Breaking: Apple Vs. Samsung, The Verdict Is In

After what seems like an incredibly short amount of deliberation, the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung case has reached a verdict. The court is reading the verdicts to the lawyers as we type this and so far, the news is really, really bad for Samsung. The future of both of these companies and perhaps the industry as a whole will change based on how this verdict plays out.


Update 1: As it stands right now, many of Samsung’s device have been found to infringe on Apple’s patents and Samsung has been fined over $1,051,855,000 in damages! Zero dollars are awarded to Samsung in the case.

Update 2:

Samsung infringed on Apple’s bounce back patent with all 21 of the products in question. For the patent on pinch-to-zoom, the jury has ruled all but 3 devices infringed, and found that Samsung executives knew or should have known that their products infringed on Apple’s patents. The jury has also found against Samsung in the matter of the shape of Apple’s products on the back of the phone as well as the home screen GUI. The Galaxy Tab DID NOT infringe however, they did find that the Galaxy Tab did willfully infringe on five of seven Apple patents.

Update 3: Apple’s iPad and iPod touch do not violate any Samsung patents in the case of Samsung’s countersuit against Apple.

Update: Unfortunately for Samsung, it appears as though Apple can stand up and yell “FATALITY” in the courtroom. They are wiping the floor with Samsung, there really are no niceties for this.

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  • Dell can suck it!

    Pinch to zoom is patented. And the patent system isn’t broken. What would apple do if they could not recompile open source applications, reskinned and patent the work. Does any one remember Bsd um Osx, Widgets Or dock apps.

    Apple= retailer + ip patent law troll + design shop + software development

    Apple can rule through intimidation for a while. We have seen this song and dance from Cupertino before. Those over 40 know how this ends. The same way it did last time.

  • guest

    an American justice system ruling in favor of an American company. no surprise at all.

  • AM3RIG

    Honestly, I didn’t see this coming.. I am very disappoint in Samsung didn’t won the case. Hate apple cult!

  • Eanfoso

    So much for the apple lawyers to be smoking crack lol it’s whatever, apple sucks I’ll never buy or support buying apple products

  • Smoking crack is good

    This just shows that if you smoke crack you can convince the jury in your favour with ridiculous evidence

    • Zach Mauch

      The problem wasn’t the jury.  They are following the law.  The problem is the laws and organization that granted apple these stupid patents.

      • Evos469

        No it is the jurors fault they had their chance to fix the law by invalidating some of apple patents and it wasn’t done.

        • WW

          Correct.  Juries have the responsibility/ability to not only determine if a law is broken but to also interpret/determine what the law says/means/”should” mean.  I believe it’s called jury nullification.

        • Eanfoso

          What pissed me off the most is the stupid round curves, my god, nokia phones have had this design since the 90’s same thing with ericsson (before marrying sony & after marriage) look at all walkman models, candy bar with round curves, these are a few that I can remember, oh and also blackberries, candybar with round edges, I hope this is a wakeup call for those who think of apple as, “innovation”

      • Noel

        True true…i am just curious if any of these ppl interviewing  some of the jurors asked them how different their decision could have been if they were allowed to hear the refused Samsung evidence showing they were working on a similar rectangular touch screen device with rounded corner in 2006 prior to the release of the iPhone in 2007?? My guess is the perception to the jurors that Samsung merely came up with a touch screen rectangular device after 2007…which is false and goes to the heart of Samsung  case. I knew the outcome when the judge refused that crucial evidence..Samsung had less of a chance without that key defense. 

  • Mike in FL

    Can’t stand Apple (as a company).

  • Tarea222

    Strike. Don’t buy any Apple products. Spread the word

    • WW

      Unfortunately, this is not possible for me since I’ve never had nor have any desire (so far) to own an Apple product.

    • ganikus

      yeaaa I’m with you screw apple and their sickish phones 

    • 27vasquez


  • Gouv

    I can’t wait to see how my apple share will do come monday :-)

    663 and rising!!!!!!!!!!

  • mingkee

    Soon Suckpple will be locked out in Korea.

  • Zach Mauch

    This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE day for the consumer.  I really hope that this leads to some real change in patent law.  The fact that apple can get patents for these things is nothing short of insane.

  • Mr. Hill

    On the contrary Samsung, this is actually a win for consumers.  Now you have to go back to the lab and come up with innovative designs that are more than just slightly tweaked Apple “inspired” products.  Maybe you can bring something new and different to the market.  Microsoft seemed to be perfectly capable of developing an OS and interface that is nothing like iOS or any Apple product.  Samsung should invest in some R&D and do the same.

    • Jz15650

      Well Said Sir. Well Said.

      • Unclebananahead

        That or Apple doesn’t want to take on the leviathan that is Microsoft because it doesn’t think it can beat them, not because they don’t want to

  • Dell Can Still Suck it


    Bring on WEB OS on a 4.8 inch screen with dual core s4 snapdragon, bolt on some google universal search a sprinkle of Google synch for calendar integration add a pinch of zero shutter ala htc camera a portion of BBM and finish it of with a cool moniker like the ” IMiddleFinger.” I would happily pay an unsubsidized price for that device.

    This verdict is Apple showing its Alpha to Samsungs Beta. Remember who needs who in this process.

    Apple needs Samsung not the other way around. Samsung makes, glass, screens, slcd’s, logic,
    connectors and is one of Apples foundries for the A9X the core of that iphone.

  • WW

    Does this mean that Apple will soon be going after all the other Android OEMs as well?  At least the big ones?

    • Noel

      Google and all the Android OEMs need to take this fight head on..they all have to figure a way to go on offence even if it means pulling their resources/patents together to stop these menacing suits. When the other side takes in a few loses or have some banned products…maybe they will learn to play nice or live and let live. I will just love to see a time when the cellular/mobile space will be like that of the Auto or TV industry…where everyone makes their products and the consumer decides which they prefer best and not the courts helping hand. 

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    In other news, Adam & Eve, God, the snake, Garden of Eden Inc., Johnny Appleseed, Sir Isaac Newton, William Tell and Apple Records have filed a class action suit against Apple for copyright infringement.

  • Dell Can Still Suck it

    This is about Apple trying to control one of its suppliers. The more Galaxy SIII’s Samsung sells it puts pricing pressure on Apple’s Supply chain. The magic of apple is the supply chain.

    Samsung really won the Galaxy S III has been uniformly branded world wide and is offered with the same appearance on every carrier in the USA. HUGE win Samsung. Apple fires back. All of apples suppliers are making their own handsets now. The FoxConn umbrella is large. It does not cover the manufacturing capability of Samsung.

    Apple is focusing on the wrong end of the Dragon. It should be focusing on converting current Iphone users into Mac users. Apple has doe this before.

  • Robsgalaxys

    I bought an apple phone about a year ago coming from android and I can’t see how people say they love apple ..the phone is heavy as all heck…no customizations..I for one see many differences in android vs sucks and that’s coming from someone with iPhone and an iPad ..these will be my last apple purchases if they don’t get their crap together!

    • Daneriley319

      agreed. Apple really needs to start developing a better phone because the iphone’s 1-4 are bassically the same…there’s a different look and size to the phone’s every now and then but it just doesnt offer the variety of customisation that Android offers. Im not a big fan of samsung Android phone’s but if i had the option i would be using a Galaxy s 3 right now

  • Pissoff

    If this was chess apple just capture the queen. The death of
    Android in America will be soon. Sad day

  • Sirphil

    If things were like this from the beginning, we’d only have one car to chose from because Ford would have Patented a vehicle with and engine, brakes and steering wheel that runs on four wheels and sued everyone who made anythings remotely similar.

  • Jz15650

    People have quickly forgotten, when the iphone originally came out people were in absolute awe of what it could do. Yes, other phone makers had already offered touch screens and better business functionality than the first iphone, and app stores existed for palm. But Iphone was different, and a lot of peopel loved the pinch zoom, and capacitive screen interaction. Yes, apple definately took ideas from many paces, but anyone could have done that. Apple did.
    Samsung had its own OS when iphone launched. And samsung (having made many parts for apple) had ample forewarning of what was coming to market. Yet samsung sold their crappy OS on phones like teh Behold and Memor trying to comete with iphone.
    Then, samsung finally gave in and (totally) copied iphone with their Vibrant (i know sammy’s first android was behold 2, but it sucked andno one bought them).
    Samsung chose to copy Iphone to compete. So did many others. But that is the truth.

    • Eanfoso

      Dude, how on earth is a shitty iCrap completely like a marvelous samsung galaxy? Not to mention that even when the galaxy s2 came out it had LTE connectivity, something apple hadn’t been able to incorporate an LTE radio in a phone that has a screen smaller than a credit card (3.7″ credit card, iCrap 3.5) ???

    • Noel

      Are u aware of the fact that Samsung, Sony had a touch screen model device prior to 2006 even before the iPhone was released. Are u also aware of the fact that Mitsubishi had and demonstrated on their touch screen pinch to zoom, slide etc?? HTC and others had touch screen devices way before 2007 even though they used stylus…but was close to similar interaction. So who copied or stole from whom…where does the greatest copy/stealing artist come off claiming ownership to tech that predated the release of their device of claiming ownership to rectangular shapes with rounded corners. At best both are merely improving on tech that was already out there…in this case one has made significant inroads in terms of moving the cellular/mobile space forward. They both are two huge tech giants making a lot of $$$$ so what is the problem. They both cater to different OS…there are Android fans and iOS fans. Those who love to customize their devices, love dynamic specs, love bigger screens and removable batteries etc will go for who ever offers that to them. The court rooms should not be a forum to decide what happens in the market place/showrooms. And who ever is responsible to issue patent should stop awarding ridiculous patents..this just puts a damper on companies trying to improve on mobile technology. Why doesn’t this nonsense exist in the Auto or TV industry…no one is claiming ownership to huge rectangular shapes with flat screens or having wheels or steering wheels on cars.

  • Joe Son0418

    You know the jury didn’t know jack when they said “nokias and blackberries are still selling so samsung can do the same.” Really? Those two companies fell off the face of the earth.

  • Cat Isidor

    So…when’s Apple taking Nokia, HTC and Microsoft to court for the pinch to zoom patent? Pretty much ANY touch screen device has this ability when viewing photos….and the idea predates touch screens – several touchpad compatible software packages used it too. 

    Am I missing something?

    • Eanfoso

      Yes, companies no longer with us like Sony Ericsson had that capability I say this because I had the Xperia x10 lol

  • Nijakyng88

    The judge presiding over the case and the jury deciding the care were ALL bias and deserve to be court-martialed for this buffoonery! They LOST this EXACT SAME CASE in EVERY other country it has been tried in and yet for some reason when the case is in the U.S. and the trial is in CALIFORNIA Apple wins on “all counts”. This is ridiculous and sets a precedent for Apple to go after every company that makes any electronic device that has a large touch screen and can search multiple sources. WHAT FUCKING IDIOT GAVE THEM THESE PATENTS???????!!!!!