T-Mobile Briefly Talks JD Power Ranking, Promises To Do Better

T-Mobile is obviously looking to go on the offensive after this mornings disappointing JD Power Wireless Customer Care ranking result finding T-Mobile in last place among the nations largest wireless providers. We reached out to T-Mobile and received the following statement:

T-Mobile has a long history of providing industry-leading customer service as evidenced by previous JD Power reports. We are disappointed with the results of this survey. We continue to place a high priority on providing excellent customer service, and will work hard to regain our leadership position.

We know that T-Mobile has to be disappointed with the results and in some weird way, the results are a good thing as they will force T-Mobile to reconsider their current customer care strategies. That’s not to say change will happen overnight, but clearly change needs to happen.

I know we’re eager to see how quickly T-Mobile reacts to the JD Power ranking and what steps they take, hopefully they can bring forth change sooner rather than later.

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  • FrustratedWithTmo

    Jumped on Tmobile with the G1 and I’ll admin the first contact experience was stellar. I should have quit while I was ahead. I then renewed my contract in December 2010 with the Mytouch 4g which I loved (and still do to an extent). However!!!! I now experience no less than 5 loss of signal situations daily. Since I have the handset protection bundle, Tmobile offered to replace the unit with a lessor device! <-wow. Needless to say I opted to stick with a Mytouch 4g replacement device. A few days later I receive a Mytouch 4g unit with a known bad "washed out" screen.  I sent the unit back and decided to deal with connection issues until my contract is up and jump ship. The only problem is all carriers are equally useless in my opinion.

  • icecream

    This one will not be an easy fix – the business practices that led to these rankings are not going to change anytime soon, and the bottom line is that it’s more profitable to compromise on customer service, at least in the short term. It angers me that this walk on the plank continues in spite of the fact that the government will not allow the company to be sold outright to another carrier, period. I know the circumstances are unprecedented when it comes to DT and the European economy playing such a large role in the sinking of t-mobile, but how long does it have to take to admit a mistake? What’s the opportunity cost of lack of training and accountability and the insane nickel and dime premium service / pay per web charges that not only get credited back months later but ultimately result in quality customers taking their business elsewhere? Seriously, do we have to actually jump off the plank? There is absolutely no excuse for this.

  • scrappy

    As a T-Mobile Retention rep this is no surprise to me. When I started at T-Mobile I was hired as a customer service rep. Today they hire Customer Service and Sales reps. One motivating factor for being promoted was the fact in retention we no longer have to sell any needless features we sell T-Mobile. With that said it is getting harder and harder everyday to do this with the crazy policies that they are coming up with. The first was the fact that you have to take a 2 year contract to switch rate plans. This was never the case a few years ago a customer could go up and down without any worry of their contract. Second came selling our souls to the mighty dollar, sales swept through the call centers like a wildfire. Reps that were struggling and in fear of losing there job for not meeting the expectation all had a new saying in the smoke shack “customer service out, sales in!” Then we placed pay per use web on all phones regardless of the customer wanting that feature, which at 1.99 per MB who would. We placed it on flip phones and smart phones. This was worse on the smart phones because they would get an auto update and then be charged for it. Most of the time now we credit it back 100% but only when they say the magic word “cancel.” Next we started charging for restore fees, a five line account would have to pay $100 if it was suspended for non-payment. Now I understand this is to make sure people pay on time and most companies charge these fees, but T-mobile was a different company in the past they would block out going calls and still let incoming calls come in for a few days till the payment was made, then the customer would be back up and running after they made the payment, no restore fee. Not today the company has made millions off of this. The last and most recent change is when a customer calls to cancel the contract we tell them it will cancel at the end of the billing cycle, only if the customer states they want it done that day are we to set it up for same day cancellation. These are the reasons T-Mobile has fallen from grace and the top management is to blame. We come in everyday and give 100% and are told we are the reason T-Mobile has lost the JD Power Award.  If we as so much speak of these other reasons the Coaches and Sn Reps downplay it all and then tend to make life a little more difficult for you. Talk to any front line rep and they will tell you this is the truth. T-Mobile today is not the T-Mobile of yesterday! This doesn’t even touch on the fact of the reps over seas….

  • Msorder

    This should not be a shocker to anyone.  They are just going straight down the tubes in custome service and have been for a couple of years now.  NOW you can’t even get a flex pay plan if you are wanting to upgrade unless you are a “value” customer because they pay full price for phones (which is a bs price anyway) and now they don’t even offer any free phones for customers that want to upgrade.  This sure sounds like a great way to want to keep and retain customers.  The problem with this company and every other one is money for the first part and second no loyalty to long time customers.  I to have been with them since voicestream and if it was’t for my careless of losing phones I would have let my contrat expire and switch.  Now that they aren’t offering any incentives for customers to upgrade the next time will be a great opportunity to do so.

    • 1234

      You sir have no idea what you are talking about.  The value plan is for customer who bring thier own devices or don’t upgrade often anyways. You do get an incentive when you upgrade by getting the discount in the first place unless your like the customer example below. I can already tell your one of the customers who call in wanting something absolutely outrageous and throw in the “I am a loyal customer” crap.  T-Mobile is in its current position as a company because of JDP.  We used to just give, give, give and then give some more just to WIN it.  That was totaly the wrong way to earn it.  Now we have nothing but customers who just want stuff.  Perfect Example…I had a customer today that felt 2 years of loyalty was worth 2 FREE samsung galaxy s 3s with no contract.  He just upgraded a few months ago to the HTC S One with a very good promotion.  These are the types of customers that call in all day, every day and get surveyed.  We should earn JDP by resolving issues and treating customers with kindness, not giving people underserved crap.  I would love to get back to real calls, real customers with real problems that can be resolved.       


    I used to be a believer of the T-Mobile customer satisfaction on every call. As a former customer service rep, I experienced first hand how much they USED to care. I understand that revenue needs to be an important part of a company but so are the customers and ….employees. With no customers there is no revenue. Unfortunately I was in one of the centers that was closed due to so called budget cuts and now when you call you can speak with someone with a thick accent. No animosity towards them because they are just looking to make a living just like all of us. Even so, it seems to me that they don’t have the hands on experience on T-Mobile cell phone service like one working in the states. I actually had to hang up on a representative because I don’t believe she understood anything that I was saying. Moving on. T-Mobile started out great when I started and really felt genuine when it came to caring about the customers. I really felt pride in my job and company. Things started looking bad though within the past few years. To make it short, T-Mobile lost sight on what was important and threw out the QUALITY over QUANTITY and just concentrated on just the quantity. Now reading these comments makes me realize that it wasn’t me that was not performing well for the company but that the company was just trying to find ways to make a quick buck without any recourse for their actions. All they want right now are workers to just do what they want without question whereas the older employees that were with them before all this mess questioned their motives. Ironic how I used to be feel that “I AM T-MOBILE”, because now that is long gone. I hope that one day T-mobile will grasp back their way of service because if not, it makes me wish that we did sell over to AT&T. Couldn’t be as bad over there as it is here now.