(Updated)T-Mobile Suffering New York City Outage?

New York: We are aware of an outage in some areas. Our engineers are on the scene and will restore service as soon as possible.
T-Mobile USA

Updated: The trouble seems to be over as we just received a statement from T-Mobile: “T-Mobile customers in New York City experienced a temporary service disruption Thursday evening. The disruption was due to an internal power outage at one of our network switching facilities. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Thanks to A LOT of your emails, Tweets and this message from @tmobile on Twitter we are getting word of a major outage in the New York City area. Some New Jersey residents are also unable to make/receive calls. We’ve pinged T-Mobile for a better understanding and we’ll up this post as we know more!

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  • Smkm87

    i dont have servise till now but my friend has , it is strange

  • Ilyas_k15

    I’ve had service this whole time :) T-Mobile is the best

  • Fray Contreras

    They seriously need to merge.

  • Jon

    Sorry for all of those who had/have no service. I had no interruption of service, In fact I even received a job offer just this morning. Tmobile hasn’t let me down yet, I live in the heart of the city and I guess that only the crappy parts of the city were affected.

  • chris

    my signal strength drops and my phone reboots every time this happens. Does this have to do with the outage?

  • Anonymous

    Lets see them tweet to Verizon about their network now lmao. Atleast it was verizons new 4g network not the same they have been using for years.

  • guest

    I’m in the detroit area and 3G service has been out since saturday.

  • Sjames8689

    Havent been able to make or recieve calls since yesturday in pennsylvania!

  • Sjames8689

    Havent been able to make or recieve calls since yesturday in pennsylvania!

  • Dee

    Service is down in NYC again

  • jmC987

    america’s most crappy network indeed.

  • Denise

    Im in Goshen, NY haven’t had service since Monday!

  • Tovatheshorty

    i am in florida, when will the service go back on?