So, How Is Ice Cream Sandwich On The Galaxy S II?

So here are we, around twenty hours or so past the release of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II and I want to know — how’s it going? Any hiccups during the update process? Any problems with the update itself? Any additional features you love? Any missing features you need?

Still looking to do the update? Don’t forget to check out either T-Mobile or Samsung landing pages with both text and pictures to help you get through the update process.

T-Mobile Update

Samsung Update

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  • Osasco

    Done! I have completed the last of 4 ICS upgrades in my family. The 5th phone is a HTC MyTouch 4G, so no upgrade. All phones are working fine.

  • Osasco

    Hello. The upgrade I made on the 4th of our S IIs failed and now the phone is stuck. Samsung emailed me the shipping lable and said the return time is 6 day. They will flash the phone.

  • Guest

     Since I upgraded I haven’t been able to get notifications from Gmail and Twitter. Anyone know how to fix this cause I was getting notifications before.

  • Horantj89

    One word…Awesome. It sucks so many people are having problems but so far it has been 3 days and very smooth sailing!

  • Alexcotta

    Love ics

    But there are a lit of bugs most small but a few bugger ones

    Wifi calling has issues crashing tge phone and often when you end the call it stops at ending call but the call is still active

    There are a few memory leaks

    But over all ut is a big step from 2.3

  • Shytown

    Ics sucks it drain my battery to fast I mean super fast my Internet seams slow my wifi it’s super slow software issues like crazy not just me friends coworkers family.went to a tmobile store cause my phone don’t ring anymore I was the 12 one in line with Ics software issues in Chicago Illinois 60618 are 4g sucks out battery goes from 100% to 30% in less than two hours and that’s on wifi use to be faster. Screen gets frozen here and there need to take the battery out and restart my phone.cant wait until this contract is over.Issues issues Ics .

  • Rico2184

    I just hope we dont have to wait for updates 8 to 10 months from now lol