T-Mobile’s “2012 Is The Year T-Mobile Fixes Churn” Plan

T-Mobile Philip Humm was clear in his Welcome 2012 Statement to T-Mobile employees that fixing churn was a top priority. “I want to stress that it is critical we fix Churn in 2012. For every customer who renews their contract with T-Mobile, we lose one. That is a dead end, not a growth path. We have established a plan for 2012 that will improve the customer experience and enrich how we interact with our customers.”

So what exactly is that plan? We, we likely may never know the whole plan, but we just got a glimpse at part of the plan and where T-Mobile will focus as 2012 rolls on. Humm’s statements recognize he understands where the problem is, but without addressing how to fix it, T-Mobile will stay in neutral. So how do they fix it? According to these leaked images, “It all starts with fixing the basic reasons that customers leave and improving the customer experience.”

T-Mobile will shift it’s energy and focus on:

  • The Network, T-Mobile’s biggest asset will see an increased focus on network quality and further improving in-home coverage.
  • Handsets are one of the biggest reasons customers walk in the door and T-Mobile wants their 2G and 3G customer base to recognize the 4G handsets and the quality they represent.
  • T-Mobile needs to continue emphasizing their value, knowing they have the “best value in wireless” and will continue to “drumbeat” on affordable 4G.
  • T-Mobile’s fees and contract terms have represented a very large part of angry customers recently, reconnect fees, warranty fees etc…have all upset longtime customers who felt frustrated by fees that seem to come out of nowhere.
  • Involuntary churn represents a portion of the customer base who aren’t properly fitted for a rate plan selection and T-Mobile employees need to be aware of customer needs and then direct them to the right plan.
  • Ensuring that first impressions last, customers who tend to leave right away will do so in the first 180 days so T-Mobile employees need to make sure that they are properly fitted with the right phone, the right coverage and the right rate plan.
  • Employees should get comfortable telling a customer “no,” allowing for a T-Mobile rep to emphasize when and where a customer might have bad service and telling them exactly that. It sounds like a risky move on behalf of a major telecom player, but it helps make sure that the right customers are having the right experience.
  • Customer relationship management will help allow for the return of T-Mobile making customers feel like family. This is what we all felt before AT&T and 2011 came along, now it’s time to get that feeling back.
  • Renewals are a major emphasis and that means keeping customers before acquiring new ones. This requires T-Mobile to have enticing rate plan offers and a solid handset lineup…Let me add in that it should also mean that T-Mobile’s sales and promotions include current customers. T-Mobile’s midnight sales which take place almost every night are only good for new customers and add-a-lines. That creates resentment among the T-Mobile faithful and if this means they have to stop the midnight offers nightly and perhaps make them weekly, than so be it. Just let current customers take advantage of them.

All in all, I think T-Mobile has a good game plan here, with plenty of room to add in new initiatives and ideas that will help restore them to their JD Power award-winning status. So what do you think T-Mobile can do to help win back customer loyalty and bring new customers in through the door? Based on some of the common complaints I read, you’d say:

  • Continue emphasizing the idea that loyal customers don’t get the same deal as new customers, especially in regards to special sales and promotions.
  • Get the iPhone, I know it’s a matter of argument among our readers as to whether T-Mobile truly needs the iPhone but don’t kid yourselves, being the only large wireless company on the block without it, hurts.
  • Continue to improve on the lengthy wait and hold times for customer service, I know T-Mobile is making changes in the right direction, but they need to continue improving on this so the customer service experience resembles what it did years ago.
  • T-Mobile also needs to remove a number of the unnecessary fees and continue focusing on the human aspect of the customer…we know there is a business side to things and we understand that. Consider what just happened with Verizon, they attempted to start a $2 payment fee and customers revolted. Recognize and listen to your customers.
  • Ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that customers are aware to unauthorized changes to their accounts, the pay per use data add-on, the billing date change all had customers in an uproar because they simply had no idea things were changing. That’s an easily avoidable situation.

I’m sure there a number of other possible things we could address for T-Mobile and all the the things wireless carriers do wrong in the eyes of the consumer. The fact of the matter is we do understand that this is a business, however, that doesn’t take away from the idea that over the past 365 days, T-Mobile has, in the eyes of a number of their most loyal customers, become a different company. We’d like to see the T-Mobile we knew 2 years ago return, at least in terms of customer service and customer perception. Be the T-Mobile we know you can be.

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  • Scarfacemario

    I hope they refarm their 2g spectrum this year with 3g/4g so we may get better building penetration and iphone can work on 3g and offer current 2g users new phones at free or discounted price

  • Jordan Williams

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but one of the major gripes I have with T-Mobile, and I think it’s possibly spectrum related, is in most parts of Southeast Houston, I CAN NOT get a 3g signal inside a building. Maybe that’s rectified with newer hardware(I have a G2), but it’s extremely annoying to have a “4g” phone and keep it locked on Edge so my battery doesn’t die within 8 hours of use.

    • Calieboy707

      I have a G2 as well and live in Corpus Christi. If I drive 5 minutes I get 4G but at home I only get edge. So I have to keep my phone on 2G most of the time.

  • Jordan Williams

    This makes my post irrelevant lol. I do find Edge useful to maintain a long battery life as I can manage 12 to 15 hours of heavy usage if I keep my phone on 2G. However, part of that is because my phone CONSTANTLY is hunting for a 3G/HSPA signal otherwise. 

  • JEssy

    well a good start would be consistency…every rep says something different and most are usually wrong about their own company’s policies – and to have prepaid cust serv not be outsourced as they have no clue…This week told samsung exhibit 2 has known issues – which is why sending it in for repair or resetting it wont help…so for all those who have the phone and can’t send texts, or get text photo attachments that are blurry, or have daily screen freezes  …tmobile rep says its a known issue that you have to live with, because they won’t replace phone or give you another comparable one that will work…so forget about texting and get used to having to do a soft reset several times a week

    • Frigadroid

      Wow another admitted known issue from a scamscum product. Okay defenders of samsdung blog plants, explain away again why the touch wizz experience and samsung product are so superior because I’m not convinced. I keep hearing stories about samsuks that never last the two year contract leaving the owner who declined the high deductible ripoff insurance in a pickle.

      • Anonymous

        “Scamscum”  That is clever.  I generally go with Shamesung,  or the ever popular samsuck,  but that really is a good one as well.

    • Brandon

      I agree! As an employee, I never really feel that I am in the know. Policies change on a daily basis and communication is poor at best. In my store, we have taken a “customer first” approach and it is having a profound impact on our business. My managers have empowered us to do whatever is right for the customer and for our business even if it means going against “policy.” I think that T-Mobile needs to get back to the basics and treat customers like family! I have worked for T-Mobile for over 8 years and have seen this company grow and fall flat on its face. It is time to get back up and become the great company that it once was.

  • http://twitter.com/Vosko33 Jonathan Voskinarian

    The network brings customers and keeps them. Reinvesting in their own network will bring the best results…. Hopefully they are smart enough to figure that out

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad they recognize that leaving existing customers out of special deals is bad business. Take care of the people who are loyal and they’ll stay loyal.

    • Gpmillerjax

      This is the biggest gripe I have with T-mobile. They NEVER offer deals to existing customers. Terrible way to keep your customers.

      • 77danj7

        That is exactly why we left Tmobile after 11 years…two phones on our contract broke (one the camera broke, one the screen was non responsive) with about 8 months before our renewal and upgrade and they would not help us.  They offered to replace my Vibrant with another Vibrant 3G (not the 4G) for $180!  That’s practically the upgrade price of a brand new Galaxy II for a phone that is 3 years old…so we left.

        • Go18365472

          No other would have either- you are not the only one with an issue like this- if they give everyone a discount early they would go broke- this is a business- entitlement society!

        • 77danj7

          Well they could have offered an early upgrade for a contract with 4 lines that paid over $225 monthly…I’ll gladly pay $200 for a new phone.  Oh well…now they have ETF fees of $200 x 4 to try to collect as well as a months charge.  I’ll pay it when I get around to it…they can waste their businesses money and try to collect it in the meantime…

        • guidomus_maximus

          I recently got in a car wreck and I offered to let Chevy give me a new one and promised to stay as a customer. They wouldn’t do it, so I’m buying my next car from Toyota.  Good bye GM after three decades of loyalty

        • Tcummings

          Is this sarcasm or are you being serious?

  • Weatherdude40

    Listen up TMobile…there is a very easy and simple way to get customers to return and leave other carriers and that is by offering truly unlimited High Speed Data usage for your $49.98 unlimited phone, text, and internet plan…NO THROTTLING.  No other carrier can currently offer this…you would be the only one.   I guarantee you people would flock to your stores to get this deal.  I love TMobile, but this is the one gripe i have with them.  And many of my friends who have other cell phone carriers have the same gripe…why am i throttled after 2 GB or 5 GB or even 10 GB.  That’s not unlimited, because lets be real there is not much you can do with apps or internet access once you are throttled so your phone basically reverts back to just being a phone and nothing else.  It’s useless for internet access until the beginning of your next billing cycle when the phone is no longer throttled.  I can remember when internet usage was truly unlimited without any throttling.  Bring that back to TMobile and i guarantee you will see a dramatic increase in new and renewed contracts.  Sure you might lose some profitability in the short term but long term you will see a tremendous increase in net worth and you will have a much larger customer base who is satisfied and will spread the word that TMobile is the only carrier with truly unlimited access and NO THROTTLING.  

  • Paul

    wow if losing 5 million customers isn’t a wake up call, than I don’t know what is…hopefully we see some real progress made instead of just talk…yesterday T-Mobile was trending on Twitter worldwide, yet for all the wrong reasons, an outage throughout Texas, Arizona, etc and a few other states…go on there Twitter, it’s nothing but negativity from customers, go on there FB, it’s “when are you gonna get the iPhone already”…social networking is a great tool for most companies, yet when there’s are just filled with complaints, etc, etc…it just reflects to those that don’t have T-Mobile…if i’m a Verizon customer looking to join and go onto there FB and Twitter pages, i’d be hesitant from all of the bad comments.  A CC rep told my wife on the phone that she can pick up the white S2 at a T-Mobile store for $100, I knew that wasn’t true but information like that or telling customers wrong information after being transferred to 3 different departments isn’t good business.  

    • MCH

       There = place Their = possession They’re (They are) = action. Otherwise, yes, you are correct in the fact that social networking has become Consumers’ greatest tool in dealing with big companies that loose touch with their Customers.

      • Paul

        thank you professor for the lecture, want an apple for how much I care? lol

        • MCH

          Not from a person who doesn’t care if they look like an idiot to others who read their posts.

      • Justin Georgeson

        They’re over there with their things. It’s over there with its things.

      • Anonymous

        If you are going to be pedantic, then at least be correct. There are several inaccuracies in your posts. You capitalized consumers and added an apostrophe after it. You also capitalized customers and used the word loose instead of lose. Furthermore, you also wrote in an earlier post “It’s another one of miss used words.” It should have been misused. I could also point out the grammatical inaccuracies but I am sure you have already received my message. Now can we all just get along and post friendly comments, please? Thank you.

        • guidomus_maximus

          Bitch slap that grammar policeman!

  • Derrick Fulkerson

    T-Mobile needs to improve their service reach. I live on the edge of Las Vegas (not the outskirts, but the edge) and get no service. WiFi calling isn’t reliable enough to serve as a replacement. When I drive to Utah or Las Angeles my wife’s AT&T iPhone gets 3G most of the way there, T-Mobile, 2G and sometimes zero data service coverage.

    My contract is up near the end of 2012 and I will be part of that 5 million unless I see some big changes in coverage.

  • jrr

    re: keeping customers – bring back EMP!  It’s why I came to t-mobile in the first place.

  • Ss23

    TMo just need to get the fucking iPhone and im pretty sure everyone will switch in! Hey its better than any verizon or att plan! shiit! just fucking get a deal with Apple already!

    • Aaron Tant

      the inability to get your point across without vulgar language demeans your argument.

  • Alvin B.

    If they ACTUALLY do what’s in that memo, they’ll succeed. Bean-Counters of course will kick in and insist that they do not.

  • Anonymous

    While the unlimited plans are a great price for what you get, I hope T-mobile offers lower cost alternatives for people on a budget that don’t talk a ton each month.

    The plan that I’m grandfathered in is a $50 family plan with 2 lines.  We only have 500 minutes, but that is more than enough for us, since we only use around 200-300 minutes.  I’m sure that there are other families out there that would hop on that…

    Promotions to keep the customers extending their contracts is another great thing to focus on also.  A good phone sale for classic/grandfathered plans would be much welcomed.  Inclusion on the midnight sales would be great, too.

  • James

    I want a Nokia Lumia 800 running on t-mobile’s hspa +. Get it done, none of this lumia 710 nonsense. Also, why 2yr contract on a value plan? Makes more sense to make it one year, or even off contract.

    • Anonymous

      read the article. they want to stop churn. if they lock you in, you are less likely to leave.

      • http://www.unscripted360.com Deacon

        locking a person into a contract just makes the leaving inevitable after the contract expires.  an unhappy customer is an unhappy customer be it on a monthly, yearly or two year contract.  they’ll just leave after the contract is up. like the article says for every renewal, someone leaves.

        • Anonymous

          Every provider does contracts. You are aware of this right? I mean, am I the only one that understands when you get a devices at 1/4 or 1/2 price, you’re going to be locked into a service plan… Seriously guys, open your eyes and realize how business works. Tmobile is here to make money, not give you ways to make money off them.

        • James Thammarath

          What don’t you understand about their value plan?  You a phone at full value, unsubsidized so you get a discount on your monthly payments.  Meaning there’s no point for them to lock you into a 2 year contract because there’s no discount for them to have to recover.

        • guidomus_maximus

          This series of posts illustrates one of T-Mobiles problems.  They attract the low end of the market.  The low end of the market doesn’t understand the complicated plans and schemes that they dream up to try to sell phone on the low end.  They think they are getting screwed when actually Tmo is bending over backwards trying to sell them a phone they can afford at a reasonable price. 

          Let me get this straight, its NOT Deacon’s job to figure this out.  It’s Tmo’s job to explain it.

  • MCH

    The 2nd generation of my phone was recently released; new customers could get it for roughly $150, while I, a loyal customer of 6yrs, had to pay roughly $500 and it would affect my contract. This is the biggest gripe I have with TMo; why should I, a loyal customer pay FULL price when a new customer who might not stay can get it for less than half the price? And why have a contract affected by new/upgraded hardware? This makes no sense to me… add hidden or sudden fees, sh*tty customer service with a smile (they’re very polite and nice, which is great, but absolutely useless when it comes to doing or fixing anything), not having the iPhone when TMo Germany has it available, the online bill view being very confusing (heck, the whole site really) and so on. If I see these things change, then I might stay; the only reason I’m still with TMo is b/c I can’t afford the $200 deactivating fee and the activation/new phone/(possible) credit deposit fee.

    • Anonymous

       You signed a 2 year contract to get your phone, of course you’re going to pay more for the phone now! Same as the people getting it now

      • MCH

        No, I signed a 2yr contract for the services they provide; phone, texting, and internet. The phone was the necessary tool to provide said services. Why should a tool affect the overall outcome of a contract of service? It shouldn’t, unless, of course the obvious, you’re up/downgrading types of phone; smartphone to non-internet phone or vice versa. But that would imply you are changing the type of services in your contract anyway. However, my point is why should a new customer get better discounts on said tool than an already existing customer? Sure, new customers should still get discounts on phones, but not more so or over a loyal customer.

        LC> That still doesn’t make sense; if I’m upgrading my phone through TMo then the idea is that I AM staying with TMo. Why would I go through my carrier for a new phone, then cancel right after? Talk about an idiotic waste of money on the consumers part. If they need to “make up the loss” then they shouldn’t be offering deeper discounts to new customers.

        • Anonymous

          Well then you don’t know why you signed a contract obviously. You can actually buy a phone outright and go month to month on any service provider. Contracts are in place specifically to cover the cost of a subsidized devices. Whats so hard to understand about this? Just because what you think you’re signing a contract for doesnt meet with reality, doesnt mean t-mobile should change to keep you as a customer. Go to any other provider and they all put you on contracts for the exact same reason.

          And just because you wouldnt upgrade your phone and then leave doesnt mean that other scamming individuals wouldn’t. How is it an idiotic waste of money? You upgrade your phone, no contract extension, you just got that phone for $200… now you go on ebay and sell it for $400… you just made $200 off of someone else and can now use that money to get another subsidized phone on another service. Contracts are about protection to the company.

        • Anonymous

          you my friend are either a child or have the worst lack of knowledge as to why you signed a contract and the way businesses operate and attract new customers.

          When you signed that contract, the wireless company gave you a discount on the phone. You got that discount because YOU agreed to two years of service.

          Who do you think takes the risk of giving you a $500 phone for $200?!


        • guidomus_maximus

          Go down to the local car dealer and have them knock a couple thousand off the price of a new car.  Or better yet, ask for a free one because you are a loyal customer.  Promise to have you car oil changed there in return.

        • Hahahahahahahahaha


    • http://www.unscripted360.com Deacon

      i’ve never understood that either ..upgrading a handset creates a new contract .. why?  every company that does that is stupid.  it makes no sense.  i should be able to use whatever phone during my two year contract and not have it renewed everytime i want a new phone. if they fix that they’d be in good shape.  go against the grain..be the one company that does it. you can even set the price $50 above a new customer .. just taking away the contract renewal would help.

      • LC

        They do it so they know they can make money back on the phone. That phone obviously costs the company more than $100-$250, so they need tl make up the loss in the end.

        • http://www.unscripted360.com Deacon

          i’m sure there’s a way beyond extended the contract out another two years to recoup whatever cost.

        • Anonymous

          The problem is the contract ensure that you have to pay the rest of the cost of your phone should you decide to cancel. No contract extension means you could upgrade your phone, leave the next day scott free, and then sell your brand new phone that you got half on TMobiles dollar, and sell it on ebay… Not really a fair situation now is it?

        • guidomus_maximus

          People do this all the time.  They are called thieves.  Where do you think most of those ‘good deals’ on Ebay come from.

        • http://www.joshrobertnay.com Respawn

           Like increasing the cost of your monthly phone bill? Or increasing the cost of the phone for you out of pocket?

        • guidomus_maximus

          Open your wallet and pay the $500 upfront

      • Anonymous

        the carrier foots the bill, and takes the financial risk, of giving YOU $300 or whatever discount on a phone.

        The Early Termination Fee guarantees, somewhat, recouping of that $300 discount they just gave you in case you decide to terminate the agreement early.

        The 2-year contract helps assure that you hold YOUR end of the deal and don’t cancel in 32 days, then sign up again for a new discount

      • guidomus_maximus

        That 150 phone costs us 500.  So every time we sell one we start off down 350.  We have to keep you as a customer for 2 years to work out of the hole we got into by selling you a 500 phone for 150.  Same with upgrades.  ETF is just a way of getting the 350 back if you skate in less than 2 years

    • http://twitter.com/stevensteve steven

      you’re an idiot. you want to pay subsidized pricing and not have to extend your contract. do you also want us to hand you a million dollars too? SMH

      • MCH

        If I’m an idiot, then you’re a (fill in an inappropriate name of your choosing) for calling me such; un-knowledgeable about ALL that goes into subsidizing and contracts and inner workings of a company, I’ll grant, but an idiot I am not. To add to that, in viewing your Twitter, you’re also a hypocrite. You’re looking for essentially the same discounts I am with upgrading a phone while being a current customer. In my opinion, in order to keep up with technologies and network constantly updating/grading, you’re damn right I want to pay subsidized prices on a newer version of a phone I already have with a contract that’s already in place. In the 6yrs I have been with TMo that would basically mean 3 contract renewals, right? I’ve only renewed twice in those 6yrs which has only been when I’ve had to get a new phone. So why don’t they contact a customer when the contract expires and offer deals on a new phone to renew that contract?

        Would you like to know who to make the check out to?

    • Anonymous

      You do know TMo Germany runs on different frequencies, yes?

      • MCH

        Yes I am aware of that. When iPhone 1st came out I used it on USA TMo up through iPhone 3G until an Apple update locked the base board. 3G and the newer iPhones can still be used on TMo with jail/network-break. So, with that in mind, what’s the point of different frequencies?

    • Anonymous

      MCH, when you got your first phone 6 years ago, did you have to pay full price for it? Of course not. So, unless your contract has expired, you’re not eligible for the update to a new phone at the lower price. I’ve been with Tmo since 2003 and got the “good” phone each time for discounted price after my contract was up. Absolutely NO CARRIER does what you’re asking, it doesn’t exist, and the fact that you’ve been a customer for XX years has no bearing on this. When your current contract expires, you CAN get that phone for $150 and not have to pay the full $500 price. Do you get it?

      Alternatively, here’s a solution for your ‘wanting a new phone every few months’ dilemma. There’s nothing holding you back from selling your current phone to another individual for XX amount of $. Let’s say you can sell you current phone for $250-300, then you can add the $150-250 required to get the new phone. Your contract is still valid and you just move your sim card from your old phone to the new one. After your contract expires, you’re in a situation where you can continue to do this and get a phone as often as you like.  There you go… stop whining.

  • Guest

    Lose = to miss from one’s possession.
    Loose = not fastened

    • MCH

      lol I know, wondered if any one would catch that too. It’s another one of miss used words.

    • guidomus_maximus

      Say mit ein german accent.  it is the same

  • Bklynman

    I don’t know if the other big 3 charge’s there customers upgrade fee,if not then why does tm does? Also if the other big 3have 1cent sale follow them!

  • Fer428000

    iPhone enough said !!!

    • Gwapo


  • JamesJ

    Here is what tmobile forgot to add to the list:
    1.the iphone
    2.the samsung nexus galaxy (such a bummer its exclusive to verizon)
    3.and a lot of Carly on TV, the more commercials about their service/phones the better
    my 4g is already working great…

    • http://www.joshrobertnay.com Respawn

      1. T-Mobile can’t add the iPhone to their list. It’s not a guarantee they’ll get it. It’s an Apple product, not a T-Mobile product.

      2. See #1, only substitute “Apple” and “iPhone” with “Samsung” and “Galaxy Nexus”.

      3. They’ve already got a tone of Carly commercials. Now I love Carly, but I’d be more for seeing commercials that are more aggressive, with the mentality of “Switch to us, we’re badass!” not “Switch to us if you like Carly.”

  • moedawg

    Get the iPhone and I will come back from Verizon – deal?

  • CC1

    too late. I jumped to sorry ATT after seven years with t-mo to get my HTC Titan. What were they thinking to pass on this phone?

    • http://www.unscripted360.com Deacon

      the Titan is definitely the best WP out there.

      • http://www.joshrobertnay.com Respawn

         The Titan is awesome! It was the phone that made me actually drool for WP, and if the customizability of WP improves, I’ll probably look into switching from Android!

        Now if only T-Mobile will get a WP phone like the Titan…

  • Deceptivesmiles

    I used to be against the iPhone but at this point, TMO needs it. It does hurt to be the only kid on the block w/o it. I wouldn’t go for it unless it can use the 4G speeds tho. That would give a one up since AT&Ts only runs on 4G (if I’m not mistaken)

    Increase network strength. If they have to acquire smaller companies to grow, do it. ATT and Verizon did it so why not; especially if it’ll increase network strength and the build out for LTE. Try to gain some other spectrum somehow to get the build out going.

    Customer loyalty, especially for those of us w/ family plans. Id really like a 10gb/mo shared data w/ all 3 phones on my phone. I know we wouldn’t use that whole 10gb, probably 7 max (wishful thinking). But seriously, they should advertise Loyalty plans for ppl who have been w/ em for 2+yrs

    • Tmosince2003

      Shared data for families FTW!

  • enveed05

    By the way, the new value plans are a major fail.  The value plan pricing can’t even begin to touch my classic plan pricing, and even if I wanted to consider switching, there’s a huge migration fee.  So T-Mobile needs to decide on something and stick with it.  If they want us all to pay full phone prices, then they need to discontinue the migration fees for switching from classic to value (and they need better pricing…)  If they want to continue to operate with the types of plans that people are accustomed to, then they need to start showing the current customers a little more upgrade love.  Just saying, I like my HD2 and I’m having fun with installing android versions on it, but at some point I am gonna want to upgrade, and I can do better with Best Buy, Walmart or Target than I can with T-Mobile directly.  

    • BigMixxx

      that’s the cool thing.  Do that…As a matter of fact, T mobile will help you.  The in store pricing is bad.  T mobile wants the plan commitment…

    • Aaron Tant

      either check your math or provide the details of your classic plan and any discounts you have…

  • BigMixxx

    if Churn is described as the rate at which a customer leaves for the competition, easy fix is…
    Ask customers what they want.  I’m sure they will say stuff like:

    1)  Where is the iPhone
    2)  I wish I could upgrade my phone every year, especially with new phones coming out every quarter
    3)  the plans are great, simple to understand!
    4)  How can I get better in home coverage?

    Quick fixes for new customers would be:

    1) Don’t confuse potential new customers with strange pricing, such as this weekend’s sale.  People like simple information, especially when it comes to pricing.  Phone will cost you this, your plan will be this much. 

    2) Promote properly…the script for the sales team should be to promote the smartphone, since data is bread and butter…’this is android, this is Windows Phone, this is Blackberry’  Set up test drive centers and programs for new customers…
      2a)  Get mobile phone reps in the stores to help sell your devices…nothing like saying..well the HTC person was there and said…

    3) Most importantly, totally agree with Get iPhone, it sells itself…most importantly it sells T mobile’s service.

    4) Quality devices:  Sensation, Amaze, Galaxy S II, Blackberry 9900, HTC Radar..phenomenal devices…bread and butter right now is data so these sell very well. 

    5) Attract a specific customer group with quality programs…age groups 35 to 55+ have a ton of disposable income to use….

    For existing customers…
    1) Get people involved with sampling your product:  Beta testers for devices….Failures include the POWERFUL G2x (Good hardware, crap for software), Motorola Cliq (line), The NEW MyTouch ( by LG), the Crap Samsung phones…drop them…demand quality products for your line.

    2)  Take the Apple approach to customers by build the demand for your product year over year.  People will have to view T mobile as a product vs a mobile phone company.  I would propose T mobile drop ALL of the non smartphone devices and strictly focus on simple phones and Smartphones.  Those customers don’t push money into the bread and butter (DATA).

    3)  Allow existing customers to do more by buy valuing existing customers more, after all, WE do determine the churn rate….

    As a company direction.

    1) More Towers!  Home phone service is now optional vs. required. So better penetration in building and in homes would be a very good thing.

    2) Team with the right partners and get more exclusives….Galaxy S II would have been a great exclusive…

    3) Beta LTE services in Las Vegas……

    That would be my plan…

    • Anonymous

      Upgrading your phone every year would either mean the initial cost of the phone would have to go up, your monthly rate would have to go up, or T-Mobile would lose money on every device they sell. Part of your 2 year contract covers the rest of the cost of your phone, if they shortened it to a year, naturally they must pass that cost on to your plan. Its not like T-Mobile some how gets phones for free – $250… They actually pay just a hair below full price and then sell it to you subsidized because they know they’ll get their money back over 2 years.

      • BigMixxx

        To defend my point…..:-)  I don’t care how much it costs…

        I completely understand that the cost of the phone should go up.  That is typical thinking.  They already have….
        I’d pay a little more (just as Verizon offers their premium android phones at that 299 pricepoint).  No phone right now in T mobile’s lineup should be more than 199 at the t mobile store….(GS2 259, AMAZE 279, Walmart: Amaze 199, GS2 199, Sensation 79)…

        I may be completely off base here……and will sound dumb…
        Churn is defecting customers. 
        defecting customers is the willingness to pay ETF’s at a maximum of 200…(if they pay it) 
        Keeping the person on contract determines churn therefore cost of Phone – 200 (max)  = real cost of phone yeilding a delta in the churn rate…. in the first year ONLY.  Second year is pure profit. (however stupid that may sound, it might be correct). 

        To stop churn…somebody has to spend money…..it should not really be the long term consumer who has spent 1200 a year for service…

      • Cp60188

        Personally, I dont care about iPhone.

        I’ve been a Tmi customer since Voicestream days. That said, here are some thoughy…

        The comments regarding pricing for data plans are pretty fair to me. I retired my G2 for a Galaxy Nexus due to the lack of an upgrade path. 4G data service near my job is spotty, and one of Android”s failings is that it doesn’t play well on 3G. A 10Gb, no throttling data plan would set Tmo apart from the competition.

    • Tmosince2003

      To your home coverage point, wifi calling helps here. Have a rep put free wifi calling on all lines and it won’t use minutes.

      I agree, even if I personally don’t want an iphone, TMO could make $ on them. It’s one less thing to be confusing people if they can get the phone they think they have to have.

  • http://profiles.google.com/donovanmyrie Donovan Myrie

    Dear T-Mobile: I’ll make this simple for you to cut down on your churning: 1: For every year you’re with T-Mobile, give a customer a bonus (free phones are nice, but how about $5 off whe  you renew your contract). 2: Throttling: let it go as well for your best customers (after a two-year contract, boost the limit). T-Mobile needs to look at customer retention in two ways: first, obviously for every customer you lose, you lose money. But more importantly, for every customer you lose, someone else gains a customer. Kill the competition by limiting the new customers. Don’t give people a reason to leave.

  • Gwapo

    3G on Iphone!!!!!

  • Davenycept

    Upgrade 3g/4g coverage consistency, get the iphone, continue getting top androids and tmobile will be fine…then it can work on getting LTE

  • Mario

    As someone who was a Store Manager there for years, I can tell you that churn was in every yearly plan we got. And every year we got new training on how to right fit customers. In my anecdotal experience, customers left because the coverage was terrible in their areas, and other carriers just got better phones. people were willing to pay more for better phones and coverage; It wasn’t really a price thing. One of the low points in my time there was when the first Droid came out for verizon and we got the super terrible Cliq at the same time, which was one of the rare phones I had to keep people from buying because then they’d be returning that thing in two days asking me why it was so much worse than the Droid.

    • http://www.unscripted360.com Deacon

      coverage no doubt .. i’m in Dallas and it’s supposed to be one of the main target 4G areas for TMO but my 4G is actually so sporadic at times all over Dallas.

  • GetReal

    I’ve long said and will continue to say just giving value to incoming customers only makes current customers mad. I’ve been with T-Mo since they were voicestream and I am gladly leaving this year I get no value from being this faithful to them. Secondly, I honestly doubt they get the GN or the iPhone anytime soon or at all to keep current customers and attract others. They are slowly but surely becoming a sinking ship and I’m jumping off….

  • Crash30071

    Through buy outs and mergers, TMobile considers me a customer with TWELVE years of continuous patronage. I don’t understand why my TWELVE years of being their loyal customer does NOT entitle me to a handset price the same as NEW customers receive. Add the network nosedive in coverage and quality since AT&T showed up and TMobile has a customer willing to pay twice the price for the same service at ANOTHER carrier that has better phones and lighting fast LTE coverage. TMobile is trying hard to strangle the life out of their brand.

    • Bill

      I left TMobile in Nov. for Verizon. Paid 125.00 a month for two lines, one without data on it.  Got two Iphones on Verizon that cost me 160.00.  If I were to add data to the other TMobile line that would have been 155.00. 
      Had nothing but Edge where I live on Tmobile, and never more that 2 bars.  I seem to always have 3G,  and have not experienced any problems with calls. 

      • Anonymous

        Well the coverage is on an area by area basis. Naturally everyone should go with the provider that has the best coverage in the city they live in.

        The price on the other hand is solely based on the plan. For me and my wife to move our unlimited everything family plan we have on Tmobile over to  Verizon would cost dramatically more than the $5 extra you depict. Our plan now – $140 /mo for unlimited calling, texting, and data (well you know, the 2gb throttle deal), equal plan on Verizon – $229 /mo, but if we go over the 2gb we would get charged by mb… god only knows what that would drive my bill up to. Verizon has a very high price tag on unlimited calling, and unfortunately for us my wife does regularly blow through 2000 + minutes on her own.

        I would love to go to Verizon though, so I can get me some Google Nexus love without paying full price and ordering it from Europe from a company with a janky return policy should there be a manufacturer defect.

        • Bill

          We had the same plan since 2003, and just renewed when it came due, so probably missed out on better rates.  (no one ever offered them).  Apple has a program called talk-a-tone, works with Google voice.  (gmail).  I am sure Nexus has some sort of Google Voice on it.  Voice is free off the Wi-fi, you just have to make the call.  Saves on the minutes.

  • Boy03892003


    • Anonymous

      I seriously doubt they ignore the iphone.. its more like Apple and Tmobile havent agreed on a price, and im sure this year Apple was worried T-mobile was about to be bought out. T-Mobile is on its own special spectrum that requires Apple to make them their own special iphone… With that in mind, Apple is hardly worried about the 4th largest carrier (by quite a margin). Its more a matter of apple ignoring T-mobile.

      And personally, getting an iphone wouldn’t keep me as a customer, I could really care less about the iPhone. Id rather they fight to keep getting the Nexus phones first. I’m considering leaving for the first time so I can go get a Nexus on Verizon.

      • Littlesis1774

        My dad called to Tmobile and told me I can get the unlock iphone to run on their network but they said about these phone. I was like I never buy windows or android phone again thanks to htc hd2 experience I am windows phone hater. I WANT THE IPHONE

    • guidomus_maximus

      Where will they come from?  The other three major carriers already have iPhones.  Those people would not leave and jump to T-Mobile if we have an iPhone.  They already have iPhones.  iPhone will NOT attract new customers

    • HM

      IPhone requires major carrier subsidy and it impacts profitability for
      almost a year in a two year contract. Value Plans are great for
      T-Mobile, since it translates to profits from day 1. It is also great
      for Customers, since they need not pay inflated monthly prices once they
      finish off paying for the phone/device. IPhone is a great device but
      bad for carrier profitability. Just look at Sprint profits &
      financials Vs T-Mobile if you are interested

    • Anonymous

      Has the iPhone helped Sprint? I’d say it has hindered them more than helped. If you’re so intent on one of the fruit phones, why don’t you just go to a carrier that has them and GTFA from here? We don’t need your drivel here. David, the owner of this site has an iPhone and uses it on the Tmo network. Why don’t you ask him how to do it?

      • http://tmonews.com David

        Hey, my drivel needs to be welcome here!

  • Frigadroid

    T mobile should call sprint’s bluff offer truly unthrottled & advertise that the “T” stands for truth in mobile. Be the company that takes the high road. Like he said bring back the family feeling of past. Honesty is the best policy when sales persons are properly trained to use the positive negative positive approach of explaining why T mobile is the best value. That includes a sale that can be pitched and understood by joe average in 30 seconds or less, because 2012 joe average doesn’t have time to BS or money to waste.
    Not all churn is a bad thing some upper management churn might even rally the troops!

    • Frigadroid

      About the iphone I think it is stupid not to sell a phone at a phone store that people want. If I worked at tmobile I would risk having my own unlocked new in the box I phone available for personal sale. I guarantee I would sell more plans even giving full disclosure about the 2g pushing wifi or option to forgo data. Satisfied customers do tell their friends and if you sell it truly unlimited they will still come and stand in line.

  • Sandsly100

    T-Mobile needs better reception and that would guarantee more customers.  I strongly disagree that by getting the iPhone would help their sales to increase.  There are more android users than iPhone users because iPhone is made for old and non-techy people.  Smart people enjoy the freedom of download free apps and Android phones allow users to have more free apps than the iPhone.  Bottom line, T-Mobile needs better reception for better sales for better profit!

    • Anonymous

      There are more Android users, but you can’t deny iPhones stranglehold on the market. Whether they need one to survive or not is a moot point… they need it so they can capture more customers who walk in the store and ask first “do you have an iphone”… it happens whether us Android fans like it or not. Not only smart people buy phones, everyone does… gotta have options.

    • whoda

      It’s hard to ignore postpaid customers gradually leaving T-Mobile despite its very respectable Android lineup. The biggest carriers are still gaining/retaining postpaid customers partly due to the iPhone.

    • HM


      Sales are indeed required but ultimately it needs to transfer to Profits. IPhone requires major carrier subsidy and it impacts profitability for almost a year in a two year contract. Value Plans are great for T-Mobile, since it translates to profits from day 1. It is also great for Customers, since they need not pay inflated monthly prices once they finish off paying for the phone/device. IPhone is a great device but bad for carrier profitability. Just look at Sprint profits & financials Vs T-Mobile if you are interested

  • Encino Stan

    I love T-Mobile’s customer service and have been with them since they converted me from my VoiceStream account. BUT, I hate the fact that my phone does not work in my office while all my colleagues with ATT and Verizon have no issues. My wife has the same issue and has threatened to move her service out of our family plan to an ATT plan because her phone does not work in her building, but all her coworkers with ATT have great coverage. (Yes, going to ATT will be much more expensive than T-Mobile, but sometimes it is worth it if you can get a working phone.)

    I love T-Mobile, but if they cannot get the coverage needed, then they will lose my account also.

    Is the fact that  they have signed a “seven-year UMTS roaming agreement and AWS mobile spectrum in 128 Cellular Market Areas” with ATT going help?

    • Encino Stan

       … and I am not even talking about 4G coverage, I am talking about GSM coverage.  Calls are dropped if the phone evens rings at all.

      • whoda

        I hear ya man. T-Mobile’s GSM network is pretty bad when talking about network penetration through buildings.  I’ve had similar experiences in office environments in both NYC and upstate NY.  I’m still with T-Mobile for the price and GSM network (I don’t like having to call CDMA operators to activate my phone when I can pop sim cards).

    • HM


      Get a phone with WiFi calling capabilities, most of the newer T-Mobile phones have them. Then you can have calls over WiFi for no extra charge i.e. home or office. Only T-Mobile is the major carrier who allows this feature for free. The WiFi calling minutes may count as your regular minutes depending on the type of plan you have.

      • Qtpie1976

        How do you call over wifi?

        • Chatter

          Most new Androids (blackberrys too) have wifi calling built in. You connect to any wifi network and make a call as you normally would. Stop by a store and they can show you how easy it is.

        • Anonymous

          my Vibrant has an app that enables it. Becomes seamless you just dial and it works.

          And when you call over WiFi it doesn’t take from your shared minutes

      • Encino Stan

        My phone works at home. It is at the office that I have no connectivity. Both my work and my wife’s work does not allow any unauthorized wifi devices to connect to the lan.

        So having a phone with WiFi calling capabilites (I have one) does not help.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with your point that they need to start extending their sales to renewing customers. So tired of “sale” announcements followed by “Only new customers buying a Value plan”. My wife has been waiting since September for some sort of sale to upgrade her phone, but literally every sale has been either new customers only, or new customers with a qualified value plan. At this point we’ve waited so long that we’re waiting for the next crop of phones to come out, because what was new in September will obsolete in the next month or so.

    And I don’t want the iPhone… really kind of despise it, but yea, if they want money burning customers to come to T-mobile they need to get one.

    And expand coverage… and work on building penetration. I’ve considered leaving tmobile so many times because while I do get good data outside in an open field, as soon as I get in an office its 2g or nothing at all.

  • Mattcat03

    T-Mobile claims that they have the largest 4G network.  Is that in this planet?  What I don’t understand and this is and this is an old issue that I have experience since 2004, Tmobiles lacks signals strength where other carriers don’t have don’t have that problem.  In other other words there are more dead spots and nothing has really been done to fix that.  It’s embarrassing to see people using their phones without a problem inside a building for example and I find myself searching for signal. I believe Tmobile has the best customer service that I have experience but they need to wake up and improve their service coverage also.   They should focus more on call coverage rather than data coverage until they get it right.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I’ve come to find out that, coverage is not always so black and white. True, carriers pick coverage based on where they think most of their clients are but not always.

      When I lived in the state of WA, we had a dead spot where our building was. I did some digging and found out the city council wouldn’t allow any more cell towers or cells erected anywhere near us. Even Clearwire showed dead spot on their map. The nearest tower to us was up on the other side of a hill, behind 2 large apartment buildings down a steep hill

      So YMMV on coverage.

      On the other hand, Verizon where I’m at here in South Florida has 4G lte near the I95 and the coast, inland they’ve got it labeled extended coverage area and I was told it’s not available everywhere. And it’s not, if I drive a few hundred feet east from here, my Verizon 4G hotspot lights up with LTE, at home facing the tower which I can see I get only 3G

  • Dominique

    This is coming from a CSR on why I think the churn is there.  It’s NOT that new customers get better deals than older customers(it’s always been that way), it’s NOT migration fees to the Value plan(quit whining how you’re a loyal customer and should get subsidized phones on a plan that doesn’t give subsidies), and it’s NOT the reception(it’s been fine before). 

    The churn started happening in Q4 of 2010 and that was the time of all the changes in T-mobile.  There was a change in culture at T-mobile when DT sent their man(Humm) to get more money out of T-mobile.  They completely threw out “right fitting” customers and pushed sales.  The requirements for sales are incredible and if you don’t meet the sales then you’re gone.  This has caused reps to turn a blind eye to discrepancies on an account because we don’t want to remove anything, push things that customers don’t need and I see it way too often where reps will put things on people accounts that they never asked for or never removed the feature they called in to remove or reps will hang up on the customer when they start talking about removing features or lowering their plan.  Removals or dropping the price of the plan hurt the reps

    The billing date change, restoration fees, and pay per use data has been a money grab and I know that has caused people leaving as of late but the biggest cause of churn has been, in my perception, is in the culture of customer service moving from doing what’s best to the customer to trying to make the most money they can off of a customer and try to talk them out of dropping their monthly recurring charges, even if that means bending reality a little.  This is pushed by the supervisors too to do what you have to do in order to get the sales goals.  They care less about making the customer a priority and more about money, which was never T-mobile until DT sent their man in to clean house.

    • JadedNYer

      I currently have two lines on an EMP plan. It was three but one line was ported out to Verizon. It was ported out only partially for the iPhone but the main reason is that I don’t have a lot of trust in TMobile after the past year. My eldest kid whose line was the one ported will be attending college and I wanted to do my best to ensure that there won’t be a lack of coverage. The horror stories I have heard and read about also factored in to this decision along with various acquisition rumors such as possible divestment to Metro PCS. It is obvious that TMobile wants to generate as much revenue as possible and bind people to and extend contracts. It was policies like this that made me leave Sprint. Evertime I needed to replace a broken phone which I did at full cost resulted in an extension. The only reason I ever needed to replace a phone (and this was pre flip phones) was for dead batteries that Sprint no longer carried.

      Customer service has been contradictory. I have PHP and when I have had to call about a warranty issue was told it only covers the hardware, it only covers the software, it does not cover batteries. I will stay for now but not under a contract. I am not willing to make that committment until I start hearing about improvements in customer service and policies (i.e. changes in minutes resulting in contract extenstions, $5 warranty exchange fee when one is paying 2/3 more for an extended warranty than other carriers charge. A warranty exchange is the cost of doing business).

      • Dominique

        Truthfully, I can see the charge for the $5 processing fee for exchanges.  They send it to you UPS Express, not Ground shipping.  It used to be free but you would get it Ground and usually wait a week for the replacement to show.  Now it’s only two days.  Customers without the extended warranty have to pay $20 to exchange their phone and it’s sent by UPS Ground.  They changed this because of smartphones.  What they were finding was that customers would say they did the troubleshooting that the tech reps suggested and were still having issues, but when the phone was sent into the T-mobile the repair techs found that most people did not do what was asked, like doing a master reset, and found the phones did not have an issue.   People sending in non-defective phones were costing them mass amounts of money. 

        A customer can always go through the manufacturer for the warranty, because they are the one’s that made the phone, and that’s free but it takes awhile.  I sent in my Mytouch 4G into HTC to fix the power button because I was happy with my phone other than that and I still use that phone today.

        • Anonymous

          @Dominique as a recent former call center manager i agree with you 100%. There was a time at T-Mobile when it was considered very bad to sell a customer a product or service unless it would really benefit them. I had a rep get docked on a quality score for not doing a visual audit on an account and offering the customer a LOWER rp bc they clearly weren’t using their minutes. This all changed when Mr. Humm took over. It became more about generating new revenue than really taking care of the customer and the churn results reflected that. We had to put pressure on our reps to add features and extend contracts which led to reps being dishonest because they were afraid of losing their jobs. I hope this gets turned around but I have serious doubts about it. The company I left was not the same company I was proud to work for  in years past.

        • Fuckhumm

          Im so glad I dont work for that shitbag company anymore…. Like you guys said it all went down hill after Humm. working for sprint now and I know the network sucks but they actually have organization and are rapidly increasing customer service.

        • JadedNYer

          My kids had Sidekicks on TMobile and one day while on an upper floor of Macy’s Herald Square I saw saw they were able to use their phones. With Sprint as soon as I walked in the door I would lose my signal. Coverage for me has been excellent.

        • JadedNYer

          Tmobile called me a few months ago to try to get me to sign up for an unlimited value plan with 5GB on two lines and 500 minutes, 2GB on the third. It would have only saved ten dollars a month. The rep didn’t mentioned anything about a two year contract but I asked and when she confirmed that there would be a contract I declined. Had they wanted to “right fit” me she would have tried to sell me on the 1000 minute, 2GB plan which would have been more than sufficient.

  • Younghov

    wow. some interesting comments here. thought I’d chime in for the first time:

    1. I agree tmo needs the iPhone. many many customers want to know when when when and are willing to switch carriers to get it and pay more money. and when asked why they want one many have no reason. that’s the power of that phone and tmo needs to recognize that.

    2. coverage needs to improve. no doubt about that. the roaming agreement with at&t will help but its still a sticking point. although I wonder how many people are aware of wifi calling and the fact that tmo now has mini cell towers (available thru customer care)

    3. for the people who say they’ve been loyal customers for years I’m sure tmo appreciates it. but you pay money for a phone/ service and tmo give u a phone/service. u are not giving to a charity so stop acting as such.its a 2 way street and some folks act as if tmo should give them new phone free every six months due to tenure. you signed up agreeing to our 2 year contract terms and they ask u to at least fulfill some of the contract to get another subsidized phone, just like almost everyone else. every company is gonna throw u great deals to get u there ( including tmo) but please look at big picture over 2 years.

    3. to the person who is upset about their phone breaking and left cuz tmo didn’t give them a good deal on another one: come on. u get a one year manufacturer warranty on the phone. u have at the time of activation to add an extended warranty/ insurance. you chose not to now u want to go back on your contract terms and receive a early full discount due to your negligence. stop it.

    4. tmo has out of the big 4 consistantly the lowest rates. I understand the value plans are hard to grasp, but over the course of 2 years they are almost always cheaper than going the traditional route. yes u pay full price for a phone but your payment is lowered. even with the installment payments on your bill u should se a lower bill and after 20 months (once the phones are paid off) a drastically lower bill. regardless, if a phone is bought in store ( and not on a special sale or price match) something has to be paid for in store. whether that’s a down payment on value or a subsidized phone on classic. i mean i dont know how much lower tmo can go than their current unlimited value plan pricing. they have to make some kind of money! there are deals at stores, online, and customer care all the time. please stop tmo is forgetting about the existing customers when its simply not true.

    • Anonymous

      I think Value is  a 16% discount from Classic plans. Classic is another 16% off of what AT&T charges, with more minutes.

  • Mattcat03

    A phone is only good if the service coverage is good and not the other way. Tmobile can sell you an iphone but if the reception and data sucks then it will be like sprint. On the other hand, if Tmobile can produce coverage like Verizon then were talking. Can you hear me now Tmo.

    • Dominique

      You’re just griping about an issue that hasn’t even caused the churn over the last year.  T-mobile, with the same coverage, was gaining customers every single quarter until Q4 2010.  You’re comment doesn’t have any relevance to the article.

  • Rob M

    Coverage is hands down the biggest issue they have right now. Not just lack of voice coverage but lack of 3g. I have a few friends who left for that very reason. When you have a smartphone in today’s world you want it to steam video and music. When your stuck on edge and gprs good luck with that. It drives me crazy every time I go on a road trip and either can’t stream music or have no signal all together! I hope this roaming agreement kicks in soon for gods sake. One more thing that drives me nuts is t-mobile customer care. I complained that my area which is strong 3g according to the map has no 3g and sometimes no edge. They asked me if I had wifi. If I want to pay for wifi calling I will get Vonage or some other voip calling plan. I’m paying for freakin cell service last I checked not wifi calling. Now they want us to pay for comcast or time-warner broadband service on top of our t-mobile bill just so are phones can make a phone call? They need to either fix their coverage or pay for people’s broadband bills. That’s my 2 cents:)

    • Mattcat03

      I here you bro.

    • Dkdontforget

      1 WiFi calling is free, and has unlimited min. 2 you obviously already have internet so I see no problem.

      • Rob M

        What do you mean unlimited minutes? That is definitely not true. When I make a call over wifi it subtracts from my minutes. I remember a short window when they were offering that if you called and asked to add it. I called and was told that it was no longer available. That would have been nice though. Maybe they should bring that back and I’ll be much happier with this situation.

        • Tmosince2003

          Call customer care and ask for free wifi calling on all of your lines. You do have to ask for it. The app will STILL say “wifi calling uses plan minutes” but if you check your bill and usage it will be free.

        • Rob M

          Did they start this deal up again? Like I said I have called in the past and they told me it was no more. If it’s back on I’ll give it a go again. Thanks



    • Dominique

      So customers will leave the carriers where the Iphone is already available and go to T-mobile to get the exact same Iphone?  That doesn’t make much sense.

      • Littlesis1774

        They could leave for lower prices and no overages charges for data

    • Turtle6988

      Sprint paid 30 million just to get the Iphone.

      1. T-mobile cant afford it and DT already spent the breakup fee

      2 Apple REFUSES to support T-Mobiles AWS band

      • CRT24

        Sprint paid 20 billion….that’s billion with a b for the iPhone

      • Craigers

        Apple doesn’t refuse to support AWS. There is very strong belief that they came to T-mobile first. T-mobile has just refused to make the deal.

        • Anonymous

          You’re correct Craigers ol’ buddy. Apple came to Tmo first but I bow to Tmo for not allowing that much control from an outside company (Apple). They refused and Apple went to ATT and I’m glad for it.

    • Anonymous

      #1. Turn off the all caps. Makes you look like a fool. #2. Nothing wrong with the iPhone as a product in general. I might even try one IF I didn’t have to use iTunes. That is absolutely the worst POS of controlling software ever. It’s Apple’s cash cow and they make it manditory for you to use it because they can control YOU and the PRODUCT. That’s why its required for every Apple product. So you go suck on your iTunes and I’ll continue to wait and watch. And yes, you’re 100% right, the iPhone would bring a LOT more customers to Tmo. I won’t be one of them however. The masses are easily swayed and you’re part of that mass.

  • Tmobilecust

    Yep, Iphone will get a bunch customers, improve network (less congestion), hiding, unexpected fees and oh yeah, t-mobile turn me down when i applied post paid contract couple months ago after being many years as fllexpaid customer, went to big red recently because iphone reason and i got approved (very odd, was not expecting). I think t-mobile have very strict process with creditapplication requirements because i have same credit score, otherwire would be getting a lot new contract customers. I still believe in T-Mobile,  has best value plan and good customer service, so give me a good reason to paid ETF to bring my second line back to tmobile.

    • Kahlayoh

      “I think tmobile has very strict process with creditapplication requirements” In my experience I would have to beg to differ!!! Before coming to T-mo I used to have sprint about 5 years ago…while trying to switch up on carriers I went to AT&T and when they ran my credit…damn fools wanted a deposit of $600!!! I told the rep, what kind of phone does that deposit comes with..and she said none…that’s just the deposit fee to become a customer!! I looked dead into her face and told her to take that offer and wipe her employers @$$ with it!!! Who in their normal mind would pay a $600 deposit fee!!! That’s when I went to T-mobile and scored a nice Sidekick (When they were in) and a smiling face with no deposit fee!

      • Nomailthanks

        This is a big reason churn is so high.  T-Mo gives contracts to people that other carriers don’t want to have on contract.  Customers with poor (or no) credit ratings leave at a much higher rate.  But it can still be a profitable segment.  You just have to accept that it’s going to come at the price of churn and more bad debt.

  • Diamond Prince

    Main 2 Things 1st “Coverage” It Says Modesto Ca Has 4G Service But Its Really 3g Pointless For Having A 4G Phone.. 2nd Thing “Classic Plans” we shouldnt have to pay to be able to change to “Value Plan” Or Make Them The Same Prices By That I Mean Lower Classic Plan & When Theres Special Deals Its Only For Value Plan Classic Should Be Included Also.. Maybe Like We Can Make Payments On Them Or Lower The Price By 30% Or Something. If They Dont Do Somthing About The Classic Im Not Going to renew My Contract And Go Elsewhere. Even Tho I Love T-Mobile..

    • Anonymous

      you pay to change to Value if you’re still under contract on your classic plan

  • Platypus

    Coverage is the key here.  I was a T-Mo (business) customer for 16 years.  I recently moved to a new house in a new area and was able to get 4-5 bars outside my house, and barely 1 inside.  Same with the gym.  Same with the market, the drugstore, the doctor’s office, etc.  I finally switched to ATT.  Now I get 5 bars everywhere.  BUT, I pay about $60 more per month for my service.  YUK!  I would come back to T-Mo in a heartbeat if they can improve their coverage and penetration.

    • Anonymous

      Well since T-Mobile will have a nationwide roaming agreement with at&t soon, that solves your signal penetration problems right there.  You will get T-mobile’s network or at&t’s, whichever is strongest.  Plus it sounds like in a lot of those places you would benefit from WiFi Calling.

      • Platypus

        Actually, I DID benefit from wifi calling.  Until my BB 9700 needed replacement and there were no new replacements to be had.  I wanted the new blackberry torch, but it was released in September and still does not support wifi calling.  I looked at the Bold…no wifi calling.  HTC Amaze…no wifi calling.  Samsung Galaxy S II.  NO wifi calling.  YET!  They said that all these phones will get it eventually.  Unfortunately, eventually doesn’t help when I was missing important business calls or emails. I do still keep an old PAYG number with a UMA blackberry for when I travel internationally, just to get the “free” calls back to the states, but as a daily driver, T-Mo just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Like I said, when they get their act together, I will gladly return.

        • Anonymous

          The Amaze and GSII have WiFi Calling NOW btw.  It’s confirmed to come to the Bold but who knows how long that will take.  Again, once at&t roaming goes into effect, what’s the point of being on at&t?

    • http://profiles.google.com/lastone1968 LA Stone

      That poor coverage problem used to happen to me.  I had a spot on my desk from which I could get a strong 3g signal.  LOL  If I moved it, it would fluctuate between 3G and 2G.  At some point it got solved.  I have no idea why.

  • Chatter

    I like this plan and hope they succeed. Lets go TMo!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just get the dam iphone

    • Kahlayoh

      That’ll bring a lot of apple fanboys to Tmo!! 

  • X1

    Iphone and don’t delay white color phone after the first one launch…


      i am waiting for iphone7 and only  if screen size is is bigger than it is 1.5 ghz or more

    • Liversausage

      it’s not the carrier which is responsible for the variant phone launches, it’s the manufacturer. a korean newspaper recent has an article on samsung launching different colors of GS2. “Sometimes we launch two or three colors together from the beginning, but we often launch a black model first and white after a few months when sales growth slows down. When white cools down then comes pink. In the case of long running models, a new color boosts sales,” the Samsung spokeswoman said.

      Though i am pretty sure carriers are more than happy to comply this practice; good profit for them too. 

  • Jr

    This kills me. I appreciate the fact that you can go to another carrier and im glad you pay your bill on time like a responsible adult should but i don’t see how or why this entitles you to credit or free devices. I have been shopping at the same grocery chain for years i don’t walk in and demand free toilet paper. If i called the gas or electric company and demanded a discount rate or free service they would laugh and hang up on me. Cellphones are a part of life its a bill like rent, car payment, or insurance. Just accept it and pay it.

    • Timothy Desaules

      Do you know how many times in store I hear, “I’ve been a customer for xxx years, how come I don’t get a free phone?”  Ive been going to McDonalds for 29 years, but my fat ass hasn’t gotten a free happy meal yet…..

      • TheWayOfThings

        It’s as I’ve said before, people like to confuse complacency with loyalty. Loyalty refers to a selfless heartfelt allegiance and that is simply not what these chest-thumping “loyal” customers have with T-mobile. They have been provided a service that has been acceptable enough that they have felt no need to seek service from someone else.
        Personally, I am not a loyal T-mobile customer, I have been with T-Mobile for over 5 years only because I am content with my grandfathered plan and feel no need to change. Are there better deals out there that might be more beneficial to me, that I fore-go to remain with T-Mobile? Probably, but it is not out of selfless loyalty that I stay. I am simply complacent and too lazy to through the bother of changing… and I’ll wager that 99.99% of the self-proclaimed “loyal” customers have stayed with T-Mobile for the same reason.

    • Sr

      The ignorant attitude of this person is exactly why some companies are failing.  And the fact that the post has more “Likes” than any other post in this thread tells us all the extent of the problem.

      I’m not going to lecture you about why you don’t understand human beings, nor train you on how to understand them.  My only message is that YOU – and all your ‘Likers’ – are the reason your company is struggling.

      You will fail if you choose to just throw up your arms.  In order to succeed, you need to understand others.

      But then again, you are just the tool that answers the phone.  You were hired because you are cheap labor, not because of your insights.

  • damthathurts

    I have been a loyal TMO customer but I will be leaving in the next few months if they don’t get the iPhone. I have been using an unlocked iPhone on tmo for awhile and I’m tired of 2G.

    The iPhone 4S is the best selling phone on all 3 major carriers and it is already hurting them by not having it. They are trying to give away the crappy Android phones to compensate but that is a losing strategy.

    If they remain without the iPhone in 2012 it will dwarf the blunders made by netflix in 2011.

    • Timothy Desaules

      Its the best selling due to marketing, not quality or innovation.  Don’t kid yourself.

    • Cwxcf00

      if androids are so crappy why is it that it is the most used mobile interface in the world?  because the only company that advertizes best android phones is verizon. tmobile needs to work on that. 


      iphone  is like hot dog for americans,  their regular food and regular phone, there are better foods out there than hot dogs and  there are better phones out there than iphone.
      IPHONE IS ONLY GOOD FOR IT’S BUILD QUALITY< thta's it, compare the specs to andrioid phones, HTC amaze easily destroys the IPHONE.

    • Kahlayoh

      You can’t really say crappy Android phones!!! Just because it doesn’t fit your needs doesn’t neccesarily makes it crappy! I don’t like the iphone at all…but I don’t call it crappy! Iphones pretty good…but to me…it just doesn’t fit my needs, it’s just too limited with things! What android phones have you own that makes it “crappy”?

  • Kyle

    I was a T-MO customer for 2 and a half years. I held out my contract and then some, hoping for the next greatest handset to upgrade to and for a final decision on the merger. I was REALLY hoping for the Galaxy Nexus to be officially available on T-MO so I wouldn’t have to pay $600+ for one. I went into a local electronics store just to play with one when a Verizon rep started talking to me. For $6 more a month, I’m now a Verizon customer with a Galaxy Nexus. Faster network speeds, clear calls, and the latest phone. 

    • Anonymous

      what kind of plan were you on that verizon is $6 more lol

      • Kahlayoh

        Yea…I’m sure when I last compared prices…it was way more then $6!!! It’s one of the reason why I’m still here at t-mo!

    • Timothy Desaules

      I call BS on all fronts.  Verizon’s LTE coverage < TMO's 4g coverage.  CDMA is notoriously lesser quality on voice calls, and the nexus is not as great as it was advertised.