Year End Question: What Phone Did You Want On T-Mobile That Wasn’t Released?

While the end of the year might have finally seen the long-awaited Apple announcement for T-Mobile, there were plenty of other smartphones this year that didn’t land on Magenta store shelves. So here’s one of our final questions of 2012 — was there a particular phone you wanted to release on T-Mobile that never arrived? Take the HTC One X+ for instance, was the T-Mobile tease a big disappointment for you? How about the Lumia 920 for all you Windows Phone 8 fans out there? Did the lack of a T-Mobile launch (and eventual Lumia 810 release) have you looking elsewhere for an opportunity to use the top Lumia device?

Let’s hear your thoughts, what phone did you absolutely, positively want on T-Mobile in 2012 that never came?

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  • foxbaby

    The phone I wanted was Nokia Lumia 920. I got it yesterday from Rogers/Canada; even the sale’s person said it’s beautiful…

  • Demitrius Harris

    Red 808 Pureview….

  • WW

    I couldn’t ask for more than GS3, GTab2 & Nex4 so nope.

  • TMoFan

    The HTC One X+. That was the one phone I was looking forward to for months and was crushed when it never came. Another phone I would have liked to see is the Sony Xperia T. It passed through the FCC with T-Mobile bands but it was never officially released.

  • BigMixxx

    Razr line to t mobile. FINE devices….
    I’d like TMO to get rid of all BS phones…
    And lets see the higher end chinese manufactured phones…

  • David

    Loved to of seen the HTC BUTTERFLY aka DNA on Verizon. But man am I loving my note 2. What a great phone.

  • Amedeo Felice

    Nokia lumia 920 (specially RED and Yellow), Samsung Ativ S 64Gb, more colors for the HTC 8X (specially Red), A windows 8 pro tablet like the samsung Ativ pro..

  • Bling_Diggity

    HTC One X+ or HTC Butterfly. Both phones are awesome, and could have easily been released via T-Mob. T-Mobile and their recent slew of crappy phone releases are losing me as a customer.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Andriod Sidekick for sure !

  • Me

    I want an iPhone

  • Craigers

    HTC One X, no question. Love my One S, would have loved the One X more.

  • SAL

    i’m thinking of switch to verizon or At&t, because they have nicer phone such as HTC ONE X+, HTC DNA. and even the galaxy siii and note 2 cheaper with verizon and att than tmobile…. sorry tmobile my contract is up on 02/25/2013, so if there is no premium htc android of course, then im leaving you guys… no for small screen htc or less Cpu… BTW i pay now $290 for 5 lines for 2G high speed and just 2 lines unlimited talk, the 3 lines 500 mins. verizon and att will be everything unlimited with 6G share internet, which is plenty for us for $280. not to mention faster internet and better coverage. i love wifi calling and i wish tmobile make it as an app for non tmobile phones to get unlocked phones work with it. other thing 1900mhz 4G still not exist in 70% of the states

  • Jason Million

    the HTC One X+. i loved the HTC One S, but i wanted the lil upgrades.

  • galaxydude

    A G 3? a follow up of the HTC G2 hopefully this
    year. HTC will release the g3 with a awesome
    Keyboard. And the excellent build quality they
    Had on the g2. I still think it is one of the better
    Androids ever made.

  • Mlynch01

    HTC One X +

  • Noel

    Been waiting for a top of the line HTC device on Tmo. I have the N4 now but i was really waiting for the One X+, till we were let down by HTC/Tmo. My hope is the rumored 1080p HD screen M7 with the rumored top specs plus hopefully an SD card slot and a removable battery will be a multi carrier device with radios that will play nice on all major carriers. Hoping for a device with radios just like the Lumia 920 for India which is said to have 3G, Pentaband HSPA+, Multi-mode LTE 9bands…now that is a true world phone. Hoping HTC will do right with this device and future flagship devices not to cede any ground to Samsung spec wise or carrier distribution wise.

  • LinkArt

    Nokia Lumia 920

  • best

    I just wish they would carry some of the Sony phones. I love them! ;(

  • sabaii

    HTC One X+ . Might be switching carriers this year when my contract is up if they can’t get their stuff together. I have had no real issues other then being last to get 4g. Now being last to get the LTE type speed. And now we can’t have a quad core phone other then the Nexus 4 which I cannot even get my hands on. One dissappointment after another. I wonder where my money goes that I pay them. They need to step it up for 2013.

  • Rey Flores

    I’ll take any phone as long as it comes with Karly, she’s smoking HOT!!!

  • TheDevilMan

    The Sony Xperia Line would be awesome

  • valzho

    Lumia 920

  • clell

    I waited ALL year for the HTC One to come to Tmo. Then the One X. or ANY HTC device that was highend. The One S is midrange and barely better than what I currently have. No, I didnt want a GS3 or a Note 2. I wanted an HTC One X, but it NEVER came. All i have to say is my contract is up in April, we better know if the M7 is coming to this carrier or thats it. I’m willing to wait for them to build out LTE and start to get better devices. Hopefully since the Iphone is coming this will happen sooner rather than later.

  • iman

    tmobile iphone when when


    Where is the picture of Carly taken from? She looks really good in this picture.

    • PiCASSiMO

      On topic… Nokia Lumia 920 was a disappointment, same goes for the HTC One X+.

  • asian guy

    Funny i told myself that i would like optimus G but instead i got optimus l9 maybe few months I’ll purchase it from at&t

  • Shibboleth07

    as a retail store associate, I desperately wanted the Iphone. I am so tired of trying to explain why we don’t have it or why another phone is better. I am so very happy we finally found a way to have the Iphone and not raise the customer’s bill. THANK GOD!

    • Herb

      This is the wrong attitude. You should be excited to explain why another phone is better, because it is.

      • LinkArt

        he must be a pretty bad associate

  • Winski

    Who cares?

    • David

      The other people reading? My mother and wife care what I write, so there’s that.

  • guest

    HTC One X+ I would have liked to have gotten that. Got the att version unlocked from eBay for my sister stuck in the sim card in Monterey Park. It picked up 1900 but it was so slow compared to my note 2 the data is unusable. 1-2k ping and 3-5 down 1-1.5 up. I don’t know how they are going to keep any att iPhone users with those speeds. Plus as soon as I walked inside my office the 4g switched to edge! You can literally watch the signal strength go down as you walk into the building away from the doors! LOL.

  • Dan Rubin

    I wanted the Lumia 920. I ended up getting a Galaxy S 3 instead. I don’t like HTC.

  • Eric S Blechner

    how about wifi calling that works!

  • Ernie D

    HTC One X+ & the Lumia 920…those twoshould come to TMo! Never cared about any iPhone speculation. But most importantly I wish TMo makes the announcement ending 2G service!!! Eastern San Diego is 2G country. I spend half my day out there for work.

  • Lawrence

    a Motorola device. like the razr hd, or similar.

  • cycad007

    A flagship HTC device *WITH* SD card slot *AND* removable battery! :-)

  • Gibson Wong

    Nokia Lumia 920

  • idroid

    Optimus G and one x+

  • Rocci

    A follow up to the phone that introduced android to us all. A G3 would have been nice and long over due. Very disappointed t-mobile decided not to keep the G series going. I had th G1 & the G2 and loved both of them.

  • Boxhead Laflare

    I wish we could get some more big screen android phones. Theres too many on other carriers. And also the Lumia 920 thats a dopewindows phone but we have tghe 810. Which i feel wouldnt get people to jump to WP8. Nor does windows app selection is not great now either

  • Mektah

    A high-end windows 8 phone with expandable memory woul dhave been nice.

  • ChilenoinUsa

    Definitely the Lumia 920. Everytime I pass the Microsoft store at the mall, I get a sad face…

  • 0neTw0

    LG Optimus G. AT&T and Sprint got em. :(

  • Toe-B

    I want Sony to release one of their international phones unlocked with 1700mhz and HSPA+42 in the U.S , instead of just unlocked phones optimized for AT&T that AT&T dosent subsidize!

  • Alex Zapata

    Nokia Lumia 920, but only if it could have wifi calling :-/

  • Saad Akhtar

    I know it was announced, but I really would like at least a release date for iPhone. Don’t torture us with just an announcement.

  • roberto

    We need a top of the line HTC device, no bs like the one s

  • Derek Owens

    I really wanted a Lumia 920. I may need to leave TMobile to get it.

    • LinkArt

      looks like I’ll be switching to att or Verizon for the same reason. Verizon will be getting similar phone to NL 920. Tired of T not getting flagship WP

  • Pauldro952

    I wanted a Lumia 920 in Emerald Green.

    • LinkArt

      that would be nice

  • vijeloco

    I have t-mobile for 4 year an I liked an I paid $149 dollars for 2 lines unlimited. Minutes, tex and data whit my galaxy note2. I dont no why people always make complain

  • Dcsouthgw

    I wanted the Galaxy Note 2 or the S3 with 64 gb of internal storage. Samsung shouldn’t announce products in the us that they know they will never fulfill. I ended up getting the note 2 anyway and it had been great.