T-Mobile Continues To Prepare For “iPhone 5” Response

The unfortunate T-Mobile iPhone news continues to roll in and let us know that it remains unlikely T-Mobile will be unveiled as an official iPhone partner later this month when Apple announces it’s next-generation iPhone. Along with preparing retail employees for “selling against the iPhone,” we’ve just received the above image which shows that T-Mobile is preparing their “iPhone Response — Phase 2” for September 21st through October 1st.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what Phase 1 is or when or if it has already occurred, so our information on “Phase 2” is even more limited. More importantly, we’re having a hard time believing anyone could see the joint evidence of T-Mobile preparing reps to sell against the product and preparing a “response” plan and still believe they will be announced as the last of the four national carriers to partner with Apple. Combine these two pieces of evidence along with T-Mobile’s flyers showing the savings over AT&T by “bringing” your iPhone to T-Mobile and their rumored “all hands days” for September 21st and 24th and we know something is up, but we’re pretty positive we know what it isn’t.

It just seems like all the intel points away from a T-Mobile iPhone at this point, but if I may offer a “bold” suggestion for making many Android fans on T-Mobile happy? A price drop on the Galaxy S III in the near future, and a combined push of unlimited data. Arguably, a Samsung Galaxy S III price drop is long overdue for T-Mobile as they remain the only carrier to sell the device at a starting price other than $199.99.

Besides, the Galaxy S III seems like the most appropriate “response” to the iPhone these days as is, so a price drop could go a long way to making T-Mobile customers happy. That is, if you believe the picture below. If T-Mobile isn’t going to sell the iPhone, than it would be a good idea to put their best foot forward with the best price possible.

For fun, and yes this is a mockup that’s been making the rounds the past few days, definitely not an official document:

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  • Skip Bayless

    HAHAHAH they cant stop me from getn iphone5 

  • Helllololi

    How come everyone like the iphone?

  • samuelen

    “If T-Mobile isn’t going to sell the iPhone, than it would be a good idea…”

    People often mistakenly use “then” instead of “than”, but “then” is, indeed, the correct word in this case.

  • Bronze 6

    why is everyone talking about T-Mobile needing to get the iPhone?
    There are two primary reasons why T-Mo would most likely NOT be carring the iPhone.
    1) Sprint, It will not make a profit off its iPhone investment until, 2015 (4 Years)
    2) Apple won’t talk to T-Mo because, T-Mo was the launch carrier of, Android.

    • Bud

      Jim number 2 is right.

      • tmoUK>tmoUSA

        you are both wrong when it comes to number 2….You do know that tmo in the uk has the iphone so why not have the us branch carry it, oh wait i forgot they are trying to rid themselves of their u.s carrier.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      Number 2 is wrong.  Apple doesn’t want to add support for T-Mobile’s current 1700/2100 bands to its device.  They don’t feel like T-Mobile’s subscriber base is worth the cost of adding a new radio to the iPhone.  They were willing to add CDMA support to the iPhone for Verizon because of its size.  They have around 100 million customers.  Since Sprint/Virgin/Cricket all use similar tech to Verizon, they were also able to benefit from this.

      T-Mobile is still refarming their network to support 3G/4G HSPA+ on the iPhone but it won’t be ready by Sept. 21st so there’s no point right now.  Apple won’t allow a carrier to launch an iPhone that is only capable of 2G speeds and I’m sure T-Mobile wouldn’t want users to be under the impression that they have the “slow” iPhone.  I can see T-Mobile possibly officially launching an iPhone in early 2013 once the full network has been upgraded and LTE rollout has begun.

  • WSJ

    I really do not care what the cost of the iphone is, as long as it works at full speed.  I cannot wait to dump my 5 Android phones and buy 5 iphones.  Why TMO cannot make a deal is beyond me. TMO is leaving me with no choice but to leave for AT&T (I had SBC before, over-priced and poor service and do not really want to go back, but I need GSM phones.). 

    If an unlocked iPhone 5 will work at full speed and will work with TMO future LTE, then I will stay and buy some iPhones, but if not, so long VoiceStream.

  • Whitney

    Something is not adding up and I highly doubt it that HTC phone

    • Taron19119

      Every thing is saying iphone just look at Verizon

      • guest


  • JBLmobileG1

    Maybe the first phase is the announcement of the Unlimited High Speed Data plan which is supposed to launch on the 5th. I am assuming it’s still a go because I haven’t heard much else about it.

  • Whitney

    Why do get the feeling that this make or break situation for them

  • 21stNow

    The Galaxy S III can use the LTE network on other carriers, as opposed to T-Mobile. AT&T’s LTE speeds are blazing fast where I live, so I can see how Whiskers’ comment makes sense.

    • Whiskers

       Thank You !

  • GinaDee

    I know Apple will be selling the iPhone 4s for about $375 unlocked after the iPhone 5 launch.  This low price should attract the prepaid types out there especially after T-Mobile’s PCS network is refarmed.  Unfortunately these refarm efforts will only apply to existing HSPA+ 42 areas which means the current GPRS and EDGE only areas will sadly remain 2G.

    People can go into an Apple store and then bring their unlocked iPhone to T-Mobile for a prepaid micro SIM.  I can see how this will be cool for those in metro areas. 

    Not having the iPhone 5 for loyal higher paying postpaid subs is a major drag and marketing nightmare.  This is one of those times where T-Mobile has been proven once again slow at their game.  If they are too cheap to pay Apple the subsidy they require to resell these phones then they better step it up and accelerate their LTE plans.  We as paying customers should give them a lot of heat and put up with ZERO excuses for GPRS in 2012.  We need to let T-Mobile know that being cheap on CAPEX / network spending comes back to bite them in the arse the way it is now.  

    • Chiva2699

      I don’t think it’s them bring cheap, but rather them not having the funds necessary to carry the device along with the funds necessary to improve the network to carry all the traffic if they were to have it.

    • Setzer715

       I’m guessing by your comment that you live in a rural area that T-Mobile hasn’t upgraded from 2G?  It sucks yes, but your generalizing something that is not quite as big as you state.

      T-Mobile’s HSPA network covers 200 million people.  I don’t live in a “metro” area, I have 17-21mbps download speeds.  Metro insinuates a “downtown” area but that is just not true for coverage.  MOST of T-Mobile’s sites have been upgraded.  Others are typically not upgraded due to lack of available back haul.

      As far as subsidising the iPhone, well, I think your quite uninformed on what Apple really wants for it.  It’s not cheap.

    • 21stNow

      I doubt that the unlocked iPhone 4S will sell for ~$375, since the unlocked iPhone 4 sells for $549 today and it is over two years old.

  • Chiva2699

    I think the first phase would be enabling iPhones to work with T-Mobiles reframed- spectrum. If you think about it it’s fairly logical, because by the time the iPhone is released T-Mobile will have 4G/3G functionality to draw people in (supposing my theory is correct). If so, I can’t wait to have my 4s show 4G instead of only Edge. :)

    • Android!!

      iphone at best would only run at 3g after the network is updated.

      • Chiva2699

        The 4s should theoretically be able to have 4G, since it supports HSPA+ in the 1900mhz spectrum ( which t-mobile will now have with the refarming).

      • Setzer715

         The 4s is a HSPA+ phone (21Mbps) and that is the speeds it will run on T-Mobile.  T-Mobile’s “4G” phones are HSPA++ (42Mbps) phones.  Don’t let the 3G/4G icons on your phones confuse you.  iPhone will run at great speeds on T-mobile when they launch 1900MHz.  Maybe not as fast as the Galaxy line, but still faster than ATT!

        • Spanky

          “Maybe not as fast as the Galaxy line, but still faster than ATT!”

          I don’t know about that. AT&T’s HSPA+ speeds in my neighborhood reach about 10 Mbps downstream (LTE reaches about 30 Mbps). T-Mobile’s top out at about 0.5 Mbps.

        • Therealmikebrown

          .5 is not hspa+. That’s slow 3g.
          The Amaze gets 21mps over here. At&t ain’t touching that, here at least. And an iPhone 4s could never touch that.

        • Spanky

          See my response to MatthewMurawski above. I have no problems with T-Mobile, but their service in my area is unacceptable. It wasn’t always this bad (I used to be able to get about 2.5 Mbps, which was acceptable), but a year went by, and T-Mobile wasn’t doing anything to rectify the issue. I miss the low bills (although my AT&T bill is only $30/month higher), but I don’t miss the service.

          With regards to the iPhone 4S, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never owned an iPhone, and am not planning on ever owning one.

        • MatthewMurawski

          You must live in a bad area for T-Mobile. My T-Mobile HSPA+ 42 phone tops out at 20.35 Mbps here in NYC.

        • Spanky

          I live in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, which, according to T-Mobile’s coverage map, should have the best possible 4G coverage. If 0.5 Mbps constitutes the best possible coverage, I guess the coverage maps are correct. In fact, this is the main reason why I left T-Mobile.

        • MatthewMurawski

          I live in queens near the west central border.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Why do you people have to start fan wars on every single article? Doesn’t it get old? The reason the arguments go on and on is because some people prefer different things than others. Humans are unique beings and like it or not, you can’t make everyone be exactly like you, so stop telling people they’re dumb and brainless and lack common sense for a relatively unimportant decision they made. This is not only pointless, but it’s hateful. People just defend their phones so loyally because they want to feel more special or important than others. Well guess what. It’s not going to work. So just stop. Because your Galaxy S3 or your iPhone 4S doesn’t make you more important than you would be without it.

    • Chickenundermynails

      Preach my brother!

    • note_lover

      Finally, a voice of reason!

    • 21stNow

      Yes, please stop with the attacks!  Other people are not dumb/stupid/any other negative name for choosing an iPhone.

    • od312

      Awe. Are we punished now? I defend android because they’re the one I believe in. It has noting to do with importance.

  • Anton Yatsenko

    Damn T-mobile reminds me of Dana White from UFC. He hated on Fedor Emilianenko because Fedor refused to sign with UFC. T-Mobile hates on Apple and iPhone because they will not get the new iPhone.

    Everyone knows that most of the people want and will buy new iPhone. It is probably the number one wish-list phone ever created. Don’t get me wrong, I am Android user – but I am not blinded with fan-boy rage and see that Apple product is super highly desired and will be selling like crazy. From this I conclude that T-Mobile should STFU and improve their customer service and contract department instead, who are f*cking people up by adding and extending contracts without their notice.

    • Jamie

      and more average consumers will wonder what the hell is wrong with T Mobile that Apple won’t give them an iPhone.

  • Frank Alvarez

    I like the iPhone, I want the iPhone and I have waited long enough for T-Mobile to get the iPhone. When my contract ends, I’m buying  Virgin iPhone. 
    Now I wish AT&T had succeeded in their take-over. The folks running T-Mobile will continue to run it into the ground.

    • Android!!

      good bye.

    • Justknowenough

      Just buy an unlocked iPhone and with all the reframing of Tmobile”s network, you will catch 3G for sure. Don’t waste ur time on virgin mobile. A.k.a Sprint. Virgin doesn’t have unlimited data. But Tmobile will have it in a few weeks.

      • Fjabills

        T-mobile could serve up an iPhone the way Virgin mobile does, at full retail with no contract. It would not cost them a dime. The T-Mobile plan I am on has no phone subsidies, so the Samsung SIII is a $699 phone…which is $50 more than the iPhone 4s at Virgin.

    • Setzer715

       The iPhone is NOT a save all for the company, if you think so you’re VERY miss informed.  My wife has an iphone 4s, yes full retail cost but it works great on T-Mobile.  I prefer Android and to each their own with that.

      Subsidising the iPhone is just something T-Mobile is not willing to do.  The Evil Empire (Apple) wants just too much for it and it would most likely break T-Mobile’s bank to do it.  This, would kill the company 10 times faster than NOT carrying the phone.

    • fixxmyhead

      lol the iphone on virigin which uses sprints sh!tty @ss slow network good luck with that

    • drooling 4ifone

      just remember the Virgin iPhone will only work on the Virgin network. Your paying un locked money but you’re not getting an unlocked phone.

  • BigMixxx

    Lol…I was thinking…

    Maybe t mobile is paying migration fees….

  • Tomnewtn

    I use an unlocked iPhone 4s  on Tmo and it works great. 

    • Spanky

      If slower than molasses EDGE speeds satisfy your data needs, than I’m sure it works great.

  • Tomnewtn

    I forgot to add that I would never buy a Samsung Galaxy anything.

    • Spanky

      Although I despise Apple’s litigious behavior, I own two Apple products that I use on a regular basis – the Apple TV and iPod Touch. However, I would never buy an iPhone, regardless of price. In the unlikely event that Android disappeared off the face of the planet, I’d go with a Windows phone.

  • Piotr Madej

    Its quite sad people are getting all worked up over the new iPhone. They must like throwing money away on something that is so over priced

    • Dwinbush2

      I had the iPhone 4 and I didn’t understand how people got worked up for the iphone 4S for the same damn phone. It really was not that big deal to waste an upgrade. If you can sell your iphone 4 and not have to pay a ton of money just for the iphone 4S then it’s a win win for you. So I hope this iphone 5 is really worth the wait or people will stick with their iphone 4 or 4S and wait for the iphone 5S.

  • Rfgenerator

    just to comment on the hope that T Mobile would reduce the price on the Samsung S3, that would be a good step as their pricing on it is pretty outrageous.  Unfortunately I don’t think it is very likely.  If I were a betting man, I’d say the new phones are going to continue to receive a smaller and smaller subsidy as T-Mobile moves to push people into the “Value” plans.  I wouldn’t have a problem with that except that if you are not going to subsidize the phone, you shouldn’t be requiring people to sign a 2 year contract.  I would really love it if our new Consumer Protection division along with the Justice Department took a much closer look at the business practices of the wireless carriers.  The fact that they can force you to sign away your rights to sue them and use their hand picked “mediator” to resolve all disputes is just another example of a system that is too heavily weighted on the side of the carriers.

    • MatthewMurawski

      You could just get monthly4G.

    • Spanky

      “if you are not going to subsidize the phone, you shouldn’t be requiring people to sign a 2 year contract”

      I’ve been saying this all along. Why would anyone in their right mind sign a 2-year contract without an incentive?

      • Jason

        The incentive is a cheaper bill. Yes, prepaid is cheap too. Yes, you pay full cost for phone with the value plan. As a consumer you have choices and don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Part of the deal T-Mobile offers is with a 2 year contract. You don’t want a contract? Then don’t sign up for one!

        • Spanky

          As I’ve stated before, there is no incentive (a cheaper bill is not an incentive). As such, a two year contract on a Value Plan is not a good deal. I wish people would stop blindly defending whatever carrier they are with.

    • Spanky

      One other thing…wireless carriers clearly state that the ETF is not a penalty, but a part of the rate plan that allows them to recoup the cost of subsidized equipment. I wonder how T-Mobile explains the ETF on Value Plans?

      • UMA_Fan

        Value Plans are subsidized plans.  Classic Plans are subsidized equipment.  

        • Spanky

          Subsidized plans? What exactly is that?

    • UMA_Fan

      With the Value Plans the PLAN is subsidized instead of the phone.  In a perfect world, you would have a third option of the classic plan WITHOUT commitment when you pay full retail for the phone.  As a consumer you are losing out if you are trying to leave T-Mobile before your contract end date but if you stay with them you are saving money over any other carrier plan with a subsidized phone.

  • guest

    First off i would just like to say i can care less about the Iphone. Had it before and like all toys, u move on to bigger and better things. Those of u that are saying that if Tmobile carried the Iphone, it would cripple Tmobile. Tmobile is the 4th largest in carrier in the US. Smaller carriers with not even a quarter of Tmobile’s customer are able to offer the Iphone and survive. How is it that smaller carriers like Bluegrass cellular or US cellular which only has 6 million subscribers compared to Tmobile’s 33 or 34 million offer the Iphone and still survie?

    • Bakerher123

      Apple hates tmobile the dont want us to have the iphone because we brought out andriod.

      • MatthewMurawski

        Where’s the logic there? That’s just like saying Samsung will stop producing parts for Apple because of the lawsuits and they don’t like Apple anymore. If it makes them money, they’ll do it. The reason has nothing to do with T-Mobile bringing out Android or Apple “hating” T-Mobile.

      • bob90210

        Apple hates T-Mobile? Apple is company; it does not have feelings. Apple’s goal is to make money, short and long term, in the best way it can. As with any other company, Apple will sell the iPhone if T-Mobile will pay the price.

        And what’s with this “we” nonsense? We are not T-Mobile. I certainly am not and unless you’re an official spokesperson of T-Mobile you shouldn’t say you’re part of T-Mobile either.

    • Bakerher123

      Apple has become big brother worse than ibm and microsoft. Virgin mobile gets it but not tmobile. Its done on purpose. I hope android wins this war. And samsung stops produceing for them.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    tmobile should really take a look at sprint. sprint bet all it chips on the iphone and where did that get them. nowhere, they are still losing customers and money.

    • Tbyrne

      Great point but if T-Mobile can get a decent deal on the iPhone, a lot of people in here would stfu, which would be a good thing.

  • Kourage2

    I really think to be honest the Samsung Galaxy III is the iPhone killer as of right now.  I have a iPhone 4 and compared to the Galaxy it’s bigger and smoother than the iPhone but I don’t like Android.  If the iPhone 5 could be bigger, have LTE, and a faster processor than the 5X chip then Apple will be back on top, but they have to invest something that has been done that amaze people. If not they both the Galaxy and iPhone are just copy cat of each other which is boring. 

    • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

      If the SGS3 is a smoother and better running device then what is it about Android you do not like? It isn’t locked down like I-Phone, you can put live widgets on your home pages unlike the I-Phone, only apps. Android has much better specs than any I-Phone. The new google+ is far superior than Seri on the I-Phone. Google Maps, best Navigation on the market comes pre-loaded on Android where Apple chose to remove it and replace it with something that is just pathetic, so much for thinking about it’s customers first. There is just nothing on the I-Phone that can compete with the new modern Android device. Why buy something that is locked down, over priced and built by a company that IMO is on their way down that long slide. 

      • Fortrun22

         -android has for the last few years had better hardware yet still lags, crashes, freezes and gets way too hot and inferior battery life

        -google+ far superior to siri? are just making up stuff and calling them facts now?

        -apple is replacing google navigation with something that is pathetic? really? have you used it…no you havent, but since you can tell the future why dont you throw some powerball numbers my way?

        -jailbreaking is far easier, safer, and better than rooting. so where is this locked down stuff coming from?

        -why buy a iphone wanna be when you can just buy an iphone?

        PSA i am an android fan but not a fanatic, i wish dearly for android os to catch up with ios since i own both. both have their good and bad. one is not “far superior” to the other.

        get a life

        • swaq

          lag where? yeah, if you’re using some low end phones but it’s exactly what it is. LOW END. my SGS2 doesn’t experience any lag and that’s me running stock. my iPhone 4S would experience random reboots constantly and i sent it back in 3 times. battery life on my SGS2 > iPhone 4S.

          siri is better, but google now is no slouch either.

          rooting is pretty easy, and honestly. you shouldn’t do either if you don’t quite know what you’re doing.

          the SGS3, Galaxy Nexus and so on aren’t iPhone wanna be’s. the iPhone 5’s bigger screen and other things clearly show they’re following Android’s footsteps. Samsung is leading the way, and Apple is being a sore loser. 

          for the record, this is getting typed on a Mac. i can atleast manage to be objective though. 

          but Jellybean > IOS5. 

  • 21stNow

    All of these Android fanboys/fangirls are sounding exactly like Apple fanboys/fangirls.  I have used four of the major mobile OS platforms and there are legitimate reasons for liking each one.  If you have to tear down the platform that you don’t like to justify the platform of your choice, something is wrong.

    I prefer Android to any of the other platforms that I have tried, but you all are making me look bad.

  • Lcc1_

    I dont care for the iphone. However, it cant denied that other carriers that have the iphone, their sales and customers have gone up. TMo has been bleeding for quite sometime w/o the phone the most ppl want it will continue to spiral down.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      that not true for every carrier. even with the iphone sprint loss more subscribers and money. the forecast for sprint still isnt great even with the iphone. this isnt early 2010 when having the iphone on a carrier was such a big deal. things have change with android growing popularity, iphones on multiple carrier, nokia and windows phones. having an iphone on your network just doesnt cut it anymore, tmo is going to have to step their game up. is a brand new ball park out here.

      • Fortrun22

         incorrect. sprint has made money and added subscribers, their losses are coming from building out their lte network and forfeiting their investment in clearwire.

        • krazytrixxxsta

          of course they added subscribers that a given but they also lost subscribers too, there no denying that. sprint spent about 15.5 billion dollars for iphones purchases. they iphones sale figures for Q4 2011, Q1 2012, and Q2 2012 combine is nowhere near enough for them too see a profit. sprint sold about 3 million iphones so far, and we both know that the majority of those phone sold were subsidized.

  • dreamsRfree

    Nope, not everyone wants an Iphone. Android has come so far with Jellybean that Ios is no longer the smoothest nor best os.

    • Fortrun22

       whats sad is that ios is still the easiest OS to use.

      • Napster87

        not at all. wanna toggle your most used settings? its time consuming and counter intuitive. also uploading photos to their respective apps is a chore. you have to do it directly from the app rather than the gallery which on android lets you take care of third party apps natively. also, android is naturally gonna be a bit more to learn because theirs three times the amount of features. if you don’t want to mess with any of those features then it’s the same experience as an iphone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

    T-Mobile well be receiving the iPhone in December, trust me.

    • Taron19119

      Prove it

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

        I won’t prove it, a family friend is regional VP here in Bellevue and told me to hold off on the s3 because the iPhone would be coming out December (which I won’t be doing because I don’t want one)…don’t care if you believe me but I guess we will see come December!

        • Spanky

          The S3 is a better phone than the iPhone…but that’s just my opinion.

        • Taron19119

          It’s not that its that every year some one keep saying iphone is comeing and it don’t

    • Napster87

      no it’s not. also, if your family friend knew enough about phones, he definitely wouldn’t recommend the iphone 5 over their current android stable.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

        How do you know it’s not? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…can someone please bookmark this post so we can see it in three months? Haha

  • BahamasGeek242

    Not really a big I-phone but I love my Nexus and will continue to buy the pure Google phones but T-mobile needs the I-phone to draw in more customers 

  • GuyJusta42

    engadget is showing a Tmobile sim for the next iphone………

  • Joelaxel

    hell yeah :D

  • Joelaxel


  • Kourage2

    Wait until September 12. It will be something epic. #teamiphone

    • Taron19119

      What do u mean

  • Cmedieval

    For all the android fan boys like I was once went through four androids and they all sucked up the battery in a matter of minutes. Evo 4g, galaxy s , galaxy s II and Htc amaze all had unstable platform and no service indoors in a the middle of 4g covered area switched to an iPhone charge my battery every two days four bars indoors and never had my screen freeze I’ll never go back to an android but that’s just me

    • Spanky

      T-Mobile is notorious for having less than spectacular service indoors, due to the fact that AWS bands have poor signal penetration. It has nothing to do with the phones. As far as the phones sucking up the battery in a matter of minutes, you either had a rogue app or are greatly exaggerating. I call BS on that one.

  • Patrick

    I feel bad for the clueless person who walks into a Tmobile store looking for the new iPhone 5 and some sales rep pushes a S III or something else on them with a 2yr contract

    • Android!!

      it’s their job.

  • biglbc

    Iphone sucks period… example: they arent gonna have pandora anymore.. apple said: a minute that our customers are listening to pandora, thats a minute they are not looking through itunes to buy a song
    . Lol…