What’s The Next Samsung Android For You? Galaxy Note Or Galaxy S III?

Just work with me for a moment here and let’s assume that both devices are a done deal on T-Mobile. I’m not saying that they are and I don’t know anything that I haven’t already posted, but let’s just assume for a moment, in a perfect T-Mobile world, they are both arriving on Magenta. Which one are you more likely to pick up? I suppose those question ignores devices like the HTC One S, but let’s not detract from the obvious excitement the Galaxy S III is likely to stir up. Still, the sheer number of emails I receive on a daily basis asking about the Galaxy Note tells me there is at least a few of you out there waiting, and hoping for it to arrive.

As I see it, Samsung seems more and more like the Android front-runner in terms of  creating the most “buzz” for their devices, be it through creative marketing (Super Bowl commercial for the Galaxy Note) or through teaser videos like the one posted early this morning. Either way, Samsung is seemingly outpacing competitors like HTC and LG for market and mindshare.

I know it’s hard to talk about the Galaxy S III when we don’t have a complete list of specs, but we’ve got what we believe is a pretty good picture. Quad-core processor running at 1.4GHz, 1GB of RAM, 4.6″ Super AMOLED 720p display, Android 4.0.3 with TouchWiz, 8 megapixel rear camera, at least 16GB of internal storage.

The Galaxy Note is likely to be the same as the AT&T version with a 5.3″ Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Integrated S pen solution, 8 megapixel rear camera,  and 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

We’re still working to find a picture of a T-Mobile Galaxy Note floating around, but we’ve had an exciting twenty-four hours trying to piece together clues for a Magenta arrival. As for the Galaxy S III, there hasn’t been a peep from Samsung about carrier availability, however, considering that T-Mobile has carried each of the previous Galaxy S models and knowing Samsung’s wish to launch this on as many carriers as possible, it’s likely T-Mobile will see the Galaxy S III arrive.

So, in a perfect Samsung and T-Mobile world, what’s your poison?

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  • quinto

    note is too big for practical use. using it as a phone, music player, something to use when working out, etc. however its good for anyone that has another portable music device. im hoping the sgs3 is about the same size as the gnex, that way id pick one up. this is the only phone that is keeping me away from buying a gnex currently.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/M6QIBKF6YPIDRHYSGMIG5WZ5IY Donald

    The SGSIII isn’t enough of an upgrade from my SGSII. And the only reason I’d opt for the Note is if it included NFC with Google Wallet. So, I’m sticking with my SGSII and not upgrade.

    • sino8r

      Lol! You don’t even know the specs yet! Sure, we have an idea but it could be way off. Hmm… Yeah going from dualcore to quadcore is hardly an improvement though, great point! Wow…

  • rwc1792

    Of the two, I’d have to go with the S3.  I’m not convinced yet that I’d want to have to carry around something all the time the size of the Note.  I have the original Vibrant, so it’s time for something new.

    I’m looking for a great device.  For me, it’s between the S-One, the S3 or the X-One if that ever makes it’s way onto T-mobile.  Some have said that the S-One and X-One in the US are very similar except the size difference, so I’m not waiting around for the X-One, given that phones seems to have a short shelf life.

    Assuming the S3 is headed for T-mobile, how long do people think it will be before we see it?  How long did it take for the S2 to appear on T-mobile after it was announced?

  • Akabelcher

    If Tmobile gets the Note I’m all over it.. S3 is coming out probably to all carriers we all know it’s coming but the the Note has unique stats and was released (IMO) under the radar if magenta gets it it’ll be a great pick up

    • BahamasGeek242

      I agree we need the note, It is a little big for me but I know 2 people who have it on AT&T and they love it, they dont like the touch-wiz so much but this still think its a great device .  

  • Lau Pan

    Been an HTC fan for 7 years and I like the One however the storage and battery issue is a barrier. The Sammy Slll looks to be the one for me and I really like the Note. I would like to play around with the Note and see if the size issue is a barrier…may not be after you get use to it

  • Texas Black

    i own the international note now …would think about moving to the tmobile note ..of course root it and get rid of all the bloatware…..and then get rid of touch wiz….and get AOSP

  • Johnnyb2252

    Ive had the opportunity to test the galaxy note and I fell in love with. Amazing device. The size is not an issue what so ever. I’ve been using the HTC AMAZE for a while and now I’m ready for something larger. I’m really intrigued by the galaxy s3. Love the fact its quad core but its new tech for mobile application and I’ve been reading there’s a huge battery drain issue w all quad cores at this time. All in all neither will be a bad choice. Both will make me happy

    • JT

      How do u fit a large phone like that in your jeans front pocket?

      • Johnnyb2252

        Small junk = more room for phone.

      • TejaPeela

        it fits easily because it’s pretty thin. if you can pocket the amaze which is thicker you can definitely pocked the note.

  • BahamasGeek242

    You know what I just sold my HTC HD7 since it will not get Apollo and I bought Galaxy Nexus factory unlocked from Amazon.  Pure ICS is the only way to go on Android phone.  The SGS3 from the rumors seems like one hell of phone but its still crippled by TOUCH-WIZ  

    • http://twitter.com/ErR0rPr0n3 RDL

      Where did you see a quote from MS, HTC or TMOUS that the HD7 won’t get WP8?  If you took the word of one of the many people who have “sources” before it was officially announced one way or the other please don’t state it as fact since you’re just guessing based on other guesses and that’s how these 80,000 back and forth rumors get started

      If you have a legit quote from one of the above marketing or exec. groups please share the link.  As an HD7 owner I’d love to see that (I plan on getting a new wp8 device anyway but wanted to give my HD7 to a family member).

      • BahamasGeek242

        You are right I do not have quote from any executive from Microsoft or any of the carriers so everything at this point is speculation. Maybe the HTC HD7 gets an update maybe it does not but I don’t want to take the chance I rather have a newer Windows Phone when it comes out and sell my old one for as much as I can now and since I will not be on contract when the new one comes out I will get the subsides price but right now I am going to use my Nexus.

  • deeoh1084

    i love them both but definitely GS III b/c of the QUAD CORE!!
    and ICS!!!! if the Galaxy Note gets upgraded to Quad Core
    and ICS then definitely Galaxy Note i’m sick and tired of my
    crappy HTC Sensation 4G & LG G2x… they are horrible….

  • Matthew Herman

    Pass on both.  I will be waiting for the quad core S4.  Until then my Sensation is keeping me happy.

    • Matthew Herman

      Sorry if my previous post was confusing, but I was referring to the next gen Qualcomm chip, not a 4th gen Galaxy S.

    • guest

      You might get with a second gen quadcore by years end. Fall if we’re lucky. I doubt we’ll see it in our Tmobile SGSIII version though but I could be wrong. I doubt we’ll see the Exynos.

      • Matthew Herman

        I agree that the chances of this chip in the SGSIII are slim, but if they put one in there, I may just pick it up.

        To the best of my knowledge, Qualcomm is having a hard time churning out enough S4’s so hard telling when the quad cores will be rolling out.

        I have some time before I need to upgrade, late 2012 or early 2013 would be fine for me.

  • JEFF

    My next phone will be the new iphone; ready for a change & tired of Android glitches…How do u guys fit larger screens like a Note in your pocket? I got too much of my own junk in there.

    • Realcool2000

      My pockets have keys, thin wallet, SG2. Dont know what else needs to be in there except when u go clubin and the extra luggage in that case would be a couple of 2 1/2 in square packages.

      What you carrying in the pockets bro? Leave the unnecessary stuff in the car u know, or get a Man Purse for all your Apple paraphernalia …I mean Courier Bag ;).

      • jaZzyjeff

        Condoms? Ahahah! Well I always keep my right pocket reserved for my phone only. If I were to put anything else in there with it I’d feel like it’s gonna get scratched.

        • Realcool2000

          haha. i wanted to be as PG as i could. but yeah u got it. what ya carrying to fill up the pockets bro?

  • Psaux

    Please, SOMEONE make a Bluetooth QWERTY slider/flip case for the SGSIII.  With my G2 having more and more issues, I need to move on.  With HTC’s announcement, I know I can’t just hope for a G3.  Those like me who actually need QWERTY are dying for a valid option …. and an add-on to the SGSIII might be a good way to go, given the landscape.

    • Morgan

      Yes! Amen to this post…I’ve got a G2 with more and more problems and have just started searching today for what my next phone should be…!

      • Realcool2000

        Hey. Nice to know there others out there that want a real keyboard. I still use my G2 all the time, it still works great. I got it when it first came out and  I guess I’m lucky that I’ve had no issues.

        Totally agree that there should be a phone with a physical keyboard and a decent sized screen. I would buy it for sure, and wouldn’t care if it was a large device due to large screen/keyboard combo. They could still make it relatively thin with today’s tech.

        That being said, I really don’t think any of these companies will build one, lol. Unfortunately…..

  • Enoel69

    “Considering that Tmobile has carried each of the previous Galaxy S models and knowing Samsung’s wish to launch on as many carriers as possible, it is likely Tmobile will see the Galaxy S III. I will go as far as saying it is almost a done deal the GS3 will be on Magenta…Samsung wants to move as many of these devices as possible hence will be going for a global launch. That’s the way to do it…none of this exclusive stuff that just go to prevent most wanted devices from the hands of the masses when they are hot hot commodities. 


    Tmobile is trash, you tmobile users will never have the note or the gs3, AT&T is has the note and has exclusive rights to the GS3. have fun with your pathetic ONS S…. AT&T RULES THE WORLD!!!!

  • CactoesGel

    Since I already have the Note with AT&T, I’ll have to pick up a GSIII with T-Mo WHEN it comes out. I’m confident T-Mo is gonna turn the corner and start being a lil more competitive.

  • jonathan3579

    There is very little chance I’d consider a T-Mobile branded phone at this current point in time.

    • Realcool2000

      Then why do you post on a t mobile forum? Just to hate on T Mobile?

      • Auser72


    • no2apple

      t-mobile doesn’t make phones. The brand we are talking about here is Samsung, so you should be OK.

  • Vim

    At the moment, the GS3 just doesn’t sound all that impressive.  I suppose the One X’s specs have spoiled us so that quad core processors and pentile 720p displays aren’t as impressive as they used to be.  The processor and display of the GS3 are certainly a step up from the GS2, but the Note still has the superior display.  If I were to ditch HTC for Samsung, it would be for the Note, not the GS3. 

  • mrsbelpit

    Thanks for the info!  Th e battery life looks pretty impressive.

  • 21stNow

    I guess neither for me.  I have the AT&T Galaxy Note and couldn’t see buying it again, just to have the T-Mobile branding.  The SGS III doesn’t entice me at all.

    • no2apple

      How about iphone 3G for you ??. 

      • 21stNow

         What does that mean?  I know that you aren’t seriously asking me about buying a 4-year old phone.

  • Ohgeez10

    I’ve been quite happy with my SGII. My wife has the Samsung Galaxy S4 that I passed down to her and she’s been happy so far although she wants my phone now that she has tinkered around with it. 

    If the Galaxy Note is just as smooth as my SGII, then I’m jumping on it and then passing my SGII to her. I know the SGIII will have updated specs but I’m not sure that its going to “wow” me that much over my current phone. I’ve come to realize that I use my phone more and more now for media stuff and hardly ever for actual phone calls. The Note would be that middle spot between tablet and phone so that its easier to carry but more screen real estate for the things I do. 

    I used to be a TMO rep and thought that manufactures were getting carried away with bigger screens after 4.3″ but now that I have my SGII, I couldn’t go back to anything smaller. 

    • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

      I doubt that performance would be just as smooth, seeing as they both use the same CPUs but the Note has a higher-resolution, but I imagine it’d come pretty close – seeing as Samsung has optimized the software to work with the chip very well.

  • J-Hop2o6

    You should put up a poll David. I like the G-Note, but for everyday use, I would rather go with the GS3. Plus the GS3 will use a next gen processor and other nice specs.

  • http://profiles.google.com/scottoldfield Scott Oldfield

    For me, I’m all about Nexus devices. I love my unlocked GNex running on T-Mo. So, I’m probably set…at least until the next Nexus device. However, if I had to choose between the Note and the GSIII, I’d probably go for the GSIII. I prefer the better hardware on the GSIII and I’m still concerned that the Note would be a little too big for my pocket. Although I think they are both great devices and pleased with the prospect of them both coming to T-Mo.

  • Hennessyde

    They both look pretty cool…I would need to see them side by side!!

  • Realcool2000

    After having the SG2, I would go for the bigger screen Note. Watching video and being online with a phone more and more is what I find myself doing, and that makes the bigger screen sizes a positive selling point for me. I still use my G2 for business and text but when I’m online so much, any screen lower than 4.3 just doesn’t justify viewing for extended time periods.

  • Rlj

    I have a NOTE for work and an HTC AMAZE on T… I would consider another NOTE!

  • guester

    None of the above. Iphone by July or taking business some place else.

    • Colton45

       are you KIDDING me?!  You are joking…you would pick a tiny-screened, locked-down 3G phone over either of those two?!?!   BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

    Galaxy SIII, its too late for the Note on T-Mobile for me, especially when it’ll probably come in at a comparable price-point; the Galaxy SIII will only be off in two departments when compared to the Note, I think; that’d be Screen resolution (if its 1280×720 not x800), and S-Pen functionality.

    As for Battery that remains to be seen, and display size is personal preference.

  • Burke985

    Note all day

    • MadJoe

      Is that how long it will take to rip it from the pocket of your hipster jeans?  lolololololololol  Sorry, just kidding, unless you actually wear hipster jeans.

  • Burke985

    But we know it won’t happen, just another reason why T-Mobile is so far behind. Usually the last to get any phone worth a crap and then they get dumbed down versions like the one s for example.Then can’t even get an update to GS2 for ICS and give crappy answers like “stay tuned ” when you ask if the phone is even gonna get it .A bit of advice Tmobile products sell services ….get better products and you will get more customers

  • MadJoe

    If the GSIII is the same size as the Note, I’ll vomit.  I love the One S, except for the lack of a majorly important feature: removable battery.  I am hoping the GSIII delivers on that front, but it can’t be a f**king VCR in my pocket unless it comes with a free top-of-the-line bluetooth headset; otherwise looking like an idiot with a laptop to my face to take calls is a deal breaker.  I have a Tablet to watch video, I use my phone as a more convenient content access point for when the tablet is too bulky, or impractical.  “Phablets” are the worst idea in the world next to tiny “fashion accessories” passed off as phones.  This post is all my opinion, so if you must defend your love for looking like a fool with a 5″+ screen plastered to your face by trying to flame me, have at it.  I have broad shoulders, but you obviously do not.

    • TejaPeela

      It’s probably not going to be as big as the note but expect it to be around the size of the galaxy nexus. 

      + most people dislike the note for its huge size. They dislike it without even giving it a real chance though. When it dropped I thought it was pretty dumb too, but after spending a week with it I doubt I can go to another device though. It’s slim enough to fit in your pocket, one hand use is accomplish able when typing messages, answering calls, etc, battery life is excellent. My unlocked gsm evo 3d is a fat brick in my pants and is definitely more uncomfortable than the note. 

      • Neoprimal

        Meh. 7 years ago people were complaining about phones getting bigger. 3 years ago people were complaining about the size of phones with 4 inch screens and so obviously now, people will complain about phones with 5 inch screens. The fact is that they will complain until it becomes mainstream and then buy and love it shortly thereafter, or keep complaining for sake of not jumping on the bandwagon/rebelling against the mainstream.

        Personally, the bigger the better. I don’t think I’ll ever want a 7 inch device to my head but 5 is not a whole helluvalot bigger than 4.3 and I don’t think people with 4.3 inch phones to their heads look stupid…not that I judge anyway.

        Re: the question posted, I think I’ll wait for the SGS3 just because I really wanted the SGS2 but was disappointed at the specs in the TMobile version. I am HOPING that the TMo version of the SGS3 keeps whatever Samsung is shipping the original/international version with. If it turns out the guts are dumbed down and thusly become on par with the Note, then I’ll more than likely go for the Note, if it really does come to TMobile at all.

  • Chickenundermynails

    Neither but if I had to choose I would get the sgIII. I already have a tablet so the note would be waste.

  • Jay

    Assuming it comes with the latest and greatest Android OS thingy, the Galaxy Note all the way.

  • Mjski81

    Give me the Note already. Sgs3 sounds to similar to my Tmo Sgs2.

  • Mjski81

    Hey TmoNews,

    I love your website and what you guys do, but you guys by far have the most annoying mobile website advertising on the internet. You guys should win an award for Worst Mobile Advertising, because every time I go to your mobile website I get to play your mobile game of Hide the Ad. So either I Hide it after clicking on it 3-4 times or go to your advertisers’ boring website and having to go bacl. Anyway, I suggest you double the Ad size of your mobile pop-up advertising, so it’s easier to Hide and for people who actually want go to your advertisers’ website to see.

    • Papa_Smurf_59

       This literally made me lol.

  • Exile_One

    I need the galaxy Note in my life!

  • Fredrik Coulter

    That’s simple. I don’t want an underpowered computer. My tablet of choice will be a Windows 8 based, non-Atom tablet. I want (and need) the full Office experience.

    I will be replacing my first generation Galaxy S with the latest one available when my contact expires.

  • lecie

    I will compare both and decide.. when and if the Note is released on Tmo.. my friend is getting the Note on AT&T so I can see if I at least like it lol

  • Seanzo123x

    Apple fanboys never disappoint! So is it confirmed the tmobile version will absolutely come with S3 and not S4? If it comes with ICS.. AND S4 over S3, this is going to be a surefire winner. However since Tmo kinda screwed my contract and it’s not up until next january.. I might just pick up the nexus for 399$ no contract and ride that baby out until jan. 

  • now_onTMO

    GS3.. most likely

  • Craig

    If both were available on T-Mobile? Galaxy Note, no question. I have the money. I’m just waiting for the device to arrive.