Bloomberg Report Says T-Mobile USA Will Get iPhone Next Year

Here’s an interesting Bloomberg report indicating that T-Mobile USA could use parent company Deutsche Telekom’s existing sales agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in 2013. That’s the word on the analyst street says Sanford C. Bernstein’s Craig Moffett.

Moffett says Apple and Deutsche Telekom are “increasingly likely” to reach an agreement for Deutsche Telekom’s US brand to sell the iPhone sometime next year. T-Mobile is already struggling to keep contract customers, often blaming the iPhone as the number one reason customers are leaving the company.

“iPhone availability at T-Mobile USA would likely reduce contract losses at that company, and push Deutsche Telekom U.S. to a net revenue growth position much sooner than the market expects,” Moffett wrote.

With Apple extending it’s sales agreements beyond the top national carriers into regional players such as Leap Wireless, C Spire and Sprint’s Virgin Mobile brand, T-Mobile’s looking increasingly out of the loop without the Apple handset in their lineup.

In the meantime, T-Mobile is concentrating on refarming their network in the hopes of partly appealing to existing, unhappy iPhone customers mainly on AT&T who will find a less cluttered network combined with significant monthly savings on T-Mobile.

For a moment try to consider that no matter where you stand on the iPhone as a smartphone or Apple as a company, the lack of T-Mobile’s selection of the popular device is leaving them looking increasingly embarrassed while regional prepaid carriers are stocking shelves. The bottom line has been for some time that T-Mobile needs to place the iPhone in their smartphone portfolio if for no other reason than to prevent customers from leaving and looking for it at a competitor.


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  • Bmg1001

    Just remember: After the 4G Network refarm, the iPhone will have 4G Speeds on T-Mobile, if the refarm finishes soon, TMO might be the first carrier which any iPhone can get 4G. The  other big 3 have 3G.

    • Bmg1001

      Also, I forget to mention, if infact the refarm does happen before the iPhone goes 4G, once it finishes the refarm will allow T-Mobile to get customers because they’ll be getting 4G HSPA+ Speeds while other carries still use GSM and CDMA 3G

      • Mr_kuntri

        I agree.  If DT give them the green light with Apple, they maybe the 1st to have the iP5 w/ 4G, also.  (wishful thinking)

  • Mr_kuntri

    Give the people want they want …its exhausting reading blogs, comments, media reports about iPhone vs Samsung, Iphone vs HTC, Iphone on this carrier, that carrier.  If people want it, give it to them…..

    like the cliche phrase, “if it aint broke, dont fix it” … in this case its, “if you SELL IT, they will come”  

    And another thing,  NOT ALL CARRIERS HAVE 100% “good coverage” .. I live in atlanta and the west side(Ga) Verizon sucks and Sprint reigns.  In the city to the subs, TMO reigns and Sprint sucks …. i was once a former account mgr for wireless carrier, so i know.

    good day!

  • Chumlee

    I work in a store….I hate the iphone….but god damn I want it sooooo bad. I’ll use all my extra commission money to buy the new Galaxy or Nexus :)

  • Bobpantsspongesquare

    It’s a band-aid fix from all I’ve read. The iPhone may bring more customers initially but, if this network upgrade doesn’t happen or isn’t significant enough, customers will continue to leave due to the lack of coverage area. I get great coverage from TMO, where I live. However, that coverage drops off dramatically just a few hours drive in any direction.

  • jdubtrey

    I’m confused.  The blog title says it “will” happen but the source link says it “could”.

    Which is it?

  • Zingar

    I wouldn’t believe if anyone is still holding their breath on this. This claim was made last year ‘oh no iphone this year (2011) but possibly next year… A year later they say it could happen next year (2013). Get yourself a Galaxy S3 and enjoy it. It will make you forget all these iphone rumors until it finally does arrive (if ever).