Rumors Says Unlocked iPhone 4’s Coming This Wednesday

Famed iPhone hacker @Chronic is claiming through his own blog @Chronicwire that this Wednesday will see the release of four unlocked iPhone 4 models. You read that right as these devices would be factory unlocked by the Apple mothership herself. If this rumor comes to fruition it’s a bold move for Apple who has resisted providing unlocked iPhone 4’s in the United States so far. Original rumors by @Chronic pegged the Wednesday release as new Macbook Air models but a second look by multiple websites lent credence to the belief that Apple is cooking up unlocked iPhone 4 models.

Of course there is absolutely no indication that these models will be anything other than the current model iPhone 4 with AT&T only 3G/4G bands but we can hope can’t we? Plenty of us (including yours truly) use the iPhone 4 even on EDGE because that’s simply our cup of tea so we would welcome this decision by Apple. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s what on Wednesday.


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  • macman37

    Guys and Gals,

    It’s already here!! Starting today, sold through the Apple Online Store and hopefully their retail locations.  Unfortunately, the data speeds for web browsing will be handled with EDGE; but this is a great indicator that they are working on having the next iPhone work with T-Mobile.  I too hope that this will give all of us hope that the AT&T merger with T-Mobile does not go through; most of us feel that the availability of a T-Mobile iPhone is enough to stop the merger.  BTW, for those who are having a tough choice between both the iOS and Android platform, buy an iPhone and keep in mind that although you will void the warranty, you can dual-boot an iPhone with the Android OS.  Unix has never had trouble dual-booting Linux; the main concern with anyone doing this is whether or not if they will be happy with the speed.

  • Tigerz0202

    iphones are ugly and they always drop calls

    • Wisconsinhotie

      you are legally stupid

      • HTCisbest

        I agree with tigerz0202 they are not all that. People want them cause they think it is a status symbol, but they r wrong it is a wast of money and old technology