from this company at all costs

  • Buck Foomers

    This company sucks so bad. I am doing everything in my power to screw them over. After paying for service, and using up my data, I called up my credit card company and “disputed the charges” saying that T-Mobile never delivered the “services” I paid for. Their crappy data is so slow and spotty I figured I could get my money back… and I did lol. T-mobile suuuuuuuuuuucks