Samsung Galaxy S III Set For March Announcement, April Launch?

The Samsung Galaxy S III is arguably one of the most anticipated Android smartphones in 2012, with the Galaxy S II already winner of a number of “best smartphone of 2011” awards, the Galaxy S III has a lot to live up to. Samsung decided to skip a Mobile World Congress announcement for the Galaxy S III, and now a ZDNet Korea report indicates we could see a Samsung announcement later this month. If earlier rumors hold up, we will also see a simultaneous Galaxy S III launch on 50 major networks, possibly including those in the United States and hopefully including T-Mobile.

As it stands now, there is absolutely no sign outside of previous Galaxy S support for which carrier(s) will carry the Galaxy S III. Currently rumored specs include:

  • 4.8? Super AMOLED HD Plus display…up to 1080p perhaps?
  • Quad-Core Exynos 4412 processor with ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • 8 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera
  • Ceramic casing
  • 4G LTE support
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Our fingers are crossed for the Galaxy S III to arrive on the Magenta network in the future, this could be the Android smartphone for 2012.

BGR via ZDNet Korea

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  • kirk



    • GalaxySIIIowner

      No way I’ve seen the GS3 and it looks just like the above pic so shhhhh

    • Mr_Vault

       And Kirk, you should turn off the Caps Lock key. Makes you look like a noob…

  • Gman


  • chris meyers

    I’m pretty excited about this one as well. Though I should caution all of you, the most we’re getting is 720P. And we should all pray it’s a 720P Super Amoled PLUS display, not the pentile of the Galaxy Nexus. That would be quite an improvement.

  • TBN27

    the whole release of the Galaxy S III is a rumor. 

  • windycity…..chitown

    Samsung galaxy S 2 sucks I have nothing but software issues camera sucks I know lots of people with the same issues and more then i was watching the news about the best tops 5 Android phones and Samsung galaxy S2 was not on the they did said that Samsung galaxy S2 had lots of issues begging with the software camera internet its slow compare to the iPhone 4s and the hts amaze and there right.we just have idiot out there with issues with there Samsung galaxy s2…….even Tmobile employs tells the same things.but whatever….

  • windycity…..chitown

    Samsung galaxy S 2 sucks I have nothing but software issues camera sucks I know lots of people with the same issues and more then i was watching the news about the best tops 5 Android phones and Samsung galaxy S2 was not on the they did said that Samsung galaxy S2 had lots of issues begging with the software camera internet its slow compare to the iPhone 4s and the hts amaze and there right.we just have idiot out there with issues with there Samsung galaxy s2…….even Tmobile employs tells the same things.but whatever….

    • Lovegalaxy

      I guees.. you are the only one with that problem or somehow just love the “i” too much.

      I know several people and also myself never had any issues with galaxy s2.
      Amazing phone..

      • Tbyrne

        Including me!

      • Guest911

        You are calling him out after claiming “I know several people……”?
        Hahahaha. Nows that is irony!

      • Kevin

        I have the white one… I love mine as well!

      • TrevorMadden

        Zero problems here, love my phone. It’s pretty much the best Android phone

    • WirelessRefugee

      At Mobile World Congress the SGS II was declared the best smartphone in the world for 2011 and to date. And Samsung has sold over 100 million units.

      I guess they didn’t get your memo.

    • Cncj04

      I love my gs2 No problems at all!!! I have had a lot of phones and this one is by far my face!

    • tommy

       how many apps installed, how much ram free? max max right?

  • guest

    has anyone heard if this will have external storage? I was getting excited about the htc one series until I learned there was no support for micro sd, I hope samsung doesn’t make the same mistake

    • WirelessRefugee

      It will have external storage (microSD slot). Samsung considers the SGS line a world phone, that means it includes “max specs.” Samsung would dare not leave out the microSD slot, that’s one of the advantages of it over any iPhone Apple will produce.

      Now that does not mean T-Mobile could order its version without a slot, but that’s an issue with T-Mobile not the phone as debuted by Samsung.

  • wytwolfen

    Put out a new phone with ICS before you update my Galaxy S2 that’s not even 4 months old and this is the last Samsung phone, or anything else, for me.

    • Drew

      Enjoy the freedom you have with your device and stop being lazy. Learn to root… there are countless ROM’s to use. Why do you insist on waiting for someone else to customize your phone??

      • wytwolfen

        I’m not asking someone else to customize my phone, I’m asking the people who sold it to support it.  I can and do root my phones, it’s the only thing that made the Vibrant usable at all.   

        • Drew

          Well, I’m not understanding your point then. Samsung has already committed to upgrading to ICS. Furthermore, your/my S2 is for all intents and purposes almost a YEAR old. The original GSM version launched in April/Mar last year in most other countries outside of North America. It’s only because we have to deal with carrier arrogance and their worship of the iPhone that this was delayed for so long. Certainly you should’ve known that for all ‘non-Nexus’ devices you will have to wait for carrier approval and testing. The same will apply in this case as well… It’s just the state of how things are in the U.S… unfortunately.

        • Vim

          I’m no iPhone fan, but I don’t see how the iPhone is responsible for Samsung’s unwillingness to commit resources to updating the OS. And regardless of the obstacle course that is carrier testing, if HTC can update a phone that is 18 months old, I don’t see why Samsung can’t do it too. 

  • $treetz

    Htc come out with phones to fast for me and don’t support the device that’s currently out . I will be jumping back on the apple ios bandwagon and leaving tmobile .off to verizon I go. Yeahits expensive but the service is prettydam good. Glad my 2year contract is up been waiting for tmobile to step there phone game up but no luck ..

    • Tbyrne

      What does anything you stated have to do with the GS3 that’s coming out soon?

    • Androidess

      Buh-bye. Go get the iCrap-we’ll enjoy lower pricing, great Android phones & no bs network outages, er, VZW. Toodles.

      • Plantonicsgthxs

        Trust me DON’t DO IT! i had T-mobile :(, i miss it very much.  Only thing i have with Verizon is extra bill and the worry to not cross my monthly data allowance. I really miss T-Mobile customer service. Plus, Verizon’s signal has been verrryyy spotty lately to mention the least. I never had data connectivity issues with tmobile. Verizon has a great voice coverage, but their Data network sucks.

  • Patrick Ding

    too soon… right on the heels of the gs2…

    • Go_TMo

      That’s not accurate. The Galaxy S2 came out about the same time last year, but was delayed in the united states by 5 to 6 months. We are just playing catchup.

  • TrevorMadden

    This phone sounds epic.
    I wonder when people will stop complaining about their every problem that no one has…go to the iPhone, who cares. Glad we don’t have it to slow down our super speedy network lol

  • deeoh1084

    give me give me give me give me!! i’m due for an upgrade in May!!

  • WirelessRefugee

    I am in on this phone and will give my SGS II to my GF. This phone’s specs are too significant a jump to pass up. According to what I have found:

    ICS – Android 4.0

    1.8GHz quad-core Exynos chip w/ separate graphics processor.

    2GB RAM

    32GB internal storage (woot, I have been waiting for Samsung to get to 32GB).

    microSD slot. But other storage available according to a third party’s or carrier’s requirements.

    4.65″ SAMOLED III display (so named because it is a display for this phone ONLY).

    319 ppi density, 720 x 1280 resolution (WOW! But that might be too small for some people to read.)

    12MP camera (don’t know about the sensor. That is what matters, not MP, which often is fluff or a “digitally enhanced” number :)

    1920 x 1080 HD camcorder (with 60 frames per second. Wow! That’s better than a lot of cameras and camcorders on the market).

    2250 mAH battery (that’s far better than the typical 1500-1600 mAH and i won’t have to be in such a hurry to buy extended batteries).

    All the bands, will be available for GSM and CDMA.

    Availability: I expect this to be like the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung will want to get into every carrier’s inventory worldwide, all at once this time.

    My prediction is we will see a worldwide launch and availability from April to June.

    The Samsung Galaxy name is the new gold standard for handsets and has been crowned the iPhone competitor (and handset model for Apple to beat or stay in competition with). To be sure, that’s why you see Samsung using the “Galaxy” moniker on designated products. Consumers associate “Samsung Galaxy ____” as a product that provides great quality, design, looks and functionality, even on the low cost smartphones..

    • Frigadroid

      Yeah they can make a good display and some chips, but great quality, design, looks and functionality, are you serious? After purchasing a poorly designed Vibrant styled to look like an iphone with a non functioning gps. I and many others would say, we have the opposite opinion of samsung.
      Before you count your eggs remember the tmobile vibrant & galaxy 2 are like apples to oranges when compared to the orginal international galaxys. Regardless of what rumors surface you can expect tmobile’s version to be gimpy and delayed as usual, and I do realize that’s not all samsung’s fault.

  • Nearmsp

    When I read the blogs in emerging economies, like China and India – the trend now is to sub $100 phones and by 2015 sub $50 phones. Even some parts of Europe the iPhones and Samsungs have  not done that well. I think we are yet to hit the peak price points for smart phones in the US. Reading the blogs it may be a long time before that happens here.

    • CactoesGel

       We all need to blame ourselves for buying every new phone that comes out LOL

  • z3nsunn1

    Ah man so many nice phones coming out at once… So happy I’ll be going over to Tmo this summer. :D

    I’m thinking between this, the Galaxy S3, and the HTC One X (or whatever it gets called if Tmo gets it). Once the S3 is actually announced and I hear some specs for sure, hopefully the decision is mad easier. I just hope it had SD card support. That’s one thing that’s a bit of a turn off for me on the One X, no SD support. :( But I guess 32gb should suffice.

  • cosmo10292

    Ceramic casing? Ok sounds alot better than plastic but when i hear ceramic i think of one of my moms plant pots… they break very easily! hopefully not the case on these cases!! 

  • Rob Daman

    almost 5 inches large…i’ll take it!

  • Sam Spade

    want the clock app

  • phone service

    I really need to get this great smartphone. 

  • Bleacherbums1

    This specs and rumors are just to good to be true. A quad core here in the US hmmmm…. guess will have to wait and see …

  • Veena37138

    Samsung Company, that one side made first official denial
    the launching of Galaxy Nexus Smartphone in India,
    is going to launch its Galaxy S III Smartphone early tomorrow at a press event
    in London, as
    per source report.