Follow Up To the LG G2x Ice Cream Sandwich Story

Late last week saw a story concerning LG, Ice Cream Sandwich and the Optimus 2x/G2x upgrade. LG and the decision not to upgrade either device to the upcoming Android 4.0 platform. As it turns out, LG has followed up on the report and said they haven’t reached a decision regarding an upgrade for either device.


According to a follow up response received by the boys at Androidandme, LG has yet to make a decision on whether or not the Optimus 2X or G2x will be upgraded. LG says they are still testing Ice Cream Sandwich on both of those devices and the deciding factors will be:

  • Dependent on the devices’ ability to handle the Ice Cream Sandwich update
  • Whether or not the user experience with Ice Cream Sandwich installed will be a good one

Obviously LG, like all smartphone manufacturers wants to ensure that the user experience on their products is the very best it can be and we hope that LG determines in the long run that an Ice Cream Sandwich is viable for G2x owners.


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  • kdogg

    this phone is ok but im on my 4th one and still shuting down on its own, and freezing up.  so lg or tmo need to do something.. Tmo wanted to give me a sidekick for a comparable replacement..not even close, but with all the problems im having i might just take it..

    • Rotflkittyrotflsyou

      i have the same phone and had none of those issues on its pure gingerbread platform- it was good. and now that im rooted and running eagles blood 2.3.7, its even better- it’s great. i tend to think people like you just have no idea how to use and/or operate their phone. at all. if you’ve had four of them, the problem’s with you, not the phone.

      • Og1gtp

        so true…so true… probably the same people that complain about PC not being any good 

      • Matthew Korsmo

        You are a tool.

  • Skvanhooser

    Please give me icecream sandwich

  • Mynameishype

    typical, why give us ics for free when they can sell us a new phone with 4.0? cyanogenmod ftw

  • Jimmy Singh

     LOL g2x is running ICS currently but w/o video decoding.. and it is blazing fast.. wonder what LG will have to say.. Just like apple, we can’t give you siri on iphone 4 cuz it doesn’t have capabilities LOL.

    • 98clru

      So which rom are you running? How’s the gps? with my stock rom the gps will get a fix in seconds and then lose it 5 minutes later and either never get a fix again or get it for a few and then loose it again. By video decoding you mean movies you put on the memory? Netflix and youtube work?  Thanks a lot Jimmy, was just about to work on rooting.

      • Tmsbrdrs

        without the driver, there’s no video decoding of any kind. Youtube videos end up more like stop motion and netflix just leaves a black screen. Everything other than video works absolutely perfectly

  • Honako009

    G2X needs its cuz ICS is soo cool n it makes the phone more wethy of its name

  • Tmsbrdrs

    I’m currently running ICS via the EaglesBlood ROM. It’s faster than CM7.1 was, more enjoyable to use even without video encoding/decoding. Add in the drivers and it’s the perfect ICS experience.