See Jelly Bean And Project Butter In Action On A Galaxy Nexus

What else can we truly know about Jelly Bean as we read all about it? We just want to see it and Project Butter in action and thanks to Aaron Baker and this seven and a half-minute video, we’re seeing exactly that. There is no question it’s smoother than Ice Cream Sandwich, absolutely no question at all. The video is definitely worth checking out but for us, the real question is when we can try this on our own device. Hopefully sometime before the end of the world.


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  • bogartofelcajon

    All in for Fluidity…

  • juanmondragon

    Hey guys what is project butter cause the article says ” See Jelly Bean And Project Butter In Action On A Galaxy Nexus” and they say it like its something different. I just want to know.

    • Austin

      Its a feature for all 4.1 (jellybean) devices to improve the responsiveness  and smoothness of the interface so its smooth as butter (get it….)

    • Arvin

      makes android go vroom

    • Ivan Sanchez

      its a twin turbo

  • cheetofingers

    me gustaaaahhh

  • MarcusDW

    Jellybean is SICK!

    Maybe my GS2 will have it next year.  I’m sure Samsung/T-Mobile are “evaluating it’s worthiness”.

    • Sanman202

      Nope, just announced today that the GS2 will not get JB. The hardware will not support it. Get a Gnex from Google and you’re JB will arrive in about 2 weeks. 

  • Androidluvr

     So, wait a sec.!! Galaxy Nexus has come out for a whole 7 months and you still haven’t done a review on it but you had the time to show the features, that really for well informed consumer, is nothing but sugar coating! Why would you waste time on exactly what I stated, commercial advertising gimmick, of which you excused yourself of, due to not having “TESTED IT YET”, instead of doing due diligence in having done the through review of the phone and stating the obvious flaws? Thank you for proving my point.

  • No

    The GPS on my gnex is amazing so maybe its just your service provider or area.

  • My GPS works great, maybe it’s a user error?  You sound like a 7 year old.