T-Mobile TestDrive Website Now Live And Ready For Your —- Test Drive

Update: Perhaps calling this a “cop-out” was a little too strange of language, but I stand by my assertion that this is wrong and that T-Mobile should test 4G against 4G or not at all. I hope T-Mobile recognizes that their strength lies in comparable speeds, but really shakes things up when it comes to value. 

T-Mobile’s TestDrive website is now live and I will say at first glance, I’m disappointed. I’ll just get right to it — T-Mobile, I’m really puzzled by this. The idea that you claim “America’s largest 4G network” and design a new commercial campaign around speed and then compare your “4G” network against “3G” smartphones is a questionable act. Speed should no longer be the focus of T-Mobile’s marketing campaign, Value and Technology should. Speed should be a secondary thought. If you can’t win on speed, highlight where you can, Value, Value, Value.

I get it, why did I expect them to compare their service against LTE? Honestly, why should I expect a company introducing a brand new marketing campaign focused on speed to compare it to the fastest phones on other networks?

Here’s an idea T-Mobile, drop the Carly commercial campaign and run these TestDrive spots. That’s where you’ll win customers over, the customers who care about speed but don’t know the difference between LTE and HSPA+ and instead value “value.” This is what they should have teased this morning and aired this evening. People have to go to the website, but they are already sitting in front of the television, reading the paper or listening to the radio — so T-Mobile, I beg of you, play these ads (without LTE comparisons if you must) as your new marketing campaign.

In any case, the website is live and the link is below. Two fun facts before we go, first, T-Mobile compares the pricing using Classic plans and not Value plans…THANKFULLY! Second, an iPad version of the site is coming, awesome.

T-Mobile TestDrive

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  • TrevorMadden

    Also, I like the price comparison points, as David pointed out, but seriously 3G vs. 4G? Not to mention the fact that T-Mo just got ranked highest in 3G download speed anyway. Verizon’s 3G is dinsosaur

  • inwoodguy

    T-Mobile needs to get real.

    First, a Galaxy S II is available on every carrier.  The S II series phones on AT&T and Verizon with LTE will utterly destroy any T-Mo handset in an LTE area vis-a-vis the tests being conducted, and it’s probably a matter of days before one or both major competitors point this out (if they even notice the ad).

    They need to stop wasting time talking about speed and talk about value.

    They also need to take the money they’re wasting on these pointless ad campaigns and instead invest it in their rebanding initiative.

    “Bring your own HSPA handset that runs on 1900 MHz and T-Mobile will give you unlimited everything for $50” will bring in millions of customers.

    “Finance your own HSPA handset with T-Mobile for 0% over 10 months and get $50 unlimited everything” will bring in hundreds of thousands more.

    “Our Galaxy S II derivative is faster than an EVDO iPhone” will bring in nothing.

    Alas, there isn’t even a concrete, publicly-shared timeline over the rebanding initiative. They should instead be committing to individual major cities with target dates for HSPA on 1900 MHz, with all 20 of the largest US cities done by July 1st, 2012.

    • Mos_def98

      dude I agree with all of what you are saying. Alot of folks that are with T mobile dont wanna see the truth about them and that is t mobile is a middle of the pack or a way in the back type of company in other words they focus on mid range phones vs the high end phones. They need to get rid of these damn my touch phones and start coming with something else because those my touch phones are terrible. i just honestly feel like t mobile wont get better and if you want better you have to roll out to another company. 

    • MarcusDW

      The top three might form an alliance behind these shenanigans.  Can you imagine if they joined forces and put out 4G LTE vs T-Mobile 4G(because NOBODY talks about “HSPA” at all) ads?  I’m not personally saying which tech is better but the top 3 have WAY better marketing and could find a way to put T-Mobile to shame.  Very publicly.

      The Saga continues…

      • http://www.trutower.com/ TruTower

        The idea that Sprint would ally with AT&T and Verizon is ludicrous. They’d be allying themselves against their own membership in the RCA.

    • teej23

      My galaxy s2 gets 25 down and 12 up on tmobiles hspa 42 I think it did amazing and kept up and passed my friednds galaxy nexus on verizon but again it all depends on location.

      • inwoodguy

        Those aren’t bad speeds, but LTE will still easily beat it.

  • Kourage2

    Tmobile kills me lol they are too focused on advertising the speed of their phone but they dont want to discuss if they have better coverage than Verizon, At&t, or Sprint. Ive been a Tmobile customer for 8 years and saw no coverage improvements. Yes, we know you have fast phones, but every phone you put our is more of terrible quality and people are looking to exchange their phone every three months. Poor battery performance. You have to buy new phone if the OS changes in Android. Tmobile try’s to overshadow the iPhone because they wish they had a good 3G phone that has good coverage. I can’t wait for the new 4G iPhone to come out and sh@t on Tmobile. That’s when they gone try to get LTE. Verizon LTE is faster than Tmobile HSPA. So tmobile is going to down a 3G phone until that new iPhone come out then they will be quiet.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I like the page and the concept.

    T-Mobile has been taking sucker punch after sucker punch from competitors, so to he11 with em all, play dirty pool.

    And I like T-Mobile’s new look, get away from Carly’s “I make a great apple pie” look and hit it with the jet black and red.

    I mean come one, you all remember those horrible “a phone keypad tone is more exciting” MyTouch commercials with Chevy Chase, Jesse James, Whoopi Goldberg, and others whom I can’t remember their names. Hmm… that’s the point, I can’t remember their names, only them holding their phones out while some pansy-a$$ man in name only music was playing in the background. And Whoopi Goldberg, really? Yeah, she’s cool, I want the phone she’s using. LOL.

    Carly, black leathers, Ducati superbike, I’m in.

    • Mark

      The point of those ads, which they didn’t really convey well, was the custom shells, etc. that could be purchased with the phone.  They had a whole MyTouch Design Center at one time; not sure if it’s still around or not.

  • MarcusDW

    I’ma just throw this out there.
    T-Mobile:  Bring your own iPhone to our NEWLY REFARMED NETWORK so you TOO can use an iPhone on our low cost 4G network.

    People:  Didn’t you say “Don’t be fooled, the iPhone is still 3G?”
    More People:  Didn’t you have a page dedicated to how slow the iPhone is??
    Other People:  Why DID you say that the iPhone is still 3G if it is the same speed as your MyTouch 4G??

    T-Mobile:  Oh, you remember that?  Well, just wait for the New iPhone because it is DEFINITELY 4G and if you buy one at full price, what are they like $700, then YOU TOO can, I think, use an iPhone on our 4G network!!  I can’t tell you if it will be up to 21Megs or 42Megs or on our upcoming LTE tech though…

    • UMA_Fan

      Maybe that’s what they were talking about when they mentioned they can’t wait to REALLY shake up the market at the end of the year.  That’s probably the earliest point spectrum refarming  will be done anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz

    T-Mobile is hiring the staff from Sprint to do their marketing. This campaign is the EXACT same campaign that Sprint did with the “Instinct vs. iPhone” Pushing up a phone on a faster network against a slower networked popular phone. It didnt work then, and it doesnt work now.

    T-Mobile needs to pull out the stops and stop playing safe false advertising.

    T-Mobile “Want 4G speed and long battery life? We got it! Want to call anytime of day for less? We have FREE Unlimited WiFi Calling! Want 3G and 4G speed that rivals our competitors for half the price? Then come to T-Mobile. You want it, we got it!”

    T-Mobile “So AT&T unlocked your iPhone but still charging you over $100 a month to use it? Bring it to T-Mobile and use our faster 3G and 4G networks for half the price!”

    T-Mobile “Tired of signing contracts? Come to T-Mobile and get no contract plans that offer the value of contract plans without the headache at half the price!”

    • Mark

       Free Unlimited WiFi Calling?  You know, like using Skype without having to pay a carrier at all, except paying us anyway?

      “No contracts”? No full-scale US provider wants to promote “no contracts,” first because that undercuts the revenue they get from the contract users, second because it attaches a “network for people who can’t afford or qualify for contracts” stigma to the brand.  If they want to start getting back into B2B the last thing they want to do is start pushing the low-rent angle.

      So far as people complaining about the network goes, I’ve never heard anyone who has TMo complain about speed.  What they DO complain about, and what causes a lot of people I know to shy away from them, is spotty coverage, even for plain 2G voice & SMS.  Once you get outside the major metros the HSPA+ vanishes, and if you’re into an actual rural area you’re lucky to get a TMo signal at all.

      Finally, if they’re smart, they’ve locked up the text-to-vote contract for Duets, on ABC.  I’m sure it won’t be as heavy as Idol, but if it pulls even X-Factor or Voice-type numbers then it could drive some “SWITCH TO T-MOBILE PLEEEEZZZEEEE” tweenster begging.

  • Zanefbanks

    Everyone is up in a roar because it’s 3G vs 4G. Blah blah blah. This move is perfectly fine because they’re really attacking the speeds of the iPhone on each network because the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the history of smartphones. Most of T-mobile’s marketing isn’t geared toward those who visit or care about this site or other tech sites, it’s geared to those who don’t know any better, e.g. T-mobile’s “4G” network. Most people don’t care that it’s not real 4G as long as it’s decently fast and they can say they have “4G”. This ad campaign is really pretty good. Especially looking at that beautiful HTC One S vs the outdated iPhone. 

  • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

    i couldn’t agree more with this .. their marketing strategy is just azz backwards really .. the only leg up TMO has is in value.  i looked and there isn’t a carrier around that matches up with their value .. they can’t compare phones (at least not currently) .. they can’t compare customer service anymore (hope that changes) but the one thing they CAN do is promote value .. that’s what Johnny Consumer wants .. value and handset selection .. since they can’t really do handset at the moment, do value .. who cares about speed .. speed that they can’t even tout as the best because it’s not.  SMH sometimes i feel like they’re just unable to get out of their own way.

    and again with attacking the iPhone .. wtf .. do you know what people are going to say .. why not compare the Galaxy S II on both networks? oh well .. i don’t get paid the millions that TMO marketers do.

    • UMA_Fan

      No, the issue with T-Mobile is the general public’s PERCEPTION of their quality.

      If they have to say they are faster than 3G iPhones then so be it.  Them being the fastest 4G network doesn’t really matter.  Think about all those people cancelling T-Mobile to purchase the Verizon/At&t/Sprint iPhone 4/4s.  Do you think they are all consciously aware they are for the most part paying MORE for something that provides them with significantly less data speeds? 

      • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

        actually i beg to differ .. i haven’t run into anyone complaing about how slow their iPhone is and they wish they could get a faster Samsung Galaxy S II probably because hell they CAN get that phone on their network if they wanted.  this attack of the iPhone is a waste especially considering they’re using a phone that every other network has.  so if i’m a dumb customer and i see that and say to myself oh hey the Galaxy S II is way faster .. oh wait .. my ATT or my Sprint network has that too ..

        this commercial will be taken as an ad for the Galaxy S II because none of TMO’s exclusive handsets could be used .. people don’t care to hear “largest 4G network” etc because every carrier is saying that these days.  TMO needs handsets, an exclusive handset they can put up against others like Verizon’s Droid line ..since they dont’ have that they need to cling to what they DO have against other carriers and that is the best value for your $.

        • UMA_Fan

          I dont get what people dont understand about the marketing campaign. Its not for techies. The common thinking when you ask people who have never used tmobile why they dont have tmobile is that the network sucks. This os tmobiles way of saying their network DOESNT suck. People shouldnt be taking the speed test thing too literally. Tmobile is expressing that the price premium you usually have to pay with another carrier is usually not justified

        • James

          I would agree if this was a commercial. But to ask the average non-techie person to seek out a website to see a speed test comparison doesn’t make much sense. When a customer walks into a t-mobile store and says, Do you have iphone, tehy usually do not ask about internet speed.People who do seek out this site will more than likely want to see a more true comparison of 4G vs 4G.   

        • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

          exactly .. it’s the so called “techie” that drives the masses on the web so they definitely should be catering to them or us or whatever.

          i haven’t heard many people talk about TMO’s network sucking .. it’s usually ATT’s network that sucks but guess what .. they have tons of handsets and the iPhone so they keep getting customers . customers who don’t mind paying more for better selection.

          even though the price comparison is so ridiculous that you’d think anyone with a brain would switch to TMO right? but why would they when there is no iPhone, no selection of Windows Phones and a subpar selection of Android devices exclusive to TMO.  every other carrier has some sort of flagship phone but TMO does not.  for every myTouch or One S etc .. there is something bigger and better on the other networks.

          TMO should be pimping their prices in the forefront not throwing them at the end of a video hoping people have stayed to watch.

        • MarcusDW

          I agree with you but want to point out that (and I just realized it a little while ago) that there are more “test drives” on the site than just the GS2.  They are on the bottom and you can see the Amaze and the One S in action as well.

          And we do have an exclusive line like DROID… it’s the MyTouch line! LOL

        • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

          lol the MyTouch line .. there in lies the problem :)

      • MarcusDW

        I understand that some people think the iPhone is “4G” even on VZW or Sprint and that this Test Drive can sway that view but are people actually leaving T-Mobile to buy an iPhone because its “4G”?  Or because, well, it’s an iPhone.

  • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

    actually no .. TMO doesn’t have an exclusive handset in the same vain as Verizon did with Droid. so what worked for Verizon obviously isn’t paying dividends for TMO. especially using a phone that every other carrier has.

  • TMoFan

    The problem is that there are different flavors which qualify as 4G (or “4G”) so speed testing like this is kind of silly. This would have a great by next year’s time, when T-Mobile deploys LTE. I don’t have a problem going after iPhone, after all it’s the most popular device on the other networks, but T-Mobile would have done better to focus on something else. They have a few things over the other carriers, especially the top two. Not a huge win, but not a fail either.

  • ogopogo

    Settle down. They have played the “VALUE” path long enough. It is about time they did something different. The “value” path didn’t increase subscriber numbers…….this might.

  • MarcusDW

    I phone users won’t even go to the website because they don’t have Flash.

    • Gouv

      lol I totally forgot about the flash thing!! yeah too bad adobe threw in the towel for flash mobile in general.  I guess it is kind of crappy on most mobile devices that use it.

      • Matthew Herman

         Works great on my Sensation on 2.3.7 and 4.0.4.  It is unfortunate that it wont be supported further.

  • Red

    All this gimmicks and I still can’t use my iPhone in with tmobile. I think that once they start supporting iPhones their problems will b more manageable .

  • Justin Lee

    I think this site is a good idea specifically because it’s pairing their best phone against the iPhone. All this hype about the iPhone, that you have to get an iPhone, but T-Mobile doesn’t have it. Even people below are complaining about the lack of an iPhone for Tmo. Well this site shows you what you get with an iPhone, a sluggish data experience when compared to Tmo’s best devices. It’s really a great idea.

    Someone that knows nothing about smartphones goes looking for a smartphone, and all they know is the iPhone is the device everyone talks about. So Tmo says “Well look how your iPhone speeds compare to our smartphones”. Once people see that they will see understand that there is more to picking a phone then listening to the hype!!!

    …at least until the LTE iPhone is released…

  • For What It’s Worth

    While I do think TMO has a smokin’ hot newtork, I do find the demo a bit misleading.  It’s like test driving a Lamborgini against a Volkswagon.   For a good data experience you need a fast phone AND a fast network.  The iphone arguably has neither (no 4G capabilities, limited processing speeds) and the Galaxy S II has both.  Where’s the sporting chance in THAT comparison?

    As the poster linking to Gizmodo points out – when it comes to raw newtork speed, TMO doesn’t necessarily win.  Daring to open a nasty can of worms – at some point it just doesn’t matter.  Do you really need that email a nanosecond faster?  Unless you’re using your phone to download HD entertainment; don’t know about you but I have FAR better devices for that!

  • Matthew Herman

    Its all about location.  I get 8Mbit/s down on my Sensation and my co-worker on his Galaxy Nexus on Verizon gets 2.5Mbit/s down.  My Sensation gets 2.5Mbit/s Up and co-workers Galaxy Nexus gets 250Kbit/s Up.

    I could draw the conclusion that Verizon data sucks in comparison to T-mobile, but I know its all relative to location.

  • http://twitter.com/amckinnis Arnie McKinnis

    I’ve read most of the comments here and there a resounding theme – “Not fair to compare” 3G devices to 4G devices, regardless of their general popularity.  You are not going to convince someone to that has an Apple iPhone to drop their device and coming running to TMobile for a Samsung or HTC phone – if they wanted those phones they would have gotten them at their current wireless provider.

    Now, if TMO wanted to impress, you take a “Like to Like” comparison.  Everyone of the phone that TMO showed, has a brother or sister device on another network.  But what would be more impressive would be to actually show the “lifetime costs” analysis (not just a per month view) that shows what it would cost over the lifetime of a standard two year “subsidized” contract.  Speed is one thing, but TMO needs to get away from the “fastest network” and get to their real value – Speed that doesn’t break the bank.

    The “that’s so 12 seconds ago” campaign should be left to that other wireless provider.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- you suck !!!
    I don’t care about phones. I just want signal from t-mobile.  I am not getting t-mobile signals in my new work place and i am on the hook with their contract.  I have to paid them off with $200.00 per line to get out of the contract.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- you suck !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- you suck !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- your service sucks !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- you suck !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- you suck !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- your service sucks !!! When i called they just said sorry and said that i am their value customer.
    I am their customer only because i signed their f**king contract.  When the contract is up, i will be verizon’s valued customer.

    • LehighNewb

      have fun paying $90 more for less service!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AA3XRC5YE7KDGCGNVO6AIA6G6Q davidn

    t-mobile- you suck !!!

  • Tmoemployee1234

    I think this also brings home the fact that T-Mobiles Network operates at 4G speeds based on it’s performance against a 3G device. This is a point that has been contested every since T-Mobile announced it’s HSPA network  but this will set the record straight. 

  • LehighNewb

    This makes me immensely sad. T-mobile should be above comparing themselves to a 3g device.

  • Stevelarowe

    False advertising will really get them far. I have Verizon. Droid Bionic 4G LTE, I compared my phone to theirs and guess what…mine won, no suprise. The ad is to lure in the suckers that have no idea about the difference between the technologies, and who doesnt have a iphone now and days? Im seeing a lawsuit brewing, stand and applaud for tmobile.

    • Guest

      One reason T-Mobile compared their Flagship device to the iPhone is because of how many people say that it is much faster. Apple falsely states that it has 4G, too, so why not compare it. They have every right. And by the way, I compared my Sensation 4G to the Droid Bionic and mine won. Speeds are different and I live in the Midwest US, and Verizon claims to cover all of that. It isn’t false advertising by any means, and since “everyone has an iPhone nowadays”, why wouldn’t T-Mobile compare it to the “most popular handset”?

  • rlhalsell

    Watched the comparisons and seeing mostly “Flag Ship”
    phone comparisons in relation to internet down speed and T-Mobile taking a
    little poke at the iPhone.I personally know a least 20 people whom left T-Mobile
    for the iPhone. I agree seasoned/knowledgeable cellular users will look and
    say “Not fair to compare 3G devices to 4G devices”. Good Luck with
    that Deutsche Telekom (must think Americans are $!-#*%). 

  • Detroitking02

    well I been with t-mobile for 8 years and just switched to AT&T and got the Note with 4G LTE and I couldn’t be happier I was paying with tmobile $110-130 for a single line with tmobile and with AT&T i pay $39.99 for 450 minutes w/rollover , 5000 nights & weekends minutes, free mobile to mobile calling, $20 for unlimited messages, and $30 for 3GB 4G LTE plus I get a employee discount off my bill for 20% …. I left T-Mobile because the owners don’t even want to be in the USA and there phone selection sucks honestly I don’t see T-Mobile being around in the next 5-10 years honestly I wish the goverment would of like AT&T buy T-Mobile. 

    • yellow_rain

      man your English sucks! 

  • DRyver8

    The only ANYTHING that ever draws a comparison is the best out there, would you compare an iPhone to a second rate device, no. Thus everything will always be compared to the iPhone, most fluid, best user experience device there is. I’ve had them all at one timer another 1. iPhone 2. Windows phone 3. Buggy android and all it’s crashes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JJoon Joon Lee

    I’ve done all 3 providers and I’m most satisfied with T-mobile. 
    Verizon way too costly for what you get.  ATT service is terrible and so is their customer service.

    Tmobile has always treated me right ( Customer Loyalty ).  And since i’m grandfathered in, i’m getting a pretty good deal.

    59.99 Family plan with 2 (20 dollar android preferred web) and premium insurance. ( free my favs on one line) (9.99 family texting). 
    2 basic voice line.

  • HopefullyFutureTMobileCustomer

    Don’t know what you are smoking, but here is a breakdown between ATT and T-Mobile Value plan:




    Phone 1

    Phone 2


    Total with Tax


    Unlimited Minutes

    Data Line 1

    Data Line 2


    Taxes and Fees

    Total with Tax

    Total for 24 Months

    Phone+Plan 24 months

    Who wins?

    Not to mention ATT is 300 MB data

  • HopefullyFutureTMobileCustomer

    Sorry, the formatting was lost. Also, taxes and plans are for Texas and the phone is Samsung Galaxy S II for a family plan for two lines.

    Hopefully the formatting remains this time

    ATT                 T-Mobile
    $99.99   $599.99
    $99.99   $599.99
    8.25% Tax      8.25%
    $216.48 $1298.98

    $119.99 $99.98
    $30.00   $0.00 (included)
    $20.00                   $0.00 (included)
    $20.00                   $0.00 (included)
    $189.99                      $99.98 
    15%     15%
    $218.49    $114.98

    $5243.72 $2759.45

    $5460.20 $4058.43

    I hope you understand now why the 2 year contract for a value plan. Invest upfront and save in the long run.

  • T-mobile Lies

    if you do the test drive, notice they compare all phones t-mobile 4g’s service to iphone 4s, remember iphone 4s is a 3g service not 4g and you can even see the phone on at&t, verizon, and print uses 3g service to compare, which I find that it is extremely misleading.


  • Rwl523

    People are a trip. Nice lies Tmobile now ur no different then Att. Trying to figure out why Verizon cost more it works its the fastest and they don’t mislead. They don’t say cheapest they say most reliable. Last time I found a doctor I looked for the best not the cheapest. My family being connected is more important to me. Great 3g to so called 4g comparison. Lol I guess if your not the best just lie. Will T mobile be around in 2 years. Good Luck with that T Mo.