Analyst: T-Mobile To Lose 600,000 Postpaid Customers In First Quarter 2012?

Well, this doesn’t sound very positive as JP Morgan Chase analyst Phil Cusick predicts T-Mobile lost close to 600,000 postpaid customers during the first quarter of 2012. The first quarter of every year is traditionally weak, however, such a loss would further dampen hopes that T-Mobile is capable of an immediate turnaround. As a refresh, T-Mobile lost a net 802,000 postpaid subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2011. T-Mobile reports its earnings on May 10th.

If these numbers prove correct or are close to the real numbers announced on May 10th, T-Mobile will need their new marketing plan to really take hold in the consumers mind. You can hate on the idea all you want Android die-hards, but T-Mobile needs the iPhone now more than ever, if for no other reason than to stop the bleeding.

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  • Thompc82

    this news always makes me sad.

  • Chaz Edwards

    Tmobile needs to

  • Nat Caruso

    iPhone is losing marketshare, not worth tmo’s investment. Tmobile needs to cut out the handset subsidies and put carly on permanent hiatus, although she is cute, she just isnt helping. 

    • Cameron W3st

      iPhone is only losing market share because android “sells” incredibly low end phones for next to nothing to move them off the shelves.

      Apple doesn’t need to do that to sell phones. But I promise you if a lower end iPhone did come out, it would sell sell sell.

      I’m a huge tmobile phone…but it’s all about what’s the truth. And the truth is Tmobiles the only major carrier without the iPhone. That does NOT set them apart, it makes them weak

      • Wex

        It also reinforces perception that tmobile is in same league as boost, cirgin, metropcs etc…People I speak to dont even consider Tmo…and new stores near me open near metro/boost focus on prepaid + Walmart reinforce this as well

      • Ben McRill

        Your logic makes no sense. If apple sold “low end phones” then it would be the same thing as android selling them just to move them off the shelf. BUT they DO sell the 3gs for free and the 4 for next to nothing right now at carriers. And guess what, it doesn’t bump their numbers that much. Analytic analysis that follows the sell trend shows huge iPhone explosion at launch then heavy decline all the way to the new launch. And losing market share REGARDLESS of what type of phone or the price is still losing market share. Ask Apple how sales are going in emerging markets because in comparison it is non existent. Most countries sell full price phones and when an iPhone cost $800 and a galaxy S2 cost $500-$600, its a no brainier to go with the Android device.  

      • Robertoj

        “I’m a huge tmobile phone…” Classic. I bet you get great reception!!!!!

      • Littlesis1774

         You guys do realize that iphone 5 will be on 4g this time around so we will see who wins

    • Craigers

      Lol, what crazy pill did you take this morning? It is android that will soon be sent to the scrap bin by windows phone.

  • Scott Oldfield

    As much of an Android fanboy I can be, I’m all for anything (including getting the iPhone) that can help out T-Mobile right now while still keeping the services and prices that I enjoy.

  • Rickauris86

    the general consumer lives in a bubble, where everything is surrounded by the iphone. apple did a great job on gettin this phone out. and the general public only see that :iphone: there’s tons of phone for poeple to choose nowadays but people still stuck with the same mentality and unless the gerenal consumer change that way they think is never going to change. people are always going to the say ‘the iphone is better” etc etc etc (i personally dont think so, i have been using android since it first came out G1 and i woud never ever think about changing, but im only one against a lot) because of that, tmobile is hurting right now and is sad (im a tmobile customer since 2003)

    • Wex

      Maybe cuz iphone users dont have the problems many of us Android users have

    • Gouv

      You also have to realize that it’s a well designed device, it feels great in the hand and they have so many accessories for them that people like.  Also, the OS and the Apps are solid and have that premium/polished feel.  The whole experience you get when you buy one is something that customers love and appreciate.  Like anything else out there, it has its flaws but i find it to have less flaws overall than its competing devices in particular your beloved android phones.  People aren’t necessarily in a bubble because the average Joe goes with iPhone, it’s just a nice looking phone that feels good in the hand and the software is pretty nice too! It leaves a great first impression and makes its competition look less appealing.  Apple’s competitors don’t have a design culture like Apple’s and you can see it in the overall look, feel, and user experience of the product.  (Apple user since 1992!)

      • Joe v

        and don’t forget about the AppStore. on top of having a quality phone manufactured with metal instead of cheap plastic, the AppStore and developer support keeps iphones itouches and ipads going strong. I can barely name 3 decent games for android. there’s too much fragmentation, it takes 6-12 months just to get the newest firmware update. developers love apples AppStore because it’s much easier to develop for. there are thousands of successful games on iOS.

  • David Gonzalez

    Like I’ve repeatedly said, T-Mobile needs a Halo phone and focus on advertising the hell out of that instead of the whole More speed advertising thing they have going on now.

  • Bruce Banner

    You can hate on the idea all you want iphone die hards, but t-mobile can’t afford 15 billion dollars to secure it. Don’t think for a second that Apple wouldn’t want anything less than the deal they made with sprint. I’m not a iPhone hater I’m a realist.

    • Rapist on BAIL

      Then T-Mobile will continue to fail itself to the ground while the rest of the world will be standing there laughin’ on their iPhones.

      • Jizz

        Actually the majority of the world will be laughing on their androids. Android has a large lead in marketshare over ios and that’s not gonna change any time soon. You people are crazy if you think the iPhone alone will cure t-mobile’s problems. All of you are in denial if you actually believe T-Mobile can and will cough up the ridiculous amount that apple would want.

      • Ben McRill

        You realize Android outsells the iphone by a large margin. Granted that is because of choice, but total numbers are total numbers. 47% android 30% apple as of q4 2011 smartphone market share. The iphone is not the only reason to lose customers. Is it a significant part? YES. Is it the only reason….not even close. 

        • Craigers


        • kalel

           Nope, that would be you that is wrong.

        • Littlesis1774

           Oh boy are you wrong. The iphone outsells Android

        • kalel

          Link?  They are the outsell other Android phones, when compared one on one but Android outsells the Iphone in terms of OS. 

        • Littlesis1774

          google it

        • kalel

           My link is coming while it’s being approved but please, learn to use Google itself.  Idiots, I swear.

  • Chaz Edwards

    T-mobile needs to just refarm their network for the iphone to have 3g and let people bring them in. You lose money before you start making money with the iphone. iphone cost about $800 off contract to buy one. a subsidize iphone is $200 that is major lost for t-mobile.

  • Taron19119

    T-mobile needs a phone thet every one onces
    and have it exclusive to just t-mobile so all the ourth carriers have to say thats at t-mobile

  • Princeasi

    This is to be expected. I mean they still haven’t got the recovery train fully steaming. Just a matter of weeks, we see how they’re trying to revamp their image a little bit. a turnaround is not gonna happen overnight.

  • Ef Jay

    I don’t care about the iphone but Tmobile certainly doesn’t have the device I want, a high end Windows Phone which is why I signed with at&t 2 days ago, however the rumor of the 900 coming to Tmo has given me pause and I haven’t completed the move. They definitely need to find a new Halo device, improve coverage and advertise all that along with their value as getting the iphone alone won’t stop the bleeding as its doubtful that alone is the reason people are leaving.

    • Gouv

      Sadly, everything you say is something they should have done years ago. 

  • Michael

    The name of the game isn’t how many customers, it’s profitability. While the iPhone is a hugely popular handset it hasn’t done Sprint or Verizon any good profit-wise, nor would it do anything for T-Mobile.

    Instead, as T-Mobile’s refarmed network becomes more iPhone-friendly they should be showing customers the savings on T-Mo’s large, fast, battery-efficient network, and giving ’em directions to the closest Apple Store to buy their own unlocked iPhone outright.

    • Fbeenee

      I agree a lot of people a starting to come back because they are paying mortgage payments for the iphone bills! It’s just a brand thing. And now att. As to unlock the iphone people will be running back!

      • Gouv

        haha oh yeah?? I’m sure tmo is just holding their breath waiting for such a thing to happen lol!!!

    • Udubb

       Yeah, that’s the ticket. Send people to an Apple store so they can see a $6-700 unlocked iphone price vs the $1-200 subsidized price if they buy one through att, sprint, or Verizon with all the Apple sales people there trained and making incenntives to talk them into a contract. Great strategy there.

  • redman12

    Majority of general population wanted the iPhone, it makes sense to have more choice for T-Mobile. One can argue, will be fine with just “high end” Android phone. If you think that way, you are not looking at the big picture. I prefer Android phones, it’s just a matter of choice.

    I don’t see T-Mobile getting the iPhone if they have the same deal as SPRINT, they would lose a lot of money and not enough profit. It would still be going backwards.

    We have to wait for 1900mhz transfer and see if AT&T customers would switch to T-Mobile. It would definitely bring revenue if that’s the case.

  • Perry_F

    Tmo will never get the iphone for one simple reason…ANDROID.

    Since tmo was the first network to support android apple feels tmo is the origin of all its issues in the iOS vs android battles. Not giving Tmo the iphone is our punishment for supporting android early on.

    and who knows…had tmo not taken the chance and supported android where would the mobile world be right now? Would one of the other carriers have taken the chance? Would iOS have almost complete control of the mobile market? Would android even exist today?

    • Omeer67

      LOL @ this guy. Apple will not support T-Mo because T-Mo supported Android what cunning,stunning stupendous deduction skills you have, sir. Hats off to you! 

      • MagentaUser

        Not true. Verizon and Google were in bed for years. Remember Verizon’s blatant anti-iPhone campaign “iDon’t” for the first Motorola Droid? No other carrier went anti-iPhone like Verizon yet Apple and them made a deal. It’s the frequencies. Either that or Apple was asking too much of T-Mo for the deal

      • Littlesis1774

         Tmobile stores in Europe have iphone so it not the android reason.

    • Rapist on BAIL

      U make sense to me. iPhone or die!!!

    • Gouv

      wrong, tmobile has publicly admitted that they would support iPhone and that it was all on Apple.  Regardless, I don’t think tmo will be able to afford the high subsidies for the device.  Like many have said before, take a look at what its costing sprint!  it’s painful to think.

    • Vim

      Steve Jobs had a personal axe to grind with Google, not T-Mobile.  For T-Mobile it’s not personal, it’s just business. T-Mobile UK has the iPhone.  T-Mobile’s US division doesn’t, and that’s for -two- reasons:

      1) Apple isn’t HTC or Samsung. They really, really don’t like the idea of producing a new iPhone variant just for a single carrier, and that’s what would be required since T-Mobile US uses a different HSPA+ frequency than everyone else, a frequency that isn’t supported by any existing iPhone.

      2) T-Mobile isn’t willing to pay Apple the insane amount that Apple wants to make a special exception iPhone just for T-Mobile US.

      Keep in mind that Sprint had to fork over $15.5 billion to Apple for an iPhone contract, and they didn’t need to have a special model designed just for them. 

  • Jgarofola

    i always tell family and freinds and co:workers how much better t mobiles network is compared to sprint and att

  • Shvkdbwyah

    Hopefully they get the next iPhone this summer.the new website would be better w tmos iPhone vs the rest

    • MarcusDW

      But then it would be T-Mobile HSPA+ iPhone vs. all the carriers’ LTE iPhone(and a fair fight).

  • MarcusDW

    In contrast to 2011:

    “Contract customer losses of 471,000 in the first quarter were the “primary driver” as T-Mobile suffered due to competitive pressure.
    Source: TmoNews

  • Chicatl05

    Whats new? Not surprised. (Former Tmobile employee) 

  • WilliefDiaz

    No, what TMobile needs is to stop locking people into long contracts when they change their plan, let people out when they unilaterally change the terms of a contract and not lie to customers about how they aren’t affected. Tmobile then needs to introduce real unlimited data again, lord knows their network can handle it. They need to offer to unlock peoples phones so they can bring them to tmobile and use no contract plans that are the same features and buckets as contract plans. Be innovative not restricting and focused on pissing people off.

    • Ben McRill

      The contracts that you sign state in there very clearly that they can make changes at any time. If you actually READ the contracts you sign it is all in there.Other companies also lock you in for two years, its how they make money. They DID have unlimited data, the DID have no contract plans and guess what, IT DIDN’T WORK. T-Mobile has already offered all the things you complain about and you know where it got them? Losing customers. T-Mobile is not a phone unlocking business, BUT they have plans that benefit just that (no one else does). Bring any compatible unlocked phones and get on a Value plan. Pay $50-$60 for unlimited TTW. Granted that is a contract but they already tried the no contract route as little as 1.5 years ago and it didn’t work.

      • kalel

         Ben, NO other company makes you agree to a 2 year agreement when you change the rate plan.  T-mobile didn’t do it until they were losing too many customers and use this crap change in the terms to keep people.

  • Gouv

    Jeez!! that’s rough… I know I’ve been hard on tmo in the past (as many of you have seen) I just don’t want people to lose anymore jobs over something like this.  Even though this is just an analyst, this could make their execs fearful and more cautious than ever making them act cautious by cutting even more jobs to look proactive.  What should concern many people here is that the JP Morgan Chase analysts seem to do a good job too which could be considered bad news around these parts.  Maybe tmo execs saw this coming early on and decided it was time for a re-branding?  maybe this rebranding and the timing of this analysis aren’t coincidental and someone in management realized something needed to be done sooner than later.

    • Ben McRill

      T-Mobile management knows well before any analyst. They run this company and pour over reports daily. They know where people are going and what is causing them to leave. The management sees this stuff a mile away and works on solutions. The problem is the things they WANT to do and the things the CAN do are not always one in the same. 

      • Gouv

        Yeah you are likely right but i was talking more about the execs doing something about it in response to the analysts to save face in the public eye.  

  • MarcusDW

    The One S will not turn things around.  A non-Tmobile exclusive Galaxy S 3 won’t turn things around.  I agree (and never contested) with the fact that the iPhone is MUCH needed to turn things around.  If we don’t get the New iPhone then you can wrap it up for T-Mobile.

    With the refarming, T-Mobile will need to in whatever way, SELL the iPhone with payments or subsidy.  

  • Rclubine-reich

    Like I always said the iPhone and iPad is available on T-Mobile (DT) except in the great USA.

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Smh! T-Mobile: Where FAIL Happens…

    • Jizz

      Smh! Rapist on Bail: Where trolling Happens…

  • 1kneezel69

    T mobile is about to lose us postpaid customer. We haven’t been on contract since 2009, and they refuse to let us make any changes to our PLAN without signing a two year contract for a PLAN. Really, I have to sign a two year contract to change my minutes and messaging? I was once an avid T-Mobile supporter and raved about their customer service. But all I see now is overly controlling management, powerless (albeit friendly) CSRs, and uninteresting phones (and this being typed on a vibrant!).

    We’ll be buying phones out of pocket soon and going prepaid very soon. (not sure which carrier yet)

    • Ben McRill

      All companies would make you re-sign. It is standard practice. Uninteresting phones? Galaxy S2, Amaze and (soon to be) HTC One, Galaxy S3, BB Torch, BB 9900, Galaxy Blaze, Nokia 710, rumored nokia 900. That to me is a decent line up of midrange to high end phones. That is not even ALL the phones they have. And people seem to forget you pay basically HALF the price.

    • Ronstoppable20

      Keep in mind, the origional service agreement shows any changes may result in a 2 yr. Renewal. So in a sense, by signing the agreement, you knew about the 2 yr. Renewal for changing…

      • James

        I love how may always means will. Also true of restocking fees.

      • WirelessRefugee

        Ah yes, are you Ron referring to the contract that expired in 2009, so there’s NOTHING to enforce against this customer. Indeed, if the customer can walk today, without penalty, how is it you think he is bound by any terms of the old, expired contract?

        Anyway, your logic, smoke and mirrors, and what you point out Ron are reasons T-Mobile is losing customers. Yeah, the Agreement says this and that, but T-Mobile is being stupid if it insists on enforcing this kind of fine print over keeping the customer (which it should not be doing anyway, with this customer, see below).

        That old saying about getting killed in the crosswalk by someone who runs a red light comes to mind. That old saying’s lesson is that when crossing the street one should look in all directions and yield to cars, even those in the wrong, because there’s no value in being “dead right.”

        So yeah, if there was an enforceable agreement T-Mobile can point to it and say “Sorry, any changes to your plan up or down requires a new two year agreement.”

        But T-Mobile’s conduct is illegal here because his contract ended in 2009. That means terms of the EXPIRED contract are void. There’s no contract to enforce. So T-Mobile should not be suggesting there’s an enforceable contract or otherwise, since this customer can basically call tomorrow and act as a new customer and get any deal he wants or can negotiate.

        And all that aside, even if there was an enforceable agreement, I recall the way T-Mobile used to do it, if you were under contract you could change your plan up or down, there would be no fees, no contract extensions. I believe at the time that was not a formal agreement or contract term, it was simply T-Mobile giving excellent customer service and doing what it took to keep the account and keep the customer happy.

        In late 2009 that changed. T-Mobile customer service was on the decline, such degradation including CSR’s abiding by the rules, to the letter, and not lifting a finger to keep even long-term customers from getting angry and taking their business elsewhere.

        • kalel

          You abide by the terms & conditions set by T-mobile, even if you aren’t in a contract.  I think the change they did to making people do a new 2 year contract for changing a plan is crap but it’s the rules.  You don’t have to change your plan but if you do then it’s a 2 year agreement.

        • WirelessRefugee

           Well that sounds plausible, except there’s no plan to change. He is on a month to month agreement.

          I don’t know what “terms and conditions” you are referring to, but other than him paying in advance for 30 days service, there’s no other terms and conditions.

          T-Mobile CSR’s are lying if they are telling him that any changes to a contract that EXPIRED three years ago requires a new two year agreement, because under the law that agreement does NOT exist.

          At most, the parties are on a month to month agreement, but the terms of that agreement have nothing to do with that old agreement.

          Think about it. If you had an apartment or auto lease, where the lease expired in 2009, what would be your response if in 2912 the landlord or auto lessor tried to enforce it. You would tell them to take a hike and if they persist you are going to sue them for fraud.

          I do concede though that T-Mobile thinks they have a live one here, the OP believing that if he makes a change to that ancient contract, long expired, that he has to agree to a new two year agreement. Clearly the CSRs are taking advantage of the OP and his gullibility.

          They would no doubt reflect in phone records that for some reason (or preferably giving the OP nothing) he simply called and said “Hey, I’d like to renew my agreement for two years.”

          Someone needs to tell him that he is legally allowed to cancel his service today and T-Mobile can’t do squat about it. Then again, they might con him into paying a $350 ETF, you know, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the expired 2009 contract. :)

        • TmoCSR

           when your contract ends, you are still bound to the terms and conditions originally signed.  changing a rate plan whether in a contract or not, renews the contracts or puts you into one.

          read the terms and conditions dude.

        • kalel

           He’s not prepaid, like you think, he’s postpaid.  Read his posting again.  CSRs aren’t doing squat.  They’d rather not do the electronic acceptance tool because it increases the call times.

    • WirelessRefugee

      I don’t get it. You have been off contract since 2009 and yet T-Mobile is trying to enforce the terms of that contract? Or are you trying to keep old plan pricing?

      In any event, I suggest you look at Straight Talk Sim, which is a bring your own phone prepaid plan. Or you can buy a Straight Talk superphone.

      For now, you can buy a Straight Talk T-Mobile Sim card for each line, at $15 each. You can then use the SIM on your existing T-Mobile phones. When you are ready to step up to a different GSM phone you can, for example, buy a T-Mobile SGS III on eBay or elsewhere, insert your old SIM and use it on the new phone.

      I am using Straight Talk on my Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T i777. I pay $41 monthly for unlimited talk, text and 4G web (the usual 2.5 GB throttling, although ST does not publicize that limitation).

      Straight Talk is using AT&T and T-Mobile towers to provide service (and others too).

      I have performed many speed tests around the San Francisco Bay Area and my notification bar indicates “4G” and “H+” with 4267 kbps download and 814 kbps upload. And my talk signal is consistently 5 bars anywhere in the house, where with T-Mobile it was 1 to 2 bars and I could not move around the house when talking, or I would suffer a disconnect.

      I am OK with those results, at $41 monthly, taxes and fees included.

      As things are currently, you can try out Straight Talk, use your existing T-Mobile phones, and see what you think. If after 30 days you don’t like the service, you can contact T-Mobile and negotiate a new deal, one to your liking.

    • Vim

      Before signing with another carrier, call T-Mobile and tell them you want to cancel your account.  You’ll be put through to retentions.   Retentions reps have more power than the”powerless CSR’s”.  If you’re reasonable and polite they should be able to help you out.  They can also often give you a great deal on some new phones if you interested in renewing.  .

      • kalel

         Even Loyalty can’t change the plan and not do a 2 year agreement.  That department is meant to get customers to sign a new 2 year agreement, not to be off contract.

        • Vim

          Hmm…I haven’t asked Loyalty to make a change while I was off contract that wasn’t part of a renewal.  So you may well be right.  Nevertheless, I still think it worthwhile to give Loyalty a call to see what sort of deal they’d offer for a renewal before switching.  If someone is going to switch, they’ll have to agree to a new contract regardless of the carrier.

  • Havoktek

    Damn……As i continue on this Magent love fest, I must say…..Somethin’ better happen quick, that Galaxy Note is a callin’!

  • CWC

    How about offering free texting with every data plan?  Yes, it would lower revenue, but so does loosing 600000 subscribers. 

    • Roger

      I agree.  Heck they should make every plan include texting and data.  They need to get people hooked on both so that they get tied to their phones.  I use Skype whenever possible because it just works and I don’t have to consider how much it will cost me.  Every bit of pricing friction they put in the way makes users consider the alternatives.

      In their shoes I would make every plan include a few hundred text messages and 50MB of data because I’d want users hooked on it.  Then you have a chance to upsell to those users who actually use the text and data.

  • TMoFan

    These quarterly reports always disappointing. If T-Mobile / Apple can’t work out a deal, then T-Mobile needs to make it well known that their refarmed network will support iPhone.

    • guest

      That is exactly correct! You nailed it, this IS T-Mobile’s 2012 intentions and strategy!

  • Wex

    If tmobile got an iphone that worked as well as att or verizon at a cheaper rate , I might consider it

  • Wex

    Also a need to improve the awful customer service..attitude is pushing me to churn…iphone is easy scapegoat

    • Psaux

      Best. Comment. Here.

    • Vim

      Totally agreed.  I almost churned twice in the last 3 months and neither situation had anything to do with the iPhone.  If you’re reasonable and polite, T-Mobile’s retentions/loyalty department will generally resolve things to your satisfaction.  Their regular customer service reps however are a mixed bag these days, and even the really good ones tend to be under a lot of pressure and have their hands tied regarding what they can do.  Retention reps have more power. The problem for T-Mobile is that most customers don’t have the patience or knowledge to get to retentions.  They’ll just give up, move to another carrier, and have their new carrier terminate their T-Mobile account. T-Mobile execs will then no doubt blame the defections on not having the iPhone, thus enabling them to dodge responsibility for T-Mobile’s declining customer service quality. The iPhone makes for a highly convenient scapegoat.

      • Wex

        Well I let my contract expire and am on the fence for right now.  Prepaid cust serv is even worse…They are all outsourced and my experience has been the ones in the Phillipines are totally incompetent.  Having said that, I also contacted Billing with a question and literally had the US-based rep say “Ive been on the phone with you for 4 minutes so Im now going to hang up” and he did.  Thats totally unacceptable to me – esp as a long time customer.  Within 3 days of my getting a new phone, I spoke to ECR about several problems (which Tmobile tech support & Samsung now admit are acknowledged known issues with no resolution) and this guy literally said to me “Ive seen your contract expired so I suggest you find another carrier”..I was shocked becauseI would fire someone who spoke like that to a customer.  I was more than polite and calm (and subsequently, many other ‘good’ employees have thanked me for my comments and apologized profusely for the way Tmobile is handling customers lately)…The worst part is I then googled this ECR person’s name and guess what?  Other complaints popped up with him telling customers the same thing.  When you tell a long time customer to go to another carrier, don’t surprise if they do!!!!  I also had direct email contact with a Tmobile VP who summarized the collapse of Tmobile customer service.  In his email, he said all the right things – apologized for the mistakes,  promised to fix the problems etc…and then failed to follow through on everything.  That was close to the last straw because if management doesnt value the customer, then I can’t be surprised when the run of the mill rep doesnt.  The retail employees near me always bitch about how corporate just has them handcuffed and doesnt allow them to do the things they used to do…Ive just had too many bad experiences over the last 18 months…and Ive tried very hard to stay loyal to Tmobile but they’re not even meeting customers half way.  Id suggest some Tmobile execs read the threads on their website – you quickly notice a pattern not only of complaints with phones & network issues but also with the way Tmobile employees handle them.

        • Vim

          Wow.  Sounds like you’ve been very patient.  Btw, I don’t understand why your contract would be expired if you got a new phone?  Did you buy the phone off-contract elsewhere?  And what android phone is it that you are having so many problems with?

        • Wex

          The crappy phone is Samsung Exhibit2 and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone…Look at the Tmobile website forums..there are tons of problems that seem to plague only certain customers – ranging from daily screen freezing to inability to send SMS on 4G to power cycling and all Tmobile says is that these are known issues and they are working with Samsung on a fix…which is all BS as there hasn’t been a single software update in 6 months. I even tried 2 separate devices and 2 manufacturer repairs.  Its a bit complicated to explain but I had been a postpaid customer for many years; had several really bad customer service experiences after my contract lapsed and I was experimenting with prepaid to save some money. I emailed the Head of Prepaid – VP Mike Katz – who at first was all nice and he sent me the Exhibit2 to make up for a host of problems – ranging from the existing phone I had to the customer service issues I detailed for him — The phone has never worked properly and TMobile just says these are known issues but now I see more and more customers complaining about the same problems.  Katz promised to make things right but then never followed thru on anything – ranging from providing a working phone to seeing about voicemails from dead friend that were deleted because no one told me switching to prepaid was like switching to a new carrier and they’d port the number and delete everything on my account – including those voicemails.  He never followed thru on anything and really disappointed me…While someone at his level can’t be concerned with individual problems, if you take the initiative to intercede and respond to a customer directly, you should then at least have the courtesy to assign someone to follow thru with the customer and make sure everything is running smoothly…Makes no sense to intercede and then do nothing – or to send a customer a new phone to make up for past phone/network/service issues and then that phone is one that is known to be faulty…and it truly is unprofessional to then pass the customer along to an ECR rep who is going to tell a customer who has been with you for years and years to go to another carrier when you’re losing more than half a million each quarter.  None of it made sense.  Ive spoken to a few good employees online and on the phone who just have been shocked by all of this but they are all powerless to do anything…and right now I don’t have confidence in Tmobile to sign a new contract or to buy another phone…so I will most likely be getting an iPhone on another network.  I got a Mac last summer & have seen Apples customer service…I had a problem with my laptop and some bad employees and I spoke to the store manager who apologized and promised to make things right and re-earn my trust – he replaced my laptop, refunded part of my money; gave me a free external hard drive & free warranty….I don’t expect Tmobile to do that but to either fix a phone as they promise or give customers a comparable one.  Its laughable to see Tmobile employees on the forums literally tell people that they need to switch their phones to 2G in order to send a text message when their advertising is bragging about their 4G network..or to tell customers theres nothing they can do about their phones freezing daily when Tmobile admits this is a known issue with the device…So thats more than you wanted to know but thats part of my story and how Tmobile went from the only cell carrier I had ever had and had bragged about to everyone to a company that I see as a comedy of errors with employees Id fire on the soot for some of their incompetence.

        • Vim

          Ah, yeah…the margins are so thin for prepaid that no carrier goes out of their way for prepaid customers.  It’s the downside of being prepaid.  And while carriers are generally willing to handle warranty replacements as a courtesy, they get really dodgy when it comes to hardware defects that are inherent in the model.  They don’t want to eat the cost of swapping it out for a different phone model when they see the issue as the manufacturer’s fault, not theirs.  The manufacturers also get dodgy when they realize how expensive it will be to rectify the problem. Even Apple came up with the “You’re holding it wrong” excuse when customers started complaining about bad connectivity due to the iPhone 4’s antenna issue. It took the threat of a big public relations black mark on their record to get them to address it.

          If I were in your shoes I’d likely be out of patience too.  I don’t blame you for wanting to leave.  Good luck with wherever you decide to go. 

        • Wex

          I don’t buy the blame the manufacturer because the phone has  Tmobile logo on it, is sold by Tmobile to run on their network and one would assume they test it to make sure it works before it goes into production and is sold.  They KNOW the phone is faulty.  And its not just prepaid customers using it.  The 4G SMS failure is apparently happening on many different devices..and the daily freezing, power cycling, mysterious turning on/off is just not acceptable.  My point is you had the Head of Prepaid/VP Mike Katz send me the phone to MAKE UP FOR PAST PROBLEMS – you’d think he’d want to make sure he solved the customers problem and all is well; instead he did the exact opposite..and that showed me that all the problems with customer service down the line stem from the top.  The boss has the same crappy attitude towards customers as the entry level folks.  If any other product didn’t work, it would be recalled.  My problem is that none of these tech writers will cover the story; they just publish press releases.  I don’t understand how there can’t be a legal issue here – Tmobile will only act if they get bad press or if state attorney generals get involved.  What Tmobile doesnt realize is they operate prepaid as a separate company but to customers, its all Tmobile.  Some customers may dip their toe in prepaid and then if the service were good upgrade to postpaid on classic or value plans…but i they have horrible experiences, you not only lose them but people tell all their friends and family NOT to use Tmobile.  Its very short sighted.  (At least Sprint brands their prepaid with Boost and Virgin so its got a different image).  It seems Tmobile keeps losing postpaid so is expanding prepaid.  In my area, I see Tmobile stores going up in inner city areas next to stores with huge Boost/MetroPCS logos…or I see phone dealer shops with the Tmobile Prepaid signs and Tmobile Prepaid billboards all over the city.  Tmobile used to be known for outstanding service; now its the exact opposite.  Tmobile used to have solid promotions- I remember when I first signed up, my plan was $10 off the regular monthly price.  THat makes sense…as does Verizon’s double the data…None of this idiotic value installment plan crap that employees can’t even explain and customers can’t understand; people want immediate gratifications and savings.  I wonder how many customers are being affected by the 4G sms failure cuz thats huge with texting being one of the most common activities people use a cellphone for…My handset seems to be texting ok right now but I had that problem before and from the forums, I see a lot of people are going thru the same thing.  I also don’t like a company that lies to me repeatedly and I certainly don’t feel comfortable rewarding incompetent and rude people.  For an ECR person on a first call with a longterm customer to tell a customer to go find another carrier is not what ECR is there for…Id hate to be this guy going on an interview when he gets laid off, and an employer googles his name and sees he tells people to go to the competition.  My point is just a lot of very stupid marketing and customer service moves across the board and they have their effect…Its not all just the iPhone although Im leaning toward an iPhone only because Ive had so many problems with Android – not only my handset but multiple ‘known issues’ with Google Play & Music and constant app glitches which devs keep blaming on fragmentation.  And 95% of everyone I know in 5 different countries all have and love their iPhones…All those people can’t be wrong.  Each week, I read a new story from an Android writer who says they finally made the change to an iPhone… Tmobile for their part needs to decide what type of company they want to be…Are they a high quality brand competing against ATT and Verizon or are they a value brand competing against Boost and MetroPCS? Its very hard to be both because it confuses the customer as to what the brand stands for? It should be quality at a value price but they’ve done a poor job of conveying that so to the customer its either high quality (and iPhone has become a symbol of that like it or not) or budget value brand (where you make sacrifices on devices/network/speed to save money)

        • Vim

          I have an android phone, an Amaze, and I’m happy with it.  I also generally prefer android over ios.  Nevertheless I recognize that there are lots of OEM’s making android phones, and even handsets made by the same manufacturer (*cough*Samsung*cough*) are not all equal.   Apple does provide for a more consistent user experience.  They release only one new model a year, and while it too may have the occasional glitch, the user experience is generally highly positive.  Contrast that with certain android phones that are almost legendary due to their problems (LG’s G2X anyone?).

          I agree that when a carrier puts their name on a phone their reputation is going to take a hit when that phone is a lemon.  And when a specific model has such a large percentage of defective units they need to get on top of it and deal with it, not run away and hide. It sounds like somebody, quite probably several somebody’s at T-Mobile, including at least one highly placed exec, is asleep at the job.

          And yes, T-Mobile’s de-emphasis of the more lucrative postpaid market for the less profitable prepaid market over the past year or two is somewhat inexplicable.  I’m still scratching my head over that one.  If I were to make a guess, I’d guess that AT&T was planning on shutting down T-Mobile’s postpaid division, but keeping T-Mobile around as a prepaid brand once the buyout was complete.

  • Demond Edwards

    Hey don’t worry guys, we have a new commercial that will turn everything around, lol  Yeah right. 

  • MagentaUser

    It’s gotta be the fucking iPhone. I can’t imagine T-Mo subs switching to something awful like Sprint. Dammit T-Mo!!! They really don’t deserve this.

    • Rapist on BAIL

      Sprint is laughin they ass off right now! T-Mobile is so dead, DT wouldn’t even show up to they funeral. 

      Withouth the Apple iPhone, I think its officially a wrap for Magenta! Time to leave the postpay wars to the big boys , turn into a prepaid company – and just compete with Virgin Mobile.

      • Littlesis1774

         Sprint got Samuel L Jackson in their iphone commercials now that is pretty smart considering that Samuel L. Jackson is huge star and The Avengers is coming out soon

        • Vim

          Samuel L Jackson is a great choice.  The man exudes charisma, and the timing couldn’t be better. I agree with you entirely.

        • Littlesis1774

           I am sorry but Sam beats Carly. I just read on Huffington Post that Zooey Deschanel did one as well but hers was for AT&T. That what Tmobile needed to do. Grab stars whose movie is about come to come out display their phones and their features not some girl in pretty dresses in the commercials that similar to Apple MAC vs PC commercials with Justin Long.

        • Vim

          In Carly’s defense, let me just say that I doubt Samuel L Jackson came cheap.    If T-Mobile is perhaps a bit too conservative with their checkbook, Sprint is gambling big time with money they don’t have.  Sprint has been rather profligate of late, and if they don’t start making money relatively soon they’re going to go under.

      • Vim

        Sprint isn’t laughing.  They’re too busy praying they’ll be able to survive the next two years with the mountain of debt they’re struggling under. 

      • kalel

         Sprint last quarter lost 1.2 BILLION dollars.  That’s just one quarter and they’ve been hemorrhaging money for years straight.  No, T-mobile is laughing at Sprint about how profitable it is to not have the Iphone.  

  • Zourming

    Let T-Mobile continue bashing the iPhone and saying how their Android phones are just as good if not better. Eventually this was going to happen, people are leaving to a carrier that offers the iPhone. The least that stunt can do is prevent future customers from leaving for that same cause. And if they maintain their current affordable plan rates for the iPhone they’d be welcoming new customers as well.

    • Wex

      Its not just the iphone but CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE & TONS OF ANDROID PROBLEMS on many mid level phones…Wakeup…

    • kalel

      Iphone was on AT&T for years and they kept increasing customers. Do a little historical check and you see when they started losing them.

    • Littlesis1774

       They been doing all year which only result in loss of customers.

      • kalel

         Verizon did it too for years and it didn’t hurt them.

  • Carloslacend

    Here in pr tmobile has many customers with them and many want to be with tmo. I do not understand how the market for tmobile pr is more stronger than tmo usa.

  • Silk7412

    The problem is apple!
    It is far to much money for the iphone. Sorry its not going to happen!!
    What tmo can do right now is really talk about value! Why tmo is better than att at far so taking care
    Customers and getting the BEST phones.

  • Gwapo

    Stupid Analyst!!!!


    I cant believe how stupid some of these posts sound .
    T-mobile makes a good  profit every year.
    Its growing and expanding its network.
    They have some great phones now and more to come. Galaxy s2, HTC Amaze .Galaxy Blaze etc,,,,
    They Offer the best Value of all national carriers .
    When they are done building LTE network next year they will be able to work with all AT&T phones at full speeds like the Iphone and most gsm unlocked phones.
    They have over a million Iphones working on their network now.
    They made Billions from the  At&t deal cash and spectrum.
    All other national carriers cost more. 
    In my case I have great data speeds,great talk and text reception and a great phone for much cheaper then when I had Verizon and AT&T and with sprint my data was so slow i canceled the first week and they would have cost me more also,,,,
    So its an easy choice T-Mobile the best Value out there.

    • MarcusDW

      That sounds good and all but we are in fact A) The cheapest carrier but B) still suffering from an increasing  loss of customers.

      We were also late with 3G and now have the best 3G around but are still losing customers.  We will be late with 4G LTE as well which isn’t helping.  With no iPhone 5, T-Mobile will easily continue to lose customers for another year and a half or so while they hope to turn it around with LTE.

      • kalel

         Marcus, take a look at history.  The Iphone was on AT&T since 2007 and T-mobile was increasing customers each and every quarter until….wait for it….they changed CEOs, removed the head of customer service, changed to a sales environment, and started tactics to squeeze every dime out of customers. 

    • Bleacherbums1

      I do agree … a lot of att iPhone users are about to come to Tmobile network because of there cheap rates and now that there upgrading their networks it would even entice more ppl to be on Tmobile.
      As far as customer service, me and my family NEVER had problems with them. They seem to even go out there way to accommodate our needs.
      On this article here , where do they come up with this numbers. I work for a fortune 500 company and we look at ALL transaction, buys , deals, market I mean everything and this is just ridiculous.

    • Gouv

      yes but its about long term profitability.. T-Mobile should be earning more with the size of the customer base that they have even if its shrinking rapidly.  They buried themselves doing the wireless welfare / walmart value brand wireless.

      • kalel

        It’s not that simple.  Look at Sprint’s profits over the last 4 years.  They haven’t even had a positive net profit for any quarter.  T-mobile is very profitable but their customer service and money making tactics are what’s killing their image.  

        • Gouv

          From what I’ve been told by my wife’s friend who works in an around their accounting is that the high risk customer base (low credit with poor bill paying habits) is what really tends to Hurt them a lot, an the churn it causes. Also they make less per customer because they are “value” brand. It is a lot simpler than you think. It’s not really their image that’s the problem it’s the customers they attract. They lack the premium brand illusion that the other big two have. People somehow feel its necessary to spend a fortune on the other carriers because they think it’s actually worth it. You simply don’t have that on tmo. Tmo bends iver backwards an has delivered great customer service in th past but clearly that hasn’t gotten them anywhere. This carrier gets picked at by both “premium” and “cheap prepay” carriers alike. They are in a bad spot.

    • WirelessRefugee

       So what if the millions of customers that T-Mobile is losing, are they just being “stupid” (your word), not realizing a great deal when they see it?

      If the posts by T-Mobile employees in here are an indication of Company philosophy, I guess good riddance, eh, those stupid customers.

  • Angelboy67

    i disagree it is iphone that is causing a problem. in last one year tmo did not get any good phone expect htc sensation and sg2 rest is all more or less same. whereas att got samsung note, htc one x, nokia 900, htc sensation xl, skyrocket, htc titan, htc titan and so on and on have not talk about other network yet. in short tmo phones are like 2 years old in the size and form. just 4.3 in screen and so old resolution 480p. even upcoming htc one s is not good competitor when compared to htc one x. tmo really need good phone to compete or less u will definitely loss subscriber. secondly tmo also need to get att network rollout faster.   

    • TmoRocks!

      You’re partly correct, however, to put it in perspective since I work there on the retail side, I would say about 10% ask for a phone that other Carriers have. 40% are either fine with what we offer or like the selection, quite frankly the SGS II saved a lot of customers. The rest inquire about the iPhone, it’s equivalent, or want to cancel when their contract is up. Oops sorry I forgot about that 1% that don’t use smart phones. This is just a snapshot of my typical day and does not represent what’s going on nationwide.

      The iPhone is the most requested device every single day. But, maybe that’s my location. I will agree that Tmo does need a better lineup of devices, however, I’d really hate to admit it man, the iPhone is the majority of my day. Even customers who don’t even like the iPhone have told me it makes Tmo look bad to not carry it.

      I would say device selection, marketing, device pricing, the iPhone, marketing, and the dual rate plans are really hurting the company. Breaks my heart cause I like working here.

  • Gimmeyj

    I’ve had T-Mo for almost 8 years and whatever they were before. I’ve had DOZENS of phones from these guys, for me AND my Family. I’m so tired of the phones always breaking, excuses, etc… always paid my bill on time for all the dropped calls. I hope they do get the iPhone, if not? We’re gone, what are they? Like the last ones NOT to have it? Say what you want but they’ll prob go under soon anyway.. 2 months to the contract ends and I’ll be part of those numbers…


      Same manufacturers with all carriers they dont make the phones .
      Next time spend a little more and go with a high end device the,, (HTC one s) comes out next week or gs3 or blaze or amaze etc…
      try that one or wait for galaxy s3 or go to any of the other national carriers and PAY MORE and still use same phone manufacturers making your phone.

      • Gouv

        he or she is publicly defecting tmobile, don’t bother trying to save them.

        • WirelessRefugee

           I suspect that T-Mobile execs have the same attitude.

          A couple years ago I said that if T-Mobile management was street smart they would hang around these boards and listen to these kinds of complaints, rather than chalk them up as venting or whining.

          There’s a lit to learn from people taking the time to say what about T-Mobile bugs them.

        • jarjon76

          Listening to complaints is fine, as long as they are legit complaints. The above complaint is nothing more than a bitter consumer wanting, wanting, wanting.

        • Gouv

          I didn’t find much legitimacy in that, in fact it was mindless bitching to me.  Also, executives are too narcissistic to see the relevance in posts like these.

    • jarjon76

      Perhaps you shouldn’t be so cheap and buy a high end phone. I’ve had DOZENS of phones from “these guys” for me AND my family and have had no major problems. Any minor problem I’ve had was quickly remedied. You do realize that T-Mobile doesn’t actually make the phones, right?

      • Psaux

        I don’t think the assumption that it’s cheapy phones holds.  I’ve been getting nicer phones for myself (and my GF as well) and I’ve experienced a big increase in problems over recent years and, more importantly, a huge drop in the quality of how they deal with such problems.  Their RMA system is a frickin’ joke.  You send in one phone with issues, they ship you back one with worse problems.  I’ve been through that 4 times on my gf’s current phone – 5 if you count and extra go-round with a dead battery.  It’s insanely poor service these days.

  • Ronberg

    When you have former GAP employees running your company to the ground with Jean/Shirt folding ideas and nothing to do with sales or keeping a customer or technology. What do you expect when you use department store business strategies in a technology environment. Shut it down T-Mobile its over sun!!!!!

    • Aroundtheway

      you nailed it right on the head….this is the titanic and its close to breaking apart

  • spartanjet

    They are going to lose me when my contract ends soon if they don’t stop getting weaker/smaller screened/camera flashless versions of the lastest Android phones.  I could care less about idumb phones, I want Andrioids with big screens and full quad core processors not bastardized cheaper versions of the good phones.


      Galaxy s2    4.5  screen any bigger and you should go to a tablet.
      I dont like anything bigger then 4.0 myself it bigger then an Iphone but not to big .

      • spartanjet

        I’m not going to get into a debate about screen sizes because ofc its preference based for me the bigger the better (would have loved the Note).  What I am talking about is Tmobile changes the intended specs of the phone.  The Galaxy 2 Tmo released had a weaker processor. The newest HTC phone Tmo released has a smaller screen and dual core.  The list goes on and on.  All I want is the full featured phones to be released not cheap knockoffs.

        Its my understanding that the Note wont work on Tmo’s 4G at the moment and by the time they refarm to the other band I’m sure there will be better out already.

        • mreveryphone

          I’m on it right now with tmo 4g

        • spartanjet

          That is good to know, may I asked where you purchaced the Note unlocked?

        • mreveryphone

          Got it on craigslist and unlocked it myself. And installed the tmo radio myself as well

    • Bleacherbums1

      LOL…. how big of a screen you want? You got the galaxy nexus ( works good on tmo, you got HTC and Samsung which has big screens…??? A quad core??? The new dual core chips are as fast as a quad core.
      GO GET A TABLET OR THE note (unlocked)

      • mreveryphone

        This unlocked note is running nice on tmo 4g might have to give it up though I can never reach the A when texting while driving and that is a problem

        • Gwapo

          That’s why you should not be texting while driving :0)

      • TmoCSR

         “The new dual core chips are as fast as a quad core” – false

    • Gouv

      why don’t you just bring a portable screen and attach a projector to your phone?  Then you can have the biggest screen out there!

  • Johntajacobs

    Just buy a freaking unlocked iPhone and be happy. Apple charges to much for the idumb anyways

    • Bleacherbums1

      LOL … thumbs up :)

    • Gouv

      For such an idumb device its doing pretty darned well don’t ya think?  Those people at Apple surely have no clue what they are doing, right?  I mean they are only about +40% YoY but that’s just luck because they are idumb, right?

      • TmoCSR

        the Backstreet Boys also sold millions of albums.  everyone loved them, therefor their music must be a masterpiece right?  just because something is popular doesnt make it good.

        when the iphone FIRST came out, it was great because there was nothing else like it.  and now, as per usual with anything Apple other than the ipod i suppose, they are now behind the game.  the iphone doesnt have the tech specs that some android phones on the market have or a bunch of phones due out this year are GOING to have.

        the iphone is a SIMPLE device and thats why it does so well, in addition to being the first (not technically i suppose) real smartphone.  the vast majority of smartphone users are, lets face it, technologically retarded.  if people would just read a little bit and have even a slight grasp of the technology in the phones they use, the iphone wouldnt be so popular.

        • Gouv

          Those specs you speak so highly of ate necessary in android because android consumes that much resource an is needed. It’s basically java run time ! So it’s understandable why specs like that are needed. Just because th specs aren’t there in a device it doesn’t mean it’s under powered. If you design the software for the hardware you are set and this is readily apparent in the iPhone. Also android phones can be very cheap and unpolished in hardware. Many of them are the same and come with bloat ware. The oem’s and carriers ruin the android experience. Apple has full control and Its been an advantage for them. Most customers shouldnt have to read that much extra about these products, the products should just naturally jump out at them and lok amazing. Design and marketing should compliment one another. The iPhone is very well designed, it’s simplicity is what makes it so nice to use. Apple sets the pace and the direction every year and this upsets people. As I’ve stated before, there is a design culture and philosophy that exists at apple that other oem’s just can’t do based on they existing business models. It looks nice, it’s runs smooth, it’s got great battery life and appple support is AMAZING! Take an iPhone apart and even the layout of the components look nice. So much thought goes into maintaining that simplicity its quite remarkable. Whether you want to just assume everyone is dumb because they like something you don’t, or you are in denial? You have to admit that apple does a great job with design. That fact that you think the iPhone wouldn’t be so popular if people read more makes you sound like a bitter tmo employee that heard about the iPhone all to often by your customers.

  • Fed

    If T-Mobile can get the Iphone without having to do a bad deal like Sprint allegedly did, obviously T-Mobile should do it. But their problems go beyond not having the Iphone. Verizon was adding tons of adds before they had the Iphone and Metropcs is adding customers without the Iphone. I think T-Mobile should try to get the Iphone but they should also try carrying better Android phones like the Euro version of the HTC One or the Galaxy Nexus or the LG 4x HD.

  • GinaDee

    Same old Android slabs on the market all pining for getting the newest software but never really knowing when unless of course you hack it.  There is just too many of these and they all do the same thing. 

    T-Mobile definitely needs their OWN iPhone and other high end WP7 devices from Nokia to grab attention from different marketshare. 

    For crying out loud publicly announce that all remaing 2G only sites will become HSPA+ (21 or 42 Mbps where avaialble) and give your customers a time frame for when this will be done.  Add some freaking backhaul too.  Customers shouldn’t be gettng 200 Kbps speeds in a “4G,” area. 

  • Johnny Brown

    I’m not an iPhone guy myself, I’m pro Android… but let’s face it. Apple’s device is the bees knees of phones. It’s really sad when smaller, regional carriers have something that a major carrier doesn’t. As much as many Android (or just iPhone haters in general) would hate to admit it, TMo NEEDS it. Just knowing they can get it without having to go through other means would stop the bleeding quick. 

    This year is the PERFECT year to get it done, because they could release it side-by-side with the rollout of their spectrum re-farming. That would make T mobile’s version instantly better than the others, even though the network can be spotty at times, we would have the fastest iPhone in market because our network is less congested. Correct me if I’m wrong.I personally don’t have a problem with Tmo’s selection of phones as most, but it wouldn’t hurt if they splurged on getting a some of the other high end phones that the other carriers get as well.

    • Bklynman

      All I know what I read about what happen with At&t,and Verizon,I believe too,not sure about Sprint. That there networks got congested and because of that we have new term,word?
      Datahogs,I know it happen to At&t,not sure about the other 2 those. But do believe it happen to Verizon too.

  • TGoosh

    hopefully some sign of the tmobile getting the iphone by Fall 2012 or im outttttttttta here in July.

    i have had the nexus one close to 2 years now. i would upgrade to an android device but just end up going back to the nexus one. tried the HD7, G2, G2x, just alwasy went back to the nexus cause of battery life. and to be honest… pretty bored of android too damn buggy.

    • Fed

      Try the galaxy s2, it isn’t buggy at all

    • Robert

       Don’t try the gs2. Get a galaxy nexus. I have the note and I kind of regret selling my nexus.

    • TmoCSR

       android is only buggy if you dont know how to use the phones.  and you might as well dip out then, because tmo most likely isnt getting the iphone. which is fine by me, because iphones are terrible.

  • Enoel69

    The One S is an impressive device and the GS2 did well but Tmo has to learn to start getting the Big Guns from the jump…One X, GS3, upcoming iPhone 5, the Nexus at this point it should be the Next Nexus with JellyBean probably skip the GNex. Also Huawei has a series of four devices with top of the line specs grab one of those as well, Lumia 900 for our windows customers and maybe the rumored Moto Atrix 3. The low cell plans are good but they need at least 4/5 TOP DEVICES at any given time on the Network. Hopefully with the new marketing campaign that will change. I love Tmo and been with them 9+ yrs but phone choice is always an issue…that is why some of us get our devices unlocked but not everyone wants to do that. We need a line up of 4 or 5 top Guns. Also hope the refarming of spectrum will get the 1900 band up and running on Tmo soon so we can have a wider choice of devices to choose from

    • JBrowne1012

      They aren’t getting the iPhone5 they are refitting their network to make use of people with unlocked iPhones from at&t

  • Androids117

    T-Mobile just needs to get what the mass wants a IPhone. And they get what they always have wanted then they will be happy for a little bit.

  • Lawless_1

    T-mobile is not loyal to their customers. Payback is a b***h.

    • sickofidiots

       You know, I see this all the time. Why do people think a wireless carrier is any different than any other utility? Paying for a service you use does not entitle you to anything special. I have paid my mortgage for 20 years and am loyal to my bank because I have not refinanced elsewhere. Should they give me a free house? People are so retarded.

      • TmoCSR

         my coworkers and i talk about this almost daily.  i have been driving a chevy for 15 years.  does that entitle me to a free Camaro? i get my gas exclusively at Speedway.  does this entitle me to free gas?  no, it doesnt.  at all.

        every single day i take calls that beginning with the customer stating “i have been a tmobile customer for X years…” and every single one of those calls ends up with the customer wanting $600+ worth of free phones.

        im sorry, “loyalty” only means that you steadily pay your bill like a responsible adult.  nobody OWES you anything at all.

  • TBN27

    If t-mobile were to get the iPhone, can it be made HSPA+42 capable? And. how are they going to get the wi-fi calling feature on it? That feature would make it unique to the other iPhones.

    • JBrowne1012

      No because tmo would have to pay extra to get a new chipset then everyone would complain about it being slow and a cheap iphone because as far as I know the only maker of hspa+ 42 is qualcomm Samsung only goes up to 21mbps

  • Psaux

    I think they may have lost me.  I’m trying to make up my mind.  I loved VoiceStream through to T-Mobile due to their service.  That attribute is now gone.  Frankly, the network quality in terms of tower maintenance (they have a lot of partially busted ones in areas near me) and density has gone way down the tubes.  Another factor I liked was the no-contract nature of things.  With that gone, I’m really hard-pressed to find a reason to stay.  They certainly don’t have sufficiently reduced prices to balance out the quality of service they’re offering these days, especially after what they did to their poor call center staff (which leads to nastiness passed on to the consumer). 

    On top of all this, 4G LTE being SIM-based even on Big Red got my attention.  It may not be logical, but it’s a lot easier for me to accept a phone if there’s a sim card in it.

    Then there’s lack of business-grade, qwerty Android devices on offer.  Given their frequency setup, even the range of ones I could just order in from elsewhere that’d be compatible is pretty small.

    The worst part is, this isn’t the end of my list.

    I want to stay with T-mo, but I think the changes they’re making now, emphasizing marketing instead of improved service, are going the wrong way.  Spending $200M on dressing up a pretty girl in leather isn’t a smart move in my opinion, especially when the message they’re trying to convey doesn’t even appear to be getting across.

    I just can’t wait longer.  I need a new phone, as my G2 is getting too outdated to do things I need it for.  They’ve shown no sign of releasing a G3.  Their two most recent mytouches with qwerty were/are crap ….  and they quickly EOLed the last good one they had.

    I was dreading the AT&T buyout.  Now I think it would have at least been a dignified death.  T-mo is killing themselves by losing track of what made them in the first place: service and quality.  Now they have a greater proportion of junk handsets (LG, Huawei), and worse service both in terms of 611 and the towers.

    I think I’m done ranting now ….

    P.S. If someone knows of a good Android phone THAT WILL FULLY FUNCTION ON ANY US CARRIER meeting the following minimum specs, please let me know:

    1) Full QWERTY keyboard – preferably 5 row, but I’ll take what I can get
    2) qHD or better screen
    3) dual (or more) core processor running 1 ghz or higher
    4) microSD slot (I refuse to buy into the Apple storage model)
    5) ICS assured to be coming or ships installed

    • TmoCSR

       of your list of needs in a phone there is one feature that is going to make you incredibly unhappy and thats the QWERTY keyboard.  manufacturers are shying away from QWERTY smartphones so the probability of finding one with those specs is probably never going to happen on ANY carrier.

      • Psaux

        My QWERTY need isn’t arbitrary.  I have, with reasonable frequency, the need to SSH from my phone into critical systems to do maintenance.  An on-screen keyboard is no good for doing things as root where a single wrong keystroke can wreck things.  There ARE still QWERTY devices being made by Motorola (though I dislike their quality) and others.  I expect, as Android-based devices attempt to clean up what little is left of the RIM market space, more clearly business-oriented Android phones will arrive, and I’ll be shocked if they don’t have keyboards, since the remaining crackberry users will be unlikely to transition without it.