Score A Samsung Galaxy Nexus For Just $559.99 From DailySteals

If you’ve looked or hoped for a price drop on an unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to add some Ice Cream Sandwich into your life, has a special just for you. For the next 16+ hours you can grab an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 16GB for just $559.99. The daily deal price is right in line with what the phone would have cost you out of contract had it launched on T-Mobile as a supported device.

Still, with CES right around the corner we’re having a hard time pressing the “get it now” button, but for many of you, the price and the Galaxy Nexus are just right. We don’t know how many of these has in stock, but if you’ve got some extra room on the credit card after the holidays, give this some consideration.

Thanks everyone for sending this over!

Daily Steals

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  • David Nahodyl

    Update! My order was one of the delayed ones, and it shows as being shipped on Friday.  Hopefully we’ll all have our shiny new phones soon.

    I’ve had pretty good service with Daily Steals so far.  This is the only issue I’ve ever had with the five orders I’ve placed with them.

    • Vinos9711

      Ive had every iphone and every tmobile smart phone there is sensation,amaze,sgs2 ect. And i just got my galaxy nexus and this is by far the best phone ive put my hands on. Fast screen is amazing battery has been great on heavy use. and the camera even tho its a 5 mp it takes some amazing pictures and the shutter speed is fast.

      • David Nahodyl

        Truth.  I gave it to my Apple-4-lyfe co-workers and even they said that they liked it.

        Mine came today, sealed, new, and unfortunately with an international charger.  I’ve got tons of 1Amp micro USB chargers, so it’s not a problem, but a US charger would have been nice.


    does anyone know if these devices they are selling refurb?

    • Guest

      UPS just delivered my order and inside the box is a SEALED OEM device, as advertised.
      Good things come to those who wait.  With a big thanks to TMO News for letting us loyal readers know about this.

      ps, for those folks who are just receiving their new ICS phones, don’t forget to charge the battery at least 12-16 hours before using the device, as that really makes a (positive) difference in the life cycle of the battery.

      • Anonymous

        Did you get one with a ni-cad battery?

      • GUEST

        thanks hope you are having fun with the device

  • Guest

    My box was opened should I be worries because the label said do not accept if seal is broken