T-Mobile’s Official Response To Todays JD Power Announcement

While T-Mobile can take pride in achieving the top spot in the JD Power Wireless Purchase Experience survey 11 out of the last 15 times, a fourth place finish this time around is clearly disappointing. After the J.D. Power press release went out, T-Mobile released their own brief statement touching on their efforts to improve the wireless purchasing experience once they began to see customer happiness decline. Along with their official statement comes an internal statement that went out to employees earlier today also touching on the disappointing JD Power results. Both statements follow:


Official statement:

T-Mobile Addresses J.D. Power Wireless Purchase Experience Results

While our scores for online purchase experience improved, our overall fourth place finish is disappointing. Delivering outstanding customer service and a great shopping experience is core to T-Mobile, and we’ve been consistently recognized as a leader in that area.

During the period of time in which JD Power conducted this study we introduced many new offers combined with changes to our policies and procedures, which made it difficult for our frontline to deliver the highest level of service to customers. When we began to see the impact of these changes through feedback from our frontline employees and customers, we reacted by making significant changes during the last few months of 2011. Those overall changes have been a step in the right direction and we have already seen our customer satisfaction steadily improve month over month.

T-Mobile has been consistently recognized for its customer service and we are committed to re-establishing our outstanding service reputation, giving our customers the great service they deserve and previously relied on from T-Mobile.


Unofficial Statement:

Subject: JDP Purchase Experience Results

Field Sales Team,

A few weeks ago we wrote with results on the JD Power and Associates (JDP) Customer Care study. Today, JD Power released its Wireless Purchase Experience Study and T-Mobile ranked fourth for overall Wireless Purchase Experience — one point behind AT&T. We scored 5 points below the industry average — a decline of 14 points compared to the previous study.

This particular study measures the satisfaction of our customers who recently had a wireless purchase experience through visits to a T-Mobile store, calls to Customer Care or online. The most important factor in this study is the customers’ interaction with our Retail Store Representatives. The study results show that we need to focus on three key attributes to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Promptness in being able to speak with a representative
  • Knowledge of the representative
  • And, Courtesy of the representative

This news is disappointing to share. However, as we discussed a few weeks ago, several changes were incorporated at the beginning of this study’s reporting period which made it difficult for frontline employees to deliver the highest level of service to customers.

Our frontline teams have always prided themselves in our customers’ satisfaction. With our focus moving forward on executing the customer standards as well as our customer loyalty initiative “Drive Down Churn, Drive Up Loyalty” and working with our partners in Direct to Customer, we expect to see gains in re-establishing our customer service leadership. We have already seen our JDP satisfaction score steadily improve month over month, resulting in a 32-point increase from our low point in September to the last report in December.

We’ll continue to implement tools and training to help us focus on the customer experience. And, starting in March, we’ll bring back internal programs to measure our customers’ satisfaction such as Secret Shop for both Retail and TPR as well as customer SMS surveys with specific questions regarding the customer experience.

The next JD Power study on the Wireless Purchase Experience is under way and “One Person DOES Make a Difference”. Each and every one of you has a big impact on customer satisfaction and we each have the opportunity to make every T-Mobile customer a satisfied, lifelong T-Mobile customer.

Together, we sincerely thank you for everything you have done, continue to do and will do throughout 2012 to deliver outstanding customer service.

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  • Ankit Maloney

    I must say, I’m not surprised. I’ve been with T-Mo for over 6 years and sadly that will end come Sunday. I’ve gone through 4 HTC Sensations in 7 months due to faulty screens and other warranty related issues and T-Mo simply refuses to let me upgrade to a different model phone. One of the customer ‘service’ reps even went as far as suggesting I cancel my service…and I’ll be taking her up on her offer. I’ll  bite the bitter pill ($ 200 ETF) this Sunday and move on to the Galaxy Note, and back to ATT after 7 years.

    • http://twitter.com/stephaniehall Stephanie Hall Marin

      I agree, this is not surprising at all. Their customer service has been declining for the last couple of years and they do not seem to care about customer loyalty. I too have had issues with their phones and warranty restrictions.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mimi1923 Mimi Rivera

      My husband and I had the exact same experience with TMO recently! I was shocked to hear a rep suggest that I cancel our service. I cannot believe how eager they are to lose customers who pay their ridiculous bills on time. I never thought I would have been so sorry to leave Sprint, but I am! 

      Also, they have the worst data plans ever! 

      • http://twitter.com/whyhellomichael Michael

        worst data plans ever? 5gb of data WITH tethering/hotspot for 30 bucks a month. really? Who has a better data plan? 

      • JBLmobileG1

        Worst data plans ever? Are you joking or being serious? They are cheaper than the others. I pay Tmobile $60 a month for 10gb of high speed data which includes tethering. For $50 through At&t you only get 5gb and it’s another $20 I believe for tethering. Verizon is $80 for 10gb and another $20 or $30 to tether. Sprint may be the only cheap option to Tmobile but their coverage is smaller and slower than Tmobiles HSPA+. True the data rates have skyrocketed over the years… I went from the $4.99 tzones to $60. But what do you expect? The speeds and devices to use it on make up the difference. Sure $4.99 is fair if your searching for sports scores on an old Motorola TracFone… but that was a long time ago. The newer devices need faster data speeds. So before you complain about Tmobiles data cost look around first then comment afterwards.

        • Dbarker1965

          Call customer loyalty and ask for a better deal.sometimes they can give you a discount.I just got $10 off 2 of my lines saving me $20 month just for asking them an unrelated question.Customer loyalty reps have more power than other reps…

        • Jcj1

          and you wonder why T-Mobile is having issues, everyone is like you, expects something for nothing. You are not supposed to call loyalty and lie! Why should you pretend to cancel just to save money on a carrier that has low rates to begin with??

      • Anonymous

        T-Mobile’s data plans are the BEST in the industry.  Sprint has the best coverage of the slowest data network in America.  T-Mobile has great coverage of FAST data speeds.  A lot of the times, the fastest.

      • Jcj1

        wait till you shop around and see the data plans out there and what you get for them. Did you ever stop and think you might be the problem??


        • Nordictyrsman

          Thank you. I cannot tell you how difficult it can be working as a sales rep, there are so many hurdles to overcome explaining the ins and out of the plans.

    • http://twitter.com/IntegrityWebs Integrity Tech

       I find it hard to believe that you’ve been through 4 devices based simply on your “warranty” comment. T-Mobile is not responsible for the warranty of any of it’s devices, the manufacturer is. The Galaxy Note looks like an awesome device. I am a 10 year T-Mo customer using a Samsung Galaxy S2. Unfortunately, T-Mo won’t be carrying the “Note.” Perhaps that’s why you’ve moved on? Be sure to have some lubricant ready when AT&T comes calling with your bill each month.

      • Ankit Maloney

        No, I’m not moving to ATT for the note. I’m moving because I have actually had 4, count ’em – 1,2,3,4 phones! in 7 months!! The 1st phone had speaker issues (volume at its highest was barely legible, with or without headphones). The 2nd and 3rd replacement phones both had what appeared to be dust or a streak of dead pixels on either side of the screen (A quick google search for this issue will reveal that this is a very common problem with the Sensation). And now my 4th phone seems to have the same issue. 

        So yes, it is a warranty issue. I purchased the phone through TMO, not HTC. I need TMO to resolve this issue. Look at it this way, when you buy a car, you take it to the franchised dealer for maintenance etc, not the factory headquarters.

        BTW, Didn’t really get what you were trying to imply about ATT towards the end. Care to elaborate?

        • Jcj1

          you’re an idiot, sorry but fact is fact, HTC sold you the device via T-Mobile. If you think it makes any difference, all carriers will do the same thing so do what you must but HTC is where you need to complain, not here

        • Ankit Maloney

          Thanks for adding some maturity to the thread. Your contribution was priceless.

        • Nordictyrsman

          He meant that at&t is going to give it to you when they hand out the bill. And as a tmobile rep, all that is needed is a warranty exchange, filed under advanced data exchange and a list of new phones will be available to you, I have done it several times, whoever you have talked to has just been lazy.

        • Ankit Maloney

          Priced it out already. Comes to about $ 20 / month more but with LTE connectivity (which in my neck of the woods is fairly rapid).

          It could very well be that the few folks I’ve spoken to are lazy or do not know the proper course of action for situations like mine. But it is this lack of consistency that gets TMO at the bottom of said ratings.

        • Aaron Tant

          not sure how you ended up with roughly $20/mo more with ATT.  Unlimited Talk, Text, 3GB of LTE data with ATT is $120. Unlimited talk/text/5GB (with Hotspot) from T-Mobile, even on the Classic Plan, is just under $90.  More than $20 difference plus more data from T-Mobile.

          I truly am sorry your Sensation(s) didn’t work out.  Surprised that T-Mobile did not do a multiple exchange (provided that you had 3 devices fail within 90 days).  Or, did you talk to the Loyalty/Retention dept about your issues?

        • Anonymous

          ATT has mobile to any mobile so unlimited minutes is probably not necessary for them.

        • Anonymous

          Honestly man, I wouldn’t bite the bullet and head over to AT&T. It’s always your decision but if anything, AT&T should be the last carrier you’d go with. I know your frustrated because the HTC phone you have has been having issues. This happens to every carrier, unfortunately it happened to you. I’m predicting big things for TMO this year. And not because I work for them. Hell, I myself am on AT&T w/ the iPhone. I should know how inconsistent their network as been. Not worth the money either. Good luck. 

    • Jcj1

      you should be speaking to HTC as after 3 they cannot replace anymore and has to got them. Don’t  blame T-Mobile, blame HTC. If you replace something once and have the same issue it is either something added to it or something being done to it more often then not

  • luvdr

    The at&t deal crushed the spirts of the entire organization. Now that the at&t nonsense is over it has gotten so much better and will continue to get better. Tmobile will be on top again soon.

  • Jay

    Im blacklisted by them I believe. I havent been able to get through to them in months, unless I put a fake number, or my phone is about to be shut off by none payment. Deff took a turn for the worse

    • Guest!!

      Pay your bills!

      • Dominique

         It’s not paying his bills.  It’s the fact that they call in so much to T-mobile that the cost of customer service to that individual is costing them more than they are making, so they are put on a long hold when they call in to deter them from calling about every little thing and making multiple calls on each one of those.

  • tb21666

    I’ve been with TMO for the better part of a decade now & have not only received excellent customer service every time I’ve needed to dial into ‘611’ but they’ve gone the distance to help & resolve everyone of my scenarios above & beyond what was needed or expected. I sell phones for a living, everything but TMO (guess where I work, right?) and I see on a daily basis the situational ‘horror stories’ others go through for less quality, features & more expensive price points. I really do wonder sometimes who it is that scores these things each year? and who gets asked for that matter? I for one, surely, have not.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it’s weird 90% of the people complaining on these blogs about T-Mobile have problems with things that are no different with any other company in the US wireless industry.

      So the real question is why these consumers are taking it out on the company with the most affordable nationwide rates?  Isn’t that one of the MOST important things to keep thriving in the already concentrated US wireless market?

      • http://tmonews.com David

        Yup, what you said.

        • Memohugo

          Dave, I have a question: You can cancel a plan after 5 days of having it? I just received the invitation for this weekend sale and getting a value plan last week,

        • Nordictyrsman

          You are rather persistent with this question.

        • Tmo-Fan

          you have to return the phone back to your point of purchase!  or you get hit with 200 ETF + price of phone.  

          i know ATT and Verizon did that.  i had Verizon one time and went to them store got 2 phones.  i end up return the phone back.  do to the rate of plans.  i find T-mobile are much cheaper Vs. Verizon.  

          anyway’s when i return the phone and the Verizon Rep did the process  and didn’t finish.  i end up received the call from Verizon CC, telling me that i have past duo amount of almost $800.   since the phones been return and i have the paper work for them.  i still end up spend about a week on the phone with CC and the store manager to clear them mistake.  

        • Anonymous

          I work at a corporate TMO store and like I said before, yes. However, we had an issue returning phones from that weekend sale. It’s a mission but it can be done. Just letting you know, you might get charged a restocking fee. 

      • Anonymous

        Its sad that this is even a conversation. True, T-Mobile has affordable rates, but that should not give them the OK to provide poor customer service. They are not the biggest or the best phone company out there, they should be working hard now to grow their customer base and the best way to do that is with reliable, happy customers. 

        This begins a larger conversation of corporations treating their customers poorly and not being held accountable. Prices aside, T-Mobile should provide excellent customer care. Period. 

        • http://tmonews.com David

          Who said they want the OK to provide poor customer service? I think it’s clear both in this statement and in private conversations I’ve been hearing that they recognize there is a problem and it needs to get fixed immediately. I don’t think anyone wants their customer service to improve more than they do.

        • Anonymous

          My comment was more in reply to UMA_Fan’s comment,”So the real question is why these consumers are taking it out on the company with the most affordable nationwide rates?” 

          Cheap plans shouldn’t provide an excuse for poor customer service. T-Mobile used to have the best service, and it seems as if they are trying to make their way back to that, which would be great for the company and customers alike. 

        • Dominique

           David, if they really plan on changing then why would T-mobile do a kick-off for 2012 stating they are not changing their strategy whatsoever in customer service.  Brian Brinkman, head of customer service, stated “Every year we make changes to better provide for our customers but this year weren’t not changing anything.  Why change a great thing?”  They really pushed how the sales have really helped T-mobile and they’ve just increased the sales quota once again.  I’ve seen customer call in multiple times to get things removed, with reps telling them they’ll take it off, they need to go to the store, tell them they can’t until the next cycle, etc. and all that is because of the stress of removing features that hurt the CSRs numbers.  The rep that actually does their job and removes it gets admonished for not meeting their sales quota and gets threatened with being fired. 

          So far, the last place rankings haven’t pushed them to change a single thing in the call centers.   They’re still in awe of reps adding a $152 million in features to accounts that they could care less about the rankings.  It’s all been talk about getting back to the basics but what’s being pushed is sales.  You could be the best rep in the call center in customer scores but if you aren’t hitting your sales numbers then you are a liability.

        • Anonymous

          The thing is when people here are talking about Customer Care getting drastically worse recently, almost to conspiracy levels, I think it’s something that’s getting greatly exaggerated.

          Customer Service should be judged as how attentive the representative was to addressing and solving legitimate issues.  It shouldn’t be based on the representative telling you something you don’t want to hear.

          “Can I get my upgrade early?” , “Can you waive my migration fee?” , “Can you give me a phone for free without rebate?”  Are all instances of when a rep will probably say “No” to you but that shouldn’t be how their customer service is judged but it seems like most of the things people are complaining about online are really petty.  There are RATIONAL reasons why a representative might say no to you by the way but just because you don’t want to hear it doesn’t mean they are doing you a disservice.

          I will agree company enthusiasm probably dipped SLIGHTLY with the at&t merger announcement.  But that doesn’t turn a happy spirited helpful person into a mean spirited rude and nasty one as people on here have been implying.  The biggest cause of dip in the scores of retail buying experience I would have to point to the Value Plans in my opinion.  There’s a direct connection with the online customer experience increasing; The website always has heavy phone subsidy deals on the Classic Plans.

          It’s actually really sad because the Value Plans ARE actually better, cheaper, and fairer to consumers but nothing beats the instant gratification of a subsidized phone.  Also with T-Mobile marketing the $49.99 Value family plan aggressively, customers are going to walk into a store thinking they are going to get a subsidized phone with that plan -heck, most of them probably don’t even know phones ARE subsidized.  Reps are then daunted with the task of explaining how the Value plans x 24 months + full retail price of the phone is cheaper than Classic plans x 24 months + subsidized price of  the phone.  It will get through to smart savvy people but to a lot of people it sounds like bait and switch… especially if they’re bad at math and installment payments are factored into there.  Value plans are great for consumers and the company but I’m thinking it’s leading to a lot of frustrated and confused potential and existing customers.

        • TMo-Fan

          agree with UMA_Fan 100%

  • Memohugo

     One question: It’s is possible to cancel a Value plan after 5 days?

    • Jcj1

      depends, is it new activation or just a change?

    • Anonymous

      Of course you can. You have 14 days to return the device. 

  • Monday

    nothing will change…me and 2 other reps at my store got threatened today by our manager because our offer rate was not above 80%(nobody in the stores was, but I was at 77% with the highest conversion)…I have the best numbers in the store just about every month, but don’t get praise for that, they think this new offer tool will help churn. The offer tool is a tool for us to add features onto a customers account or change a rate plan. It’s not fun anymore as a rep…the company is really hurting right now.

    • Monday

      ….typing from my phone but just to finish what I was saying, as a rep, hours are cut all across the board, customers are no longer allowed to call care, we have to use our RSL to transfer them to care, yet they take away staff and want us as a reps to only focus on sales but than want us doing customer service? it’s like there fighting themselves as a company and don’t know what they want.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Maybe your manager needs retraining. Personally I think it’s only a good idea to offer things to new customers. I have been with Tmobile since 2004 and I had the rep try to sell me extra features over the phone. To me that is a mistake because it makes me feel like they are trying to take advantage of me. If I wanted the feature don’t you think I would have asked for it a long time ago? I called for a reason… in this case… to get help with my voicemail… not to add extra features that I already knew about.

  • Anonymous

    The worst part of their CS is getting connected to the Philippines.  Not only can I not undertand them, but they don’t seem to listen.  I can tell them why I’m calling and they’ll repeat a totally different reason back to me.  Thankfully, I don’t have to call often.

    • Roger

      That is how outsourced customer service works and is not tmo specific.  There are flowcharts to follow and sets of pre-written answers.  The agent’s goal is to find the answer that is the closest match to your question and close the call out as quickly as possible.  

      This approach does work most of the time, but does not when the issue is more complicated or the customer has already tried the common solutions.  Additionally there is no incentive for the outsourced company to fix the actual underlying problems since they get paid based on call volume.

      • Alvin B.

        A properly trained rep knows to listen and ask the proper questions, however. He knows when the flowchart does not apply and therefore goes down the “this doesn’t apply” route to get you to a tier 2 or tier 3 resolution as needed.

        I know this because I used to work in one of the U.S. call centers as a tier 2 PDA tech until tmo decided at the beginning of 2010 that they didn’t need our U.S. call center any longer and layed everyone off. 

        • David Icke

          There is 4 tech care centers — and all four of them are still up and running. If you were indeed Tier 2 PDA as you said — then you worked in one of those 4 centers. Except Tier 2 PDA never existed.

          The PDA Department was considered Tier 3. Tier 2 was handsets at the time you’re stating. Now it is all just Technical Care – but in 2010 this was not accurate.

          So – you saying you were a tech support in the PDA department as a Tier 2 rep, whom worked in a U.S. Tech Center that EVERYONE got laid off, is a complete and utter falicy.

          With that said, there has never been a full US call center laid off, there’s never been an outsourced Technical Care center either. So, with that said, would you like to adjust your story accordingly to fit the new paradigm i just set forth or just never reply to me?

        • Alvin B.

          So I don’t know where I worked?

          Port Arthur Texas, closed beginning of 2010, through SiTel. All Americans. We took calls for TIER TWO PDA SUPPORT. Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. Yes it was a contract company, but it was not Phillipines! 

          You don’t know what you’re talking about, so go away.

    • guest

      How do you know it was connected to the Philippines? You’re pretty much prejudiced, I think you are one of those who knows everything but does not really know what they’re talking about. Shame on you. You are typically generalizing CS and figuring it in your pea brain FIRST BEFORE ACTUALLY THINKING!

      • Dan

         the last time i called, it was connected to communist china, the lady never understood any words, asked for other rep, after putting on hold for 40 mins, i was told “YOU CAN CALL ME BACK AFTER 1 HOUR AND SOMEBODY PICK UP OK”
        what the f***k!

      • Dominique

         There’s a good chance he’s correct.  In the call center where I’m at the number of reps dropped to almost 1/5th the number just a year and a half ago.  The number of calls coming in are the same but you drop that many reps and the calls have to go somewhere.  It’s been happening to call centers throughout the nation, including some being closed.  They’ve been outsourcing quite a bit of customer service to the Philippines.  

  • Eastcoastrep

    i got an idea…throw your fn budgets out of the window and give the sales reps the hours that they deserve…also staff us the way we should be staffed…the ship is going down, just staff us so we all go down with it

  • Goldengecko1

    I’d like to see these changes. Having worked in a call center for 3 years for T-Mobile, I’ve not seen any changes in policy that would benefit the customer. Furthermore, in our meetings with tech care VP he stated,”we have no plans to roll back any changes made in the past year.”

  • Joe

     this is why  we canceled tmobile service after 7 yrs.  horrible
    customer  service phone reps and rude store  reps. and so
    many confusing fake deals which never works.

    • Kirk

      I’m waiting for new quad core phones to roll out soon, and I’m saying bye bye to T-Mobile also, after being with them for about the same amount of time.

      I pay my bill on time every month. All I get in return is an ever growing lack of coverage, dropped college, spotty 3G/4G, and horrible customer service.

      So strange how T-Mobile went on a disaster move downwards so fast.

      • Kirk


      • Anonymous

        i know coverage everywhere is different, but my city went from EDGE just 3 years ago to HSPA+42 today. With boomer towers installed, outside of town went from GPRS data to UMTS. coverage is definitely not going down at all.

  • Memohugo

     I have a question: You can cancel a plan after 5 days of having it?

    • BoZo

      there is a 14 day buyers remorse period in most states.

    • shanmarie

      This is what I want to know. I just left Cspire and the Iphone for TMobile. My SGII arrived yesterday and I was thrilled. I looove this phone. The problem is the data is slow or none. I had both phones side by side and my other carrier responded in half the time. I am so upset to return this phone and return to CSUCK. I wanted to love TMobile.

  • Aundraquinn

    I have been a customer of tmobile for 12 years and I have never had problems with them until the last 6 months. I had 2 payments takin out of my ckecking account in 2 days with no refund. My phones were cut off 2 days after my bill date. I had to get a replacement phone for the 3erd time and it took 4 weeks to get it. My contract is ready to be renewed and everytime I call I get a different price on the value plan. And I get hung up on by the automated service.

  • Curious

    I’d like to see some changes in-store:

    A) Line specifically for billing, warranty exchanges and accessory sales (leave new lines and upgrades for specific sales reps) (yes have stock of refurb’s for warranty exchanges)
    B) Ability for B2B customers to walk into a retail store bill new lines and accessories to our accounts
    C) Ditch MIR’s at least during promotions (if Best Buy can do it so can T-Mobile Corporate)
    D) Use better ventilation inside stores.  The ones where I live are always stuffy and smell bad

    • TMo-Fan

      I’m agreed with you about the Ditch MIR.  but, on other hand i have to disagree with you about the <if caBestBuy can do it so can T-Mobile).   
      as we should know…if we walk into T-Mobile store. we're looking for T-Mobile phone, service or accessories.  because, that's all they do and all they sale…..

      but, Best Buy are different.  they promo them phones for cheaper prices to get peoples in the door and end up buy more other staff beside the phones, service or accessories.  how many time you really walk into best buy and you said im only loooking for the phones?   not very likely…..cause, when you are in the bestbuy, you have more chance to look at other products and that's mean bestbuy have more chance to sell you more of them product and make more money of one persone.  as you can see this is do to best buy sale more other products and not just the phones only.  not like T-Mobiles.  

      im not sure you agree with me or not.  if you walk into T-Mobile store and you only planning to spend around about 50 to 200 dollars.  that's yet…….cause you are walking out with just phones.  .

      but, if you shop at best buy.  you might looking to spend some where between 30 to 150.  you will end up spending even more.  cause, we usualley end up buying something else, we think we need. but, normally we don't need.  
      that's what we call now day…   then end up with less money or no money.  

      so, i think its more saving to visit T-Mobile Store Vs. BestBuy or any other big retailers.  cause, we get high chance to spend more money on stupid Sh*t.   

      anyway’s that happen to me before.  so i thought i just share those.  

      but, i also think if i want the service with the company.  i might well go direct to them store to get the service correct and understand and only pay for what i want to spend not any others.  

  • Jason Powell

    I have to say, when I called tmobile with a problem they handled it so well that I actually took time to call back and say how pleased with the help I got and was so impressed, much like I am now. I told them that I check this site often and see people bashing the customer service all the time and I expected to get just that “crappy customer service”, yet I was impressed and suprised I did not. First: I didnt call expecting to get something for free (phone upgrade or whatever) and second: I wasnt looking for a reason to leave to which I think  a lot people do when they talk bad about tmobile on here so they can leave for the iphone (which when I mentioned to the people I talked to, they totally addressed the issue and said heck yea we totally want it for our customers too!) I liked that, a very personal experience to which things were addressed. I told them I hated the automated system and the person I talked to said she hated talking to them too and she understood and said tmobile knows and is working on it for real. She said she wished the phone would just ring directly to her so she could help people. Yea the service could improve and coverage needs to get better. Yes all my friends have an iphone and ask me why I stick with tmobile. I really like that they totally addressed my issues that I called with and didnt say..”can we offer you a new phone or plan today or some upgrade”. Im hopeful things can get better for us loyal customers, I have to call with yet another issue im having (yet I am hopeful and positive) but im thinking positive!

  • Taron19119

    I just wanna the iphone

  • Cesar Lomeli

    There’s a reason almost all these comments are negative. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I prolly will be leaving tmo in a couple months for the same reason. I am not satisfied >:/

    • Jcj1

      yeah, the only people who regularly comment are people who are unhappy. generally they are also the ones who think they know more then the people trained to support  the devices.

      • 123

        So true. These dumb people think that they are smarter than other dumb people. 

    • guest

      what is prolly?

  • James

    Just two weeks ago I went to a tmobile store (which I also applied because the manager was impressed with my knowledge of tmobile thanks to tmonews) to find out if I can upgrade on a phone. One of the workers responded to me quite rude to my questions. On top of the fact that while I was checking out the phones I was at a close enough distance to hear the worker there complain and moan (also use a couple of curse words) on how his shift has ended and was waiting for another worker to get in since he was arriving late.

    Quite sad to be honest, plus it turned me off to work there if I were to get hired.
    I hope TMO can change this, and TMO should look at these comments to help them better customer service. I know its only a matter time for TMO to get back on top, i am still hopefull.

  • http://twitter.com/SocalFrank1 Frank Alvarez

    I’ve been a T-Mobile fan for years. the customer service was excellent, the plans were great and the coverage was as good as anyone else for my area. Lately, I have seen my coverage has gotten worse. In fact, my data coverage seems to be deteriorating.  I’m at the point now where I am wondering…is it time to finally abandon T-Mobile? They don’t have the phone I want (yes…iPhone) coverage is worse then before and last time I talked to customer service, I was speaking to someone in India. My work phone is a Verizon iPhone and while the data speeds aren’t impressive, I rarely have to do without.

  • former T-Mobile employee

    I have a good idea on why the customer buying experience has gone south so fast.  Blame it on the Value plan!  They get customers in and pressure the hell out of them to switch to a “better” deal.  It’s confusing and it’s worse for the customer if they decide to leave.  They not only owe the $200 early term fee, but the remainder of the balance they financed on their $500-600 smartphone!  That’s bs!

    • Dominique

       This isn’t really true.  The Classic plans are cheaper than anyone else and the Value plan are even cheaper, even when figuring in the price of the phones.

    • Guest

      Dominique is correct.   I’m on the value plan and I checked out verizon, sprint and at&t before joining the value plan and even with the phone eip added Tmobile value plan is cheaper.

  • Hokte

    I have been a customer for 9 years and worked for t-mobile for a short while.  I have seen them change by leaps and bounds but in 2012, I am still on a “edge” network. . t-moble don’t brag that you have the fastest 4g when you can’t put it everywhere, I’m still looking for 3g.  Customer Service has taken a drastic change in the last year & a half and it has gotten rediculous.  I am other customer whom has had many phone problems from screen problems, battery over heating to phone being dead.  All to have CS rep that I couldn’t understand (literally), to a rep telling me I should cancel my service if I don’t like it.  It’s crazy!  I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for years but when my contract is up will be looking for a new service provider.

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile has 4G in more places than any other carrier.   

      • Vim

        True, but T-Mobile’s 3G and 4G maps are pretty much the same thing while Verizon’s 3G network map is vast.  If I’m in the boondocks, and thank God I’m not, I’d take Verizon’s 3G over T-Mobile’s 2G (aka “EDGE”) any day.  Edge may be one of the faster versions of  2G out there, and some people refer to it as 2.75G, but it’s still painfully slow in comparison to Verizon’s 3G.  I’d cancel my data plan if I were ever forced to go back to EDGE.  Thankfully T-Mobile’s HSPA+ “4G” data network has expanded to blanket my entire area over the past 2 years.

      • Anonymous

        Yes but its kinda sorta just really 3G, lets face it.  It’s not a tech that will bring them up to speed with LTE which is going to be a real 4G technology.

        at&t has 4G hspa (which is really just super 3G) and they also have 4G LTE which is clearly the future to true 4G speed.  

        T-Mobile needs 4G LTE sooner than later to keep up with the other carriers whom i fear will have an even larger tech lead in the coming years if they don’t come up with a cleaver initiative soon.

        • Vim

          All of the current “4G” implementations, even LTE, aren’t really 4G by its original definition, and all of them, including T-Mobile’s, are 4G by the latest official definition.   T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s WiMAX and competitive with Verizon’s current LTE implementation for a lot less $$$.  If put under load it will certainly degrade faster, but T-Mobile’s network isn’t overloaded like AT&T or Sprint’s. 

          At some point T-Mobile will need to go LTE, but waiting another year won’t kill them as long as they keep expanding and ramping up the speed of their HSPA+ network in the interim.  In fact, the longer they wait the cheaper the LTE rollout will be for them as equipment costs drop.  Personally I think expanding their HSPA+ network map and improving its signal strength in areas where its sketchy is a higher priority, and by sticking with HSPA+ for now, they can cover far more of the country for a lot less $$$. 

        • Anonymous

          I never said any of them were really 4G but that LTE was the true capable tech for real 4G. I personally got a little disgusted when tmo and sprint started using 4G, especially when tmo called HSPA 4G. By tmo waiting they are losing ground to the giants whom already have a ton more spectrum and way more future resource to purchase more. I don’t really disagree with what you say in general, but I don’t think you realize how dangerous it is for them to roll out LTE so late. They could get away with being late to the 3G game, but the LTE game may sting them a bit I fear if they are too late to arrive at this one.

        • Anonymous

          I find tmos 4g speeds to be more than enough for any tasks. Honestly. I prefer it over lte at the moment, just because of the battery life aspect. I have a gs2 & amaze that average about 10-18 mbps download & I love it! Lte is great for large downloads, but w/ todays capped data plans, I would think most would wait until they reach theyre home wifi for those data intensive tasks.But yes, Tmo is going to havr to keep up w/ the jones’ eventually w/ a competitive answer to lte.

  • Anonymous

    Talk is cheap.  Where’s my HTC Titan 4G?

  • Foster Chambers

    I actually worked at Tmobile this past year, and i firmly believe tmobile was trying to purposely devalue the company so that the att deal would go thru.  I was there on day called into to customer care you got a knowledgable person right away and then the next day they switched over to what ever it is now.  Tmobile now is trying to clean up the mess they made because theys owned these test before.  Im actually switching over to att not because of service but because we can save money on our home tv and internet.  My gf will stay on the prepaid.  The best deal tmobile has is their prepaid plan if you can afford the full price on the phone. you get everything you get in a Value plan, with out the 20+ bucks in taxes.   

    • Dominique

       Except for no data roaming and no WIFI calling.

      • hello

        You can wifi call stupid. Lol your an idiot

        • Dominique

          I forgot the “free” WIFI calling.  You can’t get that with prepaid, but true I’m not up to prepaid standards because I make enough to not have to do prepaid.

  • Anonymous

    I switched to TMobile in 2011 and it was a debacle for the first month or two, primarily due to customer service reps providing incorrect information over the phone. I am not surprised at the low ratings this time around. Hopefully they work on improving CS and strive to get back on top.

  • Randall Jackson

    If you lie down with dogs (AT&T), you get up with fleas!

    • JBLmobileG1

      LOL Ain’t it the truth!? It’s like making a deal with the devil then trying to get your soul back afterwards. Let’s hope Tmobile continues to try to work at it and not just give up thinking it’s hopeless. I say give Philip Humm a few months to bring Tmobile USA to their feet. If not, replace him, ship him back to Germany and show everyone there he is a failure.

    • Anonymous

      Technically, at&t took a roll in the hey with T-Mobile and lost a few billions.  If anything, T-Mobile gave AT&T financial bite marks.

  • http://twitter.com/VagabondJim JKearns

    Well earned…my recent experiences with T-Mo (my long favorite provier — I’ve been with them 9+ years) have truly sucked.

  • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

     A Comment To Herr Humm – Why T-Mobile Talking Nice Is Falling On Deaf And Suspicious Ears

    This is in response to a comment in here where someone said that they are still with T-Mobile after 9 years, a couple of “incidents,” and some aggravation. They also implied giving DT a pass for this poor JD Power placing because it was going through the merger (sic) last year.

    Pardon the length, but I needed to keep my writing engine tuned up. My usual disclaimer: if you don’t like me or my comments, simply don’t read em. ;)

    Sidenote: Since Herr Humm has provided evidence that he reads this kind of stuff, Mr. Humm, please read (and come up with a different approach, or like I said last year, change TMOUS to a top quality prepaid carrier).

    Your “very good” experiences aside, I find it interesting that over your 9 year run that there have been a “couple incidents” and that “I have been aggravated with [T-Mobile].” Sorry, but I don’t accept that such is an acceptable standard for customer service, mainly because IMO there’s a substantial risk that T-Mobile risks losing a customer after just one incident, and especially if the Company aggravates the customer.

    But what you or I would do under such circumstances is irrelevant. What’s important is that many customers don’t give second or third chances, they walk after the first incident. And if customer service
    aggravates the customer it is almost a certainty the customer will be justified in terminating the relationship.

    In any event, IMO the “we were being acquired” excuse does not fly. That’s similar to a company saying mistakes are “computer error” when in fact most computer errors have their origin from humans making mistakes when inputting data.  You are saying “the merger (sic) was a substantial factor in TMOUS giving bad customer service.”

    Initially, despite AT&T’s intentional and strategic mischaracterization note that this was NOT a merger, it was an acquisition. This is an important distinction because in this sale Deutsche Telekom did
    not have a say nor give a rip what AT&T did with TMOUS (see 2011 TMoNews articles and commentary which is consistent with this allegation). And from looking in TMoNews and elsewhere on the Net it was obvious that in 2011 DT did not give a rat’s pitoot about TMOUS customers.

    Arguably, if it was a merger Deutsche Telekom would have done a lot of things differently toward its U.S. customers and employees, for example, halting customer defections. And if AT&T was buying a wireless company, complete with customers, I submit it would have NOT been OK with the estimate that by the time it fully integrated TMOUS the Company will have shed 8+ million subscribers.

    In every acquisition it takes two to tango. AT&T was willing to pay $39 billion (3 X TMOUS value) to gain some spectrum and take out a major competitor who prevented AT&T from hiking its prices into the stratosphere. Deutsche Telekom desperately needed the $39 billion to prop up its European operations (which is losing money) and do a deal that allowed it to instantly as if by magic get out of the U.S. wireless business, something it really, really, really wanted to do.

    Despite T-Mobile customers being an extremely loyal lot (albeit many TMOUS subscribers are known as simply being skinflints willing to defect to the carrier with the cheapest deals) Deutsche Telekom willingly entered into a deal with the satanic blue master despite knowing:

    – U.S. customers would be left flying in the wind. (AT&T did not want them, DT didn’t care what happened to you);

    – DT knew that the deal would take out a major U.S. competitor and leave us to, inter alia, suffer major price hikes. But it did not care, it wanted that $39 billion;

    – When the deal was inked DT did from nothing to very little to address the concerns and worries U.S. customers expressed; it did nothing to assure that AT&T would be legally bound to honor T-Mobile contracts; neither company adequately addressed post-acquisition handset obsolescence.

    – Instead of doing any of the above TMOUS changed many of its policies, draconian changes that morphed TMOUS, the Company becoming indistinguishable from AT&T. (See TMoNews announcing the drip, drip, drip of changes over time).

    Fact is, DT’s acquisition stench (your word :) was from its own doing. It went all in on the deal going through. DT had its bags packed and papers in order, ready to flee back to Germany.

    Everyone knew that DT had no problem whatsoever abandoning its U.S. customers, IMO as it did both before and after the acquisition was announced (Humm must have had a good laugh when he arrived in the U.S. and heard people, including yours truly, speculate that he was here to turn T-Mobile around when in fact he was dispatched to the U.S. to supervise the sale of TMOUS.  (I remember people being excited that he might be able to get TMOUS the iPhone.)

    All this said, while the acquisition had some effect on TMOUS’ customer service and subscriber numbers, TMOUS customer service decline commenced in late 2009 when DT focused on getting the initials sale and slashing costs. Around that time DT stopped giving a sheet about good customer
    service (and that was when CSR reps started to have foreign accents, which many people in here denied was occurring).

    Yes, employee morale suffered while the acquisition was pending and low employee morale can lead to employees taking out their worries and frustration on customers, but in 2009-10 it became all about numbers and nothing else.

    By the time the acquisition was announced customer service was already in the toilet and there was a morale problem with U.S-based employees (remember Humm’s letter to employees trying to boost morale because of sale rumors, him saying that TMOUS was not for sale. Then a few months later the AT&T acquisition hit the papers).

    • Guest

      You have way too much time on your hand if you sat and wrote a long article such as this.  I didn’t read past the first couple of lines.  Too much!!!!

      • hello

        Lol me either. Your opinion is dumb.

    • Guest911

      Bloviate much?

    • Nearmsp

      A very well written piece that Mr. Humm should read and so should the next investor that intends to buy T-mobile. That said, with some data to back it up, I could develop this in to a case study for students. The only thing I would add is that DT relied on the ability of crony capitalism in the US that AT&T would use to round up congressmen and make regulators to back off. Unfortunately even by corrupt US standards it was a bridge too far. Finally DT had no plan B! 

      • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

         Thanks for the nice words.

        • Cycledaily

          As an employee, you could not be anymore spot on.

    • Anonymous

      good read, but please tell me you didn’t waste a perfectly good lunch and or breakfast break to write this???

    • Anonymous

      All of this because I stated that Im overall satisfied w/ tmo & I dont expect that they be perfect as no company is? Yo mike….. Get a hobby man! Or at least apply to be a tmonews journalist instead of just inserting articles 5 times the length of davids!

  • Dan

    the last time i called, it was connected to communist china or somewhere the lady
    never understood any words. she started by saying this “YOU ARE WHO SPEAKING?” asked for other rep, after putting on hold
    for 40 mins, i was told “YOU CAN CALL ME BACK AFTER 1 HOUR AND SOMEBODY
    what the f***k!   tmobile could hire  people  who speak english. not these stupid illiterates in china or philipines. The indians can at least speak english though they have accent.

    • david

      wow dan! with authority! btw you spelled philippines wrong dork!

    • Dennisarada

      Excuse me i am from the Philippines and people that work in the call centers are not illiterate. They even require them to have a bachelor’s degree or college graduate!!!

      • Dan

         i never said all philippinos , i said the idiot sounded like chinese or philippino

    • Guest

      Stupid! He’s the illiterate one, thinks he can tell by just listening to accents. If I judge you by your posts, you would not like it of I say your a monkey who can speak English!

    • hello

      Lol but he’s right, or customer service is the worst

    • guest34

      Prepaid is mostly outsourced to Phillipines and those reps are incompetent & useless. I was lucky enought to get a rep in Mexico who spent hours going through everything. He was great; even called me back next day which is usually not permitted. Tmobile service problems r systemwide. Humm says churn down/loyalty up. Nothing theyre doing in customer relations are doing anything toward that goal. I feel Im watching self destruct before my eyes. My store has always been great,but increasingly their hands are tied. I work for a Fortune 100 company in marketing & customer satisfaction. Im appalled by what Ive experienced with Tmobile. They keep telling customers to find other carriers vs trying to fix network & handset issues. 90% of front line reps have been a total joke. They stick to their scripts but dont listen. Managements running company into the ground. Counting days till I leave Tmobile, and Ive been with them ever since I got a cell phone,which surprisingly means nothing
      If I had employees say to customers some of the things Tmob reps have said to me, Id fire them on the spot.

  • Cp60188

    T-Mobile customer for 13 years, called customer service rarely. Haven’t called at all in the past 3 years. I go to a T-Mobile store if I need to have something complicated taken care of, and have always been helped by professional, knowledgeable T-mobile employees. I don’t understand why some posters are baffled as to why they seem to get certain treatment, based on prior discussions here. Be nice. It’s not just you, others may have the same issue. If you have that much difficulty communicating, go to a T-mobile store – it will probably take less time until call center issues are resolved. Don’t expect everything from the cheapest junky phone you thought was cool (eg Motorola CLIQ) – do your homework before you change phones…go look at the reviews on hofo, gsmarena, or one of the many other review sites. Use some common sense, please. Tmo got a big slap in the face. They know what they need to do, and it can’t all be done overnight.

    • Anonymous

      A Forum like this is a welcome mat for angry venters who lack the self-motivation to be resourceful enough to take the matter into their own hands.  

      You are clearly not a lazy person…

      Think about it, most of these people you are referring tot seek such instant gratification that they want someone else to think for them and advocate for them and in many cases cheat the agreement they signed and or agreed to.  

      This decency you expect from the general tmobile populus is non-existent.  Don’t expect it to come back, it’s a disappointing look into modern society.  

      What’s worse is that i think t-mobile’s good CS standards over the years may have created this monster.  In many cases i think they have created a customer base that is parasitic on the carrier doing everything perfectly and for them.  My opinon is that they have created this expectation that has poured down to many people that already likely have a sense of entitlement which is very, very, prevalent in a “high-risk” customer base such as T-mobiles.  sadly, it will only get worse before (IF) it gets better.

  • Customer

    Hey david why dont you make a tmobile news app.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Good idea! I second it. Maybe offer a live chat section with news forums and a rumor section. Up and coming devices with possible release dates. Could still have adds to help pay… but try to keep them at a minimum. :-)

      • BigMixxx

        I’d be all over that…

        • Kalel

          Just download Pulse News and add it as one of the feeds.  It works great.

    • Loueradun

       Sounds like a great idea, as long as it isn’t iPhone only (Yes I’m looking at you David).  If you set up an API and give me some design layouts I can throw something together for Android pretty quickly.  Feel free to send me an email about it.

    • Anonymous

      +1! That would be great!

  • Eastcoastrep

    i would like to know if phillip humm has ADD….because this company is going in 100 different directions. This guy was brought here for 1 reason…to sell T-Mobile USA!!  you sent out a company wide email and I went to the challenger meeting that reenforced that “T-Mobile is on the launching pad to blast off to greatness”.  1 month after that challenger meeting it was announced that AT&T is a acquiring T-Mobile USA…Morale was and still is an all time low and we have managers that don’t know what to tell us because you in upper management have no clue what to do!! straighten up or you will loose more than customers…trying hiring new sales reps with a ship thats sinking

    • Aaron Tant

      lose*, not loose*

  • Anonymous

    Now, more than ever, T-Mobile USA needs a regime change. The board of directors should sweep out all those guys… the so called “senior leadership”… they had their chance and didn’t deliver the goods. Time for some fresh blood.

    • BigMixxx

      It’s coming.  He looked small amongst giants in congress.  He cannot be left to continue to run the company.  

  • BoZo

    First off, T-mobile USA has no money ( I know, the billions from AT&T- but T-mobile was Broke, and they must invest in very expensive spectrum, marketing and phones) due to this, T-mobile IS NOT investing money into its sales or service departments. So I do not think we will see Promptness in being able to speak with a representative anytime soon.

    Second, with very litle money going into stores, many knowledgable reps are leaving as they seek better opportunities elsewhere and the ones remaining are just slamming customers at the demand of retail management- I worked there througout the attempted buyout and after, so Knowledge of the representative may be a liitle low- and by providing absolutely no training time, sales associates really can’t give their full attention to trainings, as they must engadge with customers the whole time as well.
    And, Courtesy of the representative… One reason I left T-mobile was the fact that employees are now being disciplined for spending “too much” time with customers. Managers simply want employees to move through customers as fast as possible and get all the features attached that we can..especially insurance (php) and higher data plans.

    I have worked in sales for many many years, and I have to say that T-mobile lost its heart somewhere along the way. Many of the “good” employees that customers love to deal with will tell you that they liked T-mobile years ago…but now, it’s just a different company.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      T-Mobile USA isn’t broke, where are you getting these so called “facts” of yours? Do you even read the financial statements?

      • BoZo

        Where do I get my facts… Ok, a meeting I was fortunate to attend which included Bill Robinson-as he stated that t-mobile couldn’t afford the labor budgets they were using after a huge labor budget cut a year ago, secondly, upper management for retail who explained why hours are being completely cut out of stores…over the past year two full-time positions worth of hours (that’s 60 hours a week) were taken from the store I worked at. Some reps were cut to such few hours they had no choice but to leave the company.
        You may also rememeber a cut to US customer service.

        But…OK..if t-mobile isn’t haveing financial trouble then why cut so many positions (under the radar without layoffs). Especially when they are trying soo hard to improve customer service.

        • jon

          Uh…how ’bout a pending merger??? Where have you been? Natural attrition (without replacement) was allowed to make it easier for at&t to absorb tmobs workforce. Check career builder right now. There are over 1000 jobs posted for tmob. tmob has also been on several network news (cnn, fox business, hln) segments that feature ‘companies that are hiring’. Tmob is a profitable business and they will get the workforce back to where it should be to provide that jd winning experience…juat watch.

        • Monday

          “Bozo” is actually 100% correct on the labor cuts, etc that even occured before the merger…now as far as being broke, I won’t agree with that as it’s still a profitable company despite everything thats happened within the past few years.

        • Anonymous

          hmmmm, i think i’m the 3rd guy in this whole commenting system at tmonews that isn’t a tmo employee lol.  

          Can’t you guys get in trouble for posting this stuff if someone ever caught on?

        • Anonymous

          You are out of your mind.  Pretty much all retail stores cut hours after a busy holiday season.  That’s not a permanent thing.

          T-Mobile isn’t going through aggressive lay offs, instead to save money (probably) they are not re filling up excess positions the don’t need for people who leave the company due to other reasons like quitting or legitimately getting fired.

          One of the new CEO’s missions was to get T-Mobile USA financially self sufficient so the attempt is to raise capital so T-Mobile can use it for a spectrum buy or a small scale acquisition without Deutche Telekom, who would never hand over any cash.

        • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

          I think it is difficult for T-Mobile fans to accept just how dire DT’s financials are and that TMOUS and Deutsche Telekom are broke, not the common man’s definition of broke, but as is figuratively characterized in the business world.

          Firstly, in the most basic sense when looking at TMOUS’ financial situation you cannot separate the U.S. “child” from how the parent is doing. So goes Deutsche Telekom will follow its TMOUS division.

          To the extent some want to ignore that DT and TMOUS are one in the same, let’s look at TMOUS’ financials:

          – TMOUS’ profits are in their biggest decline, in 10 years.

          – TMOUS has suffered profit declines in four of the last five years.

          – I am not sure of the totals, but isn’t TMOUS going to have lost 500,000+ subscribers in 2011?

          – TMOUS value is declining rapidly. IMO the longer DT holds on to TMOUS the less it will get for the Company. In the past I said DT might get $15 billion for TMOUS on a really good day. Now, I think they are looking at maybe $12 billion.

          – DT investors are losing money daily. And if they sell for even $15 billion (unlikely it will get that) that would be a huge loss on the amount originally invested when DT got into the U.S. wireless business. (I think it is somewhere around a 60% loss on the investors original investment.)

          I too consider TMOUS “broke.” Consider:

          – The parent cannot and/or is unwilling to put money into TMOUS to make it competitive against larger carriers. (Would YOU put money into repairing your old car that keeps breaking down, where repairs would cost more than the car is worth, is a depreciating asset, and there’s no assurances that the car will run and be trouble free a year from now?)

          – TMOUS to prospective suitors is perceived as damaged goods.

          – TMOUS has nothing with which to leverage a sale.

          – TMOUS cannot match the money AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are willing to invest in infrastructure, upgrades, marketing, and new technology.

        • Anonymous

          With all of you knowledge Mike, why are you a Tmo customer? You surely have better places to spend your cash, right?

        • Anonymous

          They aren’t having financial trouble necessarily, they lack the raw resources to evolve into the company they can be.  Think about how much raw cash DT skims from them.  I can’t help but feel that DT may be a suffocating force in the tmo usa business system.  However, their intent to sell tmo was a clear indicator that the cash may not be coming in like it once used to.  Now DT knows they are stuck with tmo usa and may try to salvage many of their losses.  The downed economy never helps a carrier that’s already struggling with struggling customers.  

          The way i look at tmobile is i compare them to a hardworking person that lives life pay-check to pay-check with no real piggy bank to get them out of trouble.  

          They can’t have a real piggy  bank of their own because they are DT’s whores sadly.  I personally blame these problems tmo has on DT, they are cancerous to them.

        • Vim

          Your words match my suspicions to a T. 

        • Anonymous

          The force is clearly with you.

        • Seluased7

           Did it also occur to you that T-mobile USA is closing about 15-20% of its retail locations in the next 18 months, not because of money shortages, but due to the rapid success of its TPR Partners?  These 3rd party stores are run by another company, but has corporate pricing and the same feel with no overhead out of T-Mobiles pocket. Its just good business to cut out the fat.  I also noticed that Corporate retail stores screw up just as much as care does, but the TPR stores dont as much.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe he’s just trying to say they are struggling in the market  in his own, very wrong, way??

    • Abc

       Sounds like you must be a top CEO for a great company.  Or maybe just another guy writing his “facts” on the bathroom wall.  No offense to you of course David.

  • Nearmsp

    I personally  have found the local T-mobile store sales people very friendly and helpful. My loyalty has been shaken after reading horror stories of customers on this web site and T-mobile’s own forums how they were deceived in to signing up customers for new 2 year contracts without their knowledge. Sprint did that and for years lost customers. XM started doing that after merger with Sirius and I cancelled my service, because the product value is no more the issue. The issue is will I want to keep looking over my shoulder if I don’t trust them to screw me at the first opportunity. Years of customer loyalty can dissapear when trust is lost. It is hard to earn back trust and Mr. Humm has to work to earn back the trust of customers. JD Power ratings are a reflection of what has been happening at T-mobile. I think an iPhone 5 may just arrest this down turn.

  • http://twitter.com/TuckerPeterson Tucker A. Peterson

    Can anybody say “Dead last in Customer Service & Purchase Experience 1 day sale”?

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Systems go down man, this stuff happens.

      • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz ?

        Its true, this stuff happens, but if you are going to hold a 1-Day Sale and request all hands, then you better request all computers be operating too! 

        Otherwise, dont have 1-Day sales and have weekend sales, or week-long sales.

        • Guest911

          “then you better request all computers be operating too!”

          Read that and slap yourself.

        • Abc

           If you didn’t notice they extended it to a 2 day sale to make up for there systems.  Wow we’re not all perfect like you.

  • Guest

    I am a 10+ years customer of T-Mobile, and I was trying to renew my family contract, upgrade phones, change data plan in the last 2 months. I am totally agree with the report. It’s bad bad bad experience to deal with CSRs from T-Mobile. Sorry to disappoint T-Mobile, but it’s true. I am willing to provide my account to prove my point.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz ?

    If T-Mobile wants to drive DOWN churn and drive UP loyalty they gotta show a few things to their customers.

    1. Stop renewing contracts when people change their rate plan. There is no reason to do it except to piss off customers and cause more churn. Especially when some of the rate plans they offer are HIGHER than their prepaid plans that customers could swap to once they leave anyway.
    2. Offer the SAME deals and discounts to existing customers on renewals as to NEW customers. Further, offer any extra deals, like bonus minutes, discount accessories and the like to existing customers anytime within their contract, not to just the ones about to expire. Showing the customer you value them at month 2 or month 6 is still just as important as month 20 and month 22.
    3. Offer to find REAL solutions for customers with problems with their service, plan, or device. Dont just come up with a half hearted solution and turn your back on them (they do this to me all the time), its YOUR problem when I have a problem, help me fix it with your resources.

    Thats how T-Mobile can START creating brand loyalty. Wanna go further? 

    4. Get rid of Mail In Rebates for existing customers upgrading. Get rid of the upgrade fee too! 
    5. Offer upgrading customers 1-Year Contracts with a phone discount thats a little higher than the 2-Year price offer.

    • Anonymous

      I see you decided to give T-Mobile some free advise instead of suing them to get out of your contract as you said you would do in another article…

      • Tbyrne

        I caught that too.

      • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

        Fair enough comment, but where did he say that he was giving T-Mobile some “free advise (sic)” INSTEAD of suing to get out of his contract? Besides, the two are not mutually exclusive, one can do both.

    • Turdnugget0420

      If T-Mobile is turning their back on you “all the time”, maybe they are not the problem.  What problems are you having so often that T-Mobile doesn’t have resolutions for???

  • http://www.unscripted360.com Deacon

    they were last when their customer service was tops .. and now last when it isn’t tops.  not sure where anyone expects them to go either way ya know.  you have great customer service again you’ll still be last .. you don’t and you’ll still be last.  i’m sure they likely say to themselves we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t lol

    • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

       LOL… great way to put it Deacon.

      And yours is the reason why, in a nutshell, Deutsche Telekom looks at TMOUS as a problem child and wants out of the U.S., immediately, if not sooner.

  • BigMixxx


    T mobile is all over negative news with the same message.  I think they might mean business…

  • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is all why Deutsche Telekom should reinvent itself as the premium prepaid carrier. That’s where things are moving anyway, with gas going back up to $4+++ a gallon. When that happens people cut back on perceived unnecessary expenses or to the bone if the situation warrants.

    If DT was smart it would capitalize on the upcoming harsh summer where Americans will be looking to slash monthly cell phone costs. With its handset collection (that would have to be sold at TMOUS’ cost) T-Mobile could become known as the premier prepaid carrier.

    IMO being the #1 prepaid carrier is better than a struggling 4th place wireless provider.

    • Turdnugget0420

      I wish there were thumbs down options on this site…

    • Anonymous

      Tmo already has the most premier prepaid option, where ya been mike? Im a truely nice guy, who can pretty much always find something positive to say, but your posts are ALWAYS b.s.! Not only are they the premier prepaid carrier by being the only prepay to offer financing options for high end handsets, but they are a major post paid carrier! I think tmo is gona do just fine w/o your input, & so would tmonews!

  • Guest

    just read this … really.

    sounds like sell sell sell in cs

    like that monty python skit spam spam spam
    now just please get off the phone and order the spam mytime is up with you. ( clicks the chess clock)

    David, if they really plan on changing then why would T-mobile do a
    kick-off for 2012 stating they are not changing their strategy
    whatsoever in customer service.  Brian Brinkman, head of customer
    service, stated “Every year we make changes to better provide for our
    customers but this year weren’t not changing anything.  Why change a
    great thing?”  They really pushed how the sales have really helped
    T-mobile and they’ve just increased the sales quota once again.  I’ve
    seen customer call in multiple times to get things removed, with reps
    telling them they’ll take it off, they need to go to the store, tell
    them they can’t until the next cycle, etc. and all that is because of
    the stress of removing features that hurt the CSRs numbers.  The rep
    that actually does their job and removes it gets admonished for not
    meeting their sales quota and gets threatened with being fired. 

    far, the last place rankings haven’t pushed them to change a single
    thing in the call centers.   They’re still in awe of reps adding a $152
    million in features to accounts that they could care less about the
    rankings.  It’s all been talk about getting back to the basics but
    what’s being pushed is sales.  You could be the best rep in the call
    center in customer scores but if you aren’t hitting your sales numbers
    then you are a liability.

    • Abc

       Who the heck is Brian Brinkman?  If you’re going to quote a source, at least know who you’re quoting.

  • Solo lo traga

    Anytime I call in which is few, I always get bombarded with asking do I want to change plans and let’s see how we can save you money. I listen to them and it turns out its going to cost me more. So when they ask now I tell them no thank you. They still pitch it anyway. I work in retail sales, I know you have to suggestive sell and whatnot. First of all LISTEN to the consumer concerns. If I have to listen to your sales pitch and can’t get to a resolution of why I called in because you won’t let me tell you what’s going on.If this continues there will be nothing but more upsets for T-Mobile. Hopefully all will end well with everything that’s going on.

  • Tmonews

    T-Mobile USA, 

    Customer care would be better if, you eliminated all those customers that want everything for free in exchange for them to pay their bill. Make them go to METRO where they belong. 

    Customer care would also improve, if you moved all your call centers back to the USA. I understand that T-Mobile isn’t primary a US company, but you should not make your POST PAID customers listen to “BOB” in India. (Americans are losing their jobs everyday to foreign country call centers. There are people in America that are wanting these jobs badly enough, they would take Minimum Wage.)

    In Store experience would improve if, you eliminated all the confusions! This fee, that fee, value plan vs. classic plan, down payments, upgrade fees, 2G 3G 4G 2GB 5GB! Consumers have no clue what all this means, so that means your have to spend more time explaining this and takes up more time to close a sale. It’s already difficult on both the reps and consumers to explain and understand the differences from the prices you offer on your own website and/or an authorized retailer. (TOO MUCH WITH ALL THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS!)

    Overall experience would improve if, you spent the time and money to improve the business as a whole! This means, upgrade your systems!!! Your always having sales that make your computer systems fail. Consumers want better coverage, faster web, better phones, better customer care, easier to understand billing, easier to understand plans, less wait! Improve your slow and confusing website so people won’t have to call care, or go in the stores.

    This does not mean to put more stress or work on your employees, or make things more confusing for your customers.

    This has nothing to do with what you charge for service, upgrades, or phones. Just on how you do it! Make it work before a great business fails!

    Truly Yours,
    T-Mobile Customer of 11+ years!

    P.S. I would pay more, for better service! And for those don’t like upgrade fees, or paying for services like tethering, T-Mobile is a service provider. You are paying for them to service your device! If this is not what you are looking for, go to another company! 

    • Dan

      Here is a list of things that I want T-Mobile to do. 

      P.S. If you have a different list of things that you want T-Mobile to do, then look for another company. 

      Sorry for being harsh, but that was my impression of this post.

      • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

        ahahahahaha lmao funny

  • LippyMistake

    Easy solution take away the punishment for removing things. Stop forcing cs make the money for the company. Turn off the Chess clock. Sounds like a pressure cooker there. Sorry this was supposed to be reply

  • Kltkupfer

    I called to cancel my services with t-mobile today and the customer service Rep would not cancel my account… It was question after question after question….my contract was over and still the guy would not let me cancel… finally after 45min of arguing with him because of his dumb questions and asking for his manager he finally cancelled it. Never will go back to them. their customer service is a joke!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

      No the joke is you argued with someone for 45min LMAO really people need to learn to be more articulate and firm when I call anywhere and they start to play those dumb games I let em know right off bat and get things done! LMAO @ 45min it takes TWO! couldn’t have been me

  • Vash1988

    They have been making things difficult lately the told me and my wife a couple days a go we didn’t have to pay for up grade charges for are new phones because I get a discount with Costco and not to worry then I check my bill and I see there we call and ask they act like we are liars and that we are making stuff up then we said lets talk to supervisor they put me on a 30min wait just to be told the same thing by the supervisor and if we don’t like it we should leave so yeah not awesome my wife switch to Verizon now got iPhone and is happy I’m still deciding what would you do?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RA5Q6HGLTTCIQM5WPHKIJNO3DQ Anonymous Student

    Um Tmobile is getting better, just give it time Ok guys?? Don’t have to come here every day and complain about the same thing.

    • Frigadroid

      How is dropping to last place with no changes planed for 2012 getting better? Get a clue stop living in denial.
      Yes we do need to complain everyday until it gets through the thick heads of employees like you that tmobile is last for a reason! So deal with it or do something about it if you want to read the blogs.
      Besides haven’t you heard the squeaky wheel gets the oil! People complain so tmobile can have a chance to make it right would you rather they all just switch and put tmobile out of business?

  • Treymorales

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years. January 26th I was offered a Samsung Galaxy S II for $50 with a $50 mail in rebate. I accepted the offer and paid the $50. I called 3 days later because it had not shipped, and was told they could not offer this to me. Tried to sell it to me for $279. After an hour on the phone I settled for paying $79 plus the $50 I had already paid.

    I called back because I was going to write a letter. The rep I spoke to told me that T-Mobile would honor the original order from the 26th and apologized. When I received the phone, there was no rebate in the box, so I called again and was told that there was no record and I was being charged $229 for the phone and two of my lines we given contract extensions as opposed to one.

    • Tmobileeeeeeeeeee

      the same thing happened to me. this past december. 

    • Trey

      I sent a letter to Customer Relations and the BBB. Got a spouse back that they would credit my account and they apologized for the incontinence T-Mobile has really dropped the ball on their customer service. I decided to stay because I love the new phone, but I just hope they return to their former glory.

      • Vim

        They sent you a new spouse?  Wow!!!!  Now that’s generous… ;)

        I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through hell to get them to honor the deal, but I’m glad to here it all worked out in the end.

        • Lily

          I love how you caught the “spouse” but not the “incontinence”….

        • Vim

          You make a valid point.  It probably wasn’t a new spouse that was shipped back to Treymorales, but either the original one sent in for “servicing” due to incontinence, or more likely, someone else’s refurbished spouse.  Anyway, whether or not Treymorales got their original spouse back, a new, unused spouse, or a refurbished spouse, clearly T-Mobile went well beyond the call of duty to rectify the grave medical problem that was seriously impacting the customer’s happiness. 

        • Lily

          You, sir, have made my day. :-)

        • Vim

          Then my diabolical plot to make you smile was entirely successful Lily my dear.  ;-)

  • Javier Aguilar

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2006 and the only reason I’m still with them is because of lower monthly cost with my 15% corporate discount, SIM cards, and because of the supposed 4G. StraightTalk’s BYOP $45 has caught my eye though… 

  • lattelady

    Maybe I’m just nostalgic, but I’d like to see my old Tmobile back, I really miss that Co.  In store reps have always been nice & want to help, but have many limitations from corp.  When I need to call CS, which has been a lot in the past year, I cringe.  I know I”ll probably be sent to India where I can’t understand the reps at all, no matter how bright they are.  If I have a CS problem, there are nuances to communication that just don’t translate well or generate empathy. I feel like every call is a battle as what I’m told changes with each new person I speak to.  Clearly TMO is making it hard for CS reps to help people as they often seem confused themselves.

    • Anonymous

      It’s only prepaid that’s outsourced.  All post paid care is still in the United State, so if you value it so much switch back to post paid.  The ‘old’ T-Mobile never went anywhere.

      • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

        Is this a joke? If not, do you have any evidence to support your statement? I suspect not.

        There’s plenty of post-paid customers who have said in here that they have experienced “outsourced” customer service.

        And starting in 2009 I sometimes got T-Mobile CSRs with thick accents. It was noticeable to the point that I asked in here if T-Mobile was having its customer service handled outside the U.S., and if anyone knew, which country was it because I could not place the accents.

        In 2010-11 some T-Mobile employees said that customer service from 8 – 5 was handled in the U.S., then it flipped to outside the U.S., so they recommended that for the better customer service to call between those hours.

        There’s also T-Mobile employee sites where the employees say that much of T-Mobile’s customer service is outsourced. I can point you to those sites if you doubt this.

        In contrast, how about posting evidence to support the assertion that post-paid care is still in the U.S. and that only T-Mobile prepaid is outsourced.

        • Frigadroid

          You know as well as I do these defenders of tmobile are living in denial. Trying to get through to them is like cutting someone off who just cut you off in traffic. They will never learn and will blame you before taking an honest look in the mirror and realizing that they are rated last do to policy and performance.
          It is almost comical but actually sad that rather then accept the fact and try harder they want to come on this blog and bash the customers who pay them. Any logical person who reads these threads will see most every time the tmobile representative chimes in they only justify the last place ranking. Im surprised corporate wouldn’t try and set a policy by now warning employees that they are only going to dig the hole deeper by going on the blogs and bashing customers. I know back in the day I always worked under company policy that forbid personal statements made through media about the company for such reasons.
          Pretty much what we thought would happened has because of DT wanting to sell. The employee feels like the company had the attitude they don’t want or need them so the rogue employees, as demonstrated here pass down the same attitude to the customer thus justifying the latest report.

        • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

          Well said and agree.(But paragraph breaks would have made it easier to read ;)

        • Realcool2000

          Mikeys done looking at himself in the mirror and now hes back to tell us all the obvious again.

          Maybe he will sign it again to keep someone from taking his copywrited material that everyone wants to steal so they can win the “full of themselves contest”

        • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

          Your constant thread crapping degrades this Site’s professional tone. I don’t care about your personal attacks, but it is a disservice to the Site’s owner to post the nonsense that you do.

          By the way, it is “copyright” not “copywrite.”

        • Realcool2000

          Haha yeah, I’m the one bringing down the site by degrading it, not post names like “poopstain” or all the people that curse on here.

          Thanks for the spelling correction, and you are still as full of yourself as ever, but I’m not mad at ya Mikey.

          I enjoy reading your posts they are amusing just as your answers to my jabbing at you.

          Btw you need to post more of your points of view, we all missed u lately.

          And if u consider my posts about apple using some of the worst chinese parts manufacturers labor codeless sweatshops, my post imitating all the whiners complaining about “free phones”, and calling out some guys that say racist and belittling remarks about mexicans all nonsensical posts…..then who’s to say u r not entitled to believe wwhat u want to.

        • Itstimothynottim

          Just google this guys, “company “. This guy is shady as can be. He cries to David all the time about posts on this forum that get his thong all up his ass

        • Realcool2000

          Uh….are u refering to me…? Cause im ons of the only ones that doesnt cry on this forum about anything, I do however tell poeple whats up when I feel the need. Do you need me to tell you whats up?

        • Realcool2000

          Or are u.making fun of Mikey…in which case I support u 100%

        • Realcool2000

          Hey my bad Tim, I was too tired when I read ur post earlier to see that u were refering to Mikeymikemichealnotliked lol…..

          anyway I never checked his company, what is it…?

        • Realcool2000

          Omg,…..just checked the link off mikeys postname…….whooooaaaaa wierd……..didnt think it would be anything like that…????????

          Wierd wierd wierd

        • http://tmonews.com David

          Let’s get this conversation back on topic. It’s ok to disagree with others but let’s not beat a dead horse.

        • Tbyrne

          I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. You are a funny guy Realcool2000!

      • Pamela


      • Dominique

         No UMA_Fan, they cut a majority of the call center positions(1/5 of the reps  are left in my call center) and they have to take those calls somewhere.  There were some senior reps and coaches that were offered temporary positions to go to the Philippines to train the reps there on how to do post paid customer service.  

        • Anonymous


    • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

      I’m not saying issues don’t exist. However again people be MORE self sufficient all this issues are really not an issue if people take time to LEARN and understand the technology they are using it quite simple I NEVER have to call into customer care except years ago for a lost phone and it was easy. But having worked in a call center there people ask the DUMBEST questions an its call back to bac to back so yea cheaper affordable cell service they have to cut corners SOMEWHERE…people will be amazed if they actually READ their manual on phones. Dont go buy a android phone an call with questions like ” How do I make a call, or whats my balance or how do I send a text , check email ” I mean…REALLY? SMH

  • Pbriga

    If JD had surveyed me TMO would have dropped to fifth. When my contract is up I’ll be switching just out of principle.

    • WK

      And if they had surveyed me, they’d be #1. I deal with all four major carriers, Sprint on a weekly basis. I’ve been with T-Mobile since they were VoiceStream.