Google Wishes You A Happy Holidays From Android, And Maybe a Tease At The Nexus 10 Dock

We’re always looking forward to what the folks in Mountain View conjure up for seasonal greetings, and this time it’s a heartfelt message with a seasonal spin. It may also be the launching ground for an upcoming Nexus 10 tablet dock. The folks from Android Central can take credit for the find, seen at both :16 and :59 seconds in. Unfortunately, there’s no hint of any kind of connectivity options — just the opportunity to support the tablet standing up. I wouldn’t expect to see this one hit the Play Store before the holiday season and most likely not before the end of the year. Still, for Nexus 10 buyers this might be a nice addition to your Nexus 10 purchase, if the price is right of course.

Thanks for being part of the Android community in 2012. Happy holidays from everyone at Android!

Thanks Google, right back atcha!


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  • JB

    So, the dock is really nice and all, but the real question is where in the heck do you get the Android beanie the guy in the video is wearing?? WANT! (oh, and throw in Nexus dock as well!)

    • thepanttherlady

      They apparently had them at the Google Play store. Only the kid beanies are available right now.

      • JB

        What?? I’m saddened that I missed it. Lol.

        David, why were we not informed about this on Droiddog? Hahaha

        • Kevin Liu
        • JB

          Awesome… bought! Thanks!!

        • David

          That’s a great question, I didn’t handle the video posting over there, but I’ll make sure to knock some heads.

        • JB

          Oh, No need to knock heads, they had the video posted on the 21st haha.. I just wanted the hat that I didn’t know existed… I’m just jokingly giving you a hard time! :-)

    • Kevin Liu
    • Christopher Sharpe

      If you want the true original Android Beanie go here. These were started before Google started selling them.

  • charlieboy808

    So who’s the cute Asian girl? LOL I’d like to ‘Hi’ to her.

  • NinoBr0wn

    Lets get the Nexus in stock first. Thanks Google.

    • Derrick


  • Sin_nombre773

    So what does this have to do with T-mobile?

    • David

      Well, sometimes its nice to see things that happen outside the T-Mobile world. There isn’t 365 days of T-Mobile news, sometimes I expand the scope of the site a little and I think given how prevalent Android is on T-Mobile and that it’s two days from Christmas, we can all be a little festive and enjoy this video.

      • Dion Mac

        Thanks Daviid. That guy is a jerk. I really enjoyed that vid and would have never have seen it if it weren’t for you!

  • s10shane

    nice video David. are you ever going to get a mobile app for your website? :P that would be awesome.

  • Eddie

    I like this video . And merry Christmas to everybody .

  • zifnab

    I wish they’d tease that Nexus 4 charging orb into my hands some time in the next year :P

  • Mike Shaw

    Took them long enough even to announce one for the Nexus 7!