T-Mobile COO Says Company Lost Its Way Before Failed AT&T Deal

T-Mobile Chief Operating Officer, Jim Alling  gave a keynote to the Competitive Carriers Association earlier this week and said that T-Mobile had lost its way while trying to survive in an AT&T deal world. Alling, who sat in as interim CEO after Philip Humm left the company, said that the company had a shift in priorities trying to make the AT&T deal work and that has caused trouble in a post-AT&T world. Now, Alling says the company will work hard to refocus on creating the kind of earlier passion it had for putting customers first.

“Every single customer matters. That is most important thing we have to rekindle,” Alling said during his keynote address at the Competitive Carriers Association conference here. “And we are on our way,” he added.

I know that with T-Mobile’s previous JD Power domination, the company certainly has it within itself to return to that passion for customer service, all it takes is the will and the way. Hopefully, T-Mobile’s new CEO has a clear vision for ensuring that customer service is a driving focus for the company moving forward.

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  • ThoughtSausage

    They did everything they could to nickel and dime the customers before the “acquisition” was to take place. They wanted to fatten their pockets before at&t bought the sinking ship. Obviously, that didnt work. Some monies in the short term, but a few million customers less. Nice work Humm!

  • Justin

    i was a customer with Tmo for 10 years, (with VoiceStream before they switched) As soon as the Att came to light, the customer service as well as the company as a whole lost its edge….. Almost like they just didnt care anymore, damn shame it is, they were the only ones who seemed like they gave a damn about their customers before and now they just dont….. Hopefully maybe if they turn it around maybe, just maybe, myself and many other people i know will return to Tmo