T-Mobile Hosting Monday Night Event, Showcasing Latest In 4G

T-Mobile is promising to drop some “big, exciting” news tomorrow night at a Monday Night showcase during the @gigaom Mobilize Conference. T-Mobile sent out press invitations late last week promising to show off the latest in 4G devices. While our invitation is obviously lost in the mail we expect to finally get a “true” hands on with the Galaxy S II, perhaps see the HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Radar 4G, tablets and more. Of course we’re just speculating with what we might see but the odds are in our favor that we’ll see at least one of the aforementioned devices.

The event happens at 7:30pm West Coast time. We’ll update the blog as news releases!


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  • http://www.facebook.com/mlococo Michael A. Lococo

    Any phone less than 4.3 inches is not even worth making!  if you want to compete you need to look at the screen on the Samsung Note!  Take those Specs and put them on a Windows Phone and you will have a number one seller!  The radar is just a waist of space…  I’ve been waiting 2 years to upgrade my HD2(WP7) and so far there is nothing worth buying!

  • Camachoe19

    sucks that tmobile aint getting the iphone 5,,, im going back to sprint….. I been waiting for tmobile to get an iphone since 2years ago…

  • George

    So was this moved up or is there yet another event at 7:30pm?  Is there any additional “big news” on top of the 3 devices announced already?

    • Meagan

      Sounds like it was just another one of those sd card update in tmo stores announcements. No new 7:30pm news to talk about. Good night John Boy…

  • n900mixalot

    Uh … Where’s the big announcement? Perhaps it was AM not PM?