T-Mobile Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Now Pushing Out Over The Air

Waking up to some big news (and a lot of emails in my inbox) as T-Mobile drops a big software update bombshell on us today with the release of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III. While a rumor in mid-October had Samsung announce the update for the “coming months,” we guess T-Mobile had other plans and thankfully so. According to T-Mobile’s support page, the over the air update to T999UVLJA update will begin rolling out today, November 14th. Availability through Samsung’s Kies software begins today as well. Installation instructions for manual updates via the desktop are available at the T-Mobile support link below.

If you haven’t received an update notification, you can attempt to push one to your phone by hitting Menu > Settings > About device > Software update and follow the on-screen prompts. Standard Jelly Bean features include Google’s Project Butter for performance enhancements, Google Now and enhanced TouchWiz features.

If my inbox is any indicator, a number of you are already receiving (and downloading) this update so all T-Mobile Galaxy S III owners should be on the lookout starting this morning.


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  • Lanze Monares

    there’s a weird “Add an image” icon on the backround of my SMS’ is there a way to get rid of that or change it or something?

    • djclove007

      yes go to messages then select settings and select image background then you select the back ground u like then select save

      • Lanze Monares

        got it! thanks!

        • Jay Alford


  • od312

    I missed this. Good ninja work, David

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shadowdeamon91 James Taylor

    Saw this and my heart jumped, only to learn I have uvlj4, sadness

    • Jose Hernandez

      uvlj4 is not the jelly bean update. it is just the software you should be on already in order to get the update. once you have done this, then your software should be updated to UVDLJA (there is an extra D)

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    slowed my phone down, decreased RAM and internal memory. I know why and I could deal with it if the new features were more useful but they basically moved a few things around, added a few options and did some background things that don’t seem to do much performance wise. I’ll test gaming tonight and I’ll give it more time but the Samsung keyboard keeps glitching on me (swiftkey, swype and slide it still all work fine from what I can see). Animations are a little different…..this is more for developer tools than us imo

    Still messing with it but I was expecting more

    • tim

      Mines to. I hope they send out an update to fix it.

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        they probably won’t but they should have optimized it more instead of just making it prettier. I guess even with 2gb (really 1.5gb) of RAM this phone can’t handle the load properly. Doesn’t make sense to me (shrug)

        • Fray26

          Here let me explain why… Cuz Its ANDROID… DUUH!

        • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

          hahaha true, even iPhones do it. ask anybody who updated their 4 or 4S it’s optimized for newer hardware and they don’t do enough to optimize it right. kinda sucks but it’s working better now. I uninstalled a few apps and made some extra memory space. I’m good

    • Little T

      Odd. Mine is superfast. I’m happy they fixed the bug in the Mail app causing lag when scrolling or deleting messages. Very happy with this update so far.

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        everyone uses their phone differently but it definitely ate up resources and slowed mine down. glad yours is faster than it was before the update but mine isn’t

        • JJCommonSense

          Have u updated all ur apps? Some might require u to download versions that are optimized for jb

        • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

          absolutely. I’m up on game and I check my app updates at least 4 times a day to stay current. My battery even drains faster now in standby mode. I’m growing to like the improvements but my phone was faster and lasted longer on standby before. we didn’t get the dual app support in JB like the Note 2 got either

    • zx6guy

      Reported RAM is the same for me.

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        you didn’t pay attention before then. the RAM was 1.65gb before now it’s 1.56 and the internal memory dropped from 12.05gb to 11.95gb. I know why and it happens when you update all phones, but I’m saying that this plus the additions slowed my phone down. it’s still fast as a mofo but it was faster before. I guess I wasn’t really complaining more just pointing out the differences but my phone is still fast just not as fast. haven’t seen a noticeable uptick in gaming performance either but I only tried a few games so far. I’ve been mainly testing app and system performance.

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        and the available and usable are different for the memory, one still says 12.05gb but if you look at the storage setting it will show you 11.95gb accessible

  • Dan Pancamo


    Updated to JB this morning, and my phone has been flaky all day. One random reboot already. Initially by phone was way too hot, rebooted several times and finally this evening its better.

    The screen seems slower. Transitions from the task bar lag now.

    Google Voice STILL shows the relay number in the phone log!!!!

    Why even push out a update unless there is a significant benefit to the owner???

    Maybe someone can list some feature that I missed in JB.

    So far: disappointing.

  • FILA

    now it’ll take another 6 months for 4.2, haha

  • sapphiraa

    so how about us gs2 owners that are locked in for another year or just cant afford a gs3? :(

  • islandboi

    I tried to update again..n said my device is up to date….but its still 4.0.4…pls help…what am i doing wrong….

    • Jose Hernandez

      Are you rooted? is yes, the you need to unroot and try again. If you are not rooted, you have to be patient. There a millions of GS3 trying to update. The servers can only allow some many to get the update at a time. You can probably get it right away if you use Kies.

  • ej

    I’ve noticed a few people having bugs. I had to unroot and my phone is working flawlessly. Its super smooth. Try reseting

  • Jay Alford

    Ooooooo, pretty & smooth like butta! Lol. I love how I can add my own image as a background in SMS (that should’ve been standard), wish there were more bubble color options though. Performance overall is very smooth. Still trying to figure out how to add apps to my SD card, or is just not possible….lol.

  • trek

    I updated my GSIII yesterday to 4.1 but I have had problems ever since. I constantly get “Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped”. Anyone else having this problem?

  • lutfi

    I dont have software update option on my setting.. some1 help me :(

  • TroiCake

    I upgraded a stock T-Mobile SG3 with no problems but just realized that
    USB storage mounting isn’t working. Charging works fine but the phone nor laptop
    sees that something is plugged in. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • philyew

      Just checked here and both internal and external storage are visible as expected through the laptop Explorer interface. Try a soft reset and then if that doesn’t work, you may need to do a factory reset.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I really like the update… Google Now is Amazing and probably my favorite improvement. One thing though, has anyoneeelse noticed a hit in battery life? It sseems to drain quicker.

    • Triplemanus

      I noticed the battery drains quicker than before the update. It is also running hot which it never did before. On the plus side, my WiFi is now comparable to other (HTC) phones. Before the update it was awful.

  • Alex

    I hope somebody can help me, I have a Verizon Galaxy s3 flashed to boost mobile running a sprint s3 kernel, I tried to root the phone and messed up the flash and then tried flashing a sprint kernel which didn’t help. Now everything is inverted during landscape mode I think this has to do with the incorrect kernel. Also is there a way to install these updates on a boost flashed phone

  • Alex

    I wound up having to pay to have the phone re flashed. But I still have the Sprint kernel and the landscape inversion problem. Of course I would still like to install the updates as well. I’ve done some searching in the xD a site but doesn’t seem like I have gotten much help from there would be great if somebody could shed some light or walk me through some of these issues please :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547977028 Ray Sarraf

    He’ll yes Drippler. You rock!

  • JJBLmobileG1

    One last gripe from me. Since when did Tmobile use your data allowance to upgrade the O/S? I thought it wouldn’t but it did. In fact, one of my friends who upgraded said it took most of his data to download… well what he had remaining. If this is the case than Tmobile needs to let people upgrade to the latest o/s available, if it’s available from the phone manufacturer. It’s like we are being required to use our data for upgrades unless you use Wifi. What happens if their is an urgent security patch and you used up your data so your throttled? A big enough update could take quite some time to download not to mention eat up battery life.

    • Clips4

      T-mobile recommended the upgrade be done over wi-fi.

  • Just_Wondering_Guy

    In the pic it says the most current version is T999UVLJ4, but in the screenshot, it says it gets updated to T999UVDLJA is this a mistake or something?

    • Clips4

      The JB update is the T999UVDLJA version. If you can’t do it OTA via the software update, then do it through Kies.

  • http://twitter.com/ektorf Hector F.

    Next week Galaxy S 2 update! And please no Kies, OTA is faster!

  • jen

    My sglll says its up to date but still runnin on 4.0
    Why havent i gotten anything about updating my phone?

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    Saw it and couldn’t believe it. That is the way to do it, not say a word and just drop it. My phone has never been faster and smoother, did I say smoother, yes I did. Lot’s of small changes, find new ones as I use it. I have to say I have just about every phone out there right now, The SGS3 with Jelly Bean has to be my favorite phone. The Note 2 is very close by the size just makes it perfect. Thank You T-Mobile and Samsung.
    As far as I am concerned Samsung makes the best devices in the world. Plenty of battery power, lot’s of int storage and added expandable storage, this along with the most innovative software in the mobile business makes them far and away the leaders in smart phones. They know what today’s customers want and ask for. Thank You again T-Mobile for bringing it and Samsung for making it. Love it.

  • Eric Eason

    Is there a reason why I wouldnt have recieved the update yet? Please respond. Thanks

  • AhrenB

    Anybody figure out how to get Google Now on this. I can’t find it in the play store.

  • Chad Thornburgh

    So in the screenshot above for update status, it has baseband versions T999UVLJ4 or T999UVLJA as the current software versions. Why two diferent baseband versions? Anyone know if there is any difference between the two? My current setup is 4.0.4 – T999UVLH2. Just got this phone last week, so I’m still pretty much a noob at understanding all this.