So, What It’s Going To Be? Galaxy S III Or HTC One S?

With the Galaxy S III launch coming in just under two weeks, the HTC One S already on store shelves and the Ice Cream Sandwich update just three days away for the Galaxy S II, T-Mobile customers have some excellent Android choices. Sure, I know at least a few of you wish the Galaxy Note was already available and it will be — soon. For now, the Galaxy S III has the spotlight and rightfully so, it’s arguably the best Android smartphone on the planet. That is, unless you’re a HTC fan.

We know what the Galaxy S III is coming to store shelves with and it’s packing a punch, even so there are still a group of disappointing Exynos supporters angered by the inclusion of the Snapdragon S4 processor. We know that the Galaxy S II is still a formidable device and the inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich makes an already great device, better. The HTC One S is part of HTC’s trifecta of smartphones hoping to turn the company around and I know I for one, love it.

So I leave you this question over the weekend, what’s your next T-Mobile Android device going to be?

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  • Michaelsean

    I work in tech care for T-Mo and had high hopes for this phone. Even after the firmware update the signal fluctuation is terrible. Not to mention that wifi calling is absolutely terrible still. I would go so far to say useless. The Galaxy 3 doesn’t blow then wind up my skirt either though. I hate Touch Whiz more than I hate Sense. I hate the cheap ass poly carbonate builds they use. Why can’t a single TMo phone come out that does not have massive issues from day 1.

    On that note, Blackberry is dead. Every rep in the building hates dealing with troubleshooting them because of all the proprietary crap you have to go through. Not to mention when we do have to pass a customer on to them it is a long process and they are about as nice as bridge trolls to work with.

    Carrier subsidized phones need to die in a fire. Let us pick the phone we want without all the bloatware and bullshit. Every other country seems to be able to figure it out.

    And last but not least, T-Mobile stop outsourcing customer jobs over seas. Those people are terrible. Even as an employee when I call in and get one I just hang up and keep dialing until I get an American on the line. Bring your customer service back the the states in it’s entirety and for gods sake stop trying to sell everyone unneeded junky services when they already can’t pay their bill. It is very crappy  and it certainly is not what it going to raise our JD Powers rank. 

  • Heck Saints

    Am I the only one that saw how long this response was and didn’t even bother reading it?  Blog reply bro, not dissertation.  Sheesh.

  • tommy

    64 GB micro-SD? WOW!

  • Deadeye37

    Oh how I wish I could have the One S.  However, I can’t get it because it has no microSD card slot.  I have a 32 GB microSD card in my phone right now.  Its more than half full of stuff.  I can’t stick those MP3 & Movies on dropbox and expect to download them when I want to listen to them.  That doesn’t help me on long road trips through rural Utah/Arizona/Nevada.  It also doesn’t help me while I’m on a long airplane flight.  If I go anywhere where I only have a 2G connection, that Dropbox becomes virtually useless.

    HTC should think about stuff like that before creating phones.  The USA is much larger than Taiwan and a strong 4G signal/WiFi is not very prevalent if you’re out and about.  Also, even with a 4G connection, your data would get eaten up quickly if you’re doing a lot of downloading from Dropbox.

    Samsung S III, here I come (unless the One X or cooler phone is released by the end of the year).


      The One X does not have SD card support either…

  • tommy

    I scrolled down and saw all the comments about One-S problems. SA :( D ! I really want HTC to succeed but they just keep doing it, and you get no intelligent response when you try to communicate to the company about your problems, they way I see it.

  • mooggyy

    Question?  Would some of the responses be a bit different if the One S had a battery that was non-removable but had a microSD slot?  It seem like the arguments tie both together.  In reality, it seems as if people could deal with the permanent battery in the One S, its the microSD slot that is the deal breaker.  Its kind of like that for me at least!

    • nd5

      You know… everyone’s darling, the iPhone, has no removable storage, and no removable battery… and they seem to sell a gazillion of them and people don’t seem to mind.  Just sayin.

    • nd5

      You know… everyone’s darling, the iPhone, has no removable storage, and no removable battery… and they seem to sell a gazillion of them and people don’t seem to mind.  Just sayin.

      • Joker

         true story…

      • mooggyy

        Agreed!  The fangasms for the iphone with its current build is crazy.  I think the One S would have appealed more if it had a 32GB version.  My opinion!  Its a fantastic phone other than the storage issue.  The cloud is here but I’m part of the resistance!  I like as much of my content as local as possible. Storage is key.  That’s why the GS III is looking more appealing!

      • AndrewSingleton

        that’s true but theres only one iphone. if you want an iphone, you’re an iphone customer. if you want an android, you’re not necessarily an htc one s customer. 


    This is more like 50 cents. 

    • CnTWaItSGS_III

      man how u get a job as a tech in tmo.. is that in NY?

      • TMOTECH

        Well first of all you need to be able to speak proper English. Secondly, you will need to have some sort of telecommunications experience or an equivalent degree in the field. I was in the military for 5 years working telecommunications and also have a degree in digital electronics. And There are 50 to 150 Technicians in every state. Not just N.Y. I know it is hard to believe that things exist outside of N.Y., but there are people in other places too. 

        • CnTWaItSGS_III

          excuse me.. I believe Typing and Speaking are too different things.. sorry to offend you by just trying to type a short way of saying “you” and abbreviating words… seriously white people now days… but thanks for the info I mean I don’t see why other states can’t have more capabilities with telecommunications than what New York has.. and thank you again

  • Deadeye37

    I admit that I don’t have the One S.  I do really want one (my sister-in-law has one and feels & looks great).  However, That lack of MicroSD slot is really a problem.  I don’t want to have to keep downloading/uploading stuff off of Dropbox and constantly managing what I want on my phone week to week.  That becomes even more of a hassle if you go somewhere where there isn’t a fast connection/no connection.  32 or 64 GB of space that a MicroSD card has ensures that this would happen a lot less often, if ever.

    Aside from that, I agree with you that the One S is a pretty stellar phone.  The space issue is a deal breaker for me, though.

  • Joker

    SG3 – seriously I’m upgrading from a MT3G slide (bought that POS Samsung Exhibit II 4g randomly one day in Nov b/c I was sick of the keyboard and bulk but I just broke that so I’m using this old clunker in the interim)…there are 8 million arguments and ways to dissect these phones (One S, One X, SG2 & 3) and at the end of the day, they’re all good phones and can do what you need them to do…legit concerns: no SD slot and internal battery – I get it, but the rest is all too damn techy for 99.8% of the general population…just tell me if it’s slow, has shytty call reception, freezes or any major problems but some of the arguments below are too much and will give an inexperienced Android user, just trying to read up on the device(s), a migraine – cheers

    • Bsnr818

      Amen!  Just give me an SGIII so I can replace this G2.

      • Bsnr818


  • Michael Hoffman

    Does anyone expect TMO to have another phone sale in the next few months once the Galaxy S3 comes out?  I was looking back through old posts for the previous years and couldn’t find anything…

  • Deacon

    the one thing i’d say it a slight to the One S is the nonremovable battery but let’s be honest .. iPhones don’t have removable batteries either and i don’t hear thousands of people saying it is a problem with the battery going dead.

    the storage thing is a non issue at least for me because i don’t download thousands of apps nor videos on my phone so i’ve never come close to using up the storage on prior phones . never had a need to upgrade my memory beyond what it came with so the One S is good for me.

  • Bigdross97

    I have a HTC sensation now, I love HTC and had every intention on getting the one x but then found out that the one x not hitting T-Mobile and as I am a huge fan of technology and have the huge hands for huge technology I want the biggest and the best and because the biggest and best on T-Mobile will be the galaxy 3 that’s what I will get

  • AndrewSingleton

    just ordered the one s. you cant beat that cold-to-the-touch build quality.

  • NickyA264

    As promised in many of my past posts, I have not purchased a Samsung product and I have bought the HTC One S.  I will never again buy a Samsung phone….they have absolutely no regard for their customers with regard to servicing and updating their phones.  They burned me twice, but never again. I have already received an OTA from HTC.  Once you buy a Samsung phone, they got you…. and they couldn’t care less once they got your cash.  You Have Been Warned!!!!

    • Birdsfan

      I don’t disagree with your statement but the GNex is a Samsung phone and I think the build quality is very good AND I’ll never have to worry about Samsung upgrading the OS….problem solved.

    • Justlee7

      Same situation here. I had a Vibrant (Galaxy S), and I really enjoyed the phone. Had it for nearly 2 years, but the total disregard of customer support and updates by Samsung is just too blatantly. They had a GPS issue from the start, and when they couldn’t fix it, they just quietly through out an app to reset it ever so often manually and that was that. Gingerbread was suppose to be released a year ago, and last thing I knew the update is no where to be found. Before buying my next phone I did some research, and pretty much every single Samsung smart phone OS update as been a debacle.

      So I decided to go with the HTC One S instead, because HTC seems to be updating their phones before everyone else. I tell you the quality of build between the HTC One S and the Galazy S II isn’t even close the One S is just far an above better!

      After seeing the spec release of the Galazy S III and reading about the the hands on accounts, I decided no more Samsung phones for me!

      Besides having a GSIII’s bigger screen, from what I can tell, the One S is a better phone then the GSIII in every way.

      • Spanky

        I bought the Vibrant on release day back in 2010 and thought that it was a total piece of crap. Non-functioning GPS, lag-inducing RFS file system, and lack of updates from Samsung….need I say more? However, I changed my mind about Samsung mobile products when I purchased the Galaxy Nexus. Of course, that phone is Google’s device more that it is Samsung’s, but Sammy is still the manufacturer.

        With that being said, I’ve had 3 HTC phones since 2008 (the original G1, MyTouch 4G, and Sensation), and have had mostly positive experiences with them (other than the well-documented screen fiasco with the MyTouch 4G). However, there’s simply no way that the One S is a better phone than the SGS III. The SGS III has twice as much RAM, a removable battery, a larger screen (could be a plus or a minus, depending on preference), and expandable storage. Although the latter is not a deal breaker for me (the GNex has no expandable storage), it is for a lot of potential buyers. Let’s not forget that Sense is a resource hog.

        I will agree with you that Samsung’s software support absolutely sucks. Based on your post, timely updates are important to you. They are most certainly important to me, which was the main reason I got a Nexus device.

  • Megamanfan22

    One S. The Galaxy S3 is huge and the build quality is plastic/cheap feeling. It’s day to day performance is only a little better than the One S and it having quad cores won’t even make much of a difference since most Android phones aren’t even optimized to take full capability of their hardware. My 4s on iOS 5 performs better than the S3.

    • Jordanclu

      You’re an idiot. After you said quad cores – I stopped reading your post. Then I felt bad, so I read the rest of your comment – low and behold you have some stupid shit to say about your Whyphone.

      • Chestbrah

        ^You’re the idiot. I agree with everything Megamanfan said and I’ve always worshiped Android.

        • Chestbrah

          Also, look me up on Youtube. I’m Chestbrah ya stupid kunt.

  • Rocco Gallo

    i would of purchased the HTC as i have the sensation now, but i dont like the fact that you cant remove the battery and no SD card slot, so galaxy it is.

  • SDJ

    Galaxy S3 for me. I still have bit of hope that HTC comes to the rescue and all rumors about their One X w/o sense arriving at T-mobile become true, otherwise I Hope the GS3 does not feel as cheap as previous devises. 

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Is it for sure that the GS3 will be available on the 21st or will Apple be able to get a judge to stop the U.S. sales?

  • Sh

    I have the HTC S and it’s very nice but has major signal issues where it doesn’t hold to cell signal at all and even after moving out of the house it will not re-capture signal without a restart or turning data on & off. Very disappointed in HTC software update that was suppose to solve this issue. But since HTC does’t recognize the problem exist, it will not solve it.

  • Sh

    I have the HTC S and it’s very nice but has major signal issues where it doesn’t hold to cell signal at all and even after moving out of the house it will not re-capture signal without a restart or turning data on & off. Very disappointed in HTC software update that was suppose to solve this issue. But since HTC does’t recognize the problem exist, it will not solve it.

  • Sh

    Update: Called HTC & T-Mobile about the random NO signal issue, and the only suggestion is to change SiM card and resetting the One-S. However, the same problem persists. This has become a nice music player instead of a phone. It’s so unreliable in full strength areas where my Nexus gets full bars & 4G, the nice HTC gets “x” Zero signal, neither cellular 2G nor 4G. It’s very frustrating wanting to like a phone that doesn’t want to work as intended. This is my last time purchasing HTC phones, even though I loved & owned most of their Androids. No wonder why they are loosing market shares so rapidly, aside from the similarity of all their products aesthetics; the built quality is great but functionally they are going backward and will eventually loose all their customers. Shame on HTC for teasing us with this gorgeous but semi functional phone.

  • Elise

    i sent my htc one s back as it dropped all my calls and wouldnt maintain signal.  I now have the Sony Xperia S which has fantastic signal ability, although I do prefer the design and software on the htc. 

  • Sh

    After exchanging my HTC One-S twice and sending the second for warranty repair (over signal loss issues)  which takes 3 weeks according to HTC; it’s an easy choice. These phones are not in the same league. The GS3 is far better as HTC has deteriorated in function. The HTC One S is a very well built- slim and nice looking phone that doesn’t work well as a phone. Battery life is not as good as what’s circulating, I had to re-charge both mine every afternoon. 10GB non-expandable storage is a joke compare to GS3 choice of up to 128GB (if u get the 64GB built-in + 64GB Micro SD) that no other phone on earth can have as of now. Some people think it’s all in the cloud, but you can fill 10GB very easily with just your phone HD video camera and few other files. This’s suppose to be HTC comeback super phone, instead we get the great metal feel and fancy Arc oxidization and all this superficial marketing crap for those that look and feel; but they forgot about the functionality and the invisible quality that’s essential for the phone success. This is a sad event for HTC and their greed on built-in non-expandable memory and internal as well as software built-quality. I went back to my HTC Nexus One since I shipped the One for repairs and it made me realize why HTC is loosing market share and going down hill fast. I want to like this company since I owned every phone they made so far, but next Thursday is when I’m gonna enjoy the Galaxy S-3 with no return to HTC. I truly hope Motorola start making good phones for T-Mobile.

    • quentin

      Have fun with your plastic piece of junk S III. After that dumps on you, you’ll be back here complaining about Samsung. You sound just like every other constant bitch-fester on here that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

      • Sh

        SIII Sold over 10 Million “pieces of junk”, (as u stated) in one month. I still appreciate the built quality of HTC One but what’s the use of a dysfunctional nice piece of metal Vs. a fully functional piece of plastic? So Mr. Quentin, I’m back but not complaining about Samsung as you stated. Just to respond to your biased ignorant remark about my issue with HTC. So far the SIII is far superior to the One even though it’s made of plastic.

  • Cait

    I finally went with the HTC One S because of the phenomenal T-mobile discount this weekend.

    The Galaxy S3 looked to have several advantages, but not over $200 worth. Once the discount is over, I’d probably recommend the S3, unless 4.3″ is as big a screen as you want and/or the aluminum unibody is a big plus for you. The phone does feel very nice. I’ve had no problems with reception for voice or data.

  • phonegeek

    I’m keeping what I have due to its excellent technology. The Galaxy Nexus is a superb phone which meets everyone of my needs. I’m a gamer and I purchased the snes rom and psx rom from the market…one word…lovely. Although the galaxy s3 maybe a nice state of the art phone and the HTC One is very nice as well, I’ll stick with what i have until something knocks my socks off.

  • quentin

    Hey all of you complainers…..quit using your phone for shit that requires a ton of storage…..use your friggin phone for what it’s intended to do, which is COMMUNICATE with people. Get a tablet (preferrably something like my Ipad) for the fun stuff and quit wasting your time on these boards bitching about useless crap!