T-Mobile’s Next myTouch Devices Will Be Made By…Huawei

T-Mobile’s myTouch line is their staple line and it all kicked off with the original myTouch, from HTC back in 2009. Skip forward two years and LG takes over with a pair of phones under the myTouch brand. Now, in 2012, T-Mobile will introduce Huawei as the next manufacturer for the myTouch.

We’re looking at two Gingerbread-powered devices, the U8680 and U8730, two identical devices save for the keyboard. Both phones sport a WVGA 800×480 resolution and that’s about all we know spec wise.

Huawei might seem like a strange-choice for T-Mobile to bring to the myTouch name, however, don’t discount Huawei’s global presence and size in the Chinese market. Huawei continues to become more of a recognized name in the United States so it’s likely we’ll see more devices, including higher-end offerings reach the T-Mobile and AT&T network in the future. Perhaps we’ll see another Huawei-branded device in the future? Hint hint.

T-Mobile’s myTouch entries aren’t typically higher-end offerings, geared more toward the “family,” with enough features to offer the true smartphone experience but not too many features to distract from T-Mobile’s truly high-end smartphones. Expect to see these devices land sometime in the second quarter of the year at an “affordable” price.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/ElectroHop Jay Alford

    I like it. It’s cute. I’ve had the MyTouch 3G & I liked it for the most part. 

  • mytouchmyself

    There was never an HTC myTouch that wasn’t worth buying. The 3g slide is probably the closest thing to that, but it still had a niche. There were people who would choose it over the other phones available based upon its merits. The LG myTouches are a little different. Theoretically, there’s not a lot to place a myTouch by LG over an Exhibit II. The genius button is still better than google voice search, but if you don’t need the genius button… well, there’s not much left to win on.

    This is the final stage of infection. Huwawea cannot design a device on par with LG. This will be worse. The name “myTouch” was a horrid idea. The phone is soon to live up to the name.

  • Mattcat03

    Tmo shoud create a new line instead of “my touch” rather “out of touch”

  • Jason Turner

    I still would rather have my rooted HTC Glacier (original Mt4g)…after the HTC ones..there have been no others….

  • Jioprince

    Panasonic is releasing nice lines of phones in Japan…Although, Japanese companies are late in the smartphone game, I think they will eventually be better than their Korean & Chinese counterparts.

  • Leslie Carmichael

    There is no middle finger big enough to show my contempt for the Huawei QWERTY Mytouch.  As someone who kinda liked the design of the HTC Status, I could forgive a lot of its failings, but I could never forgive putting the backspace button in anyplace other than the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. Anybody with keyboard training knows that’s always where the backspace goes, but instead, I’d end up hitting the P key. This Huawei QWERTY commits the same sin, which is unforgivable to me. 

  • Jim Jiang

    I just find it funny how people are bashing Huawei on this. I would like to say, most of these coments are by sense less white bastards. Well, Huawei has changed their style, from being crap, (about 2008 era) to being decent and a good company that makes decent products. The Springboard is a decent tablet, and is made by Huawei. People  saying Huawei makes their phones in China is being irrational, Apple makes their iphones and ipads in china. Samsung will start making NAND Flash memory in China, If someone can find me a phone with NO COMPONENTS(inc’l cables) made in china, this arguement is basically saying, im a dumbass and huawei is shit b/c its made in china. Well, If the iphone is made in china and is one of the best selling phones ever made. Ive had worser electronics than what huawei made, some of my microsoft stuff beaks within the first month, therefore all microsoft products are bad, so there. Then i will say that the keybord thing is bad,