T-Mobile G2x Officially Hits End-Of-Life Status

We knew this day would eventually come, and so we prepare to say goodbye to the very first dual-core device in the United States, the T-Mobile G2x. We just receive word that the G2x, internal known as the LG LGP999 G2x met its fate on January 6th, just 5 short days ago. The G2x led a troubled life, with rumored “recalls,” Gingerbread delays and angry customers suffering reboot after reboot. Still, the G2x performed very well in our review and held a lot of promise upon landing on T-mobile store shelves. Sadly, the G2x never took off in the way we believed it would, so long G2x, we wish we knew you better.

Now, the real question…what will replace it?

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  • BigMixxx


    that really f’s up the G series….such a capable device….gone….please fish it back out to HTC to bring the line back to life…

    • Silk7412

      Hear Hear!!! you are so right!!! HTC Bring the G series with a bang!!! G3 quad core processor- 5 row keyboard -FFcam and PURE ICS Android.That would hold me until the next nexus!

      • Antoine M.

        i couldnt agree more. also add at least a 4inch screen.

        • Havoktek

          I don’t know, I fell out of love with HTC a while ago, Sense was killing me worse than Samsung’s Touchwiz

        • J-Hop2o6

          The G-line/series doesn’t use any skins.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    This is not needed, as this phone was DOA. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Once they got the bugs worked out of the phone it rocked!!! I had the LG G2x and HTC Sensation. Now I have the galaxy S II. ALL THREE GREAT PHONES AND VERY FAST, well besides the Sensation its slow lol

    • BigMixxx

      that’s my only dread about my sensation.  Compared to the G2x…really..it’s slow…but if you run a custom rom…like a CM7 or ICS that’s senseless….totally different phone…

      • Havoktek

        Mixx you gave up your G2X??…..awe man?? 
        Notice that speed bump ‘eh? er- decline I mean.

        • BigMixxx

          Gave up….phone would not stay stable.  MY First one was ROCK SOLID (after one good custom rom — got 22 hours on a single charge before putting facebook on my phone, removed ).  

          Sensation…good screen…all I can really say…. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah Big Maxx I might have to Root my sensation. It’s been a while since I have rooted a phone. I used to do my HD2 all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed, hate my Sensation, but I kept it too long. Ive been waiting for cm9 to root the phone, but truely think its a p.o.s.. Not only will I not buy another LG product (returned the g2x 22 times before I got my money back), but this may be the last HTC device I ever buy. Certainly the last Sense device. While I know rooting is an option, you’re reliant on faceless devs to build something that works for you, or learn it yourself. toooo much effort for something I have to pay so much money for.

      Oh well, if I ever have extra money I guess i’ll order a GSM Galaxy Nexus

      • Anonymous

        I just don’t really see the NEXUS being that great of a phone this time. The Note with ATT seems to be a better phone to me. But I’m sure someone will correct me.

  • Humpty4321

    Well this was somewhat expected after all those problems with the phone don’t get me wrong it was a good hardware wise phone but so many problems that’s why I waited for the HTC sensation and glad I got it (:

  • Anonymous

    G-Infinity and Beyond!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, LG could have had a great phone but they botched it. Oh well… On to the next one!

  • Tarheelblue12275

    I had LG G2x it aint good as I expected i had to exchanged three times in one month so I am end up with samsung sidekick 4g better than nothing for one more month of my contract before i am eligible for upgrade next month!

    • Anonymous

      After 4 sidekick 4g’s I have sworn off samsung forever.  Worst phone ever made, my G2x was great once it was rooted and had a new rom.

    • Anonymous

      What did u say?????

  • Guest

    I believe the Sensation 4g already has replaced it….

    • Anonymous

      Hah, Sensation was already replaced with the Amaze. I suspect it will be end of life soon considering all the issues its had. I have one, and I hate it… Though the g2x was certainly worst!

  • Brandon Matthews

    I read reviews on tons of phones, and waited 6 months to purchase this phone. Sadly, I did exactly what I just stated and now I’m stuck with a phone I hate! 

  • Cameron W3st

    Really? End of life? Only 9 months after it came out? And it was supposed to be a flagship device? This is INCREDIBLY disappointing and just another reason I’m taking T-Mobile to court over forcing me to pay an ETF for leaving their terrible, terrible phone company. 

    • etfbs

      I’m not sure why you left tmo, but all I can tell you is that it was your choice to leave. You were given 14 days to change your mind. If it’s a “coverage” issue, I urge you to read section 8 of the t&c. Otherwise, it would be cheaper for you to just pay the etf because you will be sent to arbutration, which they will charge the fees to you for that, meanwhile your bill will go to collections and be charged even more by the collection agency. People who bitch about having to pay an etf are stupid, you knew it was there, you chose to move, get a new phone, etc. make your life easier.. Just pay the fee.

      • Anonymous

        in california is 30 days with tmobile

      • Realcool2000

        Well said

      • Cameron W3st

        I also paid $480 for the g2x which never worked. I was on my 4th device when I called it quits and all Tmo would offer me is $100 off a brand new phone…really?

        California has small claims court and as far as I know it’s illegal to charge someone money for service they cannot use

    • Havoktek

      Good luck with that……

  • Tracersmichelle

    the g-Slate is in that list too

  • http://twitter.com/_span_ Daniel Kvist

    Good thing CM saved my p990. Last time LG.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djmaki1 Dustin Maki

    I thought the Atrix was the first dual core as it was released BEFORE the G2x in the US?

    • Anonymous

      Shh, don’t tell anyone… but you’re right. By about a month I think. Atrix was in March, G2x was in April.

      • Havoktek

        true, but  the Atrix fell further into obscurity that the G2X.

    • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

      Atrix is the first dual-core in the US, but as the G2x of overseas goes.. the O2x it was the first ever dual-core.

  • Dnyyanks62

    Wow, all signs point to a great 2012 for new phones on T-Mobile.


    • MOTH477

      Are you being sacarstic? I hope you are not talking about Galaxy S Blaze!

  • Botyok

    phew , almost got the g2x for my upgrade. good thing I went w/ amaze for $80.

  • http://twitter.com/cj1171 Chris Jansen

    So the O2X is going to get ICS but it’s a safe bet now that the G2x will not…

  • Ibleedmagenta

    Guess I’ll be getting a unlocked Gnex on tmo when taxes come back. Off to craigslist land or spare tire mode, unless end of life doesn’t mean the chance for ICS.

  • Davenycept

    I’m glad I didn’t get it a few months ago.. I’m loving my s2

  • Bobblehead

    Co-workers still laugh at me each time I need to pop the cover and remove the battery to reboot.

    Goodbye LG. Forever.

    • Anonymous

      Read my reply above to Micah.

  • Alexroth95


  • Anonymous

    Never, ever will I purchase an LG product!!! And T-Mobile will not be getting my $$$ when my term ends…

  • BARZELL2010

    this is just great.. i had this phone for 3 monthe and now this… i dont have the money to shell out for a new phone with the hope that its getting ics.. i still want ics for the g2x PLEASE.

    • Antoinetrenton

      My LG g2x works fine I got it as a replacement phone for my touch 4g LG is still going to update are phones to android 4.0

  • http://MobileGenius.wordpress.com JM

    Too many people bought this phone because it was very well-liked in tech reviews all over the internet.  Unfortunately, in their rush to be FIRST with their reviews, most of these reviewers only used the G2x for a few hours before starting to write.  This is how it is for most smartphones now.  The only reviews I have any trust in are those that show up at least a week after a device is available to and used by the person who it doing the review. 

  • Anonymous

    so …. no ics for this brick i guess, and lg dropped the ball  on this one , lg should stick to make tvs and refrigerators  not phones, and t mo , you suck as well for not backing up your devises :p

    • Havoktek

      Don’t blame TMO….Don’t wait for ICS…Should have been done something with it if you weren’t satisfied… Research man…..

      • Gogoplata1980

        The phone came out broken yet he “should have been done something with it?”

        How about the company should have done something with it. 
        You’re a fool if you think it’s acceptable for a company to release a broken product and then expect the consumer to figure out how to reprogram their mess up. I had one. Loved the design and much about it. Until it started freezing and acting a fool. LG’s response? A late update that took away one of the main selling points to the phone, the camera. 

        • Havoktek

          Not a fool, just someone who believes in getting up off my arse and finding out how to make my Tech work for me instead of waiting for Tmoble or LG to provide a fix. Granted everyone is not like me. Granted everyone wants and should have there products work right out the box. However if word hadn’t spread about the issues, there would be any issues. Granted the hardware is good. If you couldn’t work it or it was crashing when purchased, you should have returned it ASAP. When the update came out it fixed a lot of issues yet no one gave a flying crap cause it was already panned and DOA. I feel ya and blame LG for that one. Sorry dude I’m just one of the few that say things don’t work, ok it doesn’t work…whacha gonna do about it?
          One swap out for me and I was set. Even before I rooted it. Sorry just exuasted in hearing people complain whenever a new device doesn’t make it rain for them.
          That’s what you get for having android freedoms, and that’s why people love iPhones…its consistant from start to finish and you dare not touch the OS. Yet no freedom…its like the patriot act…whew did I type that from my G2x???

        • Frank Jacobs

          It’s not just about getting up off your ass…

          As I see it, a lot of people’s G2Xs didn’t work very well from the get-go.Many probably returned them and got something else.

          Plenty of others probably got the same same info that I did from T-Mobile: There’s an update coming soon that’ll fix your issues. Just hang in there. Of course, you can’t wait too long or your 14 days are up and you’re stuck with the phone.

          Now I am all for being proactive and rooting a phone to get software that works on it, but I would dare say that most people aren’t going to do that, and even those who are tempted may decide they don’t want to void their warranty.

          All in all, it ends up being a pretty crappy situation. Either be stuck with a phone that’s dysfunctional, or try to put better software on it and void your warranty. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        • Havoktek

          I can work with that, point made…..It has been entirely a PR and manufacturing nightmare…hit or miss with people, I’m just glad I got a winner out of it.
          Yet you know LG is going to learn from this and juice up their next devices….if they want to be competitive…

    • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

      EOL means it won’t be sold on store shelves anymore, not not receive updates.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      Everything LG makes is crap. They used to be known as Goldstar – the world’s landfills are full of their garbage.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ilya.eliseev Ilya Eliseev

    I just said hello to my new G2x last week :) no reboots, battery life is amazing, IPS panel is great, phone is fast too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Micah-Madru/100001151887665 Micah Madru

      You’re lucky. I got mine about 2 weeks ago (for free) and I now can’t stand LG as a company. Battery life with the same usage on my sensation is about 12 hours, verses a full day. I get freezes where I have to pull the battery to have my phone usable again, and the audio quality is terrible.

      Then you have the issue with LG and updates – they take forever.

      • Anonymous

        Micah, try this. Shut your G2x phone off. Take the back off. Pull out both the SIM card and the microSD card. Now “squash” the top of the sim card slot and the top of the microsd card slot. What you’re trying to accomplish is to put a slight bend in the tops of those two slots so that more pressure will be put on the SIM card and the microSD card when they’re inserted. I believe this is the problem with the G2x. I think the thickness varies on some SIM cards and microSD cards and this “fix” just puts a bit more pressure when they’re inserted. I found this out on mine when I couldn’t access the Gallery pictures. Subsequent tests have seemed to verify this for me. Try it and let us know.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Micah-Madru/100001151887665 Micah Madru

          Thanks for the tips. I’ve tried getting good battery on a number of different roms (stock included) and I just can’t get much battery life out of this device. I haven’t ever had the sim card or microsd card give me problem. Not sure how that would relate to battery life though. I think I may have one of the seemingly many defective devices. I’m waiting for a different battery that I ordered, I’m thinking I might have a bad battery.

        • http://profiles.google.com/ilya.eliseev Ilya Eliseev

          Well as long as I get 12 hours of heavy use in 4G area, I am fine. Thats how all my smartphones worked since G1 times. Its not uncommon for me to have 50-60% left by the end of work day. I hear Galaxy Nexus on Verizon LTE lasts about 4-6 hours on 1850ma battery !  

      • Anonymous

        About battery life. I used my G2x today from 7am to 6pm pretty hard, and I now have 68% battery life left. Here’s how I do it. (I’m stock btw). Open settings, Applications, Running Applications. Kill the Car Home and any other program non-essential to everyday use. I also turn off the TeleNav GPS app. As for the wifi and gps, they are always left off and I manually turn them on when I need them. My battery life is very good.

  • haters on the rocks

    im guessing its time to root my g2x and live with a cm rom then a stock one. 
    lg ur the last cellphone manufacture i will ever buy again. 

  • Anonymous

     What does this mean for people with issues that use the warranty to get it replaced, etc? Do we get another phone or will they still have stock for this for the near future?

  • MrMr

    *shrug* I love my G2x. Works great. Sorry for those who had problems. Get a new phone. 

    • Havoktek

      Ditto…Mad love for my phone, showed it off to the TMO reps that came to our company today. They agree, it had issues but overall after the updated, a damn good phone. I ‘m not gonna bash people that had issues but they gave up on it too easily sad though, no I’m going to have to upgrade to something else this year….
      But if it ain’t dual core…..or Tegra…..Keep it….I like my Tegra games.

      • Sdf

        Gave up too easily?  This isn’t a relationship, it’s a phone.  If a person spend their hard earned money on a phone, they deserve for it to function properly.  It’s simple as that.  They shouldn’t have to hang in there and not “give up easily”.  The G2X was and is a POS phone period point blank.  BTW the tegra is on the low end of the dual core spectrum.

        • Havoktek

          Low end my arse…Its funny how of wasn’t a pos until soneone like you couldn’t handle it.
          I’m tired of speakin’…know this its a solid phone, if ICS was in its future, there would be a ebay buying spree.

        • SladeNoctis

          You have to admit Sdf does have a point, a normal user who is not into the android dev world or isn’t used to trail and error method simply can’t deal what happened to the G2X. We are talking about massive reboots/bootlooping, Screens bleeding, battery level on the same level as the thunderbolt, and much more. Imagine it in their shoes, im getting a new phone its suppose to work and i wouldn’t mind small bugs. The issues the G2X had weren’t small and even LG and Tmo realized this when they stop selling the G2X for a certain time period. They basically sold a beta phone that to tech The phone suffered but horrible software implementation due to LG and Nvidia end. Trust me if they slap a well built version on ICS this phone is worth having for years to come. Personally i stopped using it not for its software but its hardware limitations which was the camera and the ram. 

        • Havoktek

          Point well taken, I have no love for what LG has done, in my defiance i took their bad coded beast and mad it a star.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ilya.eliseev Ilya Eliseev

      Yes, It is great phone. One of the best displays out there. Nice size and design as well

      • BARZELL2010

        i’m with you on that.. great phone i’ll wait and see if ics pops up on the radar for the G2X.

        • Anonymous

          I loved it. But the freezing up and the Bluetooth constantly cutting out in my car, it became unbearable. So I switched to a galaxy S II. G2X has a better display than this phone. Had it worked fine, I would’ve kept it.for a long time!

        • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

          Don’t expect to see any updates from Samsung.

        • Anonymous

          That’s pretty much with all manufacturers. However it should be worded as don’t expect to see any updates overnight. It’s the reality.

      • Deucedownatown

        one of the best displays?  NO!  Not with all that bleeding in the backlight.  There are several phones with better screens.  Galaxy s2, Amaze, Rezound, Razr, Galaxy Nexus, to name a few and that’s 5 right there off the top of my head.  The screen is okay, minus the bleeding problems, but definitely not one of the best.

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments exactly. My G2x works so well, I basically have no big ol’ desire to grab a new phone until something really catches my eye. I have a hunch as to what was causing the G2x problems but since its now EOL, guess I’ll just hold onto it.

  • Havoktek

    LONG LIVE THE G2X……Haters hate, the rest can kick rocks…

  • BARZELL2010


    • http://profiles.google.com/truckeemike mike s

      They must still have some in stock, thats all.

  • Don4tech

    That is disappointing news. It still blows away many new releases, even from LG. Mine has been relatively free from problems in the eight or nine months I’ve had it.

    Does this mean we definitely won’t get the on-again, off-again Ice Cream Sandwich?

    • Anonymous

      With LG? ICS? Lol keep,dreaming…

  • Anonymous

    I own this phone and I never rooted it. I has locked up on me once in  just over 6 months.  I will only buy stock android phones and I hope T-mobile gets another stock android phone soon.  I love the G2x but I would like ICS in the next 4 months if possible if not I will have to get another phone from T-Mobile but only if its runny stock from the factory 

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      The version of Android on the G2x isn’t stock…but close to it.

      • Anonymous

        As close as you can get without going nexus. Personally I can’t think of anything that is customized on my 2.3.3 g2x, whereas froyo had a custom camera(which actually performed better), besides all the carrier locked crapware additions.

  • Seabreezecool

    Screw T-Mobile. At least that’s what I said after paying $63.00 a month for the last 7 years for talk-only, no text, no internet, and this was on their loyalty plan???? I got a G2x (used, but new condition), for $180.00 and loved it so much I bought another used one for $150 also like new to have as a spare. The first one has Gingerbread update and the second still has Froyo 2.22. Anyway T-Mobile would only drop $10.00 a month from my loyalty plan price, but only if I signed a two year contract. I don’t like contracts and in fact never had one with them, instead I paid a fee to not be under a contract. Anyway, with all those taxes and fees it’d still be around $53 a month just for talk, I bought the G2x after researching the phones that are compaitble with Simple Mobile and said “see ya” to T-M, and now for a flat $40 a month, I get unlimited talk- text- internet on Simple Mobile.

    Before anyone starts bashing Simple Mobile, just know I’m happier than a dear in the woods getting evrything I do with SM for $23 less per month than just-talk with T-M, and anything negative about SM will Simple-y, fall on deaf ears. T-M wouldn’t offer anything better or talk about any data plans or any other lower cost options, so I say screw ’em.  Long live the G2x on other carriers! It simply kicks ass!

    • jarjon76

      Deers live in the woods, not dears. 

      • Anonymous

        Deer live in the woods, not deers.

        • Jonathan3579

          You must be one of those rehtards.

        • Anonymous

          Your german DOEsn’t impress me.

    • Havoktek

      Simple who? What are they a late night infomercial?

    • Anonymous

      What plan were you on?? That’s ridiculous for just talk. And yeah Simple is T-Mobile…minus the customer service (which T-Mobile is slowly recuperating)

      • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtsingleton Andrew Singleton

        i love tmo customer service

        • Anonymous

          Yeah me too. Hatee their new automated system. It’s so annoying

    • Heisenberg

      Well, you didn’t really say “see ya” to T-Mobile, because Simple Mobile is just a reseller using T-Mobile’s network.  Although T-Mobile makes less in this scenario, they’re still making money off you.  Also, that is also a 3G only plan, their $60 plan is needed for 4G service.

      • Rob

        Despite what some misinformed or purposely lying reps may say, there is no such thing as a “3G only plan.” There is no such thing as a T-Mobile “4G Sim Card” either. T-Mobile’s so-called “4G” is nothing more than faster 3G. It’s like saying a car with a faster V6 engine is a “V8”.

        If your phone has the processor, then it will connect to T-Mobile’s HSPA network and get whatever speeds its processor supports, even with no data plan or a legacy plan like T-Zones.

        The whole “4G” crap is pure marketing BS…all smoke and mirrors to sell you a more expensive phone/plan.

        • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com/ Conan Kudo (???????)

          There is a such thing as a 4G SIM card. They are referring to the new-generation 3FF UICCs that support the evolved USIM program used for HSPA+ and LTE.

    • http://profiles.google.com/truckeemike mike s

      bye bye…btw Simple doesn’t own their own network.

  • jarjon76

    This phone is a prime example of why you should never chase the “latest and greatest” dragon.

  • http://twitter.com/The_Android_Guy Nick Hernandez

    Hail To The ‘G’ series. C’mon T-Mobile, lets see a quad-core, ICS powered ‘G3’ in our future..

    Let’s Continue the Revolution…

  • Alex_L

    HTC G3?

  • Anonymous

    …as all LG products should reach before announcement.
    Does that say Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter?? Like the MHL??

    • Heisenberg

      It says Micro HDMI to HDMI, the G2X doesn’t need an MHL adapter for HDMI mirroring, it has a direct Micro HDMI plug-in on the top of the phone.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I see those are all accessories for the specific phone. I thought it was a general EOL list. Thanks for clarifying
        And yeah micro is what I meant

  • http://twitter.com/timmyjoe42 Timothy J. Bennett

    I just got one about a month ago, and I love it.  Rooted with CM7.  Fast and smooth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtsingleton Andrew Singleton

      i find stock android to run incredibly smoothely as long as you don’t run a custom launcher or any other veneers. CM was laggy.

      • Timb28

        Veneers? I am sorry what type of apps are you talking about here?

  • http://twitter.com/RudyFlyer4 CJ

    GRR T-Mobile!!! Someone talk me out of switching to ATT for the Nokia Lumnia 900.

    • http://www.joshrobertnay.com Respawn

      Okay … AT&T sucks.

      Well, I’ve done all I can do.

    • BigMixxx


      Device + data (2 gig) + text = 199 (<– guess)
      Voice + data + text = 69 + 30 (2 gig because it's LTE and be prepared to go over) + 20 text = 110.  T mobile same thing, same price 50….

      110 per month vs 50 (all plus tax)….

      Stick with the T.  Something is bound to come along you will like…

    • Felipefaccini13

      As soon as the Nokia 900 or Titan II hit ATT, I’m switching, My HD7 is getting old and look like tmo won’t offert any high end WP

  • Jaygqitalia

    I believe the problem why this phone never got fully of the ground is because of all the problems it had when it first came out. EVERYONE was complaining and waiting for them to fix the issue and they took to long with it. My friend had to exchange his 5 times in 2 months cuz of the same issues. They finally gave him the sensation after much fighting. Sucks though cuz now the phone is fixed and actually good

  • nerdlust

    I almost bought this phone, but last minute decided to get the sensation black Friday deal. One of my friends got it recently and it has been solid no issues super fast. Perhaps they fixed all the issues he uses about 10gigs of data per month I say that to say he’s always on it with no problems or lag.

  • Brandon Fusie

    Good riddance! My nine month stent with that phone was looking enough.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously…does ANY Tmobile phone really,”takeoff”?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000248799459 Jamar Eccleston

      The sidekick 4g even no support and only froyo

    • dgarra

      IMO, this one would have if LG didn’t f— it up.

  • Anonymous

    if you want to be in love with your phone and android get a galaxy s 2!!

    • http://profiles.google.com/truckeemike mike s

      Sell me on it over the Amaze? I can’t decide, and ICS coming to it is important…

      • BigMixxx

        tough call..both have a natural overlay of some skinned product (Touchwiz for Samsung, Sense for HTC), both have a pretty decent camera.
        Samsung’s device may be more to your liking.  ICS for the AMAZE will still be laden with Sense and touchwiz will be a thinner layer.  By far, the screen on the Galaxy S II is really nice….

        the AMAZE may be more aesthetically pleasing….but if you have large hands like I do…it does not matter.

        The Galaxy S II is a very nice LOOKING phone…sexy even.  

        LAstly, I’d say he a t mobile store and play with them.  If you like Sense, HTC all the way.  If you like a more basic feel…Galaxy s II…  

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  • Anonymous

    I like the size of the phone, not to huge and not too small.Just got the phone about 2 months ago pretty solid overall but it does have some connectivity/battery problems.  Sometimes after charging the phone I am not able to receive/send calls, rebooting the phone resolves this issue.  As others have stated if there is no official ICS update than its going to be rooted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtsingleton Andrew Singleton

    <3 my g2x. first premium android phone. RIP.

  • Tmo_employee

    my store hasn’t carried it in 4 months and they stopped sending us  cases for them 

  • Cwxcf00

    i hate LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never again! this phone is gorgeous, fast light vanilla and it was supposed to be a beast, but guest what??? BAD INTEGRATION of software and hardware made it a pain in the a**!! only nexus for me . from now on

  • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

    No surprise here…after all, it’s been out 8 1/2 months.

    So we can probably kiss an official ICS goodbye. Doesn’t matter. The only way to make the phone work right is to root it.

    But that’s the first and last time I’ll buy anything made by LG.

    • Anonymous

      Cliq got Froyo after it’s end of life.

      • Dominique

        No it didn’t.  The Cliq XT didn’t even get Froyo, unless you rooted it and put a custom ROM on it.

        • Anonymous

          Look Tmobile and moto pushed out Froyo.
          I am staring at it right now genius

        • Brandon Dean

          You are confusing phones. The Cliq got froyo, the Cliq XT didn’t. One had a keyboard, one didnt.

  • Anonymous

    I was comparing my G2X to an SG2 at a TMO store today. The SG2 would stutter, and lag, while my G2X is fast and smooth. Mine has been flawless, but it was sent to me with Gingerbread already installed. G2X build and look is much nicer too. Not bad for a phone that loyalty gave me for free, and I’ll just use my upgrade when something upgrade worthy comes along. My G2X appears to be a workhorse that will serve me well for some time to come.

    • BigMixxx

      It is a very, VERY powerful phone, much more power than the sensatio.  There is not future left in the device….so, without developers help, you are truly left with a phone, that in about 4 months, will truly have no future.  

      LG seems to be a bad developer of phones for T mobile.  I can’t give them any more of my money.  They have just thrown samsung off of my no-buy-shit-from-you list…

      • Anonymous

        I tend to agree. I have new unlocked iPhone 4S, Nexus One, and Nokia E7. I’ll use my upgrade when something really special comes to TMO. If ever.

      • Deucedownatown

        Very VERY powerful phone?  I beg to differ.  The Tegra 2 is at the low end of the dual core proccessors.  The G2X is a decent phone (when it’s functioning properly) but I’d hardly call it a powerhouse.  Really, I’d put it on par with the Sensation, especially considering it has less memory throughput than the Sensation.  Though I find both devices rather underwhelming.

        • BigMixxx

          Imagine if Apple would have stayed with IBM; imagine IBM getting their isht together and able to manufacture the Power Line REAL cheap.  Instead of waiting until the 3 or 4th iteration of intel core technology in Mac’s, You would be seeing Power 8 in a mac pro running at 6 gigahertz..  Monster speed.

          Firmly believe the nvidia chipset is much faster, or should I say much more capable the Snapdragon….for when it was released…it’s a horse…
          While I love my sensation; I run ICS. Ver capable rom……sense kills it.  Even running with a good CM7 or ICS…there is something stuck. (one core active until it’s too busy)

          Try this…
          A simple test of the raw power is in video decoding.  Run a divx rip on both a g2x and and sensation in hardware mode.  The G2x KILLS the sensation.  The sensation becomes chopy, and the movie runs a little degraded.  Run the G2x in hardware mode — it’s a very smooth experience.  

          You can state, quote, and fact  up X Y and Z as much as one would want, and I firmly believe you. But the g2x is properly powered yet so underrated….

        • Havoktek

          Don’t Let clock core speed determine you view of power of a proc. Tegra id definatlety a beast that was shackled by poor coding and implimentation.