Costco Puts T-Mobile 16GB Pebble Blue Galaxy S III Up For Sale On Website

While T-Mobile’s official channels are now said to all have launched the Galaxy S III, inventory constraints have us looking in every direction for available T-Mobile units. As of yesterday, Costco has placed the 16GB Pebble Blue unit up for sale on No word on in-store availability at Costco retail locations, but at this point ordering online seems like a great idea and not driving all around town hoping to find this elusive device.

Costco sounds like as good of a place as any to grab this super smartphone! In case you are wondering, our in-cart price for a new activation was $249.99. No word on final pricing for upgrades.


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  • rwc1792

    Most Costcos in the SF bay area have had the phone since last Thursday at the price of 249.00.  

    • GS3

       with white color?

      • rwc1792

        No, they said white won’t be out until July. Not sure when

      • GS3

         no white ones, yet..

        i want the white

      • GS3

         no white ones, yet..

        i want the white

  • nitefallz

    So $250 for upgrades.

    • gpt2010

      Yep. $250 +taxes. No mail in rebates to deal with. Got mine last week. 

  • Sofeisty

    Got my upgrade in Lenexa, KS on Saturday.   $249.99 with a free accessory pack which included a hard core storage case, two phone cases, a car charging adapter, and micro usb cord.  Excellent price with 90 days return privileges keeping contract, of course.

    • nitefallz

      I assume you need a Costco membership too?  

      • TmoNoMo

        If you want to buy anything from Costco, you’ll need a membership.

        • Joevisual

          Not true, you can buy alcohol without a membership. Tell them at the door and your good.

        • Thomas C Montano

  does not require a membership despite the name, that is Cosco’s wireless store online.

  • Jdmap1

    where is the white one??

  • nitefallz

    Nice, I did not know about this.

    • jhoff909

       Yup, $75 for my old Vibrant…

  • Psaux

    Man, I wish Costco would actually stand behind their listed “retail” price and really sell off-contract. (They won’t.  I love Costco, so this depresses me.)

    • MacRat

      Yeah. It’s annoying.

      But Costco isn’t actually selling phones. They are just a phone plan reseller like Best Buy and Radio Shack.

  • Pnina_evans

    So… the white one was just a myth then? nowhere to be found.

  • Marc Klein

    The upgrade price seems to be the same price as the new contract price. But it’s usel;ess if you aren’t a member.

  • Mightyfighting

    The better deal is paying whole sale for $389 at Costco and getting on a value plan.

    • mynigguh

      you still have to pay $20 extra every month…

      • Reveng101

        That’s incorrect. Costco does not offer an installment plan like tmobile. 389.99 is the final price on the Value plan. It is a very good deal.

        • GwapoAko

          $389 for the GS3? Is this true?

        • GwapoAko

          I saw the website. Can I buy it in the store?

        • theinfused

          All of the Costco warehouses around my area in Minnesota had a ton in stock… but only the blue version. So the ones around your area should have them.. just give them a call.

    • Dall

      how the hell do you do that? (on the value plan as it is)

    • TTruong

      I emailed Costco Wireless if I could do that online, but they replied saying the GS3 uses a micro sim which is not compatible with the Value Plan. Only regular sims are compatible.

  • Musasi

    I ordered white gs3 16gb version on 25th (upgrade user) and now I see that my order has shipped with tracking number. The estimate delivery date was 7/3/12 but it seems like I might get it on Friday or next Monday. Can’t wait for it :)

    • robert

      Did you order a white or blue? 

      • Musasi

        as I stated above, it was White :)

  • Kathy

    so this wasn’t the latest ANDROID 5 JELLY BEAN and not 2GHZ?
    when  will we receive the  ice cream sandwich  update on the HTC my touch 4g?

  • Digitalfreaknyc

    It’s gone now.  Anyone still see it?

  • King50

    must of sold out ,its not there nomore 

  • Lani

    Yep looks like Costco is sold out of the Tmobile version.  Still show Verizon, Sprint and AT&T versions available online.

  • GS3

    i called 2 best buy mobile stores… none of them in my area has it yet..

    i called 3 tmobile stores, all sold out  and only the blue one was available..


  • superg05

    150  for amaze 4g i think I’ll stick to ebay will get more

  • Corvend813

    I think it should be free for upgrades. T-Mobile is already a great company to have a cellphone through but it would be so amazing to have this phone available free through upgrade.

  • Jlynrn93

    The Costco in Corona, CA has the 16gb in pebble blue.  They’ve had them since the 22nd and still haven’t sold out.  I just called them today to inquire about the white one.

  • Kal-El

    now THIS is a reasonable price point and exactly what I wanted to hear. I will be buying my GS3 from Costco come August when I get my upgrade. 

  • Terence Truong

    So is it possible for me to go in to Costco, and ask for 2 Samsung Galaxy s3 on the value plan and just pay $389.99/each upfront instead of going to my local T-Mobile store and pay $630/each? Thanks!

  • G1ana

    Walmart has them for $199.00. that is where I will be getting mine. now let’s see if I can find one, I will probably just wait another week to get my hands on a white one. 

  • FlyinUte

    I bought mine with upgrade at Costco on the 22nd, it came to $276.70 out the door. Would like to know if this $199 Walmart price can be substantiated anywhere, as Costco may match it.

  • Nanu

    Guys FYI – I placed my order for White Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB model on Tmobile website on June 21st and finally got UPS Tracking confrimation that it will be delivered 29th June. My price came in at $379 +Tax+ Upgrade Fee + I get a $50 dolloar credit..

    Just to let you know

    Good luck with all you waiting out there. 

    • slayr

      I ordered blue 32g same day/cost and got it 6/27. 32g sold our online now. Love my slll.

  • mrspiffy

    Got the white 16gb in store. A bunch of tmo stores in the l.a area got a shipment today… amazing phone but poor battery life!

  • Terence Truong

    So is it possible for me to go in to Costco, and ask for 2 Samsung Galaxy s3 on the value plan and just pay $389.99/each upfront instead of going to my local T-Mobile store and pay $630/each? Do I also need to pay $20/per month for 20 months too? Thanks!