The LG X3, LG’s Second Quad-Core Phone…Will It Come To T-Mobile?

Chalk this rumor up firmly in the “I have no idea if it will come true, but I absolutely hope it does” category as the boys from PocketNow have discovered what is believed to be LG’s second quad-core handset. Running a Tegra 3 chipset, 4.7″ 1280×720 display, the X3 is said to have a sub nine-millimeter profile. The rear camera is said to be the 8 megapixel variety with the front facing camera coming in at 1.3 megapixels. The X3 is expected to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for you right out of the box utilizing physical capacitive buttons and not touchscreen buttons ala the Galaxy Nexus.

So where is the T-Mobile link? Well, we agree with the boys from PocketNow and AndroidandMe and suspect this might be the next in T-Mobile’s “G” series. Remember the G-Infinity from the leaked roadmap discovered in the Summer of 2011? Yeah, we’re still waiting to see what that device that is and given the X3’s HSPA+ 21Mbps cabaility, it’s possible we’re looking at it, or the “G3x.” It’s still very much a rumor and may not end up on T-Mobile at all, or even land in the United States period…but we’re hoping it does. I’m sure some of you are too.

Pocketnow, AndroidandMe

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  • Spartanjet

    I will never buy a LG anything…ever.  Most electronics I have gotten over the past few years that were made by LG were complete crap (G2X, various laptop screens, Refridge).

  • jaZzyjeff

    Man I want the next G series phone to have a physical keyboard! And preferably made by HTC

    • sino8r

      I just hope they haven’t abandoned HTC for G3 or MyTouch. I’d take those any day over LG. Sure the MT haven’t been that attractive but at least they functioned well.

      • Conan Kudo (???????)

        Talk to HTC, not T-Mobile. All T-Mobile can do is put out a requirements doc and request manufacturers to bid for it.

  • gslatedead

    yes LG and TMobile will support that like they supported the LG Slate or G2x.Make it and forget it.  Go with a different manufacture. 

  • Brandon

    I more than regret my G2x purchase. Never again LG!

  • Wilco1293

    I liked my G2X…both of them. They had moments where the phone would reboot or lag, but after I upgraded to Gingerbread, and did a factory reset or two, it was very stable. Best glass in the market. 

    I would easily buy the “G3X”, particularly with those specs. However, I’m thinking my next phone will have an Intel CPU, depending upon how this processor performs on the market.

  • Durandal_1707

    Q: Will it come to T-Mobile? A: Who cares? I’m sure this thing will be awesome on paper, but after the crapfest that was the G2x, there’s no way I’m going to be suckered into buying an LG product again. I’d rather just wait for HTC, Samsung, or Motorola to come out with a phone that’s just as awesome, but actually works.

    • BayBoy

      Allot of phones suck just cause they have high specs people wanna buy them then sell or face the fact after the return deadline has expired they get the money and you the suckfest of a phone

  • J-Hop2o6

    Umm,, Qualcomm pays the most out of all the licensees because they have the source code or something from ARM to CUSTOMIZE the Cortex core. I forget where I read that at. The others can’t customize the Cortex core cuz they don’t want to pay more and pay for more R&D to customize the core.

  • sex dating

    It sounds interesting, I believe LG will become more popular on mobile-market soon!

  • Guy Techie

    There came a time when people swore off Samsung because they refused to upgrade their old Android phones but now they are on top of it with the Galaxy S II. So who knows.

  • Gsxrguy412

    I thoroughly loved my g2x and would buy this new lg monster in a heartbeat!! I guess I was one of the very lucky FEW who had a good device..hope they get it right completely this time for everyone!! PLEASE COME TO TMOBILE!!

    • Mauni M

      I am in the same boat. My G2x was amazing with Froyo and Ginger. It had its quirks but I had way more problems with my “many” Blackberrys and That samsuck Vibrant. Granted I rooted and cleaned up the T-mobile Bloat and that seemed to help with my restart issues. Speaking of restarting. My phone boots in less that a min. My Blackberry could take as much as 5. Anyway I would buy this phone if like my G2x the Android flavor is Vanilla. Can’t stand the Touchwiz and Sense shells

  • Deacon

    never been a fan of the LG series of phones.

  • eddie

    Its not going to come to tmobile. Im really disappointed where tmobile is heading. They are not getting any high end phone, only mid end phone, lots of low end and left over phone. In the US, theres only the big 3 now. Tmobile is consider as a small carrier with virgin mobile, cricket, C wireless, etc. Also no future, no plans for LTE, Tmobile will die soon. I regret for not going to att or verizon when they had unlimited data still. Hopefully sprint still offer unlimited when my contract is over.

    • Tbyrne

      This particular phone may not come to T-Mobile but to say “T-Mobile will die soon” is ludicrous! If you’ve been paying attention, there’s been a lot of discussions on what the term “unlimited” means as it relates to ALL the carriers. Do some research and I think you’ll be surprised how each carrier deal with unlimited data plans. Make sure before you hook up with Dan (Sprint), that his network speed & monthly bill gouging will fit your needs. There will be a future with T-Mobile with or without you.

  • Randall Ainsworth

    I’ll pass. They did such a horrible job with the G2X, and LG is just junk hardware…they’re a company dedicated to junk.

  • New2droid

    I probably will never buy another LG (G2X) phone again. It was a great disappointment coming from an HTC device. I might sell it in exchange for cancelling my contract. TMO in my opinion is good for a prepaid service line. I left Sprint for them & the only benefit I got out of it is “sometimes” having faster data speed. I avoided Verizon because of their rates were higher than everyone else. You get what you pay for so if you want the best you gotta pay the price!

  • Nice Boy

    No more LG phones! The G2X was the worst phone I ever owned.

  • Marcus Armstrong

    LG software sucks. they just need to stick to ASOP and they would do better cuz the hardware isnt that bad. They are too busy trying to mimic Samsung’s touchwiz. 

  • Jordan

    Anybody that bitches about the software on your device?

    Shut up and root it. That’s why I still find my G2 enjoyable to use a year and a half after it came out. 

  • Anonymous

    I think 4.7 is a little to big for a display. 4.3 is a better size to hold in the hand. I have big hands it would not effect me, but it would for women and people with smaller hands. I hope they make a G3 that is lighter than the G2. The keyboard was great but I was afraid that the phone was going to break.

    • Simon Yu

      Well I think they can go as low as 4.5 inches with that high of a resolution, if they could I think they’d try and squish the resolution into a 4.3 inch phone.

  • Kevin

    I had an LG G2x on T-Mobile. It should have been stupid fast, what with its 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra2 processor, but…it wasn’t. In fact, it lagged and sputtered; it tortured my ears with skipping, tinny-sounding music; took coffee breaks when I need a GPS; and often went on strike, demanding I remove its battery, if I ever expected it to work for me ever again.

    I now have a Windows Phone on T-Mobile. Powered by a lowly 1GHz single-core processor, this phone is far faster and 100% lag-free; it caresses my ears with silky-smooth music playback that’s dynamic and powerful; delights me with navigation that refuses to quit; and never force-closes applications, locks up, or bitches about how much work I make it do.

    One more Android phone with one more core. There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Sixlence99

    the G2x did treat me as bad as the user below.  infact it was quite fast, as most of the videos posted through out the web.

    i get that there are whiners, and etc all over.  but there are far too many haters than those that actually have good experiences with select phones, like g2x in this case.

    i’m guess i’m repping the G2x and hoping the G3x comes to replace it, now that it’s discontinued (G2x)

  • Sixlence99

    *didn’t treat me as bad as the user below* i meant.

  • Stoobs

    I really don’t understand the hate on the G2X. If consumers would have taken ten seconds of searching google they could have addressed all the issues with the stock rom. I bought the phone because of how beefy the hardware is(and still is to be honest). I’ve been running amazing ROMS on it since last year. In fact, Eaglesblood has AOSP ICS and they’re about to release the second build. I’ve never had issues with this phone due to rooting it. 

    Android phones should never be judged by stock because that’s the power of OPEN SOURCE!