T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III SGH-T999 Hits The FCC, AWS Bands And All

All signs are pointing toward the SGH-T999 (Galaxy S III) heading to T-Mobile as the newest piece of evidence surfaces in the form of FCC approval. Here’s the one notable takeaway from this, no LTE is coming in this particular model. The documents do show WCDMA support for T-Mobile’s AWS band, just as we expected to see. There’s also support for the 850 and 1900 bands meaning this device will be ready to rock under T-Mobile’s refarmed 4G network as well. The lack of LTE connectivity isn’t surprising given that T-Mobile isn’t expected to launch their LTE network until sometime in 2013, but we had hoped that Samsung and T-Mobile would forward think given that T-Mobile’s AWS LTE network will pair up nicely with AT&T’s own LTE 1700 bands.

NFC (near-field communication) is on board, but we don’t know how much support T-Mobile will offer for this feature, though we hope Google Wallet support is a possibility. Other than that, we’re not seeing any other surprises here, good or bad.

All in all, this early FCC report seems fairly standard — so now we wait for T-Mobile to make an official announcement.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/ScottAlanBush Scott Alan Bush

    for those that say one is for the US and one for Canada….why would a Canadian phone need AMERICAN FCC approval?!?!?!

  • Lou

    I pray its Quad Core.

    Hell I still have a G2 and I have an upgrade coming up soon. (In fact they told me I could upgrade earlier but I wanted to wait for something good to come out) I waited for the GSIII hoping that I would have the best cellphone on the market which will be well worth the time I will have it until I see fit to upgrade 2 or more years..

    Dual Core is not top of the line anymore, with the exception of the Exynos 5, but that is not even out yet! Come on Samsung, I really REALLY wanted to like the GSIII, but if I have to settle on the S4 dual processor, I cannot see myself buying this..

  • Me

    So it doesn’t look like the US T-Mobile version will be able to handle world GSM frequencies (900/1800) then.