T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Passes Through The FCC, Is Future Proofed With LTE

Talk about some big news on a Friday night as we get word that the Samsung Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile passes through the FCC. Of course that in and of itself isn’t the big news, the BIG news is the report itself which lists the following available frequencies for wireless:

850/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 850/1700/1900 WCDMA/HSPA, Band 4 (5, 10, 15, 20 MHz), 17 LTE (5, 10 MHz).

Yup, that’s both 700 MHz for LTE roaming and 1700 MHz (T-Mobile’s AWS band) for LTE, which means only one thing — the Galaxy Note II is future proofed for T-Mobile’s LTE network, coming in 2013.

The rest of the report is under confidentiality so there isn’t a whole lot else we can discover from the FCC filings, but at this point the presence of LTE was the only unknown we had hoped to find. The rest of the Note II is pretty standard globally so we don’t expect any more surprises. To be honest, with the discovery of LTE on board, we can’t think of any better surprises.

While it’s true my excitement of LTE and future-proofing may be preliminary, the Galaxy Note II is likely to be a device many of you consider to be the best of both the tablet and smartphone world. The knowledge that the device will be ready and waiting for T-Mobile’s LTE network to go live in 2013 and won’t require a new piece of hardware is just a little bit of comfort in a world where hardware turns over far faster than our upgrade dates.

For your own viewing pleasure, you can glance at the FCC docs at the link below.

FCC via Engadget

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  • mingkee

    Too bad I have already upgraded to S3 so I can get the down payment rebate. Notwithstanding S3 does not have LTE (or it’s just hidden), the performance on HSPA+ is pretty decent (up to 20Mbps at Coney Island), so it’s good for a year until Cat 10 LTE Advanced phone comes.

    • Jay20

      does not, run terminal emulator, type getprop, and you’ll see the modem is 8260A, whereas on the ATT/VZ one, its 8960

  • Chris

    I actually like the Note 1 far better. This is a downgrade in some ways. First off, it’s got the exact same 1280X720 resolution as the S-III. It’s just a big S-III. The Note 1 had a 1280X800 resolution screen. Higher resolution, better PPI, and better aspect ratio than this Note 2. This would look less crisp than an S-III, as it’s just enlarged at the same res. Obviously, it being larger would make readability better on web sites, movies, etc.

    • DUDE

      i believe the samsung galaxy s3 comes with a pentile matrix vs. the samsung galaxy note 2 comes with a rgb matrix – rgb matrix has 3 subpixels vs pentile’s 2 subpixels allowing the display to be brighter and sharper while being more energy efficient … though the original note does have a higher ppi i believe the display on the note 2 is much better than the original

    • Anonymous

      2 steps foward, 1 step back

      it is still a better device overall

    • Rob

      The resolution is far, far more than adequate at normal viewing distances. PPI is not as big of a deal as apple makes it out to be, they use it as marketing as for the general public since bigger always seems better. The original iPad and iPad 2 had a PPI of about 130 and no one complained it was pixelated. I have the Note 10.1 and it looks fantastic even though it only is 1280×800 on a 10.1 inch screen giving it a PPI of 150, mainly because the colors are great and it has good brightness.

      With today’s processing efficiency and battery power I would say anything more than 720p on a 7″ and under device is over kill and anything more than 1080p on tablets 9-10inch is over kill. The higher the resolution the more processing power is used up to render the screen at the correct frame rate. Apple nearly doubled the battery in the new iPad and it still doesn’t last as long as the iPad 2 and takes longer to charge, the new iPad also runs hot because of the enormous amount of strain on the processor which in term uses up that enormous battery, All this for a high resolution that an everyday person isn’t even going to notice on a 9″ screen.

      The key to making a smart phones/tablet screen great now are brightness, sensitivity and color representation as the PPI is far more than adequate for crisp images.

  • Tony

    Where is the 2100 MHz frequency?

    • jon

      This was discussed in comments below. All that is shown in FCC filings is 1700. Since 2100 is paired with 1700 (one for upload link and the other for download link) it is just assumed there. You can’t have 1700 without 2100…

  • AJ

    Are thee any plans for HTC to build a Android Phablet? I like this concept, but prefer HTC and HTC Sense over Samsungs plastic and Touchwiz

  • Mo

    I have the Sensation since it came out. Have a family plan and out of contract on 4 phones.. Didnt want new contract on phones with similar cameras or a little faster speed…Had seen the first BULKY Note and wasnt impressed thought it was a miniature pad or something..
    BUT this note 2 is making me take a look. The LTE future is good . But still not sold yet is it worth a 2 year contract. Always something in the pipe line 6 months later and dont want to be regretting for the next year and a half.
    But boy am i considering it. Maybe change the wifes sg3 and buy one for her to see what its like and give sg3 to my 11 year old spoiled daughter? That way i can give the note 2 a test run before buying for me or not

  • Mo

    Oh and been with tmobile since 2000 ..GOING NO WHERE… WHOSE MY DADDY TMOBILE!!!!

  • Mo

    PRICE PRICE PRICE… I dont live in the outback either so does me fine on service.

  • ogopogo

    All well and good except for a 1300 mA battery?

    • jon

      I’m almost certain that is the power needed to power the device..a minimum; if you will. For instance my gnex lists a 3.7v 1000mA on the device, but the battery inside is actually 3.7v 1750mAh. The international version is packing a 3100mAh. So, I would expect the same in the USA version.

  • B-Mobile

    I have no more complaints, the SGIII is up for sale

  • zx6guy

    Any thoughts on whether LTE will be available on monthly 4g?

    • http://tmonews.com David

      A question that is being ask far too early I’m afraid, we don’t know, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be.

  • steve

    they- tmobile is getting hammered in the lte coverage. tmobile currently doesnt have lte. 2013???? when in 2013??? tmobile owes it not only to themselves but more importantly to their customers to be specific. i.m in alabama and 4g lte covers very well here, however, it is not tmobile.it is BIG RED. whats the point in getting this phone and then waiting for tmobile to FINALLY move up to the BIG LEAGUES. i have been with them since 2003. unless they give specifics then this blowing sunshine is not working.

  • rschauby

    As much as love my GS3, I am still super upset about the inability to move apps to the SD Card. Until I receive proof that Samsung has fixed this problem I won’t be buying another Samsung phone.