(Updated With Top 29 Markets) T-Mobile Breaks Up Galaxy S III Launch Into Two Phases, Pricing Info Revealed

Here we go, some new information including price:

Samsung Galaxy S III Launch Update

To ensure customers receive the best possible experience, the Samsung Galaxy S III launch will now be broken into two phases. T-Mobile will still be the first carrier to offer the device in-store but the rollout will be in two phases instead of one.

Select Retail and Branded locations in the top 29 markets will launch as scheduled on June 21. In addition, a limited amount of Samsung Galaxy S III devices will be available on T-Mobile.com.

Due to the excitement surrounding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, customer demand will exceed the expected launch quantity available on June 21 T-Mobile anticipates the remaining Retail and Branded locations will launch on June 27. Stores that do not receive the initial distribution, and stores who sell out of their initial stock, should use the GSIII Call Back List and contact customers when the devices are available.

Pricing will be as follows:

$629.99 Full Retail, $229.99 down on Value Plans with $20 EIP, $279.99 Classic plan after $50 mail-in rebate (2 year contract required)

The top 29 markets are as follows:

  • LosAngeles,CA
  • Chicago,IL
  • Phoenix,AZ
  • Houston,TX
  • SanDiego,CA
  • NewYork,NY
  • Seattle,WA
  • Miami/Ft.Lauderdale,FL
  • Dallas/Ft.Worth,TX
  • SanFrancisco,CA
  • SaltLakeCity,UT
  • Denver,CO
  • Minneapolis,MN
  • Tampa/St.Petersburg,FL
  • Philadelphia,PA
  • SanAntonio,TX
  • Portland,OR
  • Austin,TX
  • Atlanta,GA
  • KansasCity,MO
  • Boston,MA
  • Sacramento,CA
  • Orlando,FL
  • Detroit,MI
  • WashingtonDC*
  • Cleveland,OH
  • Jacksonville,FL
  • Charlotte,NC
  • McAllen,TX

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  • http://twitter.com/btmec briankh

    Looks like the wife may finally get her wish. I may be headed to AT&T. She has been with them for 7 years. I may finally have to leave T-mobile after 14 years.


      Over 6 days? We will still have it before AT&T

      • ajm0416

         for $80 more!!  That’s a little outrageous.

  • Campbell Jordan25

    Can anyone please tell me if the this phone will require a micro-sim or regular sim?

    • tommy

       they all use micro these days and include the sim with the phone when you get it. I would assume it’s micro.  You can also buy an adapter to use the new micro-sim in an older phone with a regular sim, I hear, and one of these days i’ll try it.

    • Nunya Beeswax

      It is a micro sim. 100%

  • RSG

    No thanks.  This device will only be marginally better than the GNex in performance, but locked to TMO with a 2-year contract for an out of the door cost of $380.  For $400 you can get the GNex directly from Google Play.

  • Dchablal

    I will be leaving T-Mobile over this BS

  • Dave

    And Verizon is offering it for $199. No mail-in rebates. So why is TMO setting the price higher??

  • Tom

    Now DEFINITELY dropping TMo, and getting Iphone 5 when it comes out, after 10 years ! Ridiculous!

  • Jvalenz1980

    Haha, are they crazy?!  Now I am upset i passed on the HTC One for $50 this past weekend.  I am not paying $280 for a contracted phone.  Your slipping T-Mobile.

  • Runlikthewind

    I went to T-Mobile store when they had free smartphone day last week,when all was said and done they told me my free phone was going to cost 320.00 up front I then asked what is free here? I then walked out they are not what they used to be

    • Bajamin

      they are the same, you just can’t read. 

  • Tom

    The worst part of this, is that more people will now be sucked in to a Verizon or AT&T scam plan of $110 (pre-tax) a month, because T-MO’s stupidity!

    • Nunya Beeswax

      No, they will be sucked in because of their own stupidity and inability to do basic math. That’s fine though. They’ll be bsck in a year or so, a bit lighter in the pocket and hat in hand wanting to know what they can get for free to come back.

      • Chris

        best comment yet

  • @%$$%^%^$$&$$#@!@^t&&*


  • MarcusDW

    Price drop on the Galaxy S 2

    It’s now $549 full price and $199 after $50 rebate.

    • jhoff909

      where do u see $199 – it’s not the upgrade price online that’s for sure.  $249 is what I see…

      • MarcusDW

        It is $199.

        New customers online shows $199 after $50MIR but upgrades show $249 and doesn’t show anything about the MIR.  SUPPOSEDLY according to two reps I spoke with on 2 separate occasions, the $50 MIR does show up at checkout but I can’t verify that.

        I could have actually upgraded one of my lines over the phone and got it for $249 before the MIR though.  So yeah it is $199 now.

        • goo649

           That is for the GALAXY S 2. YOU RETARD

        • goo649


        • MarcusDW

          Next time read the conversation before spouting such ignorance.

      • MarcusDW
      • goo649



  • ThaDocKAF

    Where did this information come from? Is there any citation other than “developing”? This could be for the 32GB for all we know. We ought to wait for the official word from T-Mobile I think.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      I think you know that this information comes from somewhere that isn’t going to be acknowledged, anyone reading this blog should know that ahead of time. I’m waiting for official word from T-Mobile as well and I sure hope they listened to feedback, but when people are posting official internal documents with pricing info, that’s pretty concrete.

      • guest

        Dave I talked to customer service and they gave me the price range you mentioned. Around 275-300. Its annoying but what can you do. I don’t think they will change it.

        • http://tmonews.com David

          AllThingsD and Walt Mossberg, quoted the same price in their review and I added a picture into the post to help verify the pricing.

      • MarcusDW

        Is there any info on the 32GB model?  What’s that gonna cost, $379 before a rebate??

  • Therealmikebrown

    $330! Thats over $100 more than everyone else.
    This price for the 16gb or the 32gb? Hope it’s the 32gb, if not that’s stupid.

  • Rock

    Can someone please explain to me why everyone is so pissed that the phone is slightly higher than Big Red/Big Blue?? I don’t understand why people are so upset. Yes, UPFRONT you are paying more but comparatively, you are saving an assload (yes, that’s a scientific quantity) in the backend. Do the math. Unbunch your damn panties!

  • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

    that’s unexpectingly high when compared to what other carriers are releasing it at .. maybe there’s a perk for TMO customers . something that sets their version apart?

    • Guest

      Substantially lower monthly bill?

      • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

        lol low bills have done little in terms of being a “perk” .. consumers obviously don’t care about lower monthly bills.

        • Corey21

          as many people that complain about not being able to pay their bill each day, i believe it’s a perk.

        • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

          that’s just all it is .. complaints .. otherwise you’d see flocks of people moving over to TMO for this “perk” lol .. no one cares about the lowest bill as much as common sense says they should. 

  • Vbear

    They can kiss my ass. I will wait for IPhone 5 and change carriers.

  • Peace

    Can someone start a petition?

  • http://twitter.com/wutdaheck Heck Saints

    So really they just made it $20 cheaper than the cost of canceling and getting att upgrade.

    T-mobile Price: $329
    at&t Switch: $200 (cancellation fee) + $149 = $349

    I have never been so annoyed at a business decision.  T-mobile for years was the “family” network and low priced company.  But they do this?  lol  

    • Bajamin

      What are you talking about. The phone cost what it cost. the prices are mostly dictated by what Samsung sells them for. The monthly rate is still roughly HALF of what ATT charges. 

  • Citycrazed25

    Well i just called up to tmobile in Philidelphia and he said that only two stores up there are getting it and they are only getting about 5 phones until the 27th

  • dodgerfan26

    i know that walmart/best buy/sams club or costco usually sell their phones for a bit cheaper. after speaking with the best buy tmobile reps, they think the phone would be $199 with 2 year agreement (but thats not concrete fact). i know the S2 was $100 more at a tmobile store than walmart. and at least in california, only walmart taxes you on the sale price vs the retail price wich saves you about $50 on average for the the high end phones. also they usually price match each other prices. i just got an S2 price matched from best buy for $99.98. somthing to look into.
    i too am very disapointed in tmobiles pricing. i like many others have been waiting for this phone. makes you wonder why they didnt have pre-orders….perhaps this outrage gets back to tmobile and they change their minds or they will loose alot of customers.

  • Idegtev

    Just called a T-Mobile store in Boston to ask them to hold a GSIII and ask about price. They said that the store doesn’t even know what the price is as of now. They said it can be anywhere from $200 in best case scenario to $250 max. This obviously doesn’t match up with what the reported price is. My guess is they are either totally clueless as T-Mobile employees are wont to be, or this price is for the 32G model. I guess I will find out tomorrow morning…

    • Khalints

      it says 16gb right there in the piture

      • Idegtev

        I know what it says, I was just relaying what the T-Mobile rep told me. From the sound of it, they did not get the final price themselves yet. Maybe they were trying to cover it up, but the guy on the other end sounded pretty honestly confused. In fact he called me back about 15 minutes later to tell me the store was not getting their shipment until the 27th after all. Found another store nearby that should be getting their stock around 4, so I will make another attempt to confirm the price then. 

    • Citycrazed25

      Yea, T-Mobile employees are totally clueless. I called T-Mobile here in Maryland and she told me that they are selling the S3 tomorrow, and I asked, “are you sure?”. She then told me to “hold on” and she came and said “yea, you’re right”.

      • Haha1111

        Do you want to know why? They do not tell reps jack shit. Reps come here to find out news. Secondly, don’t you think if the reps knew they would tell you the right information just so jack assessment like yourself won’t go in and call them out for telling a lie or trying to get that person to change it to the price they told you?

      • 21stNow

         I don’t know which part of Maryland you are in but I heard that the Silver Spring and the Waldorf stores would have the GSIII tomorrow.  I’m not saying that those are the only two, but that those are two of the stores that will have them.

  • Josue Polanco

    You guys are all a bunch of cheap butts! People like you just means better chances of me getting my phone!
    booooohooooo……tmobile this……tmobile that! why tmobile……….. Go with verizon, at&t, sprint. Pay them loads of cash because your not willing to pay a hundred more with tax up font!

  • Travis edwards

    I’ve heard different costs for this phone all week. I rather pay more for the phone then $100+ for a service plan with Verizon or ATT..

    • secano

      *than – It makes a lot of difference.

  • ChadBroChillz

    320 up front for a device other carriers are selling at 200. Mail in rebates? Wtf tmobile. What happened to the value mantra. How can other carriers change 199 and you cannot? Even US cellular has it for 200 on contract.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      The value mantra is that you are still paying $20-$50 less PER MONTH. Everyone is focused on the up front cost but that’s not where you save, you save over 24 months.

      • phills

        I think most people understand this.  The issue is that it feels like less of a “deal” when you’re paying more up front.  When you pay the same for the phone as the other carriers AND pay less on your monthly bills it’s a deal.  When you pay more for the phone up front in order to pay less on your bills it feels like a trade-off.  It’s about psychology not numbers.

        • goo649

           It may be true that it is more upfront to save down the road, but what you are missing is that amazon, best buy, wirefly, radio shack, walmart will all be selling this phone for $199 within two weeks of launch. So there really is no reason for T-Mo to expect customers to pay $320 up front. It is a terrible plan that will kill initial sales. So the argument over long term savings is moot.

      • Chris

        What people dont realize is that it IS about numbers, go get your galaxy for 199 somewhere else and pay more per month. Like David said everybody is focused on the upfront cost, if youre so focused on “feeling” like youre getting a deal youll probably miss out on the deal thats right in front of you.

      • googlephone

        Money in pocket is worth more than money saved in the future. T-mobile CEO should take some economic classes.

      • ChadBroChillz

        It is possible to pay the same price on other carriers if not only 10 dollars more. 
        If you compare a plan with 500mins, unlimited any mobile, unlimited txt, and at least 2GBs of data.Sprint’s plan cost 80 dollarsTmobile’s is the same price at 80. ATT’s comparable plan is 90 dollars, but you get 1 extra GB.People will not feel happy about having to pay 120 more upfront compared to other carriers. 

        • Corey21

          in reply to you , you get unlimited minutes 2gb and text for 80 at tmobile.

    • deeoh1084

      Sprint has it for $200 as well and Sprint’s rate plans are not that bad either so i don’t mind switching over to Sprint if this is true (it seems like it’s true but it’s too expensive) i think T-Mobile is the only carrier that’s going to offer SGS III for more than $200 which i think it’s pretty stupid idea 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Walker/1838199082 Corey Walker

    all the t mobile reviews of this phone i saw today had a price tag of 199 for 16gb model. 

    • Ikhtiaralam

       Where have you seen this?

      • http://tmonews.com David

        That would be false, at least partially, I’ve seen some not mention price, some mention the same pricing we had and that’s it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Walker/1838199082 Corey Walker


  • Josue Polanco

    Here is an idea for all you cheap butts who are complaining,

    Currently i’m on a Family classic plan,
    I will upgrade two of my lines that are eligible for the full upgrade costing me
    – $329.99 x 2 = $659.98
    -pay $200 each for a migration fee each for the value plan making it a total of $400
    -but you pay $20 less on the value plan which mean 24months x 20 = $480 savings

    $659.98 + $400(mig fee)= $1059.98 – $480(Value Plan saving) – $100 (mail in rebate for two phones) = $479.98 total for both phones!

    Compared to:
    $659.98 + $480(more on classis plan) – $100 rebate = $1,039.98 for both phones!

    or compared to people getting it on the value plan
    2 X $629.99 (retail price) = $1,259.98 – ($480 value plan savings) = $779.98


    Do some math and stop being a bunch of girls who complain!

    • jhoff909

       you’ve got some math issues there – you’re both subtracting the 480 from the value plan and adding it in to the classic plan totals – do one or the other.  Still, it’s cheaper for you to switch to the value plan…

    • Relikk356

      I’m not sure exactly how this will work but I disagree with your math. I will use a $60 per month phone bill as my example and 10% tax for easy math. 60 x 24 = $1440. Classic is 80 x 24 = $1920

       You pay $229 down + tax on the full cost of the phone and then $20extra a month on your bill for 20 months. Also, I’m not sure why you think you get a rebate. The rebate only applies to the classic plan as far as i can tell. 

      Example one.
      Phone Bill = $1440 + $229.99 + 62.99 (tax at 10%) + $400 (20 X 20months) = $2132.98.

      Example two. Classic

      $279.99 + $27.99(10% tax) + $1920 (80 x24) – $50 (rebate) = $2177.98

      Example 3
      $629.99 + 62.99 + $1440 = $2132.98

      • Josue Polanco

        I dont think you understand, I have a classic plan, i will do the upgrade on both of my lines, and then a week later pay $200 migration fee for going down to the value plan, i still would get a $50 rebate on each phone i get because i wuld be upgrading the plan on my current classic plan. thats why i said a migration fee to a value plan. its a bit confusing but a good frien that works for tmobile should me this trick. I also did say tax excluded

        • Relikk356

          I get it Now. So you are paying the existing classic customer upgrade of $329 + 200 migration fee  – 50 rebate, or $479 without tax (phone only). I thought they charged you the migration fee and the difference in phone cost but what do I know. Let us know if it works. I’m sure a lot of people would like to do that.

  • guest 123

    WOW!  What a firestorm over a phone!

  • One more week…(hopefully)

    I bought my case and screen protectors ahead of time anticipating this launch…so in other words I’m totally ready for a day one purchase, but as much as it sucks (after waiting so long to begin with) I think in the long run I’ll feel better waiting another week and hoping it is available through amazon or wirefly cheaper.  I have a feeling this higher price may not be permanent, and may just be to deter mobs when they only have 5 phones at some locations (as someone previously mentioned).  Hopefully the phone will “go on sale” in a week.

    On a side not my work is going to kill me because I told them I would have a new phone a month ago (my current one barely functions) and I’ve been holding out for this.  But really if they expect me to have a functioning phone to do my job they should be providing it…so they can stfu :)

    • No Way

       Me too, Broke Galaxy S 6 weeks ago, and have been using my G1 since.

  • dodgerfan26

    anyone thinking of buying at tmobile walmart or tmobile best buy….i think it will be somewhat the price people want to pay for the s3. as far as paying more upfront vs paying more in the long run, i agree with david, its a fu#%n mind game that is against tmobile.

  • Travis edwards

    I just talked to a person at the Chicago store by my house. Pricing above is correct.

    The top 29 markets are as follows:  MEANS THEY WILL ONLY BE SELLING A LIMITED AMOUNT OF PHONES TOMORROW, ONLY 2 STORES IN CHICAGO ( the stores with most sales)…this was also confirmed…

    I was able to put my name on a list for the second launch date on the 27th…. lady did mention shipments might be in earlier. So call your local stores now and get on the list. Buying over the phone is not the way to go…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Walker/1838199082 Corey Walker

      which chicago stores are going to be selling them? 

      • Travis edwards

        She didn’t say. I’m not about to Christopher Columbus it and drive around.  :) … My store is on north ave and clybourn. I was # 5 on the waiting list ( color choice is not guranteed) ….

        • Josue Polanco

          there is a waiting list?

        • Travis edwards

          That’s what I’ve been told by the rep, I believe that’s what it said in the review as well. Call a store and ask to put your name down. Seems like chances of getting it on day one are slim, again they will have a limited supply from what I’ve been told….

      • Travis edwards


  • Truthseeker

    Get your heads out of your ass and do the math. at&t and Verizon can afford to heavily subsidize this phone because they rake in so much cash ($$$$$) each quarter. Their plans are outrageous compared to TMo – they laugh at those who are willing to walk away from TMo because they get to screw you each month, again and again … just how they like it. Thinking of Sprint … good luck with that. Their plans seem okay until you tack on the ten dollar fee. Add to the mix slow 3G, locked in CDMA tech and that makes it a bad deal to me. I’ve been with all of them and settled with TMo last year. They are revitalizing their network, deploying release 10 LTE, and are trying to climb out of this hole they got themselves into with this at&t nonsense. They can’t do all of this on low monthly rate plans. I’ll be the first at my TMo store to get this awesome phone and I’ll have no problem paying a little extra knowing I won’t get a monthly screw job from the others.

    • Chris

      their plans are okay, actually and ill take $10 for unlimited data which bring my base plan to 79.99 still not high bro, their data speeds are another thing but i guess im lucky because mine are bareable. Most people complain about a phone being locked to the network but when u take your phone to a new network u get limited support, no warranty or insurance (pointless when youre not a customer who spends $500+ for “freedom”). TMo has the best deals but Sprint comes in a close second when it comes to value and i would love to see the comparisons once both companies launch their LTE networks. Tmo gives it up easy, sprint makes love to you, and att/vzw will tag team that a$$ lol

  • Kylie

    If you buy from Target, Costco, Best Buy etc can you still get insurance on the phone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Walker/1838199082 Corey Walker

    I just talk to a rep at the t mobile on a 119 st off 94 in chicago and he said his list shows 230 after A mail  n rebate for a 16gb model.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Walker/1838199082 Corey Walker

      he going call me back after he get off the phone with a samsung rep

      • Travis edwards

        there are 2 types of plans for new customers, look at the screen shot in the review. 

  • billy padilla

    Kylie, yes yo can get insurance thru them, its all the same. your still buying from tobile. they have acces to all 4 major carriers systems. you can upgrade there too. its pretty fast and easy. walmart was the cheapest for me. they also have the 30 days (california) to return phone or 14 days elswhere. and also have the one year warranty. if they dont offer the ins there on the spot you can call tmobile CS # and request it. no problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=638799477 Dave Gomez

    For those of you getting all mathy comparing classic to value plans and suggesting people switch, it’s not that simple.  T-Mobile charges a MIGRATION fee of $350 to switch from classic to value.  Throw that cost into your calculations.

    • Josue Polanco

      200 is the migration fee. its on there website and i spoke to a rep to confirm!

      • Josue Polanco

        it is easy just do the math, for my family plan its worth it!

      • TBN27

        That’s before the contract is up right?

    • Chris

      its 200 bro

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=638799477 Dave Gomez

      Well, you’re all wrong.  When I login, and speaking on the phone I was being charged 350 to migrate, this was NOW and last September.   I’ve been eligible for a full upgrade for over half a year now.

      • Josue Polanco

        just google tmobile migration fee. you’ll see on there website, for somereason they dont let me put this link up here in the posting,

      • P T

         Perhaps the thing you are not telling us is how many lines are you changing over. The fee is PER LINE. So for $350 I am assuming you are talking about more than a single line, correct?

        • Tortionist

          The size of the migration fee is based off of how much time you have left in your contract. A good case in point is my line. It’s not due for an upgrade until October 21st. My migration fee right now is $150, as quoted by a tmo employee. My wife doesn’t get her upgrade until December and hers is about $250. Just something to keep in mind.

        • P T

           Understood. The issue is Dave Gomez keeps trying to tell everyone that we are all wrong and is implying there is a $350 migration fee period. As you pointed out, it depends on your own account if and how much of a fee there will be. But Dave wants to leave out all that and base our fees on his account I guess.

    • P T

      Migration fee is ONLY if you are still under a contract and it STARTS at $200 (per line) and drops the closer you are to being out of contract. $200 is only if you are 7 months or less into your contact. If you are 18+ months into your contract then there is no migration fee at all.

      Reference: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3282

  • Latinchick_213

    How do we know which Los Angels, CA stores will have them?

    The City is posted but not the direct stores…

  • Josue Polanco

    Migration Fee Information
    The Migration Fee applies for each line being migrated to the Value Plan in which less than 18 months of the current contract term has been met. A migration fee is a charge for moving to a Value rate plan prior to completing your existing contract. This fee is charged to your monthly bill and will be due on your next statement following the change. Migrations fees are assessed based on time remaining on your current contract. Current contract status may be a result of a contract change or handset upgrade.

    Months Completed on ContractMigration Fee Charged per Line0-7 months completed$2008-11 months completed$15012-15 months completed$10016-17 months completed$5018+ months completed$0 
    Note: Months shown are approximate based on 30 days per month.

  • Josue Polanco
  • NickK

    Okay just talked to a rep it’s going to be 279$ and 50$ mail in rebate and it comes down to $229.99 and they said anyone can get this deal if they are eligible to upgrade and are on the plan that lets them upgrade to get the low price on the phone it will be the same price for every plan that lets u upgrade!! I talked to a store here in Chicago. And yes they said most likely tmobile will put there 1900 band up that’s why they said by the “end of June” meaning for the GS3 he said.

    • NickK

      Forgot to mention not everywhere will have the 1900 band just some locations Chicago will be one of them.

      • Travis edwards

        what’s the 1900 band mean?

        • JennyQ

          Okay so the lincolnwood and highland park location will have the gs3 but not a lot just some. The 1900 band is supposed to be faster and it makes the iPhone get 3G as a benieft. It does a lot google it. Good luck to everyone who gets one. And yes $229.99 after mail and rebate.

    • sharklover

      Lets hope it’s $229. thats what is thought is may be. I never thought they would charge more than $229.

    • Oliad27

      For which vesrion is the 279? 16GB?

  • Josue Polanco
  • Dennis Petros

    Just called local tmo store here in Chicago. They not getting till 27th either ;(

    • Travis edwards

      The lady from the north and clybourn store said there are only 2 carrying them tomorrow. I put my name on the waiting list.

      • NickK

        I called the store by my house and they said they will have the GS3 but limited. Here in Chicago.

        • Travis edwards

          What area?

  • sharklover

    I assume stores like costco and bestbuy probably wont get it until the 27th either.

  • Batterydead

    it shows online my full upgrade isn’t until july 21.  Does that mean i/d be paying the 449.99 to get it a month early?  Also I’m still on the g1 $35 unlimited text and data plan.  Will they try to take that off if i upgrade in store?  My gf upgraded to the g2 in store and they removed it whereas i upgraded online a few yrs back and got to keep mine.  thanks guys

    • Latinchick_213

      How were you able to find out which stores will be carrying the device?

    • No Way

       I have called tmo and you will not have to upgrade your dataplan, you can stay with what you have.

      • Batterydead

         thanks. the thing is it’s a plan no longer offered so i wasnt sure if i went to the store they’d tell me they would have to take it off. It happened to a friend of mine with a different grandfathered plan


    Grrrrr this sucks!!! why tmo why? I’m in minneapolis and I found only one shop that is selling the phone tommorow but they told me they have very few phones available for tommorow. I guess i’m going to wait for next week and see if the prices go down somwhere else. The funny thing is one of the biggest Tmo store didn’t get the phone lmao.

    • Latinchick_213

      How were u able to find out which TMobile store would carry the S3 tomorrow

    • mpls00

      I’m in MPLS too. Which store will have them?

  • sharklover

    I just called the store by me near Miami. They said they are getting them tomorrow and th eprice is $329 minus $50 MIR. Very sad. I have to wait for costco in any event.

    • guest

       which store in miami?

  • P T

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but on my family plan we have a lot of OLD phones, so all the newer phones look great to me. So I am hoping that the main thing that comes out of the Galaxy S III hitting the stores is that hopefully the price of the S II will drop or will be on frequent blow out sales. The S II is still light years ahead of what I use now.   :)

    • sharklover

      Could have got most phones for free last weekend.

      • P T

         Yes put only for the fully unlimited plans which are $$$ especially on a 5 line family plan. So price difference to upgrade 5 lines that much would easily outstrip any cost savings on the phones.

        • Nunya Beeswax

          As with most of the posts here, you are wrong. Some of the phones required the 5 gb data plan, but most only required the 2 gb plan. I don’t know what you mean by “Fully unlimited”, as there are no plans called that or that would fit that description.

  • Christopher

    Why does T-mo have to charge more than Verizon for the phone?  And VZW’s phone will have LTE chip along with the CDMA chip which should make the cost of that phone more.  And before any says anything about outright costs, the VZW one outright is 599 while T-mo’s is 629.

    • Travis edwards

      How will no LTE chip affect the phone?

      • Batterydead

         a year from now when tmobile starts rolling out lte ur not gonna be able to take advantage of it with tmobile’s gs3

        • Travis edwards

          Hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting….. isn’t LTE coverage limited in the US anyway?

    • P T

       Because VZW phone plans are a lot more expensive. So they make up the difference in your monthly plan costs and can let the phone go for cheaper to rope you in. I can only speak for myself, but the main reason I have been on T-Mobile for so long is that their plans are always the most affordable. If I pay a bit more upfront for a phone, as long as my costs over the year is lower, I end up ahead financially.

      • Christopher

        VZW Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB = 199.99
        AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB = 199.99
        Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB = 199.99
        U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB = 299.99 then $100 MIR = 199.99
        T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB = 329.99 then $50 MIR = 279.99

        Yes, T-mobile’s plans are cheaper, but getting phone prices in line with everyone else is needed when the same device is available elsewhere especially with an extremely popular device and a wide release.  Even outright, T-mo charges more than everyone else – $629 compared to $599 for VZW, $549 for AT&T/Sprint.

  • JB

    So I’ve never had to call or deal with a branded T-mobile store about anything until this morning.. naturally I was inquiring about the availability of the GSIII tomorrow.  I called one of the newer stores in Kansas City, MO.. and got a manager. He said his location wasn’t getting any (at least not until next week) and that right now, the only stores in MO that were are getting any (as far as he could tell) were as far as St. Louis! (mind you they aren’t even on the top markets list) 

    He did say he was going to do some digging and see if he could nab a few and he was going to call me back in a few hours to tell me if he was successful or not. And if he was, then he’ll put my name near the top of the call list to come pick up one since I live practically right down the street! I posted this because the level of service I got was outstanding! I’m sure most of the calls he has taken is about this very issue and he was SUPER nice about it. You don’t get that most places anymore!

    Though if any other KC folks on here knows about any locations in the area that’s receiving stock, please inform. Thanks!!

    • Brandon

      St. Louis is not getting them until June 27th sadly.

      There are only 3 stores in KC that are getting them on the 21st.

      119th & Blackbob, Olathe, KS
      Zona Rosa, N. Kansas City, MO
      Shawnee Mission Parkway, Shawnee, KS

      • MarcusDW

        Raytown, MO(Southeast KC) will have it on the 22nd.

    • JB

      Thanks guys! Actually the Raytown store happened to be the one I called… But I’m sure I’ll end up at the one in Olathe since I travel that way daily anyways!!

  • Travis edwards

    Chicago peeps

    The T mobile store carrying the phones:

    Brick yard mall

    Harlem and Irving store

    92nd street store

    Good luck, as I will be waiting until the 2nd launch, or watching the S2 prices…

    • TheReder

      What about the other two?

  • Lost another customer

    Why the f**k are they pricing soo high as an upgrade as a loyal customer over 5 yrs is just ridiculous ..everyone else is $199.00 shit is crazy..i’d like to know where my other $80.00 is going to…hello Sprint!!!!!

    • Nunya Beeswax

      And helloooooo slow ass 3g!