• usedtobeatmocustomer

    DEAR T-MOBILE: I love you, I have been a loyal customer since the first time the magenta appeared and forgive you for all inconveniences we tackled together. Now, our relationship reached a new era and I am obliged to tell you the truth: you suck. You are the absolute worse and ridiculously dumb carrier EVER. What you just did in the last two days, will contribute to your demise and extinction. There is no way whatsoever to make this good and right to US, the backbone of your business : the current customers. Unless of course, you give away free Nexus 4s for all customers who signed up for your service before the Big Magenta Phonescam Weeekend.

    • NuShrike

      Still sounds better than the AT&T clickfest for new iPhone releases. I’d left AT&T because of iPhone orders taking out account systems. You’d think T-Mobile would’ve learned through FIVE iPhone fubars.

    • Dakota

      They don’t get it. Hope the new marketing guy will help. I spoke to an apple employee e who uses an android & you’d think he’d be up on tech. He had no ideas that T-Mobile offers unlimited data or of this weekend sale and he wanted ssg3 unlimited and was on sprint. I wouldn’t know about this sale if not for this site. Marketing and customer service. Called stores last week; they didn’t even know what a nexus 4 was.

    • AndroidProfit

      Kids please read the above post and remember… Crack is bad!

  • pinoyz

    I can log back in now

    • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.f.carey Lisa Forrester Carey

      Me too…now that the sale is over and it’s going to cost me $300 to upgrade to the phone that I could have gotten free yesterday…if they had allowed me to log in yesterday!

      • AndroidProfit

        The sale is on today!

  • http://www.jmillionnyc.com/ Jason Million

    So im finally able to pay my bill(after 2days). and i check to upgrade. All the Samsung Galaxy 2,3 and Notes are showing “Sold Out”. But if i go to the homepage they are available for new customers. Interesting T-Mobile…

    • 5 a.m.

      I’m surprised a riot hasn’t rised for this shenanigans. It’s been like this for awhile now and I’m glad people are starting to notice it. They would hide all the newer phones and make it hard to find for existing users to renew/upgrades.

    • jerry

      All you people complaining about phones being sold out! Please pick up a phone and call cc they will hook you up! Thats how i upgraded to a nexus 4 even though it was “sold out”! Smh.

      • http://www.jmillionnyc.com/ Jason Million

        i know about the phone method also. The lines have just been crazy. I usually call tmobile reten all the time when i do upgrades. I was just on the site and thought it was such craziness

        • jerry

          It really was! Thats y i callef around 10pm pacific time on thursday. Rep told me maintence clean up on thier website.

  • RayK

    What a crock of bull this 2 day sale was. Could not log on for 2 days to upgrade. Finally got through to Customer service at 7 pm sat. After a 20 min. hold, got a foreigner that I did know what the heck he was talking about. I asked for the web only discount he said he could not do it that I had to log into my account. Dah, I just told you I can’t log on for 2 days now. Now really peeved I hung up. Then 10 minutes after midnight low and behold I was able to log into my account. Now the prices were back to original pricing. How suspicious is that. I am so done with you T Mobile. After 9 years it’s bye bye.

    • AndroidProfit

      Last Thursday talked to one of their 3rd world dwelling reps who works for dirt and puts Americans out of work.

      I asked a simple question and the answer was rubbish. Tmobile should be embarrassed but I doubt they care.

  • tmoemployee

    Guys you all need to calm down. Our upgrade systems in the store was crashing and due to the instability of the online ordering the vest option was for customers to upgrade on the stop. You can’t sue t-mobile because of this issue. The alternative was togo in the store. If you didn’t go in the store sorry for you.

    • AndroidProfit

      If you TRULY are a rep for Tmobile they would be right in firing you for that drivel.

  • Paul

    I had issues logging in Friday, so I’m not sure this is isolated to yesterday.
    Not worried, I paid my bill before I received the “your bill is ready” email.

    If you’re gonna cry every time somerhing doesn’t work the way or is suppose to you’re going to be very disappointed in life.

  • AndroidProfit

    Tmobile yet again demonstrates what a horrible company they are.

  • AndroidProfit

    I see the usual whiners are out thinking that Tmobile owes them something. The lowest prices carrier who has saved you money all these years somehow owes you even more. That is rich.

  • CRT24

    You people that think we were somehow trying to prevent existing customers from taking advantage of this sale are truly clueless. Of course it was an inconvenience for us to have to disable some part of our systems for them to work even half way descent during this sale but I can tell first hand that they worked far better on Saturday than they did on Friday due to the changes that were made and existing customers took advantage of the sale in store 2 to 1 compared to new customers. Let ke be the first to say that our in store systems are not great on a good day and absolutely horrible during sales like this because they cant handle the load……but the idea that we were somehow trying to exclude existing customers is just idiotic and we would love nothing more than to scrap our POS system (doesn’t stand for point of sale in this case) and get something that works like it should so we can take care of customers much more efficiently…..of course we want that!

  • od312

    After spending 5 hours of my Saturday night on the phone with tmobile (no lie), I was finally able to login and add a line atAbout 10:20 pm central time last night.

  • M42

    I’m unable to access the main site.

  • Dewey Cox

    Having read the idiotic comments regarding the 2 day sale. …I have to respond.
    Who should be inconvenienced, people in line at a store ( most of whom were current customers) or people in the comfort of their homes?
    Most of the phones that we moved over the sale were for upgrades, not new activations. So much for the new vs old crying.
    For those of you that do the most bitching…..it is customers like you that we would rather do without. You want compensation because you can’t pay your bill on line? You want a 700 phone for 200 just because? You come in the store and raise a stink because there is a MIR on the free phone? When have we ever just given away phones?
    Can’t remember which of the morons mentioned it but you want to cancel without ETF because you couldn’t access My T-Mobile. My god, can we shut you down when you are 1 day late in paying your bill? Can we cancel you when you pull the water damage indicator out of the phone you dropped in the toilet?
    You want deposits , activation , and upgrade fees waived. You don’t understand reconnection fees. You come in bitching about your bill without even looking at it first.
    I do not understand the sense of entitlement some of you have. Try your shit at Verizon or AT&T. You will end up at Cricket in the end.
    I wish you had to put up with people like yourselves. These last 2 days were no fun for those of us who had to work it.
    The good customers are far outweighed by idiots like those who commented on this subject.

    • jerry

      Sounds like u need to quit or maybe need a raise buddy? Stay in school mofo!

      • Dewey Cox

        Great response . Exactly what I expected.

    • AndroidProfit

      I salute you. Companies waste far too much time on idiots wasting time over the stupidest of $hit

    • dkbnyc

      You should be fired on the spot. You decided to work in retail. Fricken deal with it! The customer is always right. Don’t like it? Find a job that allows you to be the A-Hole you seem to be.

      • Dewey Cox

        Why should I be fired? I can’t comment about customers?
        I treat my customers well.
        The customer is not always right. If they were., we would be giving phomes away with free data.
        I , like you, am entitled to an opinion.Working for tmo does not take that right away from me you A-hole.

  • Bokebo

    Wooow, I’m amazed at how many people are complaining.
    If you didn’t wait to pay your bill on the due date, there wouldn’t be an issue.
    From what I could tell, I could log into my account, and upgrade, but could not access account information such as: Minutes used, data used, and account balance. A rather minor inconvenience for a streamlined upgrade.

    On the other side of the coin, a streamlined upgrade is important to an associate; so that you don’t have a PISSED OFF customer glaring at you while you are given an error message due to server congestion. It’s not a good feeling that I have encountered MANY times.

  • Ivan

    My wife and I tried to get Galaxy 3’s and they wouldn’t do it unless we changed our plan! We’ve been with T-mobile for 15 years and it didn’t matter that we didn’t want to change our plan. So, the phones wouldn’t have been free. It would cost us $720 over 2 years b/c of the price increase in our plan. Great business plan T-mo! Bye!

  • Nadia Orale

    Thanks for doing this website! I’m so pissed off right now due to the T-Mobile corporate rip off attitude. I’m sick of being treated like crap for being a loyal customer. T-Mobile now joins my This Company Sucks list, along with Sears, which has been the lone company on the list since 2006. Now there’s two. Cox may well be next if they don’t get it together.

  • TMOSince2003

    It’s Monday and I can’t see my current usage or bill.

    • trjcasper

      me either.

  • Mike

    My tmobile has never’ worked correctly. Tells me I don’t have a payment history & gives me an incorrect billing status. As a side note, why am I getting Verizon ads on a tmobile blog???

    • CRT24

      Because it is an “un-official” T-mobile blog and is run by and Individual not employed by T-Mobile….. thus he as advertising banners up for whoever want’s to advertise. Does that clear it up for you???

      • Mike

        Yes, thank u. I suppose if I would have read the whole heading I would have caught that.

  • ecdy

    Me too, all day to at least 3:25pm. Got an email from TMo this morning saying my bill was ready. After that—dead. Superb customer service. Looking for a 4G MVNO that takes SIM cards.

  • ricky

    I still don’t have access to my bill….
    I finally can log in but I can’t see my bill.